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  • Texas General Land Office may take over Houston Harvey recovery to speed it up

    Minority-majority societies consist of both a minority and a former majority, which means that the minority group is in the process of conquering the former majority but still has not completely removed it. Demographic change of this nature can be seen as ethnic cleansing in process, and the lack of completeness makes it unstable, so minority-majority governments spend most of their energy on suppressing the former majority rather than strictly building up the minority-majority. This is complicated by the fact that their favorite way of destroying the former majority is high taxes to pay for a jobs program that hires members of the minority-majority to do basically nothing for high salaries. Houston, for example, is now full of black people driving luxury European sports cars and high-end American SUVs, but they seem to have nowhere to go during the working day. We can see the magic of government made clear in the hands of minority-majority rule, which is why it is not entirely surprising that the $1.3bn federal fund has only fixed 51 homes so far. Most likely, it has hired a lot of “consultants” who are now shopping for luxury European sports cars and high-end American SUVs. The minority-majority government, which refused to do anything about well-known flooding problems for the past decade, continues refusing to do anything about the well-known flooding problems.

  • The Hottest New Thing in Seasteading Is Land

    Everyone is trying to escape from high property taxes, including this group which wants to buy huge chunks of rural land in third-world country and create libertarian-style low tax paradises there. This means communities will have no free public education, fewer social services, and no entitlements, but people will take home more of what they earn.

  • Trump Should Be Removed from Office

    Guy with an Italian name believes that he has found immorality in Trump, missing the point that the ultimate morality is results. Most likely money changed hands here to make the new occupants of Billy Graham’s empire — he died last February — do what the Left wants, which is to drive evangelicals away from the Right. If they do that, they guarantee they will never see anything like the world that they desire, but playing the victim is always easier than doing the hard work to fix things. As always, the problem is our own people, and that we are divided against each other and seduced by moronic ideologies. Of note: the backlash.

  • Students at UVA found a mural supporting black trans women defaced. The next day, they found it defaced again

    Tired of the transsexual drama, people keep changing a pro-transsexual mural have a pro-gun message. People may be tiring of the constant propaganda for things that end in tragedy despite being celebrated as victory by all the neurotics around us.

  • ‘It feels almost like prison’: the developers building homes with no natural light

    Hideous modern cities, based on the idea of mass mobilization instead of an ecosystem model as rural communities tend to be, find a way to solve their housing crisis, namely keeping people in basements. While most of the NEETs and neckbeards out there will not be shocked or surprised, this shows us more of the destructive utilitarianism of the city: whatever keeps most people motivated becomes the new standard, which means that the level of acceptable plunges ever-lower.

  • Iowa man who tore down, burned LGBTQ flag is imprisoned

    In twenty-five years, we went from arguing that it must be legal to burn the American flag to punishing someone who burns an LGBTP flag with fifteen years in prison. This is not realistic thinking, or even practical thinking, but pure ideology, sort of like in the Soviet Union. Doubtless if someone had burned a Communist party flag, they would have gotten at least fifteen years, although most likely a bullet in the back of the neck in Lubyanka courtyard. We have now created a dogma that rules us all and punishments for deviation from the official ideology. The collapse is not far off anymore.

  • Navy Pilot Who Filmed the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Speaks: ‘It Wasn’t Behaving by the Normal Laws of Physics’

    While we keep screwing around here on Earth by fighting over power, asteroids that may finish us off at any moment zoom toward us, and other species clearly have gotten farther along. Do we want to be sparrows or eagles? Wolves or squirrels? Perhaps other species will use us as slaves, or make us into the intergalactic equivalent of hot dogs.

  • Vegan parents accused of starving child to death on diet of fruit and vegetables

    Why put them in jail? Let natural selection work its course. Like democracy, equality, and diversity, veganism is a social virus. It spreads as people try to do things that make them important to others. Instead of being important the old fashioned way i.e. doing something productive, useful, excellent, or relevant, people want to use stunts and drama to make themselves important, so they cling to fanatical ideologies like Communism, veganism, and neoconservatism. Bonus: [[[ O’Leary ]]]

  • MPs approve Boris Johnson’s withdrawal bill, despite backlash over ‘binned’ protections for child refugees and workers

