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Periscope (December 19, 2018)

  • ‘Fake News’ sign planted at San Antonio’s Holocaust museum

    People are sick of demands from Other groups, even if like most of us they agree that the Holocaust was awful. We realize how diversity has become the hill upon which the West has decided to die, and how it consists of placing the needs of other groups before our own out of egalitarian guilt and pity, and we are sick of it. We will attain coherence once we start attacking egalitarianism instead of the Holocaust museum, but museums and monuments to the Trail of Tears, slavery, civil rights, Japanese internment, and the Holocaust are all going away in the near future. We need to focus on ourselves, not on Others, and we are going to ask them all to go back home because of the objective, permanent, and unalterable fact that diversity fails at its aims and destroys its host civilization, every f’n time, so anyone who wants to impose diversity on us is trying to kill us and we will act in self-defense by any means necessary. So far, Other groups have profited by the fact that we are drugged out on the befuddlement of egalitarianism, but as our addiction fades, they are going to find that supporting the wrong side of this question will end badly for them.

  • Italian police arrest Somali on suspicion of plotting to blow up St Peter’s Basilica

    This clown had no real shot at achieving his aims, but this story shows how widespread the resentment of host nations is among immigrants. The bigger problem of diversity is that it divides society, of course, and without that unity no society can be anything but a big shopping mall where people try to externalize costs to other groups in order to “win” against “the system” that they feel is exploiting them. Those shopping malls, like the malls of America, do not last forever, and our expiration date has already passed.

  • Mexico doubles minimum wage in northern border zones

    People are going to whine a lot about Trump’s foreign aid to Mexico, but they forget that he operates through a quid pro quo nature as is appropriate to Machiavellian Realpolitik, even that of a benevolent Austrian economics nature (versus Keynesian, guilt-laden Obama) like that of Trump. In this exchange, Mexico gets a fair amount of foreign aid in exchange for creating an economic buffer zone that discourages immigration to the United States. This at least shows a reasonable attempt at resolving this problem without us having to invade, and presents a vision of what Trump may mean by a border “wall.” If he cuts migration from the south, kills off affirmative action and free healthcare, and creates liability for those who employ illegals, he will remove the attractor that brings third world people to America. This will be effective in addition to or in lieu of a physical wall.

  • EU Court of Auditors Confirms: EU Does Not Know Where Its Funding for NGOs Goes

    EU funding of NGOs is “non-transparent and unaccountable,” with funds going to the many groups of the UN particularly unaccountable. If you want your international deep state, it is here. Leftists form non-profit organizations (NGOs, or non-governmental organizations) and then funnel money to them through the Leftist governments of EU states. These NGOs then apply pressure to those governments to go more Leftist. At all levels, the fanatics win, and those tend to be Leftists, because everyone else is normal and is just trying to have normal lives, instead of having given up on normal life for the illusion that somehow an ideological victory will fix everything that is wrong in their lives. The West is drowning in losers, and most of them are proles pretending to be kings. For as much as your average Right-winger, who does not understand the how much Leftism he has absorbed, complains about our “elites,” he forgets that the problem with these “elites” is that they are not elites, but low-caste people acting above their station thanks to the magic of democracy. These tend to be clever rather than intelligent, and so they have no shortage of scams like the NGO-EU money tunnel but when given power, invariably destroy anything of which they have been given stewardship.

  • U.S. Branded ‘Far-Right’ After Being One Of Two Countries Out of 183 To Vote Against UN Pact To Help Refugees

