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  • Citizenship Bill “Attempt To Ethnically Cleanse North East”: Rahul Gandhi

    Here is Brett’s Rule in action: most people are most adamant about what they wish were true and fear is untrue, which is why groups become dedicated to lies instead of truth, which in turn means that whatever the Crowd wants is in fact simply entropy or the destruction of meaning. This is how nature keeps humans from being too powerful; she makes us self-destructive. We are now realizing that our fear of ethnic cleansing is 100% wrong, since only through ethnic cleansing can one protect a population. Our human morons decided that in the name of protecting Population B, it was acceptable to destroy Population A, but now the pendulum has swung. In particular, Jews are recognizing that Leftists have again turned on them, which means that the old method of supporting the anti-majority party in order to protect minorities (Jews, Gypsies, Muslims, homosexuals, retards) from the wrath of the majority does not work. That in turn means that we are out of plans for making diversity function; the only solution is for only Jews, and all Jews, to go to Israel. Similarly, in India, there can be only ethnic Indians who follow Indian traditional culture, which admits the related religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism but is incompatible with the symbolic Abrahamic religion of Islam, which also codes for those who are part-Arab remnants of Muslim conquest in India.

  • Banned recording reveals China ambassador threatened Faroese leader at secret meeting

    The more time goes on, the more China reveals its tyrannical aspirations toward world conquest. Then again, with the West waning, one can hardly blame them, since our democratic rule has gone from merely incompetent to dangerously delusional.

  • Questions surround UNC’s surprise Silent Sam settlement with Confederate group

    The battle over erasing history continues in an attempt to make humanity further conformist and uniform so that none feel bad for their own low level of performance, intelligence, productivity, or morality.

  • 8 In 10 Americans Say Politics Are BIGGEST Source Of Stress In Life

    People can articulate very little, generally. Just as one in a thousand makes a potentially good leader, if properly educated and shaped, one in a thousand can both use language well and get to the core of a concept or debate. We intuit that politics has become very important, mainly because we are debating whether to begin restoring our civilization or to continue the path of entropy through egalitarian ideals. Naturally, people are stressed; the way that we have been going is death, but hopping off the death-train requires risk, work, and intestinal fortitude. We are divided not because we disagree, but because some see the oncoming doom of socialism, demographic replacement, and overpopulation, and the rest are afraid or unable to.

  • Chinese migrants found hiding in appliances at US crossing

    Empires are wealthiest before their fall, having converted all that extra energy that normally goes into culture and honesty and outdated stuff like that into economic activity. Everyone wants to come here if they can, mostly for the free stuff and guaranteed affirmative action jobs, but also to take over once the founding society collapses.

  • U.S. judge blocks $3.6 billion transfer to Mexican border wall

    Leftist judges have dominated American politics for two centuries and have effectively usurped all other branches of government. If you want a reason to vote for Trump in 2020, consider that he is carefully stacking the courts with moderates and constitutionalists who will restrain this mad rush into full Soviet style administrative/managerial government.

  • Pentagon orders review of international student vetting

    Under Trump, diversity suffers a bottom-up death, as he tightens all of the many inputs in order to make it more expensive and more risky to come here. If he can do that and slice away the benefits of coming here — mostly socialist-style entitlements and affirmative action — then the flood will not just cease but reverse. We have to make it easier and more profitable for them to stay home, and the magic figure is the $2-$10k that it requires to get into the USA. If they see their co-ethnics leaving, many of them will also self-deport, since no one wants to be an odd man out. We will have to change our laws and policies but we can end The Great Replacement disaster peacefully.

  • California lawsuit blasts SAT, ACT exams as discriminatory

    Attention conservatives: meritocracy will be replaced by ideology because meritocracy, although equitable, leads to unequal results, which causes people to attack meritocracy and replace it with an ideology of relativism that rewards people for being members of minority groups. While we will do this to help Blacks and Hispanics, it will result in our domination by Asiatic Orientals, as happened to the California university system back in the 1970s.

