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  • Massive restoration of world’s forests would cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions, analysis suggests

    As you may have read here on Amerika over the past couple decades, the solution to both ecocide and “climate change” consists of having more forests, specifically more forests which are natural land. If we set aside half of Earth for nature the natural flora and fauna of our planet can survive, and the forests will clean up enough of our air to reduce problems. However, this requires humanity limiting itself, which means that we will be having discussions based on quality instead of merely quantity. That will reverse The Enlightenment™ and take us out of seeking a universal truth, instead causing each society to seek its own balance, standards, aesthetics, and behaviors. The age of liberal democratic market socialism, the modern system which supports both entitlements and consumerism, will end. And yet, for our survival, we must go down this path.

  • Body of Under Armour shooting suspect positively identified

    A Black-on-Hispanic shooting shows us the future of diversity. Racial differences just add to the generalized resentment felt at jobs, because one always suspects that members of other races may be acting for their group and against yours. If you get fired, busted, or ignored by a person of another race, the first thought that comes to mind is that it is the usual covert passive-aggressive warfare that we know as the norm under diversity. Diversity works for no one.

  • The world is failing to ensure children have a ‘liveable planet’, report finds

    The usual neurotics use this as an argument against “inequality,” but in reality we have polluted this planet to the point where now we are seeing the consequences in real, tangible outcomes. Ironically, our attempts to create “equality” have provided the runaway economies that produce huge amounts of people, while creating the conditions for future political discontent. Humanity has chased a symbol (=) straight into the abyss and now wants to double down on this by requiring prosperous nations to subsidize the rest. A better answer: let nature do her work.

  • Household cleaner use linked to asthma risk in children: study

    “You go into someone’s home, you smell a nice cleaner smell, you’re like, ‘Oh wow, what a nice house.’ But really what you’re smelling is just pollutants in the air,” she said.

    To clarify: our use of perfumes will finally come back to bite us.

  • North Carolina appeals court halts voter ID law

    Leftist judges decide that discrimination against African-Americans was a “primary motivating factor” for the law, because it requires voter identification and “excludes forms of identification more commonly held by African Americans.” Everyone knows that this is a fiction, since you cannot do much in this society without at least one solid form of identification, and that eliminating voter ID requirements makes it very easy for people to vote multiple times as different names. You can just drive from one polling place to another with your list of names, go in, and vote Democrat repeatedly. We will not get anywhere in this country unless we break the power of Leftist judges.

  • Illegal Alien Acquitted for Kate Steinle’s Murder Deemed Mentally Ill, Unfit to Stand Trial for Gun Charges

    The movie Dirty Harry came out as America reacted to a justice system which after Leftist “reforms” was so geared toward rehabilitation and rights of the accused that it allowed dangerous criminals back out on the street time and again. The Leftist insanity still remains within our system, which is why Jose Garcia Zarate was back on the streets when he picked up a gun and fired it at the ground, striking and killing Steinle. Now, the cycle repeats. In the future, “rights” will be replaced by paired duties and privileges, with the first duty being to either be sane or get institutionalized. Fewer people oppose the Trump deportation agenda because they know that our justice system will never do anything about illegal alien or minority crime, and that illegal aliens have already demonstrated their willingness to break our laws, so have an above-average load of violent and insane criminals among them.

  • After more than 150 years, New Zealand recognises ‘extinct’ Moriori people

    Every day, you must get your dose of ethnic guilt for the acts of your ancestors in pushing aside ruins of civilizations and making nice places in their stead. The Left call themselves “progressives” because they oppose actual progress, or improvement. Instead, they define “progress” as the advance of industry and equality alone, even though these things are consuming our planet. The Moriori seem entirely oblivious to this.

  • Asian American teen in L.A. assaulted over coronavirus

    Kulkarni emphasized that A3PCON is especially concerned about the xenophobia that has come with the rise of the disease, and that the organization sees it as being connected to past attacks on the AAPI community, from the Chinese Exclusion Act in the 1800s, to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, to President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on China.

    Every group wants to be a victim so that the majority gives it more power, wealth, and status. When it has enough numbers, it will attempt to take over. Diversity is a march to doom.

