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Periscope (December 21, 2018)

  • Judge Says U.N. Rules Require Deported Migrants Be Flown Back into U.S.

    Humanity tends toward conglomerations of individuals into groups because people seek to avoid being judged for their actions. When you join a group, you will get no glory, but there is little blame in “well, everyone else thought it was a good idea,” either. This is why groups are destructive: they cannot have creative ideas. Creative ideas happen within an individual and, because they concern things which are not yet extant, cannot really be communicated, so must be realized by those individuals.

    Almost all of human development occurred through the solitary acts of exceptional individuals, usually from the same families of higher genetics who founded their nation, who conceived and executed an idea before anyone else had any idea what they were on about. This provided them zero social boost until years later, and often no pecuniary boost either, although many of them did not need any such rewards. They labored alone from the idea that “something great will come out of this.” That instinct contradicts the usual human tendency to glom together in groups, and then to make those groups bigger, because eventually, no one will be judged for anything and so none of us will have to admit that our will comes secondary to the patterns and order of life itself. People think they want a life where there is no order higher than that of the individual — nature, logic, gods/God, family, culture, genetics — and they resent any intrusion of life into their own little “idea bubbles” that consist of their own judgments, conclusions, feelings, and sentiments and those of others that they share in a social context.

    When humans form big enough groups, you get something like “Pantera fans” or “the United Nations” which is simply a cult formed around a trend which serves to legitimize the natural weakness of humanity, which likes to fall into herd behavior or collectivized individualism, and nothing more. In these large groups, people become excessively attentive to their appearance to the group as a whole, which drives them toward lowest common denominator standards, so they tend to play to the narrative of the crowd, which is that no human individual is guilty of anything except a few taboo-breakers (nazis, pedophiles, smokers, geniuses, the rich) and that everyone deserves more free stuff and fewer standards applied to them, with the externalized cost being passed on to society at large. In a closed system like the world of nations, the costs are simply passed on from the poor nations to the rich, which is why the UN insists that immigration from poor countries must not be interrupted. They represent both democracy gone wrong and its highwater point, and as the fifty year reign of Leftism from 1968-2018 comes to a close, the UN will continue to make bold and desperate gambits for more power, before fading away as the irrelevant parasite that it is.

  • Ohio on the Edge of Shutdown Over Latest Abortion Restrictions

    You see a man on a park bench at midnight. Every ten minutes, he raises a hand to his head. In his hand is a gun. He cocks it, and gets ready to squeeze the trigger. This will blast his brains onto the pavement where the pigeons will eat the scattered bits of fleshy tissue and leave the brain to please the many flies and rats. Every time he does this, you shout out, “No, don’t do it!” and so he stops. One day, you are going to be in the bathroom, on the phone, or otherwise unavailable, and he will manage to blast his cerebral tissue all over the park. The gun is labeled ABORTION and the man wears a shirt that says CONSERVATIVES. Every time conservatives get close to power, someone who is equal parts stupid and pandering — meaning that he is a salesman who gives its audience what it already wants by arguing that it should give in to its inner weaknesses — like this clown decides that he can get famous by being harsh on abortion. Every time, it requires trading off a many very important things for the relatively minor detail of abortion, simply because “muh borts” can attract a large group. Every time, conservatives lose, because they cannot get the nationwide ban on abortion that they desire — mostly because the middle classes do not want to obligate their girls to birth unsuitable offspring from their first few years of dating mistakes — and so they must settle for minor symbolic acts for which the Left demands they trade everything else. Every time, conservatives defeat themselves. It is unbearable to watch this process happen again, not so much because it will be a lugubrious defeat (guaranteed) but because the stupidity on display is so vast and disheartening. Conservatives might do better with a smaller audience and fewer morons, as that way at least our “brand” will have value, instead of being associated with a herd of idiots who can be manipulated easily with one picture of a ‘borted fetus. We might as well all show up in mobility scooters with dreamcatchers on them.

  • B.C. votes to keep first-past-the-post electoral system

    A few months ago it was a standard liberal talking point that our first-past-the-post election system was bad. Before that, they raged on about how having only two parties was stupid. Now we see that the more restrictions we place on power, the more it becomes mired in constant internal conflict. The Constitution is bad enough, but on top of that Europe adds layers of parties and complex electoral systems which invite being gamed. American liberals adored these because they realize that constant infighting, chaos, and impotence eventually lead to lowest common denominator outcomes, and those always lean Left. Morons confuse that with “reality has a liberal bias,” when really what they might say is that “humanity has a liberal bias,” but then again that speaks ill of Leftism, since without guidance humanity always heads toward the self-destructive, venal, wasteful, corrupt, perverse, sadistic, greedy, and suicidal.

