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  • Saudi king condemns ‘barbaric’ US base shooting

    Foreigner in our land who detests us decides to shoot up a US base. He leaves a manifesto describing this as a “nation of evil.” If it is so bad, why are you here? And even more, why are you blaming us for the problems of the middle east? Muslims invaded Europe, remember, and then we launched Crusades to drive them back. Now Muslims are here in America, wondering why it is not more like their homelands. Perhaps we need our own path, and they need theirs. No one is comfortable with the current arrangement, especially when it periodically erupts in paroxysms of rape, murder, and riots.

  • Police: Kentucky woman sells baby for $2000

    She is not a Kentucky woman, but a foreigner who has come here thanks to our lax immigration policies. We are now trying to apply our legal system to an entirely foreign Asiatic culture — Hispanics are ethnically Mongolians — which has no use for the things that make us who we are. They need to be who they are, and they can only do that back in Central America or, more ideally, Mongolia.

  • A banana duct-taped to a wall was sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami

    It is not exactly the news to people around here, but your culture is dead. When you get to the point of modern art, or “symbolic art” as Tom Wolfe points out in “The Painted Word,” your culture has nothing to express except surface-level lowest common denominator social truisms. These have nothing to do with what is actually real, and everything to do with the comforting thoughts in which humans hide in groups in order to avoid confronting scary aspects of reality. Culture makes reality less scary by explaining it in a transcendental context, showing that there is necessity, meaning, and purpose behind each part of it and that the big picture reveals that life is good and moves toward goodness. When you discard your culture in favor of first the individual (The Enlightenment™), next the herd (the French Revolution), and finally, diversity (Civil Rights Acts), you end up with nothing in common and therefore, no depth to express. Thus you get triviality that mocks itself. I hope the artist spends the money on cocaine.

  • Jobs growth soars in November as payrolls surge by 266,000

    Most of the gain in manufacturing comes from the end of the UAW strike against General Motors. The rest of the gains come from confidence by the market in Trump, since unlike everyone else, he has a consistent philosophy that generates wealth. He realizes that if you get government out of any situation, the markets generally do a better job, and you pay less to bureaucrats, lawyers, and useless underclass proles. One does not need to be conservative in order to see the wisdom of this. The markets recognize that there is finally stability and that betting on government is no longer the path to victory, so instead they are focusing on making wealth the old way a.k.a. “productivity.” In turn, they are hiring more people and discarding the diversity and Leftist hires from the Obama years.

  • At Trump White House, that elusive China trade deal is always ‘close’

    Journalists, pundits, and experts — like bugs — focus on what is happening right now. In our media landscape, that is how you make money and advance your career. In reality, you have to look at events over time instead of just following the social focus at the moment. Trump is using time as a weapon; for each day that passes without a Chinese trade deal, more production comes back to the US, and China gets weaker. He can take his time negotiating, in other words, because his objectives are served in batting about rumors and conflicting stories about a Chinese trade deal while ensuring that he draws out the process as long as possible. In the long term, he wants to decouple from the Chinese economy entirely, at which point both Europe and China will enter economic free-fall because they are dependent on the USA. Trump will have negotiated trade that we need at that point, while leaving us open to sell to other emerging markets like South America, non-Chinese Asia, and the UK.

  • Trump calls for World Bank to stop loaning to China

    He realizes that “globalism” really means class warfare continued through wealth redistribution from the first world to the third, which benefits those who make money from selling cheap junk to morons in America who can buy it because government is paying for their welfare, education/daycare, housing, healthcare, and retirement. In the meantime, the UN regularly reveals that it is bigoted in favor of the Third World Axis headed by China and Russia. At some point, it starts to look like Daddy US and Mommy EU are keeping the third world as pets, and the pets are rebelling and want to kill the father and marry the mother. This weird, disturbing psychology can end by cutting off any kind of necessary relationship between the US and the rest of the world. We can interact through trade and mutual activity in times of crisis, but otherwise, politically disconnect. That allows each group to be in command of its own future.

  • ‘Massive backwards step’: Australia to no longer have a federal arts department

    Having government involved in anything other than defense, roads, police, and fire seems like a terrible idea. Not just because government is incompetent and bloated, but because it is a self-interested corporation that serves as a jobs program, and in the name of having careers, bureaucrats agitate to have it expand into every area of life. The arts must belong to the culture, not its bureaucracy.

  • Trump says people ‘flush the toilet 10 times’ and seeks solution

    Energy-efficient appliance regulations were a typical Clinton compromise. The voters wanted “us to do something” about the environmental crisis, so government came in and demanded more efficient appliances. These in turn worked less effectively and died earlier than the older versions. This presented a boon for industry, which could now crank out lower-cost items and count on them being replaced more frequently. Instead of using extra water and electricity every day, we took a huge hit as all those old appliances went straight into the landfill and were replaced by new ones that were made overseas, shipped here on giant smoke-belching ships, and then sold in plastic wrap. This burned through more energy and generated more waste than the old way, where people had less efficient appliances that lasted ten times longer.

