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  • What happened to winter? Jet stream science explains unseasonable warmth in U.S.

    Human specialize in building giant heat reflectors called cities. They cover the ground with lots of concrete, making sure that water runoff is not absorbed, which prevents the gradual evaporation that cools the ground. They tear down all the trees, of course, because symbols of unparalleled beauty offend our hubristic notions that we as human individuals are the new gods of the Earth and divine in our wisdom. Then they run lots of infernal combustion engines as people drive lots of miles to avoid ghettos and corporate big box store blight. All of this reflects sunlight back as heat, even releasing tons of heat during the night, and this causes any jet streams nearby to be redirected. That wrecks the local climate and, since we are doing the same thing everywhere, all those local climates add up to a climate mess worldwide. Our problem is not CO2; our problem is that we are using too much land, which does not allow nature a place to live, and causes our reflectors to disrupt climate without a counterbalance. Go back to living in small homes, buildings under five stories, small cities or towns, and little roads between them. Eat local, live local, and end destructive practices like immigration and entitlements that swell up our populations with people who do nothing of relevance. Stop the system based on growth which exists so that we can fund entitlements with borrowing and sell our currency on the basis of our debt. End civil rights so that we can hire and fire naturally, ending the bloat of quasi-useless people inflating desk jobs. Humanity has become irresponsible across the board, and the only fix is to worship ourselves less and reality more.

  • Having multiple sexual partners linked to ‘increased risk of cancer’

    We call it intimate contact for a reason; nothing more sacred occurs than that which can make offspring. It bonds people, sharing DNA and any organisms in our blood and on our bodies. When you do it with one person over time, you equalize these things. Having multiple partners introduces all sorts of genetic and personal biome chaos. Chaos means disruption of DNA and homeostasis, leading to mutations. Those lead to cancers and other long-term health conditions. Live like your ancestors: marry someone like you, from the same social class and ethnic group, early, and live cleanly. The stuff that seems exciting in life (drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll) is really just commercial trash that delivers nothing to you and saps your vitality.

  • German economy stagnates as eurozone growth hits seven-year low – business live

    Europe had a cozy little deal going in the postwar years. America paid for its defense and bought its luxury products, and it could keep American exports expensive and therefore hard to acquire. With the EU, it could write lots of little rules which were basically designed to keep out foreign business. In the 1990s, Bill Clinton realized that China meant cheap labor and high profits for American companies, so he encouraged the outsourcing of American labor, probably in part because of the Chinese donations that allowed his campaign to occur. That let Europe sell BMWs to China and the USA and avoid focusing on its actual problems, including the slow drift toward socialism and diversity. With the rise of Brexit and Trump, Europe has to fix itself again, and the cutoff of easy Chinese money at the same time the free US military protection is ending has forced its economy into a crisis. Look for the EU to collapse followed by a rise in nationalism.

  • FBI releases serial killer Samuel Little’s drawings of victims

    Mixed-race killer goes on a rampage, punching his victims out with a blitz attack before strangling them. Somewhere around one hundred victims have been identified. One wonders if race-mixing in the sensitive individual — someone capable of recalling that many victims and drawing them from memory with the times and locations of their deaths — produces someone who detests his origins so much that he takes it out on women.

  • UN lists 112 businesses linked to Israeli settlements

    While most on the Dissident Right seem skeptical of Israel, nationalism says that each ethnic group needs its own country, and Israel provides a place for Jews to go. The UN however remains captured by third world interest groups because in a democracy, the bell curve works against success, since most people are not succeeding and will vote to take from the rest if they can. No one wants to say this in our media, but the Palestinians are doomed. Their main industry seems to be foreign aid, their principle activity jihad, and they are twenty average IQ points behind the Israelis who have built a thriving first-world state with active industry. Trust democracy to get involved and to try to sabotage that to throw more money into the black hole of Palestine.

  • Russia alarmed by U.S. Air Force visit to Norwegian island

    While Europe fetuses out with its own defense, essentially inviting in its occupiers, the Americans are counteracting Russian expansion. This upsets Russia, but also the many cucks of Europe, who want to believe that they can make problems go away with appeasement instead of standing up to bullies. Russia will never be safe until it has conquered either Europe or Asia; such is the price of being Eurasia. They have sided with China instead, and want to conquer Western Europe if possible, believing that this is the ticket to wealth for Russia, since it can take the wealth of Western Europe and redistribute it to the many starving Russians. This is the same mistake they made with the Soviet Union and will lead, like all Leftist revolts, to a quick lift and slow hard descent. If Putin wants to go down in history as the hero of Russia, he needs to build up Russia through eugenic breeding and development of industry, not tear it down with another vainglorious imperial expedition.