  • House approves $5 billion in border wall funding to avoid government shutdown, forcing another Senate vote

    Trump gets the cucks stuck and again and slams home a victory. This serves as a symbolic victory more than anything else, but also shows the Left that they cannot prevail against someone immune to their “what will people think” and “keeping up with the Joneses” method of passive-aggressive bullying. In addition, instead of signing the UN migration compact which stated our values system as including the acceptance of migrants, Trump has made America into a poster child for refusing migration of all forms simply because it is not in our interests. In other words, our allegiance is to our nation, not some international ideology based in the equality of all people like the toxic stew of Leftist, globalism, and cosmopolitanism that most people imbibe with their mother’s milk because it seems like a good way to win customers, make friends, and influence people. As it turns out, it was all theater and bluffing by the Left, and most people fell for it because they are underconfident, not that bright, and terrified of social disapproval (being “judged” by others and found wanting).

  • Chinese man facing charges for racist graffiti now accused of poisoning black roommate, officials say

    Another diversity success story, or at least, another diversity story. Everyone thinks the roommates are getting along until it turns out that one is being slowly poisoned, and racial epithets appear in the halls. Did this Chinese fellow do this in order to draw attention to himself and squeeze money out of Whitey, or was he hoping to drive away his black roommate whom he secretly hated? The answer is that we will probably never know, because in the time of diversity, the truth must be given hemlock and crucified before anyone can be allowed any peace, quiet, or productivity. Diversity is a living example of the proof of our great egalitarian Utopia that is about to arrive any day now, just like it has for the past two centuries.

  • The Relotius Scandal Reaches a Small Town in America

    Award-winning German journalist describes small American town the way cosmopolitan city Leftists satire rural conservatives. Not surprisingly, the locals object, but the great Leftist media machine keeps on churning until finally enough evidence piles up to yank fake news writer back to reality. However, he is the token sacrifice that they give up; the rest keep making stuff up, claiming that it came from anonymous sources, and taking paychecks to type clickbait because the entire media industry is failing since it drove away anyone with any brains years ago.

  • PewDiePie’s Battle for the Soul of the Internet

    The internet hates censorship. The big companies that control the internet, however, want to drive more people toward their insipid content. It reminds me of a pipe forum that I was on once. It was losing members, so the moderators came up with their “big idea,” which was to encourage participation through insipid threads. One of these was, “Things that are more fun to do when smoking a pipe,” and the moderators and their lackeys kept posting in nonsensical activities like horseback riding and taking a bath to try to encourage lots of dummies to show up and type in their own banal weirdness. This sort of non-content delights advertisers, MBAs, and other assorted morons because it is inoffensive and encourage everyone to participate since it has the IQ of a run-over banana. It succeeds in the short time because modern society has produced a surplus of enthusiastic retards, especially the “natural born clickers” who are mostly on disability for mental health problems, retired, young, or otherwise living without purpose or direction. In the long term, it drives away the intelligent, and then the service collapses just like Myspace did because anyone interesting is long gone and the idiots quickly become an insipid, vapid, and repetitive echo chamber that bores even itself.

  • Poll: Record polarization, partisanship tops accomplishments

    The talking heads want you to freak out about this: “Presidents today may now be judged simply by Americans on shared or divergent partisanship rather than on the president’s accomplishments in office or on the state of the nation,” said the polling service.

    Let’s pick that apart. Voters have finally seen what is on the end of the fork, and so now what is important to them is what type of society you are going to try to create. Leftists want the Soviet Union with McDonald’s and jeans; Rightists want Mayberry with space exploration. The two are completely incompatible.

    This means that the groups woke up to their divergence under Obama, when the Democrat-Republican partisan gap was at a record high 70, and grew further apart under Trump, mainly because having a real conservative option showed them that they did not simply need to follow “the arc of history” toward a Leftist total society and shortly thereafter, its collapse. We could choose to survive instead.