    Two groups will never understand populism: denialists and bean-counters. The bean-counters know how to succeed in this system, namely getting the right grades, memorizing the correct things, doing tasks according to expected rules, and getting hired within government or its private enterprise support bureaucracy. The denialists are simply people who want to believe that the system as it is will continue “working” and everything will turn out fine, just so they can continue to live the bourgeois individualism — merchant class ethics — of “me first” plus everyone else will worry about the externalized effects. To the merchant-minded within the middle classes, you pay taxes to society and it provides a service to you, which means that your obligations end there. As a result, they do not want to hear about how society has crashed and needs a reboot, since that would interrupt their pursuit of “me first” through careerism and the endless search for personal comfort, stimulus, and distraction. Populism, on the other hand, says that each nation needs its own character and therefore, we have to stop thinking ideologically and start thinking realistically, since internationalist Leftism will just use us as tools to advance its own mental virus. That means killing off dysfunctional programs no matter how popular they are. The Left still has not awakened to the fact that immigration kills people, and as long as they keep coming here, they will suffer, where their fate is not as bad as imagined (although this is a shock to people who cannot imagine life outside of the London postal code). If our leaders were to go through our laws and simply destroy everything from the past seventy-five years, we would be halfway to recovery. For a real restoration, we are going to have to go back to the time before The Enlightenment™ and rediscover our Western Indo-European roots.

  • For the first time in history, the US economy has started and ended a decade without a recession

    This misses the point. Under Obama, there were no recessions because government regulated so much of the economy that it was in a permanent state of stagnation; under Trump, we are climbing out of the ensuing long-term slump that turned America into a shoddy place through lack of money for maintenance of infrastructure, even as we were spending trillions on entitlements and freebies for illegal aliens.

  • Russia honours two of Britain’s ‘Cambridge Five’ spies

    Most in the West have forgotten (or were not taught about) the Cold War, and especially some of its most important lore, such as how the Soviets thoroughly penetrated British Intelligence through the use of dissolute intellectuals who became hardcore Communists at the top universities of their nation. Ideology reveals what a dangerous mental-social virus it is when people gather, flatter each other with excuses, end up at scapegoating, and then find themselves embarking on a Utopian quest in order to squash those scapegoats. We had the same problem in America in the 1930s, which ended with us coincidentally allying with the Soviets during the second world war, a headscratcher to this day. The smarter people among us are more ripe for victimization by ideology because they seek solutions instead of admitting that all people are different and we work best as an ecosystem, not an Asiatic-style mass mobilized equal mob. In addition, we should be wary of mixing politics and education. These ideas are like virulent bacteria, in that even a small drop quickly becomes an infectious mass.

  • Jersey City official called on to resign after post on Facebook calls Jewish people ‘brutes’

    Diversity conflict intensifies:

    Terrell-Paige, who is black, said black residents have been ignored and underserved in the rapidly gentrifying city. She said Jewish people “waved bags of money” in order to buy property.

    Gentrification usually means rotted minority neighborhoods getting replaced by upscale housing. Jews, as a group with high internal loyalty, tend to move in en masse and conquer an area completely, at which point the remaining other minorities find themselves in a different world. They can no longer behave according to their own culture in a neighborhood that was historically theirs, and this provokes in the same the same kind of ire that white people have for Hart-Celler demographic replacement via third-world immigration.

  • Working long hours significantly increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes by raising your blood pressure

    Traditional societies did not spend much time at their jobs. They viewed work as important, but not of sole importance. That came later with the “worker’s revolts,” which effectively created society in the image of the worker, and now anyone who is not Working Hard® is viewed with suspicion by both parties. Saner societies viewed themselves as ecosystems where each person had a role, and the point was not to work hard but to do it well and do it consistently. The result was more important than the process; “working hard” is a substitute for “working well” because not everyone can understand that latter notion but everyone can see someone “working hard” (which really means: spending their life in the office, doing all tasks regardless of relevance or utility) and praise them as a good worker in the worker-cult. Now it turns out that our office addiction is simply killing us off for being so stupid as to believe in equality and the ideal of the “worker.”

  • JK Rowling criticised for supporting woman who posted controversial trans rights tweets

    Many of us dislike the Harry Potter books intensely, not because they are “Satanic” but because they are ripoffs of better material that subtly preach a French Revolution, pro-diversity style doctrine. However, Rowling here makes a point that was too subtle for her audience: stop firing people for having opinions. Who knows whether she would extend that to boots ‘n braces monarchists, but she shows the increasing divide within the Left, where many of the most fervent supporters are saying “too far” while the base wants to go Full Soviet.

