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  • The Church of England apologizes for decades of racism

    What the Left calls “institutional racism” in fact arises from a desire to preserve standards, instead of “liberalizing” them to fit people from all sorts of different cultures. Conservatives assumed that diversity meant that people came here and behaved like us, but that relied on a misunderstanding of evolution, since people behave as they are genetically wired to behave, and this causes clashes with the majority founding ethnic group and its culture. We either give up on our way of doing things to fit in the foreigners, or send the foreigners back and preserve our ways.

  • Italy’s far-right leader Salvini to face trial

    Salvini correctly intuits, as all the populists do, that pouring in new population onto an already-dying one which simply finish the job. Government likes that idea, since it can rule over any generic group with its police and laws and in fact, likes the idea of there being no culture, standards, values, aesthetics, or ideals to the group; that way, only government, its ideology, and market socialism guide the group. Consequently, Salvini impeded migrant ships from landing, since “civil rights” based law believes that as soon as an immigrant touches down, that person becomes the responsibility of the state and must be housed, fed, cared for, and subsidized at least until a court can very expensively decide whether they get asylum or not. The future consists of letting in no one; Italy needs only Italians, and for that it needs to breed the best Italians, which requires a flat tax or cutting taxes to the most affluent so that they can have nice big families and fill the country with productive people. That upsets government, which counts on constant growth in order to keep the system afloat. The system has died, and people are slowly figuring that one out, which will be to the disadvantage of government.

  • Scandinavian airline ad pulled after online criticism

    Airline commercial which portrays European culture as entirely borrowed from afar, and of no worth of its own, attracts the attention of far-Righters who mobilize for an email-based campaign, resulting in the ad being removed. This type of coordinated activity against all who belittle us could work well in the future, including on those ads which suggest that mixed-race relationships, a form of genocide by outbreeding, are normal. Let us reclaim and recapture our civilization.

  • U.S. Household Debt Exceeds $14 Trillion for the First Time

    When you tax people into oblivion and simultaneously offer them free government retirement and healthcare, they stop planning for the future and run up as much debt as they can carry. Not surprisingly, many of them are living off their credit cards, driving up total debt there to almost a trillion dollars. We all know that the USA will either radically cut its market socialist entitlement programs, or it is going to default, at which point whoever has the most debt wins out because they got to spend the dollars when they were good and can pay it back in now-worthless post-default ersatz bucks.

  • Slavery not a crime for almost half the countries in the world – study

    In the West, we live in a bubble made by our organization, intelligence, and moral outlook. We abolished slavery out of moral concerns, where the rest of the world since it is not buoyed by wealth keeps it around from practical ones. Somewhere in there, our moral concerns became shifted into an ideology of civil rights and equality since that could be widely understood and did not rely on having wise sages to guide our society, and since then, we have run in the opposite direction from what we see as evil, and in the process, have simply created a gentler version of that evil. If you are free, ask what happens if you do not go to work for two weeks, fail to file your taxes, or say something politically incorrect in public. Your life gets destroyed. You have maybe four hours of free time a day, and the rest you spend doing unnecessary garbage to keep the appearance of success going so that idiots are stable in their own pursuits. We are the crypto-slaves, unaware of our slavery in an anarcho-totalitarian regime, but so indoctrinated in dogma that we bleat out the right phrases denying not only our servitude but the doom that awaits our system, like that of the Jacobins and Communists.

  • San Diego lab discovers COVID-19 vaccine in 3 hours

    It turns out that beating the hybrid of a strong flu and airborne AIDS requires less research than we thought, but the bad news is that we depend on China for many ingredients in the treatments that we will use. In slightly related news, it turns out that the Pareto Principle applies to epidemics as well, since one-fifth of the spreaders distribute most of the infections.

  • Tweetstorm: Delaware lawmaker’s post draws calls for resignation, discipline

    Democrat posts cartoon that implies Rush Limbaugh is a member of the KKK. Normally, this would not get much notice, but now that the failure of diversity has become visible, people are pushing back against using the blanket Nazi/racist slander to silence conservative voices. We all know what must be done with these people: vote them out, disenfranchise them, and eventually, get them to Venezuela where they will be happier.

  • Harvard, Yale under investigation for failing to report foreign funding

    Including from China. Did the Chinese buy the entire American establishment? Then again, a billion dollars in bribes goes a lot farther than toward an aircraft carrier, and guarantees immediate results with zero loss of life for the aggressor. We know they funded the Clintons, bought up much of Hollywood, invested heavily in real estate, and got their H-1Bs into every level of American industry. Who controls America?

