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  • Maldives apologises to British tourist arrested for wearing a bikini

    This seems a travesty. If your nation has rules and standards, foreign tourists need to obey those. In this case, the rules are relaxed on private beaches, but when you go out in public and are asked to cover up, it is expected that you do so. This tourist showed zero regard for local customs and represents the worst of Western tourism.

  • Americans say they feel the current economy is the best since the late 1990s

    The press still insists that the Obama economy was great even though the middle class found itself running increasingly into debt. Maybe it worked out well for the Big Tech firms, but everyone else was squeezed, notably by the accelerating expenses of Obamacare taxes. Relaxing those costs, cutting regulations, and restricting immigration slightly eased these problems and now ordinary people can have the American Dream — a house, a car, a family, a comfortable life in exchange for moderate but quality-oriented exertion — again. Imagine what ending entitlements, banning the administrative state, and ending diversity would do, and not just for our bottom line.

  • Holden Matthews: Man admits burning churches to raise ‘black metal’ profile

    This feels like a flashback to the 1990s, when black metal bands torched seventy-seven churches in Scandinavia. Since these were African-American churches, he gets charged with a hate crime. No one seems to have heard or possess recordings of his band, Vodka Vultures. Please insert your “his mixtape was fire” and “they had a hot single about to drop” riffs in the comments.

  • Half-a-million insect species face extinction: scientists

    No one seems that surprised. We had few environmental problems when there was still wild land left, but as the West took in immigrants and the third world nations exploded in size, humanity ran out of most of its remaining natural land. As a result, species are dying. “Solutions” like pesticide-blasting a continent to control locusts will only make the situation worse; one theory as to why locusts explode is that their natural predators did not eat enough of them in infancy. Pesticides kill off the insects which eat other insects, and then the birds which eat insects, for the same reason: toxins accumulate most in the tissues of predators.

  • Egypt population reaches 100 million people: statistics agency

    Humanity keeps exploding in size. There are more of us than ever before, but have we increased in quality? Do we have any kind of workable social order? Is there a plan? No, not really; we are making do with what is popular, namely market socialism and liberal democracy. In the meantime, nature has racked up another asteroid zooming at Earth which may yet deliver the world from its human infestation. When do we hit peak misanthropy?

  • After Germany’s far-right scandal, Left party surges as Merkel’s CDU sinks

    Since WW2, conservatives have considered the correct response to associations with Hitler to be raising a gun to our heads and pulling the trigger. Even the Merkel coalition, which might be optimistically described as thirty percent conservative, decides to implode rather than admit the far-Right into government, despite the pressure on government pushing in a Rightward direction. People got a general sense in the 1990s that things had gone far enough with our Leftist experiment, but now it becomes clear that the Establishment intends to push on and seize complete control before all of its Leftist policies implode. This is a civilization death arc, and many of us would simply like to avoid it, since we have no emotional connection to the cult-like Leftist notion of equality, and would rather focus on normal life.

  • Oscars viewership plunges to record low

    Only 23.6 million people tuned in. Perhaps Americans have figured out that our institutions have been turned against us, and that even more importantly, they are no longer relevant. We can get our regular neo-Communist propaganda anywhere without having to pay attention to some ceremony for people who got rich by pretending to be other people.

  • How shrubs can help solve climate change

    The only sensible response to an overdose of carbon dioxide is to leave more land for nature to process this carbon dioxide, gradually taking it in, converting it to matter, and then depositing that matter on the ground, at which point carbon dioxide is slowly re-emitted to the atmosphere at a much slower rate than humanity does it. Nature by itself will handle our problem, and we will be forced to limit our size, which in turn will demand that we make questions about quality and not quantity (whatever is most popular becomes the choice). At that point, humanity will begin to grow up again.

  • Utah law would decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults

    Now that we have made marriage a function of social emotions and not biology, the rest will follow. How can you say that “love wins” when a man cannot marry his multiple loves? Liberalization only proceeds in one direction, so once you step a toe in it, get ready for a wild ride because you are headed to full anarchy, which because it makes society dysfunctional, will in turn invoke full totalitarianism. You will get an anarcho-totalitarian hybrid, where everything that does not harm the state is permitted, but any criticism of the state or its policies gets your life destroyed.