  • Woman gets probation for striking black man, hurling slurs

    Woman has a meltdown when car dealership under-assesses her car. She now gets an “ethnic intimidation” charge to further destroy her life. We are assured that humanity living in harmony is just around the corner.

  • Mike Bloomberg campaign pays influencers for memes

    Democrats have the same problem that Republicans did in the run up to the 2016 election before Trump took over: seven dwarves. The candidates remain essentially indistinguishable despite exaggerating certain portions of the Democrat platform in order to make themselves stand out. Bloomberg, called “Little Mike” by some, may sweep in and clear out the rest, paving the way for HRC to re-enter, presumably on the basis that she will make some change to the law or enforcement which will allow him to double his money.

  • McClatchy files bankruptcy to shed costs of print legacy and speed shift to digital

    Moving from print to online in theory is a beneficial thing, but it has a weird effect on the news, in that now newspapers are competing in a worldwide market where most of the news comes off the wire services anyway. This in turn revealed that most stories do not have much depth or relevance to them; during the 1990s, the news media got lazy and started just making stories which were basically press releases plus interviews. This offers little information of relevance and accuracy, and so people began tuning out. In order to keep profitable, the news then focused on the one group that would reliably and obsessively check out news, urban Leftists. This in turn drove away more normal people. Now, your average person reads headlines scrolling past on social media sites and clicks on few stories. At the same time, internet advertising revenue increases but at a lower payout per impression, engagement, or click. As a result, the money has flowed to the search engines and away from the newspapers, causing market contraction. This fits with other market contractions for the miracle of the modern time, including labor-saving devices, which when new sold for high margin prices but now are expected to be cheap and omnipresent. Growth contracts along with the markets; humanity is entering an age where we have hit peak resource exploitation and peak technology, for now, and so we are going to have to start making hard choices about who and what to support instead of assuming that we are infinite in capacity.

  • Trump’s Fascination With Badgers Derailed Key Policy Discussions: Book

    He is one of us. Our troll-in-chief in action:

    Trump reportedly asked, “Are they mean to people…Or are they friendly creatures?” The president wanted to know how the nocturnal animals “work” and whether they had a “personality” or were boring. While Priebus did his best to answer, the president would also ask to see pictures of the small mammals.

    “Sinking in the Swamp” also details some of the president’s attacks on his critics, for example mocking The View co-host Meghan McCain for supposedly getting “fatter” and dismissing MSNBC anchor Katy Tur as “that b**** with the tranny dad.”

    This shows the classic power move. The few people in the room who do not exist in the thought bubble of modernity, where we take everything at face value instead of realizing that they are all parts of a dying system where each person acts in self-interest, probably had to stifle laughter as Trump derailed nonsense policy discussions with a pretend obsession with badgers.

    Similarly, he does a great job of provoking the people who do not realize that they are fatuous and absurd, issuing basically true insults that are grade-school in technique, which causes these people to have vapid tantrums and reveal the truth of what the president said.

    I wonder what username he has on 4chan. Maybe he will weigh in in the comments with pithy puns about black metal and veganism.

  • Inside the Bloomberg machine

    YouTube removes a Rand Paul video simply because it may contain the name of the impeachment “whistleblower,” who is known to all but the Left as a political operative acting outside the role of his employment. We have reached peak social media censorship, which is making social media as unreliable as mainstream media.

  • In Private Meeting, Joe Biden Said Part of Education Problem in Black Communities is that ‘Parents Can’t Read or Write Themselves’

    Not to defend child-sniffer Joe Biden, but we cannot solve problems without looking at them honestly.

  • Phoenix school district requires parents to learn gun storage safety

    The Left wins by pathological obsession. When denied a certain law or legal ruling, they simply attack from the corners. In this case, a school district includes anti-gun propaganda in its handbook, and requires the parent to sign a gun storage safety form, forcing this issue to become politicized even at the elementary school level. While they think this is clever, to the rest of us, it becomes more evidence for abolishing public schooling, since quality is so low now that we have to home school or private school our children and still pay the high property taxes so the children of illegal aliens can get an “education.” What is falling, push!