  • Millennial men are more accepting than ever, but they still won’t do laundry

    When your culture becomes erased by diversity and the Leftist ideology takes over, people get very willing to talk about feelings and equality in public, but in private, they do what is convenient for them because in the equality rhetoric they read that they are victims, too, and therefore are justified in slacking off and having society pick up the bill for the ensuing externalities. As much as American society is emo now, with everyone talking about their emotions and giving each other little pep talks, none of it is real; it exists to conceal the dark reality that equality has made people more selfish and resentful than ever before.

  • Man accused of drunkenly hitting pedestrian in South Austin, driving with ‘mangled corpse’ in vehicle

    It turns out that Hispanics get a lot of DUIs and seem to do a lot of drinking which results in disproportionate rates of DUI, but academia is as usual blaming racism for Hispanic drunk driving in an attempt to keep the fiction of “equality” alive.

  • Microsoft pulls security update after reports of issues affecting some PCs

    Ever since replacing its expensive programmers with a fleet of Silicon Valley neckbeards and H-1Bs, Microsoft has had trouble going six months without shipping an update that breaks something. Compare this to Boeing and we see the crisis ahead: America has, in an orgy of “education” and immigration, promoted lots of cheap labor that does a terrible job, which is making American products work like third world ones. This will eat away at our competitive advantage.

  • Home Secretary Priti Patel admits own parents may not have been allowed into UK under her new immigration laws

    Someone finally gets honest about immigration: it died at Rotherham, and now the conservatives are the only ones willing to start cleaning up the mess, first by choking the flow, and next by removing benefits and racial quotas so that self-deportation can start. People coming from the West will have an advantage of experience in their home countries and can help make those places great again.

  • MPs with Wedding Cake Continue Blocking Parliament

    Slovakia finds itself torn apart much as Germany and Austria have been when far-Right parties rise and displace the previous comfortable arrangement between Leftists and Conservatives-in-name-only. Let us hope for a far-Green and far-Right alliance in the future.

  • Coming out as Dalit: how one Indian author finally embraced her identity

    India bluntly understands IQ bands on the bell curve. The smarter ones tend to be healthier and more noble in outlook, so make better decisions. The others need to be oppressed because their analytical judgment skills are terrible. This sounds awful, but in the end, it means better decisions made for everyone, and the poor have fewer resources that they might use in destructive ways. When will the West rein in its rampaging white Dalits? We seem to have a lot of ugly proles doing ugly things in the news lately. Class equality is a lie.

  • Plastic Bags Help the Environment

    It turns out that the plastic polluting our planet comes from other sources, and so the plastic bag bans look like social status signaling run amok (as it usually does). Maybe we should focus instead on keeping most of the land natural, burning our trash responsibly, and thinking hard about what we actually need instead of doing things simply because someone, somewhere, sometime will buy them.

  • To combat citrus greening, farmers are spraying medically important antibiotics on their trees

    Our modern food production was a bubble. It worked until it encountered limits, like the citrus greening brought on by a small parasite from Asia, and we saw the high cost of the many chemicals we used. Food will be more expensive in the future. This means in turn that much of the land previously used to house extra humans will be needed for farms. That in turn means that we are going to have to look hard at who we let into our nations.

  • Germany’s top court to probe former judges’ Nazi links

    Equality means that you have a social standing which can be removed with public opinion, since other equals will fear you if you spoke or acted against equality. The system rules by terror, with people living in fear of being tagged as thought criminals, and for that reason, it generates constant persecutions to remind us to stay in line and be obedient. This is the Asiatic method of government — equality of citizens, central command, symbolic obedience — that infected the West through the Mongol and Muslim invasions and lives on as egalitarianism.

  • UN aid workers raped 60,000 people as it’s claimed organisation employs 3,300 paedophiles

    Rotherham worldwide. Globalism has failed so hard that it has become self-parody.

  • Coronavirus: China expels Wall Street Journal journalists for article it deemed racist

    The endless shakedown continues. Criticize China, and it must be “racism,” in the same way even gentle critique of non-white groups brings out panic and trembling here in the USA. They learned from us, apparently.

  • Minnesota cities could get power to ban pesticides as bee populations fall

    Too much toxic stuff in the air means no bees. While the nations and states dither, local areas are moving ahead to protect the value of their communities which is enhanced by the aesthetic, agricultural, and clean air value of their local environment. Imagine how expensive food will be without all these pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and fertilizers that are causing environmental problems and possibly wrecking human health.