  • Noam Chomsky says US should stay in Syria to protect the Kurds

    Globalism is ideology, nationalism is realism. With globalism, we all agree on a set of principles — human rights, civil rights, equality, democracy, consumerism — that all people should have. That “should” tells you that we are in Ideology-land, not speaking purely of our environment and how to adapt to it and then qualitatively maximize that adaptation, as tradition/conservatism discuss. Nope, we are talking about changing reality to fit humanity instead of changing humanity to fit reality. With ideology, you have joined a gang or a cult; when any one member of the cult has his rights infringed upon, the rest are expected to attack like a troupe of monkeys, because many idiots are stronger than the strongest strong alpha male, and many voices drown out any solitary truth. This is how nature ensures that unstable species do not make it to space travel: only those which prioritize reality, sanity, stability, harmony, health, balance, and goodness over all else will listen to their wise men and thus, be able to organize themselves in order to use their technology without self-destructing. Globalism represents the opposite pole, which is a desire to stay on Earth, because instead of aiming for great achievement we are content to sit here and fight it out, day after day, over who is equal enough and how we must enforce equality everywhere. Trump embraced nationalism and pulled Americans out of the middle east, leaving it to solve its own problem, but that upsets the ideology-head globalists, because we have rejected civil rights as our #1 priority, and therefore, we have rejected the Leftist platform that unifies globalism and enforces diversity in every state. The Leftists (and their conservative proxies) want us in Syria defending the Kurds for the sole reason that this way we will be affirming our commitment to civil/human rights, which then locks us in to egalitarianism. Without that, we might leave egalitarianism behind, and then the parasites would truly be out of a job, including Noam Chomsky.

  • Retired Boise priest gets 25 years in ‘evil’ child porn case

    This article is really evil but worth reading. I never understood pedophiles until I read this; I assumed, as the Left encourages us to assume, that they were simply people who were sexually attracted to children. Wrong: pedophiles are people who want to destroy children. They want to shatter the innocence of another as their own innocence was shattered. This is a form of victimhood-self-identity, much as the Left has, and also, a sense of pity for self and revenge upon the world. It is wholly bad thinking, thus delusional, and thus ends at “evil” conclusions without any merit. Even if Hitler and Stalin were evil, their evil was method, and they did some good; pedophiles end up at evil because they know nothing other than their own illusory “need” (desire). This leads them not to “love” children, but to want to harm them. Pedophiles are most likely an effect and not a cause that can be fought in itself; that is, the breakdown of the family and intermingling between European ethnicities creates shattered people and genetic defects, and from that arises the pedophile population; the large number of them who are Irish and Jewish suggests that race mixing, even distantly, may create the problem as well. We also see with this article why the Catholic church is rapidly becoming obsolete: any organization that is so thoroughly oblivious to evil in its midst cannot be a force for good. As usual, the American Nativists were right.

  • Federal shutdown begins after lawmakers fail to reach deal

    Government shutdowns are a win for the Right and the yellow vests alike. When government shuts down, normal middle class Western European America — which has worked around any dependency on government, which they see as an elaborate parasite — simply goes about its business, but all the minorities disappear from the streets. This is telling. American government mostly exists as a support system for diversity at this point, which is why pensions are such a huge issue; we will be paying people for the next sixty years for having worked twenty years way back when. Most of them will be non-white and female. When government shuts down, regular white people realize that they can exist without it and in fact, life is better this way. Next time, if they remember in their little monkey brains, they will vote for permanent reduction in government, since it functions only to take money from the productive and to give it to the non-productive.

  • A Third Of Americans Are Thinking About Leaving America To Live Abroad

    This should surprise no one: America went down the path of ideology, and this naturally conflicts with reality, which means that we need increasing amounts of money to fund our illusory reality even though we know that it will eventually crash because its inner structure is contrary to the way reality works. We can keep shoveling cash into the fire or, as most Baby Boomers will do, move to Costa Rica and keep taking their pension checks or stock fund dividends there.

  • Leading Republicans question Trump plan to deport Vietnamese refugees, some in US over 20 years

    These people are all insane. Minority groups vote in minority interests, which means against the majority. Republicans want to represent that historical majority, the Western Europeans, because only that group supports the rising-civilization values that conservatism endorses; everyone else wants third-world values as usual, which means everything to the individual and nothing to such intangible abstractions as civilization, culture, heritage, values, and a future of greatness instead of mere utility. Even more, minorities will never support a group that has historically benefited the majority. If a demographic shift occurs, Ann Coulter is correct that Republicans will never win any election again. In fact, the history of minority-majority areas like Houston show us this; Republicans simply do not win once the area goes minority. This means that Republicans have a bottom line: we must defend ourselves against the racial self-interest of others by asserting racial self-interest; this is different than bigotry in that we are not blaming our problems on another group, but are noting competing interests, and defending our own, as is our immutable right.