  • Germany: Police raid right-wing terror network

    In my view, it is more effective for the far-Right to move within existing political parties, take them over, and then show up in force, demonstrating the possibility of violence rather than showcasing it like some kind of weird hobby. In addition, attacking immigrants does not work; going full Breivik or McVeigh and attacking Leftists does, however. It raises the cost to be part of what was formerly seen as the safe majority option.

  • Harry Miller: Police probe into ‘transphobic’ tweets unlawful

    English courts swing back to defense of freedom of expression. The police had been visiting people and giving them cautions for “hate incidents” which they acknowledged were against the law, basically using fear to scare people into conformity so that the rest of the sheep would not see dissent. The Right wins when we make statements that confirm what people can see for themselves, and point out how the Establishment is biased to enforce conformity to Left-wing thought, especially if those statements include mainstream sources. For those in the UK, now is a good time to push further to expand the envelope of acceptable statements.

  • US brings new charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei

    The Trump administration continues its campaign to remove Chinese influence from American industry, having negotiated a successful trade deal to make our exports to China accepted on more of a level footing. The less Chinese presence here, the fewer immigrants come here, and the less China is able to manipulate American public opinion, markets, and government.

  • Why Is Bloomberg’s Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?

    Complaints are not convictions, but where there is enough smoke, there is likely fire. None of this matters for the same reason that Kamala Harris sleeping her way to the top would have had no effect on her campaign. Leftists follow a messianic evangelical Utopian cult that sees enforcing equality as the highest goal; they are the side of egalitarianism and civil/human rights, which destroy social order by liberalizing standards and ultimately making bad equal to good. For them, imperfect leaders are in fact perfect, because those leaders are enforcing equality and therefore good guys, at least until they do not enforce equality enough, at which point their past sins can be brought out and used to destroy them so they can be replaced with someone more fanatical. To the Left, everything including everyone is a means to the end of achieving equality. A burned planetary wasteland where everyone is impoverished and stupid is a permissible goal, so long as they live in equal cancer-ridden penury.

  • ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Announces the 6 Finalists of Their Model Search — and the Diversity Is Incredible

    In our quest for equality, we must stop noticing that some people are more attractive than others, and need to idealize sickness, obesity, and tragedy instead of health and beauty. That way, we will all finally be equal, leading to some kind of Utopia or something. Equally.

  • Sanders Takes Lead, Buttigieg and Biden Vie For Second

    Non-white support drives Sanders to the lead, including Asians. This shows us that 2020 will be the diversity election, with a coalition of non-whites, single moms, and young urban men on one side, and heritage Americans on the others. The people who pay no taxes and own nothing — apartment renters in permanent entry-level jobs — want to take whatever everyone else earns. We are going to have to get rid of parasites to get anywhere; one method would be a flat tax, at which point everyone who votes also pays. Spread the pain so that wealth transfer becomes impossible. In a broader sense, however, democracy always favors the masses, and those are the ones with the least to give, therefore incentive to steal, which is why it serves as a foyer to Communism: the many vote to take from the few, and as this fails, they demand seizure of all wealth-producing assets in order to keep funding the many. At that point, the economy fails, and totalitarianism with militarization becomes necessary. How do we know this pattern is true of Leftism? The same thing happened after the French Revolution and during the decline of the Roman Empire.

  • Los Angeles County to dismiss nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions

    The Left continues its drive toward liberalization, or relaxation of standards, by encouraging behaviors that go against what heritage America believes is positive behavior. Intelligent sources argue for decriminalization not legalization, which means that you can smoke any marijuana that you grow for yourself, following a Canadian initiative which “weeds out” (heh) casual smokers and allows the ‘heads to have their drug. In the long term, however, it makes sense to realize that societies assert ideals and taboos as a means of enforcing the behaviors that have worked best for them in the past, and that most of the people who smoke weed have other erosive behaviors that we want to exclude. Drug use correlates highly with other criminality, for example, but the Left want to keep that under the rug.