  • Israel’s Jewish left-wing voters are now turning to Arab-led parties: report

    The Right represents the majority continuous from the founding of the nation; the Left criticizes this so that it can demand equality, and always sides with minorities, exceptions, misfits, neurotics, the insane, the criminal, the permanently unhappy and troubled, and those who detest their origins. Not surprisingly, groups will vote against their own interests if they think they can get closer to that symbolic reality of ultimate Utopia, equality.

  • Researchers find a western-style diet can impair brain function

    It turns out that sugar may not be so good for brain function, but that the diet from before processed foods fed the brain well. However, we need to feed all these people, so we are going to keep making cheap food because, well, in a society based on an illusion like equality, no one is really thinking anyway.

  • University sorry for ‘insensitive’ survey on who is deemed Japanese

    The Left wants you to stop being who you are. They want to remake you into a thing without context or origin so that you, too, can join the cult of equality.

  • Wary of ‘separatism’, Macron unveils curbs on foreign imams, teachers

    As diversity reveals that it is tearing our societies apart, governments look for less controversial ways to keep the system from disintegrating in the near term. In the meantime, Muslims will simply fund their own teachers, who will continue to teach a sensible policy of racial aggression against their mentally befuddled hosts. We either get equality out of our heads, or we die.

  • Gay Muslim comic gone from Instagram after Indonesia warning

    The ongoing attempt to provide one universal morality for all of humanity runs into further snags. It turns out that different groups have different standards, and things are not working so well for those who are trying to keep them all in the same society. This presages what will happen with diversity, namely a libertine social standard running up against the beliefs and behaviors of different ethnic and religious groups.

  • Should Facebook, Google be liable for user posts? asks U.S. Attorney General Barr

    No one is happy with our current compromise. Big Tech is protected by § 230 of the Communication Decency Act from what users post, but has no corresponding obligation to avoid censoring that content based on its own biases, as was the bargain made with telecommunications common carriers. An ideal solution would keep Big Tech from censoring and make it immune to lawsuits, since no one can police the stream of insane stuff that the nu-internet audience posts, and many groups are offended by so much that nothing will please them.

  • Rusting factories and empty filling stations — how Bulawayo died

    Growing pains in Africa show the difficulty of breaking away from colonialism, and how impossible it is to blame colonialism for events today. When an African aristocracy arises, it will start by moving the most competent and honorable people into positions of authority, instead of relying on the sinecure system used in most of the third world today, and results will be better. That requires abolishing the pretense of democracy, meritocracy, and other egalitarian notions however.

  • By 2050, the U.S. will lose $83 billion a year because of all the nature we’ve destroyed

    The first attempts to quantify the ecocaust show just a few factors being considered. What have we lost when we can no longer breathe the air? When there are only rats and squirrels? When forests and wild creatures are something we read about in the past tense only? Communities are made valuable by the people in them, the quality of their social order, and the qualities of the environment around them. Everyone wants to live in a nice place. The more of it we destroy, the more no one lives well.

  • German president criticizes US stance at security conference

    Germany finds itself upset that America has rejected the idea of the international community. More likely, America has recognized that the “international community” does not exist, since each nation acts only in its own self-interest alone. How do you reconcile the interests of different groups? You do not; someone always pays in the compromise. It is better that some rise above the rest and give us hope than that we are all dragged down the level of the weakest link.

  • Judge strikes down key parts of Michigan’s sex offender law as unconstitutional

    The law, based in the individual, proves itself again the enemy of the community as a judge finds that forcing sex offenders to register, give their names and email addresses, and not live near schools is unconstitutional. In reality, it merely protects the community, but the community acts as one higher than the individual, which makes it the enemy of egalitarianism. Again: egalitarianism = individualism, just enforced as by a group.

  • A Luxury Apartment Rises in a Poor Neighborhood. What Happens Next?

    Modern neurotics freak out over the fact that when wealthy people want to move into a neighborhood, rents rise no matter what anyone does. If high-rise housing is built, however, the rents rise more slowly. This shows consistency with the laws of supply and demand. No one asks the obvious question, which is that when a rotting neighborhood suddenly gets replaced by new and healthy activity, why do we worry about the poor when the whole city benefits? Who wants more ghettos?

  • Soldiers warned they have ‘no place in our Army’ if displaying white supremacy hand gestures

    “Freedom” contains a fatal flaw, which is that if someone opposes any aspect of “freedom,” it points out that “freedom” is not a goal but an anti-goal, an attempt to avoid making hard decisions. Democracy, Leftism, and equality all fit within that pluralistic viewpoint, or the idea that we can agree to disagree and still serve the same society. In reality, society just fragments into special interest groups who hate each other.

