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  • Gabon becomes 70th country to make gay sex illegal

    To take over a nation, you need a pretext that applies to everyone. This consists of the continuum of ideas between Mr. Rogers and Joseph Stalin: “you are fine just the way you are” meets all must serve in order to achieve that equality. Thus the agenda of human rights enters the picture, and all must bow to this or be considered hostile to the basic decency of every monkey in the troupe. To advance human rights (called “civil rights” within a nation-state and “human rights” on the international level) government must find a series of pity groups.

    For the voters, pity groups serve as an important symbol; these are people outside the range of normal whose rights must be protected so that normal people feel even more secure in their own rights, and therefore trust government and its social engineering projects. In the West, we have had numerous pity groups: the poor,™ the Huguenots, the Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews, Puerto Ricans, female voters, homosexuals, Africans, Hispanics, Asians, young people, criminals, and now finally transsexuals. You cannot be more tolerant than when you embrace the person who is simultaneously an ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, and sexual preference minority, like a homosexual Black transsexual Jew who drives an F-150, chews tobacco, and likes to collect Victorian funeral dolls.

    The New World Order (NWO) has been using transsexuals as its latest pity group. Your nation either accepts these, or the bombers might come over. In this way, world government has pried its way into every nation on Earth, but some are resisting. In particular, a number of countries are choosing to criminalize homosexual, transgender, pedophile, and other promiscuous behavior.

    While these laws will backfire, since you cannot successfully make illegal a natural inclination, they exist to signal opposition to “GloboHomo” and the NWO. Funnily enough, objection to normalized homosexuality and resistance to acceptance propaganda arise, only to be reinstated by another special interest group and the legal protection afforded by civil rights law. There is no one way for all of us to live; this civilization is fragmenting fast. So it always goes when you introduce anti-order ideas like individualism, equality, utilitarianism, democracy, tolerance, pluralism, and diversity.

  • Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash made online food delivery a $10 billion business.

    Why go out when the world is ugly? You work hard and send almost all of your pay away in income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, wealth taxes, and higher costs thanks to tolerance for diversity, unions, regulations, and other creations of idealistic managerial-administrative government. You have your car and your house, so stay in your house and order in food, watch streaming content, and enjoy the peace of mind provided by your on-call 24-7 security system with immediate local response. The country has fallen apart, but you can make a nice life for yourself, if you are just obedient and uncritical. This is much, much different from the Soviet Union because here, you see, we have consumerism. We produce more beets to waste throwing at cinema screens than the Russians did during the entire postwar period.

  • ‘Jumanji 2’ Opens to Merry $60M, ‘Richard Jewell’ Falls Flat With $5M

    Moronic distraction movies that make you feel that despite everything being bad you feel fine for a few moments so it is all good are thriving at the box office, while the somewhat outraged and maudlin Richard Jewell — despite being an important righting of a wrong — fails because it is a dark subject during the holiday season. It had to be made, I suppose; it is probably quite good and makes good points. However, right now, people are exhausted by the clash between evident reality and the obviously false Narrative, and just want an excuse to pig out and pass out before the dark solitude of failure slams shut across the West. Instead of “fake news,” could it be that the media is the opiate of the masses?

  • Half-North Korean, Half-Chinese Children Struggle in South Korea

    Half-breeds mean that your people are being outbred and replaced. At first, maybe only a few people are foreign; those marry in, and then no one can say stoutly, “We are a group,” because there is always the asterisk that on average 2% of your DNA is from elsewhere. Then that percentage creeps upward. Soon, you are nothing but a mixture of convenience, an artifact of history and markets, and you have no claim on anything unique. That means you have to go to work, slave away, afford a nice condominium, and die childless or forgotten by children who cannot respect an obedient coward, and your life will have even less meaning than it did before modern society “enlightened” and “liberated” you.

  • New Jersey man Mostafa Hussaini arrested for racist death threats on YouTube

    They finally found a non-white racist so hilariously over-the-top that they had to arrest him so that they could claim that these hate crime laws are enforced fairly and not merely to demographically erase the former ethnic majority in all European-descended nations. As a bonus, he drops some truth bombs offhandedly:

    “I don’t like blacks, Spanish, some white, but there is no whites in Miami,” he added.

  • Boris Johnson set to rush in Brexit vote on Friday – a day after Queen’s speech

    The Left won with blitz attacks. Maybe the same can be done here? Johnson looks set to rush through his agenda while simultaneously firing as much of the bureaucracy as possible, since they will never help him anyway. He has learned from some of the challenges Trump has faced, namely that in order to succeed, you have to remove those who would remove you. This is reminiscent of the director who, realizing that he was facing pressure from above, promptly fired everyone remotely qualified enough to replace him. Then he re-negotiated. Johnson can do the same; a massacre of bureaucrats will also reduce housing prices.