  • Australia: NSW police scheme ‘targeted’ Aboriginal children

    When certain groups commit more crime, they receive more attention. The Left wants to fling the pendulum in the other direction, forcing police to crack down less on these groups so that statistics reflect equality instead of the actual distribution of crime. A realist would simply state that different groups need different rules and separate societies. Aborigines, similar to other Australids in India and Africa, will have to be repatriated to those areas.

  • New data from New Horizons’ Arrokoth flyby hints at how planets formed

    As science learns more, we correct our human bias. Planets form via circular aggregation of stuff floating around in space, not through sudden impacts, new data suggests. Perhaps many things form this way, including ideas, and we should stop looking for big concepts and focus more on relevance and similarity of notions, clumping them together where compatibility exists. It may even be that as we fully enter this new century, we will see that compatibility not compromise, adversarial systems, and enforced ideology provides the best model. Find the people who work together and group them; stop smashing groups into one another to try to make new groups. We could learn from nature.

  • Proclamation on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Persons who Pose a Risk of Transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus

    USA suspends Chinese immigration in order to control the Wuhan virus, conveniently choking what had otherwise been a flood for as long as this crisis lasts, and perhaps longer. This sets a template for future immigration restrictions based on crises in the homelands of those immigrants; for example, we might not want people from war-torn places, or those excessively impoverished, lest they spread those behaviors in the USA.

  • Proposed Alabama law requires men undergo vasectomy after their 50th birthday

    Social justice activists promote bill because “Under existing law, there are no restrictions on the reproductive rights of men.” This will likely go nowhere, but it shows the revenge-oriented outlook of the Left.

    The sick are the greatest danger for the healthy; it is not from the strongest that harm comes to the strong, but from the weakest. – Fred Nietzsche

  • Teacher allegedly told student who didn’t stand for national anthem, ‘go back to your country’

    Schizoid America needs to figure out where it stands on freedom of thought. So far, it looks like only Leftists are free to think, express themselves, and associate. Everyone else serves as slaves under the Fourteenth Amendment, being forced to accept all forms of insanity and stupidity because a single person wants it, and in the name of equality, we have made the individual more powerful than nation, culture, or common sense.

  • Deepwater Horizon disaster had much worse impact than believed, study finds

    Some day we will realize the travesty of jobs. Businesses look like hierarchies, but really they are centralized around appearance. The business wants to appear benevolent to its customers; at every level, managers want to appear competent; workers want to appear indispensable or at least relevant. Everyone becomes an actor, and the task becomes secondary, because the real task is managing appearance. Consequently, most people do what is required to look good and technically have done their jobs, while cutting corners because there is too much to do and most of it is nonsense. Sometimes, they cut the wrong corners. Then an oil rig blows up; well, who suffers? Not the people who did it; the company takes a hit. They pass on that hit through increased cost, which everyone pays from poor to rich. We need something better than jobs; we need vocations with pride in the task, and where those who do not have pride in the task can be shuffled along. Even more, these need to involve less time so that people become whole again, because right now they are shades of themselves, going through the motions, trying to please everyone so that the money keeps flowing. No wonder humanity wrecks everything it touches.

  • Vietnam food markets selling live frogs ‘dying in pain’, putting species at risk

    The coronavirus shined a spotlight on how eating everything that moves is not working out so well for humanity. It is even worse for the animals.

  • Inside America’s gun rights resistance

    America was a frontier, and always will be a frontier. Its downfall came in assuming that it could be nice suburbs where nothing bad or offensive happens. That bourgeois outlook ran into conflict with reality and backfired. We want our guns because we are surrounded by threats, including lots of parasitic people and a parasitic government. When the time comes, we want to be able to light them up and then display the heads on fenceposts.

  • ‘Valuable life lesson:’ Woman arrested for anti-Indigenous comments apologizes

    Diversity is like the torturers at the Hanoi Hilton. They want to make you do something realistic, and then be punished for it, so that you admit guilt and decide to obey instead of thinking. In the meantime, trying to accommodate the Amerinds has left Canada paralyzed by strikes. Diversity does not work, in any form.

  • Lawsuit calls Dutch State to add contraception to basic health insurance

    Some in the Netherlands feel that government should subsidize their sexual freedom. Saner voices point out that this is a terrible idea because it encourages further promiscuity despite Europe suffering under an enduring wave of it, resulting in marriage-by-convenience and lots of lonely, alienated people. We do not need free birth control, we need chastity and people getting into sane marriages and having healthy children.

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