  • Med students send message with plantation photo: We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams

    All of this posturing rings hollow because it is simple denialism, or the idea that the current system is fine and will lead to a good place. In reality, these are Black people climbing in a white system thanks in part to affirmative action, and this will steal from them what they really need, which is to live in a system and country created by their own people for their own people. They are getting the pat on the head and doggy treat from the Master, but never will feel alone in a white world, nor will be very happy in the Oriental-dominated multiculture that places like California and Texas have already become.

  • Pollution-linked deaths greatest in India, China and Nigeria, study says

    Pollution now kills more people than cigarettes, HIV, alcohol, drugs, malaria, tuberculosis, and war. The air, water, and soil around us become a tragedy of the commons; when you let anyone operate an engine or purchase plastics, and those people have no incentive to keep the environment clean, you end up with a runaway pollution spiral. In the past, we recognized that most people were selfish and so we kept all of our land owned by someone who then controlled its use and could punish abusers; in the future, we may have to simply eugenically purge humanity so that people who are prone to littering, polluting, and excessive consumption are eliminated and their genes no longer walk among us.

  • Wakanda free trade forever? Fictional nation removed from U.S. trade list

    Everyone loves Wakanda because each race and ethnic group deserves its own space and autonomous control of its own future. Wakanda, situated in Africa, becomes a goal for African-Americans and Africans alike, since they can visualize what they desire with this symbol. Diversity must end for Wakanda to be achieved, however.

  • ACLU calls for tampons in men’s rooms in order to achieve ‘menstrual equity’

    The primary driver behind the social virus of egalitarianism seems to be symbolism. If everyone is equal, then the individual is a strong symbol of the goal of civilization, and therefore each individual feels protected by this magic symbol and most importantly, its boundaries. It sets hard rules for what others can and cannot do, and humans believe that these talismanic-shamanic lines are more real than reality, as evidenced in things like Slutwalks where women demand that the symbol of individual choice and freedom be more important than the tendency of rapists to attack women who seem desirable. People love equality so much that they deny biology as in this case so that the symbols can appear more powerful than reality. To an orbiting alien, this behavior appears similar to a monkey fluffing up his fur so that he looks bigger before a fight, primitive tribes making stone idols and bringing them sacrifices, or people holding on to lucky rabbit feet or St Christopher medals when they try to drive through New York. Those other behaviors are at least honest in what they purport to be, namely tricks of the eye that make us feel better about the unknown.

  • Anger as children told to ‘imagine they’re parents of Manchester bombing victims’ for homework

    Apparently State-funded schools everywhere are wastelands where students do busywork when they are not memorizing neo-Communist propaganda. Although this assignment is moronic, the bigger question arises, which is why we are wasting the vital and irreplaceable years of youth with what essentially are imbecile fascinators designed to keep the little dears busy until Mom and Dad can get back from their make-work jobs. Sometime in the late 1980s, society changed from people doing real world to people doing work as recognized by the system, and this meant a whole lot of nothing, so now schools educate toward that standard. You must know the right things to say, have the behavior of a neutered vole, be inoffensive but interesting, and keep shuffling that paperwork because we need all this fake productivity to tax and buy off the restive underclasses.

  • More Investors Expect Trump to Win in 2020, RBC Survey Says

    Predictions always make us nervous, since most humans fudge the factors a bit to get the result they desire, but from the 30,000 foot view, Trump has improved the economy, restored national prestige, given people confidence, and removed much of the crazy parasitic ideology that has been eating the country since the Clinton years. Let us hope that he wins so he can go full beast mode in his second term.

  • Spain busts Chinese gang using illegal immigrant ‘slaves’ to grow marijuana

    How the tables turn. We were accused of using colonialism to enslave others, but now it turns out, they become enslaved simply by being low-cost labor. How could we end this? For starters, we could send them all home.

  • Notre Dame to miss first midnight mass since French Revolution as workers remove melted scaffolding

    So, modern West, how have things been since the French Revolution? Are we still making great art, philosophy, architecture, and music, or are we stagnating as we attempt to make prole-culture which appeals to the widest mass audience? Subtle disciplines like the arts are canaries in a coal mine; when they die, mainly by becoming crass commercial products, it means that the civilization is infected with the mental-social virus of equality, standardization, and mass mobilization. Flee if you can!

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