  • Mexico says U.S. returning sharply fewer migrants under ‘Remain in Mexico’

    As the risk/reward ratio changes, would-be immigrants are staying home. In the old days, they had a good chance of getting in, so it was worth rolling the dice. Now they could end up in a detention center or sent back to some random part of Mexico, which means that they lose what they spent and incur additional costs as well. America looks less welcoming and they find a way to make do in Mexico, which benefits Mexico by developing native industry instead of relying on the American economy for stimulus.

  • Commemorating the legacy of the WWII bombing of Dresden

    The propaganda ramps up to convince us that the WW2 bombing of Dresden was not actually a horrible act. Unfortunately for these guys, Slaughterhouse Five remains on the reading lists for most high schools, and it points out independent of the “new” scientific evidence that something terrible happened, the Allies may not have been the only bad guys but we were not the good guys, and that we waged war so that we could have financial dominance over the world, killing many innocents in the process. Democracy wars tend to be this way.

  • In Amazon’s Bookstore, No Second Chances for the Third Reich

    As internet regulation closes in, and it becomes clear that the Leftist power structure wants to close the indoctrination gap, Amazon follows other Big Tech companies in removing anything which offends the politically-correct narrative. They will begin with the outright Nazis, move on to the broader political movement to the Right of neoconservatism, and eventually start yanking the science as well. That way, in the future, Leftists win every argument since the only books that can debunk their propaganda will be unavailable at the largest bookstore in the world. In the same way, on Facebook, any off-narrative material will be deleted and those who post it removed.

  • Heated exchange over language barrier caught on camera in small Colorado town

    Man points out that woman who has been here for thirty years still speaks no English, which is a snide way of forcing everyone else to learn her language. Immigrants come for a better life, but when here, realize that being a minority is no fun, so they begin working toward the takeover through passive aggressive means, generally by playing the victim in such a way that it forces the rest of us to accommodate them. As someone else might have asked, if it is so bad here, why did you leave Mexico?

  • Election 2020: Far-right candidates put in dismal showing

    The Irish, who identify as a minority victimized by white people, reject the far-Right. Perhaps there would be too many uncomfortable questions asked about Irish self-determination and what it might require, such as rejecting diversity and pulling back the Irish diaspora. Instead, the Irish want to play both sides with dual loyalties, both here and in England, so that they can profit from more prosperous societies and then retire home to the land of Guinness and potato fields.

  • The assassination of Malcolm X is being reinvestigated after questions raised in a Netflix series

    The power structure can handle a Martin Luther King, Jr. He proposed diversity and integration, just with more racial pity, and this let all the spineless voters think that there was a “solution” to the ongoing problem of diversity. Malcolm X, like others from the nationalist fringe of the Black independence movement, saw that there was no future for his people except in a return to Africa and self-rule. Reparations-with-repatriation provides the kindest, most effect method of ending diversity and the moral crisis of slavery at the same time.

  • Top Iranian official: We’re looking for a pretext to raze Tel Aviv to the ground

    At least they finally admit it. When people ask why America sends money and weapons to Israel, they might look at those surrounding Israel and what they admit in public that they hope to do. In the meantime, if all of the Jews of the world returned to Israel, it would be much stronger and could more resiliently resist the enemies around it. That would require Jewish culture to reject the diaspora and the self-hating Leftism that Jews have adopted since the Dreyfuss Affair.

  • Spain finds 69 migrants missing for a day in smuggling boat

    Spain could learn from Trump. If you make it clear that no one gets automatic entry, they stop coming. If you do not, some will die in the attempt. To save lives and avoid confusion, it makes sense to wholly reject diversity, and that way, no one will die trying to make it to the promised land of Europe.

  • Global CO2 emissions in 2019

    Carbon dioxide emissions are in decline thanks to the energy sector in part switching to alternative energy. Imagine how much we could accomplish if we repatriated the foreign, ended entitlements, and stopped pointless economic activity for the sake of paying taxes to support big government.

  • Bumblebees are disappearing at rates ‘consistent with mass extinction’

    They blame global warming, but a more likely cause is the elimination of much of the wild land, forcing bees to rely on fewer species for nectar and to navigate human structures and vehicles which regularly kill them. If you want happy bees, set aside half of the land for nature, and let the bees live there. With humans, there is no “coexistence.”