  • Russia, China, Iran sought to influence U.S. 2018 elections: U.S. spy chief

    Out of a cloud of weasel words, the truth emerges: foreign powers bought ads, trolled, and made suggestions to people in order to “influence” our elections, as they have been doing for the past few decades at least. They did not penetrate our voting systems. Perhaps in 2016 some of them managed to hack the DNC, but most likely, all that revealed was some information that we would rather know anyway, and their failure to reveal all of what we would like to know probably helped the DNC more than anything else. In 2018, there were no such hacks. Now we see the pattern: foreign powers are always trying to influence us, but unless they received quid pro quo as our Leftists have from China, there is no crime, and so there is no crime with Trump and elections. This means that the Left has to move on to try to prove that a businessman who solicited business in Russia knew that he would become president and intended to trade on that. If that fails, they can go back to claiming that any mention of his hotels in public is a violation of the emoluments clause. Summary: the Left are insane, dishonest, and stupid, where the Right is only stupid. I will take a dumb dog over a dumb snake any day.

  • Nothing worked for investors this year — nearly every major asset class is in the red for 2018

    Your economy is based upon lies because you allowed Leftists to run it. They switched to demand-based economics, a field which basically says that if you can con people into wanting to buy something, it is worth money, even though the marks always eventually wise up and then drop the assert, causing its value to go from a high number to zero in an extremely short span of time. Then they trade on this presumed value because it allows them to collect more in taxes, and they create a powerful government which is backed by guilt — civil rights boils down to essentially a shakedown based in the presumption that opposing it constitutes support of its opposites, namely slavery, “racism,” oppression, etc. — so that you cannot stop them from their theft. They even fool themselves into thinking that they are not stealing but “redistributing,” not mentioning of course that redistribution means wrecking the original distribution which actually reflected to some degree what was real. This is why Leftist states always self-destruct by shifting all burdens to the productive and all rewards to the unproductive, at which point you get the results you would expect if the unproductive people were put in charge of a society.

  • Why Beto O’Rourke’s 254-county strategy flopped

    “I think it’s not so much Republicans being especially inspired by their candidates,” Blankenship said. “It’s more that there’s a perception that the Democratic Party has shifted so far to the left that people are concerned there’s an existential threat to their value system if the Democrats were put into a position of unchecked power, so they’re pretty much motivated to get out to vote.”

    American democracy enters its endgame: do you want civil rights with tyranny, or natural rights with independence? The latter seems weaker because it always devolves into the former, so the smart people no longer want to roll the dice on it, but they are coming out for it in order to avoid the free stuff army and the inevitable USSR-style managerial-administrative nanny state that it brings.

  • 3 in 4 Americans Struggle With Loneliness

    Leftists: “We come to bring you freedom! You, and you alone, will soon be the focus, and you will not be criticized by others for your choices, which is what you really want, isn’t it? We just have to remove some things first.” Leftists then remove the family, church, culture, heritage, class, sex, customs, and wisdom, replacing them with the ideology of Leftism (of course) and a “free market” so that you can sell your time to the highest bidder. You now have the ultimate in: freedom, liberty, independence, autonomy, individualism, and equality. All is good, right? Well, no: all that stuff that we took away had a use which we could have seen were we willing to spend ten minutes in solitary thought. None of that stuff appeared arbitrarily; each of those things had a use that was not just a negative force, meaning to constrain us, but a positive force, meaning that it gave something to us. Now that there is no social order, and diversity has made us retreat to our personal bunkers in gated apartment communities and remote suburbs, we know no one around us and are unwilling to take the risk of lawsuits, offense, drama, bad press, and so on in order to meet people. And so, we live in a nation of people living in boxes, watching television and browsing the internet, dreaming of meeting people like them, not realizing that two generations ago, that was the norm. But we are all “free” now.

  • Do America’s Socialists Have a Race Problem?

    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez problem spreads to the broader democratic socialist movement: all groups act only in their own self-interest alone, which means that minority groups act against the majority, allying with other minority groups while convenient and turning on them once the majority is out of the way, and this means that any Leftist party which attracts minority members will quickly become dominated by them through superior numbers. That in turn means that the Great Leftist Plan to import third-world voters and have them guarantee a permanent Leftist majority has worked, sort of… it will be a permanent Leftist minority majority, and that means that white Leftists are obsolete. As usual with Leftist Utopian visions and Five Year Plans, no one thought it through enough to realize that their means of seizing power was also a means to their own doom, in a Shakespearean tragedy of the triumph of human intellect over itself.