    Black-pilled about Trump? Read this: only the USA and new “designated Hitler,” Victor Orban’s Hungary, voted against a resolution affirming the dogma that refugees, immigrants, and migrants should be accepted anywhere that “good people” reside. The international Leftist state — consultants, academics, lawyers, bureaucrats, NGO workers, politicians, activists, journalists — wants immigration to become part of civil rights because civil rights (also called human rights) is the battering ram they used to defend the Right. Once they got America’s moron conservatives to accept that racial equality was a good idea, life got easy for the Left. Anything that conservatives wanted could be destroyed by simply finding one poor starving black guy somewhere who was “made unequal” by that conservative act, and the Left could use the courts, public opinion, and the vote to tear it down. Voters cried over the plight of the poor black people, presented to them by Hollywood as much as the academics and journalists, and would run off to pull those levers for more free stuff and fewer restrictions, ignoring the fact that “restrictions” are a necessary expression of culture, values, beliefs, and unity. Women and children — sorry, 18-year-olds — made these ballot box conquests easy. Now civil rights has run its course, and people are wary of more wars for human rights, so the Left has come up with immigration. If you are on the side of the “good people,” you favor immigration to anywhere at any time for anyone; if you are not in denial, realize that our civilization is failing, and want to fix it by restoring unity, you are not of the good people and they will try to destroy you. Now consider that Trump and Orban viciously signaled that they are not of the good people. Resistance is growing, and it is not to Trump, but with him.

  • Depression and anxiety could be as harmful as smoking and obesity

    Smoking joins the Jews, the Rich, the White, and the Aristocrats in our list of most-scapegoated objects. Modern society finds many ways to kill us — sedentary jobs, tedium, sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, air pollution, bad food, alienation, atomization, and boredom — but since all of those are necessary products of modernity itself, we cannot blame those, and instead must scapegoat something else. Yes, inactive cigarette smokers tend to die in their old age from lung cancer; however, our anti-smoking legislation drove people away from the forms of tobacco that are not inhaled, namely pipes and cigars, to the kinds that are, such as vaping and smoking cigarettes. As with all things herd-oriented, modern society does not understand degree or nuance, and so their solution is a “War on Smoking” with the idea that you will either quit, or be destroyed, much as they have wars on “racism,” chivalry, drunk driving, Christianity, conservatism, and elitism. Now we see that the war on smoking was just another scapegoat, hiding the fact that the modern lifestyle as a whole will kill you.

  • Fox News backs Tucker Carlson as advertisers drop show following comments on mass immigration

    Carlson described “mass immigration as making the country ‘poorer and dirtier and more divided.'” To anyone observing with open eyes, he is correct, and the outrage about his comments shows us that we live in a Leftist regime and that conservatives are the resistance. We demand realism, while everyone else wants to keep going on ideology — equality, civil rights, diversity, human rights, socialism, feminism, welfare — instead. The ruling party — a loose, tacit coalition of Leftists spanning the deep state or permanent bureaucracy, academics, journalists, activists, consultants, and lawyers — wants to squash all dissent by punishing non-obedience. This is how Leftists control you: for them, neutral is an enemy; you either join them or they destroy you. Carlson and Fox News realize to some degree that the Regime is failing as its policies finally become revealed for what they are through their long-term effects, and so there is opportunity in the resistance, but not in the Regime, at least for much longer.

  • Netanyahu: Israeli ties to Arab world stronger without the Palestinians

    Palestinians are criminals. Their low-90s average IQ means that they will forever be a labor force. For them, staying in Israel and living off the first world society there seems like a better option than going to Arab states which have no welfare, where they will continue to be dirt poor and have even less direction in their lives. Netanyahu has pointed out the obvious: Israel is now a major economic player in the region, and so Arab states will want to work with it; what holds this up is the symbolic association between Islam and the Palestinians, something the Palestinians have exploited to con other middle eastern republics into supporting them. If nationalism holds, the Palestinians will be relocated to somewhere else, and this will allow Israel to expand to its full economic potential, increasing the economic viability of the region as a whole. Since internationalism has obviously failed, nationalism is taking hold, and the more intelligent leaders in the middle east are starting to think that relocating the Palestinians might be to the benefit of all parties.

  • South Africa eatery ad spoofs colonialism; regulators miffed

    Chicken fast-food joint serves up ad showing African man conquering Europe. This awakens too many feelings of guilt and inferiority, so regulators ban it, acknowledging that the reason that the ad is funny is that things did not happen that way because of the IQ differential between Europeans and Africans. In other words, the ad is coded white supremacy in the form of inversion, and that is hilarious and provocative because it goes against a European taboo on inegalitarian thought, even if reality and history reinforce the clarity of that thought and reject the egalitarian ideology.

