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  • UK’s Johnson serves donuts at kosher bakery ahead of elections

    Diversity and democracy holding hands as they leap into the abyss. One must pander to prole-food, the donut, while endorsing different special interest groups who hate each other, in order to beg for enough money and votes to rule a population which has no understanding of what you are doing when you do it right, but are suddenly experts who endorse everything you do when you do it wrong in such a way that leads to them having free money, attention, or power.

  • Myanmar leader Suu Kyi departs for genocide hearings amid fanfare at home

    In order to protect your own group, you need to remove all other groups. If they do not go willingly, then genocide happens. This is the same pattern we saw with the Armenians, Tutsis, Uighurs, Kurds, and European Jews during the Holocaust. If you lead a group, your primary responsibility is to protect that group, which means that you must discriminate and exclude other groups, even if in small amounts — less than 20% — the effects of their presence is not widely felt. It will be. Good leaders remove diversity; bad leaders endorse diversity.

  • Saudi military training in US under scrutiny after base attack

    On a distant hill, you see the horse fleeing into a neighboring county. He is long gone, so democracy wants to slam that barn door extra hard. A better question: why have diversity at all? It gives us no tangible benefit except cheap low-quality labor, and we have needed to replace that with automation for centuries. Finally, let us be free of proles extorting wealth, power, and status from us with the threat of another one of their ill-advised, unstable, and homicidal “revolutions.”

  • Australia’s democracy has been downgraded from ‘open’ to ‘narrowed’

    Humanity is learning to distrust itself. Now that we have wrecked the planet, destroyed our societies, and left a neurotic mental wasteland of the remnants of our culture, we are finally figuring out that “everyone do whatever they want and earn money” is not enough of a social order. It turns out that all the bad guys in history were correct, even if they were bad guys, on this point. Diversity fails; individualism fails; the weaponized collective form of both, egalitarianism, converges on the same groupthink that always afflicts humans herded together in a panic. We have been living in neurosis, terror, and confusion for too long, and it has addled our brains. We are gradually waking up. The first step appears to be “narrowed democracy,” after which point people are going to talk about disenfranchising proles and foreigners and ending diversity through deportations. The Leftist tower of Babel known as diversity and globalism has fallen, and with it, the Leftist edifice of narcissistic individualism also falls. We are just in the early stages of this process.

  • Humans learned to smile ‘to get sex’ in prehistoric times, study claims

    Somebody with a degree claimed something outlandish, surely not for the free media points so that they can sell books or get promoted in academia. In reality, animals smile. There is a need for communication. This moronic Leftist PUA interpretation of evolution is as one-dimensional and blockheaded as Clown World itself.

  • Wall of $120,000 Duct-Taped Banana Artwork Vandalized With ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Meme

    Garbage modern art consisting of banana taped to wall sells for absurd price to someone buying novelty. Someone eats the banana, probably committing the only artistic act in this whole drama. Banana is replaced with “EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF” meme, at which point security is called. This whole thing consists of management of optics, which is what you would expect in the democratic stages of civilization death.

  • China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment

    Decoupling continues. Eventually, West and East will entirely go their own ways. This means that the West will become self-sufficient again, and the East will turn to war, just as they did during the Mongol Golden Horde days. We in the West are familiar with the pattern: we succeed, and it draws everyone else toward us to destroy us, since they are possessed by envy and not clear thinking. If they were thinking clearly, they would emulate us, but they cannot gain the inner spirit of the Indo-Europeans which is geared toward transcendental beauty and therefore makes goodness wherever it goes. They should not feel bad; many of our people lack this spirit, too, which is why in saner times we whip them, call them proles, and make them harvest our turnips (and they’re late! whip whip whip).

  • Supreme Court leaves Kentucky’s ultrasound law in place

    Kentucky made a law that forces abortion clinics to show potential mothers the ultrasound of their fetuses or to make them hear the fetal heartbeat. We believe in sanctity of life, so to us, the taking of innocent life for sexual convenience is a great evil. In fact, we see it as emblematic of this entire Clown World era, when the individual is king and therefore humanity is reduced to a ravenous herd which destroys anything good in its path. On the other hand, we would support FREE BORTS 4 LIBS in order to reduce their population.

  • America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump

    The press expresses what it wishes were true, not what is true. If you are dealing with humans, heed Brett’s Law, which is that anything that people need to tell you is not true, where anything that is evident is true. There is a pocket between you seeing a situation and seeing the evident in which con men, snake oil salesmen, tent preachers, actors, and propagandists insert their alternate explanations (read: Narratives) in order to use guilt, fear, and your own greed to make you do what is convenient for them. Pay attention to the evident: America has stopped paying the bills for many other nations, and so now those monkeys are angry, and are telling us that we are less important to them, i.e. taking their toys and going home. In the meantime, whatever nation snaps out of Clown World first and becomes self-sufficient (ending diversity, entitlements, globalism, civil rights, democracy, equality) will rule the world simply by having all the wealth, power, technology, knowledge, and most of all, functional intelligent people, which seem to be the rarest commodity these days. Democracy is every bit the nightmare that Plato and Aristotle said it was; it just takes decades to see this in full.

