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  • Over 30 percent of surveyed Japanese managers feel intense stress from working with foreigners

    When someone is from your team, you know exactly how to act, communicate, and think to be compatible with that person. When you have people from different origins, every activity, communication, or concept has to become neurotic and on the surface level. Society becomes neurotic. It is easier to work, live, and socialize with exclusively members of your own group, and has less risk and more reward.

  • Perth city centre ‘It’s ok to be white’ stickers condemned

    These stickers played on the usual Leftist guilt inversion: “You oppose welfare? Why do you hate the poor?” Now the Left finds itself admitting that it does not think it is OK to be white, at all; in fact, they want whites to die out and go away so the new grey race can take over and do the Soviet Union right this time (we have blue jeans and Coca-Cola now, comrades). We should stick these everywhere.

  • Iowa home with Confederate, Nazi displays gets vandalized

    Man displays flags of the world throughout history. When he adds Confederate and Nazi flags, the local diversity and Leftists fly into panic and vandalize his home. Think of how much nicer life would be without Leftists.

  • Winterton seal pups die ‘due to beachgoers’ actions’

    “The vast majority of people are amazing it’s just a handful of absolute idiots. It is a criminal offence to cause death to any protected species.”

    They demonize eugenics, but the whole point is “good to the good, bad to the bad.” Reward the good and smite the bad and you have more good; fail to smite the bad, and you have more bad, and if you pair that with failing to reward the good, the bad effectively takes over. <-- YOU ARE HERE

  • Erdogan threatens to recognize Native American deaths as genocide after US acknowledges Armenian genocide

    It was a mistake to call The Holocaust™ a “genocide”; Jews, as a wandering species, cannot be genocided, since they exist on every continent. It may have been mass murder by inaction of European Jews, but it was not intended to eliminate all Jews in the world. The Armenian massacres may have actually been more devastating since the former Armenian homeland has been carved up by several nation-states. Obviously, Armenians need a place of their own in order to avoid future Holocausts. The so-called “genocide” of the Amerinds however reveals just how poorly diversity works. The Mongolian immigrants came to the new world, killed off many of its species, and then settled into Asiatic warlord fighting. When Westerners arrived, they recognized the same kind of primitive and violent culture that they had encountered in Muslim Arabs and the Mongol hordes, and tried to keep their distance. The Amerinds attacked. After that, it took the Western Europeans several centuries before they reached the point of deciding to simply drive the Indians out and cage them in reservations to eat government cheese, sell tax-free Basic cigarettes at casinos, and drink millions of gallons of watery beer. Perhaps we should call all of these genocides, and then admit that white genocide is the intent behind diversity and immigration.

  • Muslims in Kashmir, Assam 1 step away from extermination: Genocide researcher

    Modern media morons refuse to recognize that for India to survive, it must have unity through homogeneity. It can admit some of the religions from its region, but Muslims are both a foreign religion and part-Arab, which makes them genetic aliens. Although we all want to accept everyone and be kind, the best kindness comes from good results, which can only be achieved by benevolent xenophobia.

  • Possible mass grave from 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre found by researchers

    When more than one ethnic group exists in an area, they compete for economic and political resources, which means that since only one group can win, they are going to eliminate each other. One may fight back with higher crime, and the other wait for that to reach peak irritation before going on a genocidal rampage. Either way, “coexistence” is a lie.

  • In Impeachment, Tribalization of Politics Becomes Almost Complete

    The lie is that division exists; the truth is that some refuse to accept the group trend of Leftism. They claim “tribalization” has occurred, when really it is simply European-descended people recognizing that they, too, need identity politics to avoid being genocided and maintain control of their countries. Demographic displacement and Leftism have forced this event upon us. The difference is that now, the dissidents have organized and are fighting back.

  • Corporations paid 11.3% tax rate last year after steep drop under Trump’s law

    We all hate evil corporations, but they are a scapegoat. A corporation is simply a large company run by shareholder interests, which means they want profit over long-term value and are bloated with dark organizations, careerism, and Crowdism making people within them exceptionally greedy and vicious. Even more, the people at corporations tend to be smarter than average, so they are clear on their goal: amass a pile of wealth and move someplace cheaper so that they can get out of the rat race. Now that we see why we hate them, think about why they are a scapegoat. Corporations are merely showing us how this entire society operates, which is to generate short-term value in the hope of escape. In reality, they hire a lot of people and inject a lot of money into the economy, if government does not steal it first. Trump has replaced the “government steals it first” model with the “inject it into the economy” model, which is common sense more than capitalism specifically, for good results. This upsets the Left, who wanted to steal that money in order to hire more Leftists. They are just a union of people so neurotic that bureaucracy and drama are their only fields of work.