  • Australia bushfires ignite calls for indigenous fire practices

    These are not indigenous fire practices, but those practiced worldwide. They found the same thing in California. Without humans around, however, fires occur at a leisurely rate and burn up the excess kindling and tinder, usually during light rainstorms so that the fire is localized. This way, there is no unbroken path of fuel for a fire to start upon and grow in immense size.

  • ‘The intelligence coup of the century’

    Back in the Cold War, the CIA bought up a leading manufacturer of encrypted communications and installed back doors in the gear, allowing it to monitor world traffic, including secondhand information from behind the Iron Curtain. This becomes important mainly because China has done the same thing.

  • Valley CEO forced out after racial slur: ‘My life has been ruined’

    In civil rights America, any deviation from the equality orthodoxy leads to your destruction. A CEO who used a slur for African-Americans found himself forced out of the company he founded and branded a pariah after video of the event leaked, and now local civil rights groups are considering criminal charges and lawsuits. While most of us would not behave this way, it shows how we have become as politically sensitive as the Communists, and just as likely to destroy lives. We cannot survive diversity. It will end us.

  • National Academies Chief: The U.S. Must End Reliance on Foreign Scientists

    We cannot trust the loyalty of others, nor can our economy survive this. We need to get our best and brightest into science, but the educational system drives away anyone with any brains, so instead we hire them from abroad and our best go off and work slacker jobs while waiting for the system to finally fail.

  • County police have seized hundreds of guns with ‘red flag’ law in two years since Parkland shooting

    Watch as the criteria expand. Said the n-word on Discord chat once? Your guns will be seized in case you are planning to go Dylann Roof on a local church. We know that the Left will weaponize these laws to disarm conservatives. They have done it before, repeatedly. These are the people who made guillotines and gulags into weapons of political conformity. They will do it again. Just watch.

  • 15 major changes planned for schools and universities in South Africa – including new subjects

    When culture breaks down, so does business. Youth unemployment has reached crisis conditions in South Africa. While the preferred solution seems to be “more government,” in reality what is needed is less government and more culture, but that cannot coexist with the diversity state that lives to deplete the wealthy in order to subsidize the rest. This is what a death spiral looks like.

  • Emails between Houston businessman and mayor’s staff raise bribery questions

    Another minority-majority city collapses in a miasma of corruption. In a diverse society, each group uses society as a means to advancing itself, taking money and time from the rest so that it may grow larger. Since every special interest finds itself working against the interests of the whole and the majority, it turns diverse groups into aggressive parasites and prompts frequently backlashes. We cannot survive diversity.

  • Irish election produces an earthquake as Sinn Fein tops poll

    Irish endorse a terrorist group to rule them, mainly just to give the finger to England. Sage observers point out that if the Irish had spent more time developing, say, stable agriculture, and less time giving the finger to England, they might not be a third world country kept afloat only by selling its real estate to foreigners.

  • Universal basic income may be adopted in Scotland providing a weekly cash payment for life

    This will pay out only about $800 per month but should fascinate people and then fail abruptly as the money runs out. The thing that most people do not understand is that someone is paying for this, and when you savage their income, they tend to do their best to earn less of it and receive in-kind perks instead. In addition, all that free money gets mostly blown on trivial stuff, which turns your economy into a third-world marketplace. Then the inflation kicks in and people are wondering why a sandwich costs $400.

  • Government has published a major new land policy for South Africa – here’s what you need to know

    As white South Africans flee the dying minority-majority republic, the government encourages them to “donate” their land in order to avoid taxes, which will enable government to continue its land redistribution plan until everyone is equally impoverished.

  • Breastfeeding predicts blood mitochondrial DNA content in adolescents

    Breastfeeding makes healthier children. Doctors, who seek above all else control, have advised against this for years. Humans want to replace the natural with the human, but in the process, we weaken humans who are of nature and dependent on nature, even within our own bodies, for health. Nature is more complex than our thinking and has had many more years to hammer bugs out of the system. We simply cannot compete, yet we always insist that we “know better.”

  • Buildings kill millions of birds. Here’s how to reduce the toll

    Traditional societies eschewed square architecture and built lower structures than our skyscrapers, which turns out to be intelligent because the modern version is a bird holocaust. We will soon find that many small communities linked by roads, with smaller buildings and each family in a house and not an apartment, work out far better than our utilitarian boxes and freeways.