  • Boris Johnson depicted Jews as controlling the media and being able to “fiddle” elections

    There is a sleight of hand here: Jews can control elections and control the media, but they are not the only group to do so, only the most visible because of their high average IQ and proficiency in mercantile affairs. All of our institutions are up for sale and being handed over to special interest groups — the Chinese or other minorities, industry consortia, Big Pharma, the military-industrial complex, the Gay Mafia, the Arab-American lobby, the Catholics, etc. — which is why the “Open Society” can never function for long. Yes, Jews control our elections, but so do lots of other groups. It depends on who has the money to buy prole votes. Democracy is doom, and in our time it is dying, because we want to avoid being doomed.

  • India Prepares to Block Naturalization for Muslims

    Elsewhere, others seek to avoid our moronic fate by avoiding our moronic policies. Diversity fails like many other bad policies in our past, and we are now rejecting it like we threw out those bad ideas back then. This means cutting immigration of the ethnic other, then eliminating the benefits they enjoy here, then legalizing discrimination, and finally, gently deporting them (and jailing any who refuse).

  • Amazon blames Trump for losing $10 billion JEDI cloud contract to Microsoft

    Jeff Bezos comes to the aid of the failing impeachment drama with what will surely be a lawsuit against President Trump and the United States. In the meantime, clever Bezos should stop and wonder if filing tax papers for twenty years in which he paid almost no tax because he re-invested the money in buying more of the internet might, after all is said and done, give people a clear and realistic reason to distrust him and his malignant business model. He was too clever for his own good. He can either walk here or destroy his company. He does not want forensic accountants crawling all over the hot mess of annual reports he submitted from 1995 through 2011.

  • Chinese library sparks outrage over report staff burned ‘banned books’

    Any healthy society burns books. You keep the relevant knowledge, and delete anything that is a lie without hope of ever being true. Specifically, you destroy the propaganda of those who want to destroy you. Would the West really suffer if all copies of Save The Last Dance and A People’s History of the United States went into the flames? Of course not, and China knows this, and is strengthening itself while the West make themselves into mental toddlers with the cognitive impairment that is democracy.

  • High school adds laundry room to help struggling students, combat absences

    High school built in shopping mall says that a third of its students are homeless and most are illegals, so it needs to build laundry rooms to continue its goal as a government subsidy and daycare for working moms. Can we yet admit that public education is simply another entitlements program? Abolish it and let people educate their own kids, then use standardized testing to ensure that they know whatever things are vital for their futures. Even better, deport the ethnic Other (not ethnically Western European) and exile the homeless and other insane people.

  • Statin-Associated Cardiomyopathy Responds to Statin Withdrawal and Administration of Coenzyme Q10

    It turns out that the latest round of “miracle” drugs, statins, are nothing more than a career-builder for MBAs and scientists working in Big Pharma. In fact, they are going to cause the next wave of heart attacks and dementia patients, but no one will say this, because so many people are making money off of offering false and destructive solutions. We will find out that many things (consumerism, democracy, entitlements, symbolic religion) were of this nature: as the salesmen said, they made us feel better about our existential doubt, but then as they failed to warn, they made everything worse.

  • House Candidate Gives Tucker His Case For An All Out Immigration Moratorium

    Conservatives have a new quest: stop immigration entirely. Then cut affirmative action. Delete the entitlements from law. At that point, there will be fewer benefits to being here, and more safety Back Home for people who are not ethnically Western European. At that point, we can begin repatriation with reparations. Italians will be happier in Italy. Irish will be happier in Ireland. Jews will be happier in Israel. Poles will be happiest in Poland. Africans want to go back to Afrika and rule it for their own benefit. Hispanics and Amerinds will enjoy Mongolia. Chinese belong in China. And so on. That order actually works, where diversity can only destroy!

  • Man who had transplant finds out months later his DNA has changed to that of donor 5,000 miles away

    It turns out that transplants can make you into a chimera. This means that any contact with the DNA of those around you may incorporate it into you; we already know that this is true for sexual partners. What about sharing a lollipop with a best friend, swapping beers at a party, or even taking a drag off a smoke from a homey? Not even to mention how much DNA is swapped around when a virus hits a group. This means that we need to have genetically isolated populations to avoid getting genocided by transfer DNA.

