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Periscope (February 18, 2019)

  • Trump Courts 2020 Latino Vote in Miami With Venezuela Remarks

    Conservatives think too much in terms of business, or at least of saving current ventures and building toward the future, but not what that future is. The conservative mind loves the idea that if you set up the right incentives and penalties, you can just let the System run itself… when in fact nothing on Earth works that way. Republicans especially live to play the game. Sometimes, however, the game plays you. Donald Trump polled high among Hispanics momentarily, and now hopes to recruit them as a permanent audience, forgetting that minority groups vote Leftist almost exclusively. His victory today is his defeat tomorrow. However, he wants to make that deal, and realizes that he needs only a certain percent of minority votes for this election. Republicans since the dawn of time have made this mistake because, being solidly of the majority, they do not understand that every group has its own interests and exclusively supports those.

  • This Is How AIPAC Really Works

    Western people have such a weird relationship with democracy. They know that it is mob rule, and that people sell their votes. They know that people do things based on what they see on their television. They know that lobbyists — representing a variety of groups: corporate, ethnic, religious, social, and political — descend on Washington, D.C., every morning to hand out favors and write legislation. Yet they act like somehow their democracy has been betrayed when a group of disproportionately wealthy and ethnically self-loyal citizens form a lobby and use it to advance their own cause. When this group proves more successful than others, they blame it for succeeding. In fact, the voters are full of criticism, except for the group that keeps this practice legal and tolerated: the voters.

  • Staircase in Ukraine mall decorated with giant swastika

    The underground Right (uRight) likes to say that Jews conned America after WW2. More likely, America conned Jews by convincing them to become icons of anti-Nationalism. If we get rid of nationalism, the reasoning went, there will no longer be racism and foreign groups like Jews will be safe in places like Germany and the former Soviet Union. The problem with this is that it tied together Jewish nationalism with international anti-nationalism, and in doing so, made Jews a target for those who wanted nationalism in order to resist the inevitable tide of starving third world people coming from post-colonial nations. This pitted Jewish interests against the national interests of survival for Europeans, and guaranteed that in the long term, anti-Semitism would come back as not just a sniveling conspiracy theory but a call to action. Like it or not, the swastika stands for Europeans standing up for themselves, and making it illicit has just made it attractive. At the same time, the mythos of The Holocaust has made Jews into a target of pity and resentment, since in egalitarian society, perceived victims are granted immunity for certain crimes and free benefits simply for existing. This will not end well, but there is no way that it could have. In the meantime, no one seems to be blaming the real evil, egalitarianism, for making us all so brain-dead that we voted for diversity and class warfare in the first place.

  • Re-enactment of Korematsu v. U.S. heats up debate on Trump’s immigration policy

    People freak out over the realization that until diversity became a thing, it was considered acceptable to discriminate against foreign groups when their people back home were trying to kill us. They want a law that binds America from ever cutting anyone out from their slice of the pie, effectively rendering it into a giant shopping mall where anyone from anywhere can show up anytime and do whatever they want. Naturally, humans are greedy little monkeys, and so this fits within the usual desire of crowds, who are comprised of individualists exclusively who want to be able to do whatever they want, without losing social status for doing wrong, while getting “their share” of whatever wealth society has or money that can be extracted from it by externalizing costs to the social commons. In reality, no society which refuses to exclude other groups lasts for long, but no one here appears to care about that, which is probably why we excluded them in the first place.

  • Man accused of pulling gun on victim wearing MAGA hat

    Deranged Leftist whips out a gun and threatens man for wearing MAGA hat. Since MAGA hats have become the new symbol for resistance to Leftist and minority tyranny, they are an important symbol. However, in this case, the violence did not fit the media agenda, so it is being “under-reported” or in other words confined to the back pages of the virtual newspaper and ignored by people who should know better.

