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  • World’s population to hit 7.75 billion in 2019

    Humanity started growing out of control long ago, but at this point, it has become a comic tragedy. The Leftist solution involves sticking us all in coffin home high-rises and feeding us vegan and insect-based cuisine. A more sensible approach involves us figuring out what our purpose is and living for that instead of simply expanding in quantity and trying new quantities of experience that are designed to distract from the void caused by our lack of purpose. Are we here for our own individual desires, as The Enlightenment™ informs us, or are we here to do something of greater importance centered in nature, the transcendental, and the divine? Humanity will continue to grow until we push nature to a tipping point, and then human meat will be back on the menu worldwide.

  • Ex-FBI official gets 7 days jail for accessing anti-Mueller activist’s emails

    The rest of us would get ten years. This shows us the cult-like nature of the “deep state” and other dark organizations, namely how individuals form little cliques that act in their own interests and ignore those of the organization. In this case, the employees of the FBI and a dozen other federal agencies want more government and more power, so they become Leftist because that justifies more power for them in order to apply an altruistic agenda. Since it is altruistic, they have an aegis of rationalization behind which to operate, but if you force-fed them 2g of dried P. cubensis they would admit that they are doing it to be important in a meaningless life where, since we abolished culture and hierarchy, money and power are all that matter.

  • Nord Stream 2: Trump approves sanctions on Russia gas pipeline

    Europe believes it can gain independence by relying on Russian oil and gas instead of the American version, which causes any sensible person to scratch his head. They want to have a nearby neighbor who routinely invades them have more power over them? Democracy is dying so rapidly at this point that most do not even notice the nonsense, but look only at how to build their careers off this moment and then pass on the disaster to future generations. A more sensible future for Europe might involve thorium reactors in addition to its already-expanding solar energy field. “Decoupling” may be the theme of the twenty-first century as we learn that sending money abroad simply creates enemies who then use that money to return to invade.

  • Beijing hits out at Donald Trump over defence spending bill and says it ‘interferes with China’s internal affairs’

    China, which admits that it wants to take over the world, finds it disturbing that America wants to deepen ties with its Nationalist Chinese allies on Taiwan and stop People’s Republic of China spying via Huawei products. China considers Taiwan part of China; Taiwan says better dead than Red. Perhaps “internal affairs” refers to the conquest of nations to form the future People’s Republic of World

  • Homelessness rose 2.7% in 2019, driven by a surge in California, HUD says

    The mental health portion of the homeless population, which along with drug and alcohol addiction makes up most of it, does not increase rapidly like this, so we are seeing marginal people thrown out of cheaper dwellings who are now living on the streets or in RVs. No one in the mainstream media will mention this, but the rise in housing costs has been caused by the rise in property taxes to pay for schooling all of those illegal aliens as demanded by Plyler v. Doe. End public education, and we can whack-a-mole this problem away. End all government entitlements, and you will have a surge in homelessness followed by a radical decline in it as all of the freeloaders, defectives, and incompetents depart for greener pastures. In the meantime, California has come up with a possible solution to its homelessness problem: ship them out to a 300-acre city-cum-jail on the cheaper outlying land.

  • Sweeping ban on semiautomatic weapons takes effect in New Zealand

    “We’re right next to a militant China that wants to invade us, so let’s disarm.” The Jacinda Arderns of this world make their fame through emotional gestures that appeal to lots of people, and the other people go along with it in order to keep the group together, even though this is a proven terrible method of leadership. One wonders how much she receives in campaign donations — like Bill Clinton and Justin Trudeau — from China.

  • Navy, Army probes find no racism intent in hand gestures

    [I]t was part of what’s called the “circle game,” in which someone flashes an upside-down OK sign below the waist and punches anyone who looks at it.

    Diversity has failed so hard that we are actively seeking out morons for making a circle of the forefinger and thumb just in case they are the next reincarnation of Hitler. Obviously our society is almost as unstable as its dogma.

  • Clive police: woman admits to hitting 14-year-old with car because she was a ‘Mexican’

    It is unclear what this achieves except to strengthen the media narrative that white people are angry, ignorant racists who cannot survive in the new multicultural economy. All we need to do is saying the following, which disturbs people more than ethnic slurs: “diversity is over.” This comes from the same vein of anti-conversation as pointing that democracy has ruined the West, rights are a human projection, equality is entropy, and other ways that you can tell someone you are not interested in bickering over the political perspectives of a dead system. It has failed, and now we need to move on, but the denialists want to keep splitting hairs over which variety of market socialist liberal democracy (emocracy + human/civil rights law) to adopt. When you shut them down, they get really nervous.