  • U.S. Supreme Court leaves in place ruling barring prosecution of homeless

    The theme of the twenty-first century seems to be individual rights and freedoms clashing with the need for social order. In the last century, we had social order, so the right response seemed to be to favor individual rights; that has in turn abolished social order, and now people want it back before we all end up living in a hot bucket of diarrhea like California. Maybe instead of looking at individuals versus civilizations, we look at intangibles, like natural order, beauty, excellence, and evolution.

  • Mississippi man freed months after court rules racial bias

    It looks like the powers that be suffered race blindness and arrested the wrong Black fellow, missing the more likely suspect in favor of one that they already had in hand. Our open, diverse society allowed a group of demented murdering thieves to rampage across the country before finally ensnaring them. At that point, prosecution of Curtis Flowers may have simply been slamming the barn door when the horse has escaped.

  • Greta Thunberg Documentary Set At Hulu, Chronicling Climate Activist’s Global Rise

    Anatomy of an NGO public relations op:

    The team behind Greta has been following Thunberg from her early school strike in Stockholm all the way to parliaments and massive international protests, documenting her mission to make the world understand the urgency of the climate crisis. According to sources, Hulu boarded the project awhile back and had been involved behind the scenes while deals were being made.

  • Germany’s Left want discount train tickets for all, not money for e-cars

    Here we see the crisis of our time play out in yet another amusing way: the Left wants cheaper trains, but saner minds want to make more advanced trains. For how long do we sabotage ourselves with the ball-and-chain of guilt, pity, and egalitarianism? Make the advanced train; reduce cost of living (housing and food, mostly) for the poor. Then, leave them alone. There are always poor people and there are always charitable resources. It is not our job to “fix” nature.

  • Einride CEO on autonomous trucks: ‘The biggest business opportunity in the history of mankind’

    We once had a low-tech version of autonomous trucks. They rain on rails and were called trains. They damaged wildlife less, were less dangerous to drivers, and got killed off by unions who demanded salary increases to the point where railroads were no longer cost-effective. When society breaks down, people want something that they can control, like trucks on roads instead of tracks owned by private industry. If they can replace the drivers, even better: you buy trucks, hire a system administrator to send them out there, and disconnect entirely from society.

  • University lecturers criticised for suggesting Conservatives are ‘vermin’ and lack ‘social conscience’

    The Left just gets more honest as the years go by. They justify their desire for mass mobilized centralized power by claiming that it is virtuous, altruistic, empathic, and kind, when in fact is the usual road to Hell made of good intentions. They style us as ignorant, uneducated, dumb, dirty, impoverished, and violent hillbillies, which living in ignorant, uneducated, dumb, dirty, impoverished, and violent cities. In the meantime, the only real morality that matters is seeing what the end results are, called “consequentialism” or “realism” as a philosophy. Your intentions do not matter; the results of your actions do. The Left would inundate us in warm intentions but then deliver horrors as they consistently have in France, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, California, Detroit, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

  • Tessa Majors murder: Police union chief claims NY college student was killed while buying weed

    Another day, another inexplicable murder. No one knows why she got stabbed. We know that she may have been that mixture of entitled and self-righteous that makes a real Leftist brat, and her family and school are hard Left, and that she wandered off into a park known for crime and somehow managed to get stabbed by a fourteen-year-old who already has a history of criminal activity. The whole thing reeks of sadness, awful parenting, and bad decisions by someone drugged on the individualistic ego-bubble of The Enlightenment.™

  • The gender gap is on course to close… in 99 years

    Nature sees the world in terms of specific parts with localized roles which adhere to principles of organization that pervade the entire system; humans, projecting their own perspective as individuals adapting to a world onto that world itself, see a nice rigid grid of equal people safe from harm who are doing the same thing in order to feel togetherness. In the natural view, men and women serve different functions in the larger order of civilization, nature, and individual experience; there is no “gender gap” any more than there is a gap between squirrels and buffalo. Maybe they both eat acorns, but they occupy separate worlds, and what makes an ecosystem work is how they come together without having to be uniform, since many identical objects tend to dissipate energy rather than concentrate it, and concentrating energy is the only way to create change in the world.

  • Reparations mark new challenges for U.S. colleges linked to slavery

    Reparations-with-repatriation remains the kindest option. Perhaps private entities like colleges can chip in to help.

  • Once affordable, Phoenix rents among fastest rising in US

    A worker in Arizona’s capital must earn nearly $20 an hour to afford an average two-bedroom apartment, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. The nonprofit says the average Arizona renter now earns about $17 an hour. The state’s minimum wage is $11.