  • If Macron Fails, Europe Fails

    The title should be “If Macron Falls, The EU Falls.” This article slowly stumbles toward and then rejects the obvious realization that social democratic style societies cannot work, simply because they promise too much and then drive themselves into bankruptcy just as the Soviets did. France tried to make reforms work, but then found that the voters care only about cash in hand, and instead of admitting that the Keynesian social democrat model thus does not work — it relies on tax-and-spend — and going to an Austrian economics model, France has doubled down on the ideological system favored by the EU. If it fails in France, a wave of revolts will remove social democracy across Europe, and the EU as its defender will fall, possibly followed by the UN. Hundreds of overpaid bureaucrats might lose their jobs, and humanity might have a fighting chance at survival again.

  • Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg says the company needs to do more to protect civil rights of users

    Finally an answer to the question, “Why did the Left suddenly turn on Facebook?” It is the shakedown, of course. Facebook is not doing enough for the civil rights agenda, so it must hire more black people, give to the black people race grievance charities, and by doing so, bring more fanatical Leftists into its management, replacing the nerdy quasi-libertarian rule of the Zuckerberg-Sandberg junta. That way, next time we have an election, Facebook will censor conservatives just as thoroughly as Reddit and Twitter do.

  • EU migrants will have to earn £30,000 before coming to Britain under crackdown

    The UK has learned from Mexican immigration in America: all those “studies” about how low-income low-skilled workers do not reduce our salaries, and in fact ¡make more money! for the economy, were gaslighting. The law of supply and demand holds; if you add more workers to the economy, you displace existing workers and lower their value. For this reason, the UK wants fewer low-skilled low-income workers, and as with many things, will be the first of many who turn to this standard.

  • The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn’t a Technology

    Finally, someone points out the obvious: during the past century, humanity expanded from a billion to seven billion, and each one of those probably requires several dozen acres of land for roads, food, schools, hospitals, shopping, jails, government buildings, and other human functions. This means that we are eating up finite land and replacing forests. Forests, however, are what keeps our ecosystem functional, cycling carbon into Earth and producing oxygen to dilute pollutants in the atmosphere. Instead of all of the ridiculous, dangerous, and expensive “climate change solutions” proposed, we could simply reduce population and have more forests. The best way to do that would be to end all immigration and subsidy programs, which naturally would impose limits on humanity. However, that conflicts with our ideology of egalitarianism, so we either have to give up egalitarianism, or give up on survival.

  • Illegal alien from China who threatened to kill school children pleads guilty in Houston to gun charges, identity theft

    Clearly we are getting the best from abroad.

  • Belgian PM offers to quit in crisis started by migrant row

    Belgian prime minister supports the UN desire to relocate 21 million mostly African refugees — that is the number right now, and as sure to swell as estimates of illegal Central American immigration into America — in his small country, and finds to his shock that people are resistant to the idea of abolishing and replacing themselves with foreigners just because the UN, EU, and Leftist ideology say so. Having made his career on always doing what advances the antique French Revolution era ideology of egalitarianism, the PM is shocked that, this time, his gambit does not work, not stopping to think for a second that he might simply be an incompetent peasant pretending to be a king and that instead of reading the situation, he just applied a template without thinking through its consequences. Maybe Belgium should just send him to Africa.

  • European Central Bank to End $2.95 Trillion Stimulus. Here’s Why

    Quantitative Easing is a classic demand-based economics activity: sell your debt as an investment, then point to increased sales as evidence of increased demand, and make that the basis of the value of your currency, instead of using supply-based economics which bases the value of currency on what you actually produce. Now that Trump, the realist bull in an ideological china shop, has wandered onto the scene and rebuked demand-based economics in the USA, the other nations of the world are reducing their own reliance on it in order to remain competitive. You would think that at some point humanity would realize that these Leftist programs simply never work and are just trends that seem to succeed because enough people follow them, but the voters seem to have the memory of a goldfish and step up each time to vote for their own suicide. Where do I vote to end democracy?

  • Nathan B. Forrest’s descendants file suit against Memphis

    Nathaniel Bedford Forest’s descendants have sued the city that removed his statue and grave for being associated with the anti-non-white-supremacy agenda of the Confederacy, and have demanded that these be moved someplace respectful and maintained. If this suit goes through, expect a massive wave of them as the Right finally learns to use a tool that the Left mastered long ago.

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