  • Visegrad Group cancels Israel summit after Poland row

    Members of far-Right European nations, joining Netanyahu in understanding that Nationalism is the sole method by which we will resist the rising third world hordes all around us, were to meet in Israel in an attempt to smooth over the horrors of the Holocaust and confirm the future vision of Israel as a nationalist entity and one not committed to holding Europe captive with guilt as the American propagandists have done with the Holocaust. Then:

    Katz told Israeli television on Sunday that Poles had “collaborated with the Nazis” and “sucked anti-Semitism from their mothers’ milk.”

    Katz wanted to avoid the bad optics of the Visegrad summit, so he poked a sore spot for the Poles, and got the predictable response. One might think that the Poles would see this coming but, they seem to have the rigid thinking of Germans without the awareness that they (often) have. In the meantime, his statements were not untrue, as long as one reads them as being about some Poles and not all. If he applied them to all Poles, that would be as dumb as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, wouldn’t it?

  • New York City to Ban Discrimination Based on Hair (non-paywall)

    Targeting of people based on their hairstyles will be considered racial discrimination. Apparently, not every group loves the hairstyles of every other group, and some have said that these groups were using that disapproval to mask a desire to keep the other group away. The law specifically mentions “natural hair, treated or untreated hairstyles such as locs, cornrows, twists, braids, Bantu knots, fades, Afros, and/or the right to keep hair in an uncut or untrimmed state.” We are here juggling lit torches, trying to keep from seeing that diversity has failed and cannot work, because once we see that, we have to find some way of fixing the situation instead of applying the band-aid of more mea culpa pleas, more entitlements money, and endless diversity seminars.

  • Was Lincoln Jewish?

    Answer: no one knows, but Lincoln thought so, had Semitic features, and may have been a Melungeon, a group of Appalachian people known for their dusky features, which is usually explained as African or Arab admixture. Either way, Lincoln was a thoroughly Asiatic leader in the style of Genghis Khan: relax standards to integrate more people, motivated them toward human wave warfare, focus on commerce, and give away lots of “rights” and freebies to keep the proles loyal. He was a classic tyrant in this regard, ruling for the sake of his power alone, and all of his mincing words about loyalty to the Union were merely self-serving. We should dig him up and throw his remains into the sea.

  • Mexican businesswoman decapitated after ‘family wouldn’t pay’ ransom, reports say

    Coming soon to America: third world ethics. If someone wants what you have, they will simply kidnap a family member. The police can and will do nothing. If you choose to remain solvent instead of paying up, you will lose that family member. Your choices are to live in fear within your gated private security community, or to risk the outside world, knowing that a certain number of your wives, children, and parents will be kidnapped and executed. The third world is the most individualistic place on Earth; people want to do only whatever they want, and this means that they need someone else to subsidize them, plus a social system that is oblivious so that no one suffers ostracism simply for being bad, incompetent, or parasitic. They are “free,” if by “free” we recognize the link to free riders.

  • Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to ‘clean out D.C.’

    Man plays media by invoking one of the symbols of our fear, the Ku Klux Klan, but does so by pointing out that the Klan was a reaction to the disorder and criminality caused by Reconstruction. He identifies the enemy as “socialist-communists,” which seems appropriate given that the goal of Communism is socialism, and wants an extra-legal force to ride to Washington, D.C., go to the gated communities of the nu-elites, and hang them from nearby trees. None of us can say that he is entirely wrong.

  • No need for Shinzo Abe: Trump already nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Trump should have the Nobel Peace Prize, but they will not give it to him, because the Nobel committee is staffed by nu-elites who realize that their position depends on their popularity with the Leftist establishment and its supporting Herd of Useful Idiots (HUI). They could give it to Obama, of course, because by gifting minorities with prizes, the committee shows that it is dedicated to equality, which is always achieved by taking from the successful and giving to the unsuccessful.

  • Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America? (non-paywall)

    How can a state that spends so much on anti-poverty programs experience worsening poverty? The writer of this piece gives some answers: a self-interested big government deep state bureaucracy, the high cost of housing, and the rise of costs in everything brought on by excessive regulation coupled with idealistic social engineering programs. Interestingly, this parallels the situation in France: 42% of the population depends on government to stay above poverty, housing is super-expensive, and high regulations and taxes have raised the cost of living while depressing wages. The Leftist model requires that we try to fix problems that are endemic to humanity, instead of simply rewarding the good… the Rightist model works because it focuses on removing obstructions to good people and rewarding those who perform, basically following natural selection and morality instead of trying to save everyone.