    Housing costs are going up everywhere because of property taxes, immigration, and foreign investment. If you remove diversity and globalism from the picture, we can live in $400/month apartments like was possible back in the 1980s.

  • A tweet gave a journalist a seizure. His case brings new meaning to the idea of ‘online assault.’

    Another legal abortion comes our way. If you have a disability, you have to manage your input so that this disability is not a problem. Even more, no one on the internet needs to assume that you are telling the truth when you say that you have epilepsy. The obvious solution here would be a filter on this user’s computer, since even accidental exposure to fast flashing lights would allegedly put him in the hospital. In reality, this is 100% drama and completely pointless grandstanding.

  • Serie A uses monkeys in anti-racism posters

    Apparently, saying that all humans are monkeys is offensive because some groups are regularly compared to monkeys, chimps, apes, and Homo Erectus. The sooner we recognize that we are talking monkeys with car keys just trying to rise out of that state, the sooner we can be honest about having goals instead of just hooting and hollering in the trees, owning a BMW, and having an “important” corporate title.

  • Newly Identified Jet-Stream Pattern Could Imperil Global Food Supplies

    As said before around here, we are going to find that “climate change” is nonsense but uniform application of urbanization will produce many local effects which displace jet streams and result in odd weather patterns a lot like “El Niño.” We can fix this by, ironically, moving everyone into little houses surrounded by lots of natural land, reducing costs, and destroying every socialist-style subsidy or entitlements program while slamming shut our national borders and sending home anyone who is not of our ethnic group.

  • Meet the artist who designed a hotel room that’s difficult to stay in

    Religions used hairshirts to make asceticism into a form of greater victimhood. People have trouble rejecting those who walk around lashing themselves and living in discomfort, and humans naturally revel in competing with each other on how much they can suffer (so long as it does not cut back their social lives). Now that the proles are emulating this, we have suffering as a value system, with completely ludicrous results. This hotel room stunt will end in two dumpsters of landfill and nothing learned.

  • Chinese ambassador accused of threatening German car industry if Huawei is frozen out

    China basically admitted to the existence of the economic triangle from which the US is trying to decouple. America buys cheap Chinese goods, China buys European luxury goods, and then Chinese buy their way into properties in America and Europe. This will be a silk glove takeover unlike any other. When 30% of the voters in your city are Chinese, no candidate except a pro-China candidate will win elections. However, this shows us the victory of Trump’s trade war; cars were always the point, specifically getting China to buy American cars. If they do, the cozy relationship with Europe becomes interrupted and the manufacturing balance evens out, which then ends the triangular flow of money and results in more wealth being retained in America. It should be repeated again that whatever nation makes itself entirely autonomous and self-sufficient will triumph in the coming order.

  • China urges U.S. to “correct its mistake” in expelling diplomats

    Chinese diplomats bully their way onto US military base, where apparently everyone is disarmed and confused, and then protest when the US sweeps them up and expels them. Chinese spying is everywhere; they are not just looking for technology, but where to strike. Perhaps the West will wake up as its enemies are at the gate, but democracy cannot fight this war, at least to win. Democracy will make a bipartisan compromise and simply pay tributes to the Communist Emperor. Libertarians agree: this is more economically efficient, therefore smart. They are so very smart.

  • Barack Obama: Women are indisputably better than men

    The DR3 fools will be rambling on about how “racist” Obama is, when they should pay attention to the fact that he has told us what he and his Leftist brethren intend to do. They want to erase the West and replace it with a grey race matriarchy that is permanently Communist, because that way people like Obama and the Clintons will succeed and the rest of us will subsidize them.

  • McDonald’s franchisee removed after video shows him berating Aboriginal neighbour

    We have politically protected groups so that the false elites in power can use these groups as an excuse to seize more power. If you criticize the Narrative, you will lose and be convicted in the court of public opinion as championed by people in media who have never held a real job and do not want to.

  • Hoschton mayor resigns after battle over reported racist remarks

    Somehow we never see minorities losing their jobs for stating evident ethnic and racial truths. Politically protected groups have it easy in civil rights subsidy America.

  • Historical data suggests Army suicides not directly linked to combat

    Vietnam vets could explain this one. When you come home to universal acclaim, you are able to get over that PTSD and shock relatively quickly. When you fight a prolonged war with no clear victory, people are not so supportive, and so you second-guess all of the horrors you endured and actions that you took. This leads to late nights with a bottle and loaded handgun in your lap. Instead of fighting police actions, first world nations should destroy outright threats but mostly, let the rest of the world self-destruct as part of its independence from our horrible colonialism, which actually kept the peace.

