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  • Conservatives win greatest majority in 32 years; Johnson vows to leave EU

    UK voters have tired of the utter failures of the Left. In the postwar years, their nation has gone from ruling the world to being a complete dump at the hands of the neurotics, opportunists, careerists, salesmen, con artists, and schizoids of the Left. They want out of the EU, which they correctly intuit is a way of limiting Europe from rising above a mediocre minimum while using it as a subsidy for lower-performance nations, and the System tried to thwart them. At this point, they realize that to have any hope of not being constantly abused, they need to spank the System back, which means Brexit and lots of unemployed bureaucrats.

  • Picked by slaves: coffee crisis brews in Brazil

    This is only a “crisis” in the minds of the neurotics behind the media. Humanity does not want to face the fact that there are too many of us, and most of us have no special abilities so are not very valuable, not just in an economic sense but a social sense as well. Another person who can handle unskilled repetitive tasks? Great, throw them on that big pile of seven billion others over there… these people are not actually “slaves” in any meaningful sense, but low-paid workers with few options because there are so many of them. As always, the Crowd creates its own problems, then blames someone else.

  • On brink of ‘man-made’ starvation, Zimbabweans struggling to cope

    Zimbabwe offers a parable warning about the dangers of solely race-based politics:

    The country’s agro-based economy began to collapse following the state’s violent seizure in the 2000s of an estimated 10 million hectares (25 million acres) for redistribution from white commercial farmers to resettle the landless black majority.

    If you want your tribe alone to be in power, that is correct and wise, but you have to make sure that you pick the people from among your tribe who are also competent, otherwise you are going to redistribute the land to people who will never farm it.

  • New Indian citizenship law ‘discriminatory’ against Muslims

    Everyone worldwide is learning from the diversity disasters in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Diversity does not work, no matter which groups are involved. The mere fact of there being different groups in a nation destroys that nation. India wants to avoid getting destroyed, but Leftists worldwide want India to destroy itself by accepting Muslims and other groups that are incompatible with its national identity.

  • The U.S. will phase out China tariffs, Beijing officials say

    China gets triumphant headlines to try to rally its markets, but really, it was always the plan to phase out these tariffs. They were there to decouple the economies and force China to quit discriminating against American exports. In the long term, they mean that America will have to become self-sufficient. This means fewer international ships belching smoke, less disposable of waste in the third world, no exploitation of labor and, generally, a healthier American economy while the totalitarian Chinese have to go find another source of income to fund their delusional dreams of world domination.

  • Children born now face longer period of ill health in old age

    We had to fight natural selection and keep everyone alive because of our egalitarian obsession. Now we find that although we have kept them alive, they are not enjoying much of life because they have long periods of bad health. No one yet dares question the class, race, and ethnic mixing that produces people with life-long health problems, or the fact that we are now on our third generation of genetically unwell people, welfare lifetimers, and blockhead bureaucrats. We no longer allow people to be accountable for their own decisions, and this preserves the worst among us at the expense of the best. If someone dies in an accident, someone else always must be blamed, and a victorious Darwin Award cannot be celebrated. Now we have a weak, sickly, and dumb population which is perfect for bureaucrats to control, but fatal to having the type of civilization in which we would want to live. Thanks, democracy!

  • House Democrats brace for some defections among moderates on impeachment of Trump

    Some of them are going to try to sit out this comedy because they know it is doomed. Think about it this way: the Democrats get to impeach in the House, and therefore rally their base and look like they’re “doing something.” The Republicans get to resist impeachment and then negate it in the Senate, which means that they will also look strong. In the meantime, both parties get to ignore civilization collapse and the many problems of government including a debt death spiral. All of the bureaucrats and politicians get paid, and the voters can go back to sleep for another few years, as they always do.

  • Retirement savings haven’t recovered from the recession.

    No one can admit the obvious, which is that people are being taxed to the point where they can no longer afford to save for retirement. Government and the experts have no solutions except to try to find someone else with money to steal from. In reality, the solution is to stop stealing. Most of our budget goes toward entitlements and jobs programs for minorities, anyway. If we stop that, many of the newcomers will find life is easier in their homelands.