  • North Carolina towns cancel Christmas parades over threats to protest Confederate groups

    The Dissident Right received a superpower from the dying Leftist society around us. If we want to shut something down, we have to just threaten to show up and they will cancel if. If they do not, we need to show up and do nothing except wave, because then Antifa will launch into its usual orgy of burning, looting, and public defecation. When communities see that, they become determined to avoid the controversy we bring, which means that they are going to do whatever they can to avoid offending us. Whenever the Drag Queen Story Hour, Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary, SPLC, ACLU, and SJW style folks are having an event, we need to make sure that we going to be there, too, and to let the authorities know. They will then cancel this event. We can deplatform the Left, too. Turnabout is fair play, after all.

  • Hundreds of parents say kids wrongly taken from them after doctors misdiagnosed abuse

    Again, we trust government with too much, forgetting that it will be 400-lb 100-IQ bureaucrats who implement all the fancy rules made up by Ivy League lawyers who have never held real jobs. Child Protective Services should not exist; let natural selection sort this one out. If the parents are a mess, let those genes pass out of the gene pool. In the meantime, decent parents will no longer find themselves in legal battles that cost more than most suburban houses because some 400-lb 100-IQ bureaucrat decided to throw her weight around that day.

  • ‘They’re Trying to Wipe Us Off the Map.’ Small American Farmers Are Nearing Extinction

    American farms are being wiped out by foreign imports. Globalism takes cheap products from lower-cost countries and sells them in higher-cost countries, which effectively replaces those industries in the higher-cost countries with the corresponding industry in the lower-cost countries. The end result is a steady flow of money to the third world, and everyone in the higher-cost country gets squeezed out of independent business ownership and into working day jobs shuffling paper for the man. If the Obama-Clinton economy wins out, Americans are going to wake up in a world where Costco, Amazon, and Walmart sell third world goods for low prices and everyone lives in expensive gated communities surrounded by smoking ruins of ghettos.

  • Dollar General is opening 1,000 new stores next year

    In the new America, where we are all taxed to provide for the growing third world underclass, just about everyone is broke, and so low-cost retailers are booming. Eventually, they will become big enough to crush all of the competition and then they, too, will raise prices. The consumer pays more at the register because up to half of the cost of any item consists of taxes assessed along the value-added pathway, and all of the money goes ultimately to the third world. Vampires will drain you of blood, and poorer societies will offer you “good deals” that ultimately take away all of your money and with it, your future.

  • McGill student leader asked to step down for accepting trip to Israel

    Dual loyalties will be a big issue in the future:

    “That accusation, that a Jewish group can’t be neutral about Israel is anti-Semitic.”

    The brutal fact is that if you belong to more than one group, no one can tell where your loyalties lie, and you will probably switch sides depending on what seems to benefit you at the time. In the long term, this will mean a shift toward whatever group makes you different from the majority, turning you into another hostile force like the rest of the tribe of misfits (foreigners, box wine single women, pajama boys, hipsters, neurotics, criminals, retards, and the insane) that supports the Left. Our species finds itself approaching a decision point regarding dual loyalties, and the only sensible answer will be to avoid them entirely.

  • Thousands die in Japan due to overuse of antibiotics, research shows

    Thousands die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Like other modern miracles, the magic of antibiotics is quickly fading. Soon we confront reality again, starting with all of the sickly and weak among us dying off.

  • French protests: ‘We are seeing the first signs of civil war’

    Citizens have been taxed to the point where their salaries are low and costs are high. They cannot make a living this way, but everyone who got a government job or government-created job is doing just fine. The diversity is subsidized, but the ordinary citizens receive nothing. We all know that this cannot go on, but the bureaucrats will never downsize their take, only increase it. This sets the stage for a revolution against the revolution, in which we overthrow the government of the people in favor of a government that pays attention to reality. We would be better off hiring Walmart, Costco, or Dollar General to run our countries than trusting in the insanity of managerial bureaucracy.

  • Wedding planning websites curb promotion of US plantation venues

    Anti-South paranoia reaches a new height. We are being taught a Marxist version of history which sees all human events through the lens of more equality or less equality. It seeks to exclude anything but the more-equal because that way, people will know only that and, unconsciously brainwashed, will become implements of Marxist final victory. What then? The Marxists do not know; they only want to win.

  • 49ers suspend analyst over ‘dark skin’ remarks about Ravens’ Lamar Jackson

    Peak snowflake:

    “He’s really good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when you consider his dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing. I mean you literally could not see when he was in and out of the mesh point.”

    Somehow, this notices too much reality to be permitted, comrade.

  • Measures to arrest nature’s decline must be passed into law, say MEPs

    Politicians want rules to protect natural biodiversity. These will be functional only to the degree that they limit human land use to less than half of the available land. In the meantime, is anyone standing up for human biodiversity? Ending diversity — forced blending, in the long-term view — will benefit the environment and preserve human biodiversity.

  • Leading geneticist says reversing the aging process in humans could be 20 years away

    And what will you do, with all that extra time? Maybe work another twenty years at your job to pay taxes, watch another ten thousand hours of television, buy more gadgets and toss them in a landfill months later? Wander the empty streets full of strangers and foreigners, file paperwork that much faster, maybe start a business to sell cheap third world goods to sloppy average citizens who care about nothing other than themselves in the two weeks until the next paycheck? Humanity finds itself forced to confront the existential void yawning before us. Even if we become immortals, we still have no idea what to do with ourselves, so we waste time while hoping for an answer to descend from heaven, since it is too socially unpopular to look into these questions for us to do it.

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