  • Humans ‘sole culprits’ in US parrot extinction

    What does a tragedy of the commons look like? When society expanded across the USA, people hunted passenger pigeons and Carolina parakeets into extinction. Had we had aristocrats to keep hunting preserves away from the thronging multitudes, this never would have happened. Humanity does not have control of itself because it has abolished hierarchy and replaced it with mob rule.

  • Trump impeachment: More than 700 scholars write letter calling for president’s removal

    We should just admit that this is a trend of mass conformity as each person attempts to get in on the action and be important, relevant, and “ground-breaking” in their field. They like the French Revolution narrative, where whoever stands up for the individual against those who know better gets to be a hero and innovator. In fact, this is just more decay. Of course millions of people want Trump impeached; they are Leftists and he is disrupting their world takeover. Either that or they are Chinese and he is interrupting their takeover, although the two groups are converging at this point.

  • Austrian police foil ‘Vienna Christmas market terror plot’

    Part and parcel of living in a diverse society is that foreign groups walk among you and are scheming to kill you, destroy your traditions, rape your women, and take over your nation. In the meantime, you continue to ignore the problem so that you do not get fired so that you can keep working to pay those taxes in order to fund the foreign groups that walk among you, scheming to kill you.

  • ‘It’s pretty staggering’: Returned online purchases often sent to landfill, journalist’s research reveals

    If the orbiting aliens watching our planet have an emoji for humans, it is probably a dumpster. We are essentially a species geared toward the production of landfill. In a chaotic diverse society where purchasers of new items are from every social class, you cannot count on returned items being fit for passing on to others, so you throw them into the dumpster or burn them. You do not give them to charity unless you want the homeless and poor advertising your brand, at which point the middle class will flee. Someone finally mentioned the fact, well-known within the industry, that returns to e-commerce sites get chucked into the landfill directly. Despite this, it may still be more efficient to order stuff online, especially since few of us want to go out into the diversity to buy things, since then we have to interact with a huge group of strangers from different special interest groups, most of whom hate us for our own group memberships.

  • Heavy Pollution in Iran Hospitalizes 1,500 People in 24 Hours

    At some point, we are going to have to admit that pollution costs us. At that point, we will have to look at the sources of pollution. Perhaps having everyone drive fifty miles to work so that they do not have to live in a ghetto is a stupid model, and we should simply abolish ghettos instead. Most clever sophomoric white people will want to do that indirectly in the low-T way of raising costs and punishing everyone who is not working constantly at a desk job, forgetting that this both enslaves everyone and punishes ordinary people for being poor. A smarter method involves relocating ghetto people to isolated areas where they can set up their own economies, and of course, repatriating other ethnic groups.

  • Illegal immigrants to be able to get driver’s licenses in NY after legal challenge fails

    The Left just wants to erase the distinct between citizens and non-citizens so that it can erase the founding ethnic group and elect a new AMLO to rule over a grey race of people clinging to egalitarianism, consumerism, and media as the only ray of light in their empty and miserable lives.

  • UNESCO wipes Belgian festival from heritage list over ‘racist floats’

    Obey the narrative or those in power will destroy whatever you do. They specifically want to impoverish you and eliminate you from the circle of those in power who award good things to people that they like. The promoters of the festival say that they make fun of many things, and their float featuring hook-nosed Jews sitting on bags of gold was part of this process. We out here will never know because we are still caught in a propaganda war descending from the WW2 era.

  • A Black Metal Festival in Ukraine This Weekend Is the Neo-Nazi Networking Event of the Year

    Black metal was Generation X awakening to the Nietzschean reality that egalitarianism is a revolution against natural selection. Newer bands carry on the message partially, and have taken it to more neo-Nazi angle, despite the Nazis not being as extreme as Nietzsche. The people who like to go around talking about freedom and equality, in the meantime, want to shut this conversation down by wagging fingers at it and proclaiming “for shame, for shame!” The comedy is rich but pointless.

  • Pentagon head says China has become top US military priority, moving past Russia

    Russia is allied with China but, reprising its role during the Mongol invasions, is the lesser partner. China continues militarizing and subverting foreign governments because its economic miracle died a decade ago at the same time the smartphone revolution transitioned the rest of the economy of the world into making internet geegaws for people trapped at do-nothing desk jobs mandated by regulations and other bad government policies. We are just tossing the ball around the room, never taking it in for a touchdown, because we have eaten up the postwar wealth with our crazy Leftist equality programs. This means that everyone is broke and desperate and war is inevitable.