  • Court sides with bank staffer who says he was denied promotion because he’s not gay

    Affirmative action goes only one way. If a majority candidate and minority candidate come in the door, you can get fired for hiring the majority, so you hire the minority. They then agitate for more of their own, and soon you have diversity mafias who punish anyone but members of their own group. Diversity leads to monoculture, every time.

  • Thousands of Italians rallied around a Holocaust survivor who received 200 anti-Semitic threats a day

    Leftists create a false narrative by adjusting the term “anti-Semitic” to mean “any criticism of someone who is a Semite.” This provides a rallying point for them to unite all of the people with no meaning or purpose in life around a false purpose, giving them a few hours of serotonin stimulation in exchange for arguing against their ability to exist as a nation. For those who think ahead, diversity does not work and can never work, so it should be avoided, even if we like the foreign groups in question. We need to go our own way and protect our genetics from admixture.

  • Almost every Tory ad is dishonest, compared to none of Labour’s, research finds

    Does anyone actually believe this “research”? Leftists look at non-Leftist information and conclude that, since it does not repeat things that Leftists believe to be true, it is dishonest and full of lies. In the meantime, Leftists are found to be perfectly pure and honest because they are saying things that all Leftists agree with.

  • Want a factory job? You may need a college degree

    Conservatives warned that if we subsidized college, we would make it into the new high school degree. Leftists said that since college was the pathway to wealth, we needed to make sure that everyone went to college. Now people have to stay in “education” until age thirty to prove themselves worthy to the “meritocracy,” a situation which rewards dullards and punishes independent thinkers. When only dullards have power, they can all agree that they are 100% objectively scientifically correct, and we can all think the same thoughts and stop noticing the cracks in the Narrative and that, in fact, our civilization is dying. Denial may be stronger than gravity.

  • Bougainville referendum: PNG region votes overwhelmingly for independence

    We are going to see more breakaway nations of this nature as groups want to control their own future and not be tied to subsidizing the rest of nations formed by arbitrary divisions following the breakdown of colonialism.

  • China tried to get World Bank to fund surveillance in Xinjiang

    China laughs at us because we are in the grips of illusions like diversity, socialism, and equality. In reality, as the Chinese know, those are only pretexts used to seize power and fond theories designed to pacify the stupefacted electorate in order to make them choose tyrants who are subtly hiding that inclination. They will use our institutions against us, knowing that we have tied down our brains in order to support the mental disorder originating in The Enlightenment.™

  • First person charged under Florida ‘red flag’ law found guilty

    This defendant has some issues. The first ones always do. Then the law expands to include other things which are inconvenient for those in power. The first step is to claim that you have made some statement which is dangerous; next, they come for your guns, and if you refuse to comply quickly enough, arrest you for a felony. Through this law, dissidents can be batch-processed and disarmed, which is the goal of the Leftists as they approach total permanent rule through the diversity vote.

  • Trump to sign executive order defining Judaism as a nationality

    Trump makes Judaism into a racial group so that criticism of Israel can be seen as “racism,” but in the same stroke, verifies the Nazi view of Jews as not a religion or culture alone but fundamentally a foreign ethnic group. In doing so, he has sown the seeds of nationalist relocation by race. This very savvy move reflects the aggression of the Trump presidency, which is to learn from the Leftists and to use every crisis to his own long-term advantage.

  • How contaminants from prescription-drug factories pollute waterways

    In the twenty-first century, humanity will finally have to address the nagging issues of our destructive industrial practices during the last century. For a long time, we assumed that nature would simply absorb whatever we threw at it, forgetting that it takes centuries to break down the products of technology. Now that the world did not end in Y2K, we have to address the mess that we made up until that time, and our continued pursuit of lowered cost at the expense of the environment.

  • Jewish grocery was targeted in New Jersey attack, motives unclear: officials

    We are told that anti-Semitic and anti-police material was posted online, but it was censored immediately, so no one knows if this was Muslim terrorism or white nationalists. We