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  • Europe needs to adopt a harder line on relations with China, former envoy says

    No one wants to face this, but as the old song says, everybody wants to rule the world. China sees the West as weak and wants to conquer it, following their ancestors the Mongols in this quest. They have already been treating Europe and America like vassal states for several decades and only now, slowly does decrepit and oblivious democracy awaken, since everyone here was too busy with their careers to pay attention to reality beyond their little bubbles. When we awaken, we will realize that we need a total cessation of relations with China. They intend to destroy us.

  • Monkeys to be sterilised by AI after rampages as aggressive primates targeted

    A great idea that could apply to humans. Have the AI pick out the career criminals, retards, morons, neurotics, sociopaths, schizoids, narcissists, and hypergamous people and sterilize them. In a generation, things will be much better. Humanity has always suffered a quality control problem; everywhere we go, we ruin things because individuals can be horrible and groups are thoughtless. Remove that part of our genetics, and humanity has a chance for sanity, health, and morality.

  • Cuba found to be the most sustainably developed country in the world, new research finds

    People stopped trusting experts long ago for this reason: all of them are pushing an agenda because each of them needs an audience, which means that you select some group and confirm its beliefs and tell it that it is doing the right thing just as it is. Sort of like Mr. Rogers combined with Madison Avenue: you, the individual, are accepted just as you are, so keep doing what you do, and buy our stuff. That way, everyone gets a prosperous career. That is, until the stuff that they were supposed to be doing becomes necessary, and we wake up to the fact that we have become a species of con men, actors, and advertisers selling each other junk and nonsense ideas for our own gain. Maybe that old idea of hierarchy, aristocracy, and a framework to reality makes more sense than this Enlightenment™ stuff.

  • Facebook prohibits advertising with kissing men

    Facebook rejected a video of two gay men kissing because it contained “sexual or lewd images, nudity and people in suggestive poses or sexually provocative acts.” No one will be happy with any degree of censorship, which means that the promise of the internet — uniting humanity, making all information available — has failed. Each nation is going to want its own sources and its own spaces for its own people. When we think about it, however, the promise of the internet failed because the herd centralized it into a few sites (Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon) instead of presenting the vast “diversity” we were promised. As usual, letting everyone in to an activity simply results in it converging on the form of most people, which is a lowest common denominator. Now we should think about democracy and consumerism in that context.

  • Yang Hengjun: Chinese officials try to ‘break’ Australian writer with daily interrogations

    China becomes the latest group of humans to pursue the dream of power through centralization, in which instead of accepting the inequality of humans that allows them to contribute in their own ways, society concentrates all of humanity into a big mass of people and tells them which methods to apply so that they end up at the “correct” result. This replaces human moral agency and also makes people unable to think without the central authority, resulting in a robotic zombie herd which devours everything in its path. Ideology turns humans into locusts. The Chinese, in the grips of the ancient Asiatic idea of mass mobilization as pioneered by Genghis Khan, continue their abusive rampage in the quest for unadulterated power, since humans love nothing more than to play God.

  • Gorbachev warns of ‘hot war’ between US, Russia

    One wonders if he said this while wearing blue jeans, drinking Coca-Cola, and eating McDonalds. Again, as in the Cold War, the real enemy is China, who follows the Asiatic philosophy of Communism and mass mobilization. Russia, comprised of partially-Asiatic hybrids, simply serves as a collaborator since it is already ethnically conquered by the East, which has desired since its earliest days to conquer and absorb the West, since as long as we exist we present a threat of a better method than the Asiatic one and another group which can conquer them. In the end, there can be only one human ethnic group to rule Earth, and if it is China, it will eliminate all the others. Russia, much as it did during the Mongol invasions, will simply aid that process by exhausting us with cannon fodder.

  • Airbus fires 16 over suspected German army spying: report

    Apparently, Airbus employees were spying on German army projects. We might ask what their nationalities are, since this looks like the act of a foreign power, not simply some curious bay workers.

  • This B.C. mayor says his fight against a cocktail party taught him about the power of China‚Äôs government

    China has so thoroughly penetrated Western governments that it frequently hosts large parties for them at which it elicits promises of support. When someone called them out on this practice, the representatives of the people (cough) became outraged, since this was business as usual. Who are we to tell them what they can and cannot do? In the weird way that effects become inverted when used as causes, “freedom” means “tyranny” because freedom is granted to the lower as well as the higher, which means that the lower use it as a blank cheque to take over and steal by appealing to the lowest common denominator.