  • UN Human Rights Office accused of helping China keep an eye on dissidents

    Not surprisingly, Leftists take care of each other. “Human rights” exemplifies the Leftist idea of the individual coming before social and natural order. Leftism is a continuum, starting with the Social Democrats and extending into full Communism. The difference between types of Leftist is merely a matter of degree.

  • Huge Disparity in Corporate Profits Hints at Something Amiss

    No one can point at the elephant in the room. Wages are stagnants and profits in a permanent slump because government has slurped up half the money and directed into a Socialist-style managed economy where regulations, laws, and legal decisions mandate the hiring of lots of people to do unnecessary jobs while entitlements dump money on the underclasses in order to keep the consumer economy afloat. When the borrowing goes away, it all comes crashing down, and we will never recover. We could steer this off now, and Trump is attempting to by making us autonomous so that when the world economy runs screaming into the abyss — caused, as it was in 1929, by increased taxes and desperate investment by the clueless masses — we can at least ride it out halfway well.

  • Brazilians arrive in waves at the US-Mexico border

    The bubble of wealth generated by the postwar world has collapsed at the same time that the postwar order of worldwide liberal democracy (sometimes called “globalism”) has smote the floor of the abyss, and so across the world people are packing up and moving to wealthier nations. This will do what human always does, which is create a tragedy of the commons where the wealth of those nations is consumed and then people move on to a new one. The only solution is not just strong borders, but total benevolent xenophobia, a.k.a. “we have one founding ethnic group and no one else can come here.” That alone preserves the ability for some groups to rise above others, and therefore, for humanity to understand what must be done in order to adapt and thrive. Without it, we all stay in equal ignorance, living at a subsistence level among the abusive entitled behavior of those around us.

  • Finnish minister sorry for Instagram poll on IS women

    She dared ask whether children should be repatriated with their mothers or be sent home alone. This triggered the neurotic Left, who knocked over ten million glasses of box wine reaching for their keyboards to complain.

  • Hidden by impeachment: One of Trump’s ‘best weeks yet’

    Trump benefits from the media bandwagon because it allows him to operate in secret. These victories are really part of a larger strategy to ensure the ultimate victory, namely an America that is autonomous and sealed to immigration, therefore can ride out the coming world economic crash without being taken down by it or drowned in the many starving faces who want to come here because their own political decisions did not work out so well.

  • The Terror Queue

    The people who are busy censoring the horrors on social media want you to know that they want more money. In the meantime, this censorship just legitimizes extremism. If our governments were not useless, they would define the internet as public communication since it crosses state lines and therefore, apply the First Amendment both to users and social media sites alike. Then they could fire all of these whiny people who are otherwise subjected to constant murder, pornography, and hysterical racism all day long.

  • Germany: Number of right-wing extremists rose by a third in 2019

    Few seem to understand that the consumer bubble is over, the internet boom is dead, the postwar peace has collapsed, and liberal democracy has run its course. We are about to wake up in an entirely different type of civilization. Those who benefit from the current mess are defending it through censorship and repression, which will simply make it easier to depose them in the future. The more they crack down, the more the fire rises.

  • Limiting the loss of nature

    Only about half of the surface of Earth remains for vegetation.

    “Now’s the time to work out what we really want a future Earth to look like, and soon our governments will be collectively deciding just that,” Professor Maron said.

    “Loss without limit is the paradigm under which natural ecosystems are currently being destroyed—this needs to stop.

    “We need a strong, overarching goal to retain, restore and protect natural ecosystems, while dramatically increasing conservation ambitions globally.”

    Set aside half of the land for nature. Keep humans out of it. Then end all the entitlements, immigration, diversity, affirmative action, and regulatory creation of jobs. Make humans useful again and only useful humans will remain, and those tend not to be the ones torturing baby seals and throwing litter into national forests.

  • Minnesota looks to diversify farmer demographics

    When you demand equality, you are effectively insisting that good=bad, and therefore you get an inverted world where only the insane is rewarded because it is considered “good” and is easier than actual good. This also creates a mentality that glowingly praises the suicidal. Apparently, following the Soviet model, Minnesota wants to use agriculture as a means of making a point, namely that its ideology of equality must rule the world. This insanity will meet predictably bad results.

  • Judge: 234K Wisconsin voter registrations should be tossed

    The Left made a huge noise about election interference in order to conceal their long-running scam, which is to file absentee ballots for the elderly, dead, incapitated, and inane, while encouraging their voters to “vote early and often” by having multiple registrations on the voter rolls. Now that some have caught on to this, the legal battles to stop this ballot abuse are just beginning.

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