  • Bigger than Vindman: Trump scrubs 70 Obama holdovers from NSC

    Impeachment caused many of the swamp critters to crawl out of the dark and identify themselves, since the media hype up to the last few days made it seem like a sure thing. Now they can be easily removed. Apparently, enough of them hide their true allegiance that it requires frequent dramatic events in order to smoke them out, at which point they can be squashed.

  • More US firms are boosting faith-based support for employees

    Employers are extending civil rights protections to religious belief. Maybe they will extend it to political belief as well, since the two are so closely associated. Even better would be if we abolished civil rights entirely, and by allowing free association, let America naturally separate into its different tribes. We could then stop pretending that we have anything in common.

  • OU Gaylord College professor uses racial slur during class in comparison to ‘OK, boomer’ phrase

    Because we are equal, everyone has only something to lose, instead of something to gain. This makes us hypersensitive, since if someone else is offended, the mob will rush to defense of the underdog, and therefore tear us down. Never mind that this portends only futureless self-consumption. For bonus outrage, this professor used the “n-word” (“nigger”) in class in response to some other student saying “OK Boomer.” Entitlement all around reflects the utter emptiness of life under democracy.

  • Australia PM says to replace ‘failing’ Indigenous policy

    Across the West, diversity policies seem to be failing, no matter what they are and how much money is chucked into the abyss. At some point, we should consider replacing the idea of diversity policies entirely by abolishing civil rights. Then, government no longer needs to enforce equality, and society sorts itself appropriately.

  • Homework scrapped at 250 UAE schools

    Following Finland, the UAE recognizes that homework is mostly make-work and steals time from life. We should apply the same attitude toward jobs, red tape, and anything else which does not make life beautiful. When we minimize the ugly, people tend toward beauty and happiness, and see life in a new light. When we burden them with unnecessary nonsense, they come to hate their existence and correspondingly, lash out.

  • Army drill sergeant suspended following profanity-laced shoving match with recruit in Georgia

    In the name of accepting everyone just as they are so that we can all be equal, we have made ourselves into a nation of weenies. You expect that your drill sergeants will pound you if you do something stupid and they are pretty much required by the laws of nature to use excessive profanity in every sentence. Why do we fight nature? Young men need hard limits.

  • Companies from Amazon to Spar ‘complicit in tropical forest destruction caused by everyday products’

    The uprising against armchair pop environmentalism gains momentum. People want convenient environmentalism, meaning that their lives do not actually change much, but they buy a Prius and use recyclable bags without changing anything else. In reality, our lives are going to have to change. We will eat farm-to-market food, re-use/repair and recycle anything we have, and not be able to live for consumption, growth, usury, and quantity of humanity anymore. In the end, it will be a small sacrifice and we will be psychologically healthier for it.

  • White supremacist propaganda spreading, anti-bias group says

    This is only a problem if people believe the white supremacist propaganda. For them to believe it, they have to have seen something first which makes it sound likely. As the liberal democratic system fades, mostly dying on the hill of civil rights, it leaves behind a dysfunctional society, and people are starting to notice that diversity does not work, immigration is replacing us, and that we need a strong organic culture which requires one ethnic group per nation. Consequently, white nationalist propaganda no longer seems extreme to many, or even wrong.

  • House committee approves bill to make Washington, D.C. the 51st state

    The Left continues to try to work around the electoral college, now by trying to add additional states which will vote Leftist. Everyone in D.C. owes their living to the government, so all of them will vote for civil rights so that they can get a big, Communist-style government dedicated to equality. This shows us why once you start using government to shape society, it becomes an employment program, and then wide support exists for making it even bigger and more powerful.

  • ‘Juden!’: Antisemitic Graffiti From Europe’s Nazi Past Sprayed on Jewish-Owned Bakery in Paris

    Funny, but counter-productive. We need not to target our enemies, but build up ourselves. That means saying “France for the French and everyone else goes home.” That probably makes for fewer panicked and absurdist headlines however.

  • Italy faces existential threat over low birthrate: president

    Across the globe, first world societies are dying out because they followed the same pattern, which was to vote themselves entitlements which are paid for by those who succeed, causing that group to have fewer children. We subsidize the failing, and get more failure. When that fails, we adopt programs to pander to the remaining people, including diversity to fund entitlements, feminism and anarchy to make the individual feel free, and lots of rules so that people feel “safe.” In the end, it simply exterminates the population and replaces it with one that has no earnings potential, therefore is safe from the entitlements debt bomb.

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