  • French MPs to tackle ‘modern anti-Zionism’ in response to rise in anti-Semitic acts

    The West cares about anti-Semitism only because it serves as an objection to egalitarianism. The egalitarian mentality requires that all people be equal, which implicates a series of actions of increasing intensity. At first, it means class warfare; later, it means open borders. Criticism of the diverse groups serves to criticize the system of egalitarianism itself, and so must be banned. No one in the west really cared about anti-Semitism until it was perceived, after WW2, that attacking anti-Semites and racists gave the pro-equality (democracy, diversity, class warfare, socialism) forces a powerful weapon to slay all of their opposition. This is why most of the supporters of legislation against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism — presumably: criticism of Israel cloaking a dislike of Jews, as is common on the Left — are Gentiles.

  • Trump policies unite allies against him at European security forum

    The future battle lines are drawn: on one side are the Leftists, minorities, globalists, and other egalitarians; on the other side are the realists, natural selection fans, and others who think that the successful should break away from the unsuccessful in order to keep being successful such that we at least have a working model of what succeeds. To the Left, the successful are cheaters; to the Right, the successful are doing something well (wisely, realistically, correctly, logically, intelligently, aggressively). What we have been calling “globalism” is no more than the world takeover by Leftism using the standard of liberal democracy plus consumerism; what opposes it is the oldest and wisest human idea, which is the recognition that most people are doing most things wrong, and so if we find people who are doing things right, we should let them win so that others either emulate them or die out. Increasingly, it is looking like “die out” is the right option, since if we simply educate others in how to do what is right, the clueless and parasitic succeed alongside the good, which means that over time the bad dominate through their strength of numbers.

  • Fears one million Aussie homes could soon be owned by foreign buyers

    One almost pities the clueless West. Having fallen into bickering about which monkeys get to wear the shiny objects, they ignored the threats all around them, at the same time opening up their own social systems so that every monkey could play the lottery to get the shiny objects. Now, they are slowly — slowly — awakening to the fact that their enemies are buying them up and soon, will be able to manipulate them directly with these Systems of “equality” of shiny objects of which our proles are so proud. When that happens, open war breaks out and the proles go back to the fields, so there is much fretting among monkeys who produce almost nothing but feel that they should have shiny objects just like those who produce quite a bit.

  • Canada only getting more polarized between haves and have-nots, survey shows

    The more we try to do everything right by ensuring that everyone has a share of the wealth, power, and prestige, the more it turns out that the gaps among us are increasing. How could that be? Much as in California and France, the generous social welfare policies of Canada have crushed the population through costs and taxes, ensuring that only the super-rich get dachas outside Moscow while everyone else lives in dingy city apartments with bad air, expensive food, constant noise, and no hope for the future. Every time we try do the “correct” thing, we self-defeat. This applies to both fiscal and social issues, apparently, since social equality has made societies more alienated than even fiscal equality has managed to. We just see the financial side of things first, and then the social breakdown becomes evident when, in the downfall, no one is competent and everyone is selfish/greedy.

  • How the Border Wall, Trump’s Signature Campaign Promise, Turned Into a National Emergency

    We know how the herd defeats great men: it crowds them, burying them under attacks from all sides, multiple objections, and other time-wasting activities. This is how passive-aggressive people work, and those of lower echelons of ability are always passive-aggressive. Trump ran out of options for his wall, so he settled on compromise and then declared an emergency when the other side refused to act in good faith. No one cares, since politics has become cheering for red team versus blue team at this point. American democracy has entered its terminal phase. This is a good thing, since democracy does not work, and the sooner we are rid of the illusion that we can apply enough band-aids, footnotes, exceptions, fixes, patches, and coverups, the sooner we are able to move on to what comes next.