  • ‘He encourages hate’: Stormzy says Boris Johnson has fueled racism in UK

    Diversity celebrity is shocked to find that without the constant Leftist censorship and suppression designed to prevent noticing, people are not enthralled with their own ethnic cleansing at the hands of demographic replacement through diversity, and they might actually voice some of these views as well as stereotype-accurate observations of foreign populations. This new version is not like the tedious people who delight in putting down other groups, but simply reflects that like any other policy that produces bad results while failing to solve the problems it was intended to solve, diversity has failed and now the population has no faith in it. We do not hate you, and we do not hate your people, but we hate diversity, which is designed to replace all of us with Asiatics.

  • Virginia businesses sue to prevent removal of slave auction block

    They claim it will reduce foot traffic. Apparently, people like visiting this thing. Maybe we should resurrect it to sell Democrats, lawyers, and thots to the Arabs.

  • Teacher accused of saying she wants to ‘bring back slavery’ placed on leave, again

    Students at Space and Aeronautics Gateway to Exploration Magnet Academy said that the teacher has praised President Trump’s border wall, saying Mexicans should go back to their country, and that she would “bring back” slavery. The teacher, who has not been identified, also said she would torture students and made comments about eating human flesh, classmates told school officials.

    Shout out to one of our faithful readers!

  • China seeks volunteers to help ensure ‘safety’ of citizens in Canada

    China wants to “safeguard the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens overseas.” I suppose if it does not call itself a fifth column, it can only be identified as a non-profit organization.

  • Poland lower house approves controversial judges law

    After years of the Left essentially writing law through legal decisions, the Right has awakened to the scam and is now firing Leftist judges, at least in Poland. While this is not a terrible start, it supplants what they actually need, which is to change law at its highest and most fundamental level to support natural selection, freedom of association, and natural law instead of civil rights, disparate impact, and other policies which can move only in a further Leftward direction.

  • Senate Approves $1.4 Trillion Spending Agreement Ahead of Shutdown Deadline

    How does the uniparty work? To get anything done, you must compromise with the other side, and as a result you get a bill that raises wages for government employees and soldiers but also bans tobacco sales to people under 21. Perhaps we should simply admit that at a certain level of complexity, government becomes capable of nothing but serving itself. We see this today when a bloated government votes for more bloat.

  • Germany: Far-right AfD party in ‘serious financial distress’

    Only Right-wing parties have to play by the rules. The AFD got fined for illegal campaign donations at the same time Left-wing parties are rolling in money from NGOs and Chinese donors. When Leftists run your legal system, very few Leftists get busted.

  • ICC to probe ‘war crimes’ in Palestinian territories

    Defending yourself against diversity is illegal everywhere. They want you to roll over and die so that your culture and people can be replaced by good loyal raceless, classless, sexless, godless, cultureless, and clueless Leftist voting droids.

  • Russia up in arms over Chinese theft of military technology

    China clones anything successful that it can find. This intelligent strategy means that China can equip its armies for a much lower cost, which allows it to field more soldiers, which with its nearly 1.5bn population, will be its primary strategy for overwhelming and subjugating the opposition.

  • Pope denounces ‘rigidity’ as he warns of Christian decline

    From the slam-the-barn-door-to-chide-the-escaped-horse department, the Red Pope worries that Christianity is too firm in its rules while noticing offhandedly that everyone who can has bailed on Christianity because its leaders are now comical Leftist stooges. If you are just going to preach the same neo-Communism at us that we get from our televisions, we will stay home for our mandatory propaganda, since then we can at least do something while the comforting voices drone on about how our way is the best way and the only way and everything is fine.

  • Greta Thunberg merchandise sellers strike it rich

    The Left reveals that it is essentially a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scam where a few dramatic people attract attention and then everyone else buys tshirts, mugs, and bumper stickers to support the correct ideology. They select deliberately ludicrous ideas to filter out the non-gullible and then sweep in the morally flexible and gormless to be milked for product money, donations, and website clicks. Bernie Madoff would be proud of this caper.

  • British Indians claim their campaigning influenced 70 seats

    Once diversity gets the swing vote, you have gone minority-majority because only candidates acceptable to the minority special interest groups will be approved. It requires only a relatively small population to seize control of a democracy. Possibly we can use that against it, but for now, the minority vote is the kingmaker and politicians know it.

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