  • Brazil expels loggers in rare operation to protect threatened tribe

    Two weeks ago, the Leftist press were predicting that the instant Right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro took office, giant corporations would be invited into the Amazon to completely destroy it. As it turns out, reality is more nuanced than anything the Left ever offers. Bolsonaro in fact offers a simple truth: with humanity, everything is for sale, so unless someone owns it, it will be exploited by thieves. If you want to save the Amazon, you need to declare most of it a national forest and then surround that with lots of land owned by logging companies, who will then defend it against poachers and thieves. If you do not do this, you will have a giant nature preserve through which poachers and thieves freely go, as has been the case with Brazil’s Leftist government, although our Leftist media is careful to avoid mentioning that fact.

  • How the world has fought back against the violent far-right and started winning

    The Left advocates doxing the “far-Right,” a term that like “equality” seems to expand to fit whatever the Left has its eye on at the moment. This means that, relying on the Leftist-leaning media to smear you once you are outed, they want to destroy you for not having Leftist enough opinions. This shows the Left entering its endgame, since it has given up on winning over hearts and minds with promises of actual effects, and instead relies for its power on shaming, threatening, coercing, and manipulating people into silence about how its policies do not work. It also tells us that we live in a fundamentally Left-shifted society, since only in one of those does being outed as a Rightist destroy your life. The Left has always relied on guilt, however, by making egalitarianism seem like the one good thing and therefore, anyone who resists it by implication must support evil. We will not be free of this menace until we physically remove Leftists. I suggest that we keep around the vast body of Leftist literature and, every generation, peel off those who are attracted to it and send them on a permanent mission to Venezuela where they can enforce Leftism. Either that or kill them. It does not really matter which; I favor deportation because this renews the mixed-race third world with hybrid vigor, eliminating some of its worst traits for a generation. That way, every party wins.

  • Crisps and chocolates should be taxed to pay for harm to NHS and public, says England’s top doctor

    This is how the Leftist state thinks: equality is the One True Utopia, and therefore, anything done against equality is bad and cannot be considered. This means that your income belongs to the state, as do you. Anything you do that takes away from your ability to contribute to the state, therefore, is theft. That includes anything that raises medical costs. In other words, you are a means to the end of the state, which is in turn a means to the end of equality, which at some point we all get to enjoy in the One True Utopia. In the meantime, you will be ruled by a succession of nerdy bureaucrats who are just enjoying the power over the people who pounded the snot out of them in high school.

  • China calls US arrogant and selfish after hacking indictment

    To a Leftist, anything that you own must become theirs because they intend to use it for the One Universal Good, which is making everyone equal. When finally humanity achieves the Singularity when we are all one, then you will see how right they were! In the meantime, anything you withhold means you are being selfish instead of supporting the great human quest to finally be equal, and for that reason, whatever bad stuff Leftists are doing is in fact your fault as is your refusal to go along with it. No wonder these people are so mentally muddled.

  • German intelligence to boost observation of right-wing extremists

    The problem with the Stasi is that they were too blatant. They literally said, “we are secret police.” They had a cool headquarters building that looked like it housed a Bond villain. They told people what they wanted from them. That was tyranny 1.0 and it’s cool and all, but look at what we have with tyranny 2.0. In this version, we do not tell people what we want; rather, we destroy anyone who does not do what we want. Then, our police do not indicate what is or is not legal, but start investigating “problems” caused by non-compliance as if they were sui generis human errors and not responses to the system failing. Those problems must be linked to mental health issues, and that in turn to personality defects, so that no one wants to be linked with these dangerous things except for outcasts. Then we investigate, which makes the rest of the population signal hard that they are not part of the dangerous groups, and this completes control through indirect methods. In fact, the defining attribute of tyranny 2.0 is that everything is indirect, decentralized, and informal. The Stasi could never be as effective as this will be.

  • Hungary’s government throws science academy into turmoil

    Leftists seize universities and use them as a propaganda organ. Then a Right-wing government arises, and it says that there needs to be a change. Instead of swinging to the Left, universities must now come to the center. This offends the Leftists, who promptly say that they have the power and authority to resist, and so they will. The Right sighs, shrugs, and cuts off their funding, at which point the Leftists wail as if they have been injured somehow, when really those who have been funding them simply refuse to continue doing so because they went Left instead of center. The Right does not demand that you swing Right, only that you stop swinging Left on the Right’s dime. Leftists, who have an inflated vision of their personal importance and a schizoid sense of a “quest” to their desire to make all things equal, cannot understand this and so must be de-platformed, Right-wing style, by cutting off their source of funding until all the Leftists are fired and replaced with centrists. We do not need a compliant academia, only one that is in the middle instead of on the Left. That Leftists cannot comprehend this shows us exactly why we must replace Leftists.

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