  • NHS ‘over-diagnosing’ children having transgender treatment, former staff warn

    When you create a trend, and weaponize it with thousands of angry blue-haired people, doctors stop caring about the outcome of the treatment they provide. Since you made them “accountable” to opinion and not reality, they cater to opinion, which means that anyone who walks in the door thinking that they might be transsexual gets the full treatment. That way, the doctors do not end up in the newspapers being called nasty names. You cannot blame them for protecting their families from the insanity of the herd.

  • Ever wonder how hackers could possibly pwn power plants? Here are 54 Siemens bugs that could explain things

    Our bloated, sloppy, and inept society is ripe for the takeover because we are wide open and incompetent. “Smart” managers crack the whip and cut costs, and not surprisingly, get garbage code. They then hire consultants who look over the code, maybe run a few tests, and declare it 100% solid so that the stock prices go up. Upper management, which is so accustomed to the insanity of humanity that it no longer cares about what is true or not, rubber-stamps it and the project moves forward. Garbage code tends to be insecure. When our enemies decide to attack, they will find that bloated and sloppy democracy made it easy for them as usual.

  • U.S. has world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households

    Looks like that sexual liberation thing has worked out well for us. People are now so liberated that they are less likely to form families, and more likely to raise little discipline problems who are driven mad by single-parent home life. Egalitarianism means that no one can be wrong, so we must accept every possible behavior, and only later do we look on the results and reflect on the fact that traditional wisdom was in fact superior to our “new” versions of the same old forms of human bad behavior.

  • Emotion-detecting tech ‘must be restricted by law’

    Restricting technology by law, whether guns or gene editing, never works. All you is empower lawbreakers with the new technology.

  • Anti-French sentiment on the rise in West Africa as security situation deteriorates

    Colonialism died because it was a bad business model. If you colonize someplace, you are responsible for order, but the reason you colonized it in the first place was that it was a primitive, subsistence-level, chaotic and lawless society. That means that you now have to deal with all those messes, and it takes more brutality than you are willing to tolerate in yourselves (for an excellent description of this, see Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness). Instead of colonizing these places, we set them “free” so that they are responsible for their own chaos, and send in companies who hire locals and mercenaries and have zero obligation when these die or are injured. In other words, freedom for the primitive societies has brought greater brutality, and now they are upset that the former colonial masters are not stepping in to fix the situation.

  • Who Can Beat Trump?

    Impeachment fizzled. RussiaGate went nowhere. Stormy Daniels retreated. After a string of fake scandals, in contrast to the pathological consistency of deception by the Clintons and Obamas, no one cares about what the media says about Trump anymore except as a form of amusement. The Democrats are divided between their Hart-Celler voters and the old white Democrats like Biden and Warren, who come across as dying artifacts of a dead time; in addition, the Left has nowhere else to go, since they got basically everything they wanted short of full socialism, which everyone knows is a disaster in a diverse society with wide borders to Canada and Mexico. Trump is the only person with a plan for the future, which is to get self-sufficient, end demographic replacement, and cut government back to a manageable size. He shows us a way back to America before the Clintons wrecked it. It will be hard to beat him, but rest assured that the NGOs, dirty tricks department, absentee ballot forgers, and others will join hands to try to resurrect the French Revolution yet again as the West fades further from historical relevance.

  • Three-digit suicide prevention hotline – 988 – given green light in US

    First world problems: when you have so much money and power that you spend all your energy on infighting over how to distribute it and make your society an exercise in red tape and futility, at which point no one really wants to live anymore but does not yet have an excuse to go full Klebold-Harris. Maybe Western Civilization should call, since it clearly either wants to die or cannot face the fact that it might want to live.

  • Fighting climate change, protecting nature go hand in hand

    Climate change, like anything else pitched to the electorate, is a cartoon. In actual reality, we have too many people using too much land with too much of it urbanized, and those giant concrete heat reflectors are producing erratic jet streams and thus, erratic weather. “Climate change” is the same thing that produces El Niño, namely human disruption of the environment. However, we are doing worse than climate change; we are committing ecocide. Someone has finally said that our quest cannot be climate change alone, but growing up and self-actualizing and finding a better way to treat nature in general. This provides a step forward, because now we can start talking about our purpose and future as a species, instead of just doing the same stuff we did in the past and hoping for better results. You know what else is tied to protecting nature? We finally need to tackle the existential question, get over our tantrums, and commit ourselves to being a productive and beneficial species instead of a herd of individuals, each cluelessly pursuing self-importance at the expense of nature, God/gods, and sanity.

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