  • Trump vowed to not cut Social Security and Medicare — hours before proposing just that

    The key point here, missed by Leftist journalists en masse, is that Trump wants to cut $4.4tn from the budget over the next decade. That puts us on the first steps toward avoiding default as a nation, since we have $23tn in debt, and will make it clear to everyone how much further we need to cut. The military takes us less than a quarter of our budget; most of the rest, and much of the military budget, consists of entitlements, including affirmative action and government as a jobs program for minorities. If we cut out all of these toxic subsidies, we can have normal lives for good people and still pay off the debt, increasing the value of our currency when it is backed by production instead of reselling our debt.

  • China’s online censors tighten grip after brief coronavirus respite

    Before we point fingers at China, remember how we censored the Christchurch shooting video. Democracy treats anti-democratic thought as an infection, mainly because it knows that once we can peer outside the managed garden of regulated thought through political correctness, we see things that we recognize to be true. The infection spreads as a result, and that will cause the downfall of liberal democracy, so our leaders fight it in the same way that China fights the spread of any information contrary to Communist dogma.

  • High Court rules Aboriginal people cannot be deported for criminal convictions, cannot be ‘alien’ to Australia

    Judges looking for an excuse to fulfill the Leftist program by keeping diversity from coming apart, but have no idea how strong the backlash that is building will be. People realize that diversity means forced subsidies and destruction of their national culture; for the past seven decades, they were fooled with fairytales of “assimilation” and “meritocracy,” but now all of that is unraveling, which is why we see strong signaling by Left-leaning judges terrified of losing their monopoly over power.

  • RCMP arrests in Wet’suwet’en territory spark protests nationwide

    So much for the idea of coexistence. Amerinds protest a pipeline, causing government to crack down, spurring nationwide protests. When more than one ethnic group exists in a society, that society then has cross purposes, and will tear itself apart negotiating between the extremes in a desperate search for one rule that fits all. Groups are different; each group maneuvers for its own power only. The idea of a pluralistic and diverse society “working together” is the fiction, just like anarchist communes fall apart when people realize that they can make dreamweavers instead of planting crops but they will get their share of the harvest just the same.

  • Sacred Native American burial sites are being blown up for Trump’s border wall, lawmaker says

    This got none of the traction that the Left hoped it would. It turns out that when you spend a few years tearing down Confederate statues, most people think that turnabout is fair play when your recently-discovered sacred burial grounds get blown up. Perhaps the Left should have thought harder about what they were doing, but they never do; they are obsessive, and push forward toward their cultlike Utopia no matter what they destroy. Not surprisingly, they leave behind a trail of waste and wreckage like most solipsists.

  • Very high LDL cholesterol: The power of zero passes another test

    It turns out that all of our testing for cholesterol levels is just bad science. Disease of the type that they hope to prevent has multiple factors, and safe cholesterol levels vary by ethnic group. The miracle of modern medicine fails yet again, after we spent trillions on another theory taken as literal truth. Imagine how much we can save by avoiding other egalitarian theories.

  • Author Jordan Peterson is recovering from physical dependence to benzodiazepine in Russia

    The constant stress of dealing with Leftist rancor may have debilitated him temporarily. We wish Dr. Peterson a quick, painless, and healthy recovery.

  • House OKs bill letting undocumented immigrants seek damages from employers

    Leftists sneak in more legislation designed to back door legalize illegal alien status in this country. When illegals get all of the benefits of citizenship, then the Left will have its ideal: replacement of the majority with a multiculture which has nothing in common but its dependence on Leftism and big government.

  • Passers-by ignored victim of Halle synagogue attack — German media

    Ordinary people are tired of the guilt. They believed it, up until diversity failed. Then suddenly it became clear that on this topic at least, Hitler was right: diversity is suicide. Now regular Germans are seeing diversity problems as a problem that belongs to someone else, and walking on by. Who can blame them? A pile of illusions ignites, and none of us want to be left holding the bag.

  • Despite Voters’ Attitude Shift, Texas GOP Bars Gay Republican Group From Convention

    Republicans reject gay group over its support for gay marriage. While I like the Log Cabin Republicans, at some point you have to figure out which is the more important word, “gay” or “Republican.” If you are pressuring for a Leftist agenda within the conservative party, do not be surprised as pushback. The hidden story here is that non-religious people are now tired of the jihad for acceptance of gay rights, transgenderism, and other things that offend mainstream sensibilities. We want to support the chaste heterosexual nuclear family, and we want any deviations from that to stay hidden, whether swingers, barf sex, or homosexuality. It is a balance we can all live with, but so far, homosexual groups have not be very accepting of it.

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