  • Miss World’s win means five black women now hold the top pageant titles

    Welcome to egalitarianism, also known as conspicuous consumption through altruism. To make people equal, you must raise up the lower and bring down the higher, resulting in a society of mediocrity. In the meantime, everyone must obey the symbolic demand of raising the higher or have their careers destroyed, which means that only pity-objects get promoted and strength is hidden. No wonder people are throwing in the towel and moving to the countryside. Their grandchildren will move into the racially-mixed cities and turn the brown to a nice shade of amber, but like the mixed-race countries of Southern and Eastern Europe, society will never rise to greatness again, remaining stranded in “second world” status of “white” nations which once were great, but now are basically self-focused and treading water, sort of like most of Latin America and New Jersey.

  • Estonia’s populist interior minister: The “Reds” attempt to liquidate Finland

    That is what Leftists do: they come to thriving places, sell them by the pound while fascinating their voters with promises of free stuff, then depart as wealthy people. Somehow, no one manages to call attention to this scam, probably because the West produces nothing but luxury goods at this point, reminiscent of the Orient at the same time the West was rising.

  • Europe’s cult of political personality

    We are surrounded by people who did well at school but miss the point that analysis and creativity make. These strong personalities are leading their parties out of a mentality of “working within the System” toward actual goals, and the parties are resisting because it is easier to repeat the same pleasant sounds and punch paper than it is to take a risk by actually changing anything. Trump, Farage, Johnson, Orban, and Duterte seem to be rejecting their own parties, but really, they are re-interpreting their parties as being continuous to the way they were before the WW2 propaganda became policy in the 1960s.

  • Poll finds most Canadians want Huawei barred from country’s 5G networks

    Politicians and media refuse to see it, but most people in the West want an end to the Chinese invasion. We recognize the enemy now. China wants to rule the world and it sees the West as a dying empire, mainly because anyone who adopts democracy, equality, and diversity is clearly out of their mind. However, many of us realize that history is not made by category, and so the people who are not fully crazy in the West can resist, rebuild, and restore despite all of the public talking heads really not wanting us to do that.

  • The Ocean Cleanup device has returned from the Pacific Garbage Patch with its first load of plastic

    If these work, why not have a few thousand of them? Eat up that trash, turn it into something else, but save our oceans. Do the same in forests. Bring back the Works Progress Administration, one of the few useful programs government has created, and hire all those underemployed and unemployed basement neckbeards and lonely women to go march through the woods, picking up litter and cleaning methamphetamine manufacture dumpsites. This is our world, a place we love, not just something we carve up to make money so we can escape the rest of humanity and its crowded, polluted, graffiti-covered, and violent cities.

  • House Judiciary Committee publishes full impeachment report

    Bureaucrats on cocaine type furiously in order to hype nonsense into what seems like plausible charges, but the nature of this impeachment as yet another instance of political theater in an attempt to unseat the 2016 election rings hollow, especially after the UK just rejected the attempts by the System/Establishment to prevent Brexit. Globalism is a death sentence; we want out. The System does not understand this, and its Useful Idiot Coalition hates the idea of change, but change is upon us. This impeachment will go nowhere, and that it has even gone this far shows us that the “division” in this country simply consists of people refusing to go along with the Left and its latest attempts to change us into a permanently socialist grey race of conformists.

  • Videos Show Apparent Illegal Pushback of Migrants

    They all want to come here for the free stuff. We pay for the free stuff, we are in debt, and we need that money to rebuild our societies. Politicians refuse to cancel things like free stuff and immigration because it looks bad in a democracy. The crisis point comes ever nearer, or perhaps it is like a permanent house guest, set up in the living room and wrecking everything we do, but no one wants to be the first person to say that we have to change. Everything feels very fragile, and this means both mass panic and mass resistance to anything but more of the same.

  • Namibia vows to change ‘status-quo’ of white-farm ownership

    In the long term, Namibia is doing the right thing. Africa for Africans. In the short term, they are replacing those who can successfully farm with those who cannot, and many will starve. If the West has any brains (doubtful) it will refuse to send aid. Let nature take care of herself. Fewer people in Africa means a brighter future for Africa and for the West as well, because when they overflow, they simply come here.

  • “I bet your story would be totally different if it was 5 white kids jumping on 1 black kid.”

    White kid refuses to share video game and gets gang-rushed by five black kids on a bus. Leftists immediately turn the narrative around and accuse the white kid of using racial slurs, because in that case, in their view it would be acceptable and in fact the only moral response for him to be attacked.

  • Six dead in protests against Indian citizenship law

    Muslims continue days of rage after India decides that it wants no more Muslims in the country, and in fact wants all of its Muslims to go to Pakistan, ending decades of Muslim terrorism. In the bigger picture, diversity works nowhere. Every group needs its own space. Every individual needs its own space. The idea of making us all one big happy reflects a sad fatalism and lugubrious negativity toward life, not the “Live Laugh Love” mentality as which it is portrayed.

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