  • Google reaped millions in tax breaks as it secretly expanded its real estate footprint across the U.S. (non-paywall)

    As mentioned before, our nu-elites are making their money off nonsense so that they can take it out of the nonsense and invest it in real things:

    They know that at some point the socialism-consumerism bubble will explode, and then we will all be poor, but in the meantime they will have taken their money out of our system and invested it in something that will have value after the crash, like gold, weapons, farms, real estate, transportation, energy, and medicine.

    Google knows that it has produced only a few solidly working products: search, webmail, and cloud. Everything else they do has failed to pan out, and will die, leaving behind a much smaller company with much smaller margins. In anticipation of this, they began transferring internet bucks — which will soon be worth a lot less — into real estate, so that they can ride out the crash and emerge wealthier than before.

  • Researchers find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use

    Today, on the front page of your newspaper: “Race isn’t real!” But buried on page seventeen or twenty-eight, you will find that “A genetic variant found only in people of African descent significantly increases a smoker’s preference for cigarettes containing menthol.” Surely this is just culture.

  • Ad code ‘slows down’ browsing speeds

    Someone noticed that 60% of the code on your average web page now exists to sell ads or track users. At what point do we admit that this model is not working?

  • Perth’s first ocean rubbish bin is sucking plenty of plastic out of the sea

    In 2042, when humanity regains its sanity, these will be frequent sites as we attempt to clean up the utter ruin caused by two centuries of mob rule.

  • The last of the elusive pangolins

    Most of us abandoned conservatism when we encountered the typical Leftist Right-wing blowhard. “The problem with this society,” he would say sagely, “is that some people think they know better than you do, and want to control you! The only solution is freedom, Jesus, apple pie, big industry, strong defense, Israel, and banning abortion.”

    Naturally when confronted with anything that idiotic, a sensitive and intelligent person flees to the hills. In reality, our problem with humanity is freedom because most people will do nothing but abuse it. In this case, Chinese people want the scales of the pangolin for their rumored medicinal properties, so they have hunted the creature to near-extinction by creating a huge market for pangolin scales.

  • Eskom wants to get rid of white engineers and managers

    Phases of egalitarianism:

    1. So we agree that we are all equal or should be equal, which means equal rights under the law.
    2. Errrm, that’s not quite working, because many people are still poor, filthy, diseased, and suffering. We need to mandate muh equality of opportunity.
    3. That didn’t work. Equality of opportunity produced unequal outcomes. Either equality is wrong, or some evil group like classists, racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, or simply The Rich™ has sabotaged our nascent Equality-Utopia! We need to subsidize those who have unequal outcomes. We need entitlements programs, unions, free benefits, and other forms of collective reward.
    4. Subsidies have worked, to a degree, but we still see people who are not equal out there. It’s time to start pulling the successful out of our society, so that the unsuccessful can finally be successful!
    5. We selected people for group membership, and not competence, so results have been bad… but the problem is that this is decreasing equality. Our only solution is to remove people from the successful group until the unsuccessful are successful enough!
    6. No one is successful anymore, so we will dumb everything down, cut anything more advanced than subsistence existence, and force everyone to do the right thing at gunpoint, while starting a war to spread the System of Equality to other nations!

    Around here, we call this The Napoleonic Arc because it was first seen with the French Revolution but has accompanied every Leftist-infused society since. In South Africa, they are on Stage V, getting ready to go into the final state and become a third world dictatorship forevermore.

  • Palestinian migrants flood into Israel – report

    Why do we call Palestinians “the Mexicans of the middle east”? Everywhere that a successful population exists, unsuccessful populations cluster nearby, at first hoping merely to be used as labor and paid in more significant money than their own currency, which is based on low productivity and therefore, of low value compared to other currencies. Eventually, they will simply want to move into the successful society and, in doing so, swamp it and make it as low value and low success as their society of origin. The human problem repeats again and again, like wallpaper on the torture chambers of Hell, and yet no one can see it.

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