  • Utah Senate votes to unanimously decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults

    People warned the Left that Obergefell v. Hodges would have negative side effects. In particular, once you uncouple marriage from its biological and traditional role, it becomes another contract, and there is no reason that these cannot be corporate. This means that soon marriage will be devalued into a business arrangement, lessening its time-honored value to society as anchoring nuclear families geared toward health reproduction and child-rearing. The high cost of gay marriage is genetic decay.

  • Government ready to table Expropriation Bill, says Ramaphosa

    Minority-majority government looks to legalize seizure of land owned by whites in order to further advance its agenda of racial equality. Its problem comes from the fact that its minority-majority population cannot even run an electrical power grid, much less industry or agriculture, so this amounts to more shaking wealth out of the white population before society collapses. The leaders will flee to Switzerland with suitcases full of money, and everyone else will stand around impoverished wondering what can happen. Whites can thwart this by getting together a huge group to put their land on the market at ten percent of its value, causing prices to crash, property taxes to drop, and the land expropriation scheme to entirely fail.

  • The new breed of sex addicts – who don’t have sex

    People continue living a symbolic existence instead of engaging in life, but we can only blame porn for part of this. With declining sexual morality, the risk of getting emotionally involved becomes too high, and so people retreat into their comfortable caves where they can pull the curtains and not see the rotting heap of civilization around them. They can order supplies online, watch streaming video, and engage in sexual activity with symbolic people on a screen and in their imaginations instead of reaching out to the world, which is both too much of a risk and not enough reward to be worth the effort. The end result of democracy: millions of lonely hands moving in repetitive patterns alone in darkened rooms.

  • National Black News Channel makes debut

    This shows how different groups in diversity are moving into their own identity, not as defined relative to the majority, but outlined within their own hopes for their futures. They want no part of diverse society, and it is hard to criticize them for that, since it is a ruin. The next step will be Chinatowns, and after that, political leadership will fragment and civil war or repatriation will follow.

  • Detroit council prepares to ask Whitmer to declare health crisis over water shutoffs

    What happens when the ratio of takers to makers becomes lopsided? A community finds itself debating free water for the impoverished, since they have simply stopped paying their bills. At some point, the collective human desire to do nothing consumes the wealth of the community like locusts, and instead of the free water being cut off, it becomes worthless. We can see this happening with the collapse of the electrical supply in South Africa, which struggles with similar issues. The wealthy know a few things, and assuming that everyone is equal and therefore anyone can do what the wealthy do ends in tragedy. This describes every revolution, union, and diversity takeover.

  • ‘It’s really special’: the ballet company shaking up the world of dance

    A diversity-oriented ballet company called Complexions hopes to make a splash in the world of art. The rest of us wonder if, with their victimhood tag removed, they can compete. If not, they will fail like the girl power superhero movies and streaming service diversity propaganda that so far has not resonated with viewers. Then again, they might do well on minority entertainment networks.

  • American University blocks whites from cafe designated as ‘sanctuary’ for nonwhites

    The headline tells just part of the comedy of appeasement errors made here. After bananas suspended from the ceiling with string were found, a protest group of minority students made its demands: they get to take over the new student center, get extensions on all their classwork, and assemble a team to investigate all of the “bias incidents” reported on campus. White people are excluded from all of these. Many of the staff and faculty enthusiastically supported this change. Yet again, everyone pays for the benefit of a few on the basis of the dubious assumption that someone is discriminating against them. The more they become strident, the more people are likely to hang a bunch of bananas just to watch the ensuing panic. Maybe the university should go further, and just set up whites-only dorms, classrooms, and recreation areas so that minorities are not triggered by the appearance of the Oppressor.

  • Clermont County man claims law banning use of firearms while intoxicated is unconstitutional

    Most of us shrug this off as a lunatic case, but this man makes the point that unless we actively expand our abilities, they contract, much as the Overton Window choked out any mention of racial, sexual, and class differences decades ago. Perhaps instead of focusing on methods, like carrying a firearm while drunk, we should look at end results, like whether it was used improperly. If someone can be legally intoxicated and still have a gun without wrecking society, let them do it. That was originally part of “freedom” as well.

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