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  • Freedom of expression is at a ten-year low, study says

    The internet age — where we connected all of humanity in the same conversation — showed us a few things. First, people are just what they are; their ideas and statements 100% reflect their position in life. Your Starbucks barista or Whole Foods checker is certain that the CEOs are lazy fatcats who do nothing, thinks he would do a good job of running the world, and is continually gobsmacked by the fact that no one else can see the wisdom and goodness of Communism. Your middle class person is a shopkeeper, concerned with finding more warm bodies to sell junk to. Your upper middle class are professionals who believe in rules and structure that are never applied in reality. Minorities may not hate the majority, but they want to overthrow it; the majority has never understood that it is a culture and that it hates diversity. Second, we found out that each nation has a need for semi-arbitrary standards of its own, and so there is no universal truth, which is what we would expect in a world that is trying to dodge entropy by eliminating sameness. There are going to be different rules for different countries, and the people there will have different standards, meaning that the notion of a “global conversation” is a dead letter. Since the diversity of opinions, both within and between nations, has brought clashes, the age of censorship is upon us, which is driving people to underground niche cultures and corners of the internet. This means that effectively our public media have zero idea what is going on out there. The first they will know of discontent is a bullet between the eyes.

  • Uber reveals widespread sexual assault problem, including hundreds of reports of rape

    It is almost like we had taxicabs for a reason. A cab has a high entry barrier; it ends the “tragedy of the commons” by having a high amount of “skin in the game” for the driver, who has to buy an expensive medallion. The point of that is to place a burden on the taxi driver and his employers to ensure that the driver is not a rapist, thief, or other idiot but a responsible small businessman. Uber worked around this and let anyone drive with almost no investment, at which point all the rapists, perverts, and thieves went and signed up too. The dot-com miracle model is collapsing all around us; it turns out that many of the inefficiencies of human life were there for a reason.

  • Auschwitz survivor fears rise of anti-Semitism

    He believes political, nationalistic and religious divisions can be healed, though.

    “That we will go back to the awareness that we are all in the same boat. I’m very optimistic about it,” he said.

    The problem with that is that it means the rest of you are inviting yourselves into our boat, which destroys our ability to maintain it as we need to. Diversity is over. The cure for anti-Semitism is only Jews and all Jews going to Israel.

  • Chinese fishing vessels suspected of increasingly common laser attacks on Australian military

    Previously, China attempted to hide its aggression. As its economic policies falter, its political outlook weakens, and an increasingly awakened America, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand shut off its entry, the Communist People’s Republic of China goes to stage two of its agenda. Stage one was attempting to seduce us and divide us against each other, but stage two will involve attempting to bully us, before stage three attempts to deplatform us economically, and stage four involves outright invasions. The best solution is to decouple our economies and maintain neutral but competitive diplomatic stances.

  • China will waive import tariffs for some US soybeans and pork, finance ministry says

    In other words, China needs these things to deal with its pork shortage. Not yet able to be self-sufficient, China like the empire of Genghis Khan functions solely as a parasite, attaching to more successful civilizations and subverting then destroying them so that it may consume them. As in domestic policies, in international politics when dealing with China, everything ends up becoming General Joe’s chicken (including your formerly prosperous nation).

  • In the UN, China uses threats and cajolery to promote its worldview

    The world slowly wakes up to the manipulation coming from the East. In its attempt to take over the world, China is bullying other nations to go along with its grand plan, including getting international saps to lend it money which it then uses to buy up their politicians and waterfront properties. Ideally, we would simply cut ourselves off from China and end all of our egalitarian programs designed to help “developing” nations, since they will simply use our largess against us.

  • Germany to tighten residency rules to combat organized crime

    It turns out that diversity brings more exciting crime. Why not? It is not their country. They should just use it as a means to the end of their wealth, like all humans do with natural resources that they encounter. Diversity is a “tragedy of the commons” where any prosperous nations are quickly eaten up by the less successful. That inverts natural selection, and it does so because humans think socially and want equal acceptance instead of admitting that there are good people and bad people, and the good need to rise above the bad and the bad die out.

  • Muhammad makes list of 10 most popular baby names in the US for the first time

    In the most successful human society in history, we became morons because we took our civilization for granted, and that caused us to pursue egalitarianism so that everyone felt happy and warm and we could brag about how nice we were. This caused us to adopt diversity, assuming that there would be other people here and there to help us run this society. As it turns out, they came here to replace us; we have to expect that Other groups will try to destroy us because that is the rule of nature, but we ignored it because we were drugged, infected, seduced, and lobotomized by egalitarianism. Now people are suddenly waking up and realizing that they have traded away everything they had for some Instagram points for being “nice.”

  • Multiple US towns forced to cancel holiday parades out of fear of right-wing violence

    Fear us, twinks. In actuality, this article consists only of Leftists whining about how people are resisting their preteen drag queen floats in the parades. This is not Right-wing violence, but people insisting that America can have a wholesome Western European culture because that and only that brings success to us. Everything else comes about only because other people show up here and then demand that we do the same unsuccessful stuff they did back in their “disadvantaged” homelands, because otherwise they have to admit that their civilizations failed. The only moral solution is to show them how we make this place work, then send them back home to do the same for their people to whatever degree they feel is appropriate.

  • Trump’s wall begins to take shape: CBS News tours construction at the southern border

    We have a wall in progress. If it succeeds, then it will be enhanced into a Hadrian’s Wall or Great Wall of China scenario, hopefully, so we have a cool battlement on our southern border.

  • BPA chemical levels in humans drastically underestimated, study finds

    Everything that we thought was good, was in fact toxic; much of what we thought was “bad” would in fact save us from this fate.

  • California CEO and Seven Others Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Conduit Campaign Contribution Case

    Minority businesses caught funneling money into the Clinton campaign. If Trump means to take down Hillary, he will have to take the opposite approach of the Clinton impeachment. Instead of looking for one big event, he will have to demonstrate a lot of little ones to show a pattern of deception, corruption, evidence destroying, and use of “plausible deniability” to escape accountability. If he sets up the background correctly, someone else will take Clinton down, possibly the new ethnic minority wing of her own party which seeks to supplant her.

  • Boris Johnson claimed children of working mothers ‘more likely to mug you’

    At some point in the West, we are going to have to decide if reality and truth are important at all or if we simply want to continue living in the symbolic reality of Leftist ideology. To a practical observer, it seems obvious that many criminals come from single parent homes, and that working mothers have almost no time for their offspring, who seem to run wild.

  • Bye-bye, birdie: Study finds North American birds getting smaller

    They blame global warming, but decreased body size and increased wing size sounds to me like birds are having to travel farther to find food and it is more widely dispersed. Large wing size rewards gliding in a wide-circle search for food. This shows us the consequences of depleting the amount of land that they have for their own use, since humans have taken up almost all of it.

  • Once-a-month birth control pill? Experiment works in animals

    Another unproven technology which we will roll out only to find out that deleterious consequences seventy-five years later. No matter; in the meantime, a lot of people will get rich, which means that they can escape our moribund society and play shufflepuck until they die in some gated community somewhere.

  • Cutting air pollution ‘can prevent deaths within weeks’

    Our miracle technologies like the infernal combustion engine are killing us off. To avoid that death, we are going to have to use less of these things and have more open space to absorb the particulate and gas pollution that they generate. This means a less efficient society, fewer people, less international trade, and more local food and goods. Will we choose quality over quantity, or out of fear of social condemnation for not accepting everyone as equals, decide to commit collective suicide? Only time will tell.

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