  • “Indian Land Forever”: The 50th anniversary of the Alcatraz Island takeover

    We are taught lies about the Indians (feathers not dots). We were told in school that they were “noble savages” who lived in balance with nature, when really they were voracious consumers who exterminated many species. We were told that they were victims, when really they attacked us first. Worst, we were told that they were something other than what they were, which was Mongolian immigrants who picked up some Caucasian DNA along the way. Europeans, who had just experienced invasions by Mongols and Muslim Arabs, were well aware of the primitive savage races after having idealized them in literature for centuries. When the Indians attacked, we saw through the sepia lens of a Vietnam flashback the invasions of the Golden Horde under Genghis Khan, and we exterminated our ancestral enemies. We will continue to do so in retaliation for those invasions, even if we do not intend to. The only solution is to repatriate all American Indians and Hispanics to Mongolia. This never was their land, and they forfeited it by virtue of their heritage and brutal, unprovoked attacks.

  • North Dakota county may become US’s 1st to bar new refugees

    It took a few years, but the pushback to the “refugee resettlement” Clinton-Obama programs has begun as local governments realize that these are simply federal programs paid for by states and communities. Not only are they expensive, but they have negative results, instead of the vast economic growth promised (to people who are apparently idiots, by people who are apparently sociopath liars). We are starting down the path that will end in repatriation of all of these newcomers and the restoration of a Western European United States, since only under the Anglo-Saxons did we have both sanity and prosperity.

  • There are more food banks than McDonald’s in the UK, new figures show

    Not that McDonaldses are a prize, but we tend to deny that government is simply a big self-interested corporation that profits through having jobs for bureaucrats and other useless people. We are afraid to cut entitlements because it makes us seem mean; do we want the homeless to starve? Our answer is that we want another method other than government to address the problem, and we should consider the wisdom of natural selection. If we set up our society so that every good person doing roughly the right thing — humans are not perfect, and it is insane to expect them to be so, since all are somewhere on a learning and self-actualization curve — receives a decent living, then we will be fine. Some will die, but then again, we have too many people (and especially too many useless or parasitic people) anyway. It’s time for a purge.

  • Emmanuel Macron goes ahead with pension reforms amid strikes

    Benefits kill nations. Entitlement programs require massive tax takings, which in turn sabotages the economy, raising prices by the sum total of all taxes paid during the production of an item, while reducing wages by the amount of price distortion imposed by the taxes. This creates workers who have a lot of money but cannot buy what they need, namely normal middle class lives away from the diversity crime. Government refuses to roll back benefits, so it must cut them slowly, starting by raising the retirement age. You will work until you die in order to pay for the diversity underclass, hairy feminists, retards, insane, and of course, all those bureaucrats and lawyers. Maybe we should just kick out the parasites instead of killing ourselves on the treadmill of tax payments?

  • Prince Andrew’s friends cast doubt on new claims he danced with teenage ‘sex slaves’

    Beware “the rush.” This happens when Leftists advance a claim and then, when it is not immediately disproved, follow it up with stacked claims and conjectures based on the first one being right. They then make you rush to judgment and walk away congratulating themselves on their cleverness and laughing at your stupidity. The right response to all Leftism is “slow down a bit.” We need to find out what the facts are, first. Considering that all the witnesses are missing and we have only a few thot accusers who admittedly sold their own bodies and now are mad because they have hit the wall and can no longer peddle their pink parts for substantial amounts of cash, we should just slow our roll and look into this more deeply. Who knows what we will find? Almost certainly: not what the media and Left want us to believe. Otherwise, they would not be rushing.

  • First experimental genetic evidence of the human self-domestication hypothesis

    Humans made themselves into gentler versions of the wild animal through the requirements of civilization. In other words, eugenics has always been a part of our lives and always will be. We thrive when it aims at making more intelligent, healthier, and morally aware people, but democracy has been going in the other direction for several centuries, so we get generic proles with trace admixture and low health, intelligence, and moral qualities. We are breeding ourselves into üntermenschen.

  • India Shows Why the Global Shift to Plant-Based Diets Is Dangerous

    It turns out that plant-based diets cannot save us, and we will have to limit overpopulation (and the real cause of ecocide, using too much land) instead. Feeding, housing, and giving free jobs to people just swells the population with more dumb and poor people who will consume everything before them like locusts. We need to focus on quality not quantity.

  • Australians’ trust in government reaches new all-time low, study shows

    Across the world, democracy slowly dies. It dies in our hearts first, then our minds, and finally in our actions. We have exhausted ourselves in a political fight that it turns out was only a trap, a battle that we could not win. Now we turn on it with angry eyes, furious that we were deceived for so long, knowing that it happened through our own greed and lust for power. The future will involve orders larger than the individual human — nature, logic, gods/God, culture, heritage, eugenics — and will entirely reject the idea of the last few centuries, “If I want it, I should be ‘free’ to do it,” which has led us into dysfunction, civilization failure, pollution, and ecocide.

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