  • Whale dies with 100kg ‘litter ball’ in its stomach

    Humanity has never accepted the fact of our taking over from nature. When we are the dominant species, we are responsible for the outcome on our planet, and we have to do things like limit our numbers, pollution, and garbage scattered around the world. Democracy cannot do this, consumerism certainly will not, and individual humans cannot pull together to do it. We will require strong power that will do unpopular things like demand that we use hemp fishing nets instead of the easier nylon ones, clean up litter, stop using disposable packaging and gadgets, and most of all, limit our population by demanding quality instead of quantity. It is coming.

  • Government announces $88 million task force to fight foreign interference

    Stunned awake, Australia realizes that if it does not end the Chinese “silk glove” invasion of the West, we will all be enslaved to a foreign power very quickly, made possible through the magic of democracy and its logical extensions of feminism, diversity, individualism, and entitlements that serve only to divide us and keep us busy with infighting and bickering instead of looking at the road ahead.

  • Ghost guns are showing up at more California crime scenes

    The Left opens a new front in the war for gun control. If you can buy gun parts and assemble a gun, or buy one secondhand, it will be a “ghost gun,” or one not in the system. Never mind that in the incidents they mention, the people who bought these parts could have done so legally or did legally, and the gun later passed on to someone else. Gun control serves not to protect us, but to remove our ability to defend ourselves against government, and it is a separate issue from our swelling crime wave, which is the product of diversity, the breakdown of the family, and years of Leftist policy designed to “rehabilitate” rather than simply remove people of a criminal or insane mindset.

  • Reusable plastic shopping bags are actually making the problem worse, not better

    Another myth dies. We cannot make our lifestyles “green” enough to avoid the problem of ecocide. We can only limit our population, space out our living spaces, end the disposable products, and focus more on inner health and sanity instead of constant distraction through shopping. Inefficient “green” appliances, re-usable bags, electric cars, and other side-stepping of the issue simply make us feel better but do not address the underlying issue.

  • Evanston will use recreational marijuana sales tax proceeds to fund local reparations program

    Under diversity, democracy becomes an ethnic headcount. Each group tries to take from the tax money and give it to their own group through jobs programs and entitlements. This makes our society helpless, a spider pinned to a wall, because we are constantly fighting each other over a diminishing pool of money instead of focusing on doing what works. Diversity will have to end. This sounds huge now, but such huge changes are coming that it will in fact be uncontroversial at that point.

  • Apostrophe society shuts down because ‘ignorance and laziness have won’

    Thanks to diversity and prole culture, no one knows how to write the language correctly, but since they have gotten that rubber-stamped degree for memorizing four years of Leftist propaganda, they consider themselves erudite and will not hear of the defects in their writing. When we gave up on hierarchy, we accepted a race to the bottom through accepting the lowest common denominator. Consider average and spread: in a group of numbers, you have a spread of three and an average of nine, which means that values range from eight to ten. When you accept the lowest common denominator, the average goes down to eight, which means that next year, the spread will be from six to nine, and the lowest common denominator will be six. Every iteration drives the standards lower, while hierarchy drives standards higher in every generation. We are dumbing ourselves down into oblivion in order to be tolerant, accepting, and equal — a philosophy derived from the Asiatic East, not the West — and still seem shocked every time things turn out badly, yet each year is worse than the last (except for technology, money, and libertine concerns, of course).

  • Mexico Warns It Won’t Allow US Invasion Over Drug Cartels

    No prosperous nation can allow an impoverished nation on its borders. Immigration will be relentless and disorder will spread. In the case of Mexico, the cartels are clearly raging out of control, and the US will eventually awaken from its “woke” stupor and pound them into dust. The bigger question remains the one asked by El Chapo: “If Americans are so against drug dealers, why do they take so many drugs?” We live in a society of existential misery hidden behind a world of wealth, technology, and individualism.

  • Neo-Nazi scandal hits German elite military unit

    At this point, it is clear that Democracy Inc. will not do anything about our systemic problems and will only make them worse. Diversity is killing us, entitlements are draining us, and infighting and standardization have made our societies creepily intrusive and chaotic at the same time. The best of our people want an alternative, and only neo-Nazis seem to be talking about some of these issues. Also, Germans are sick of war guilt, since everything that Hitler tried to defeat has become revealed, seventy-five years later, as a source of death. People need alternatives to neo-Nazism, and the fusion of futurism and the Old Right offered by Amerika provides a better option than neo-Nazism, but it will probably take another seventy-five years for that to filter down. Humans are slow but obsessed with their big brains, which causes them to be in strident denial of anything beyond themselves, their careers, their social status, and of course, the junk they are buying on Amazon to throw straight into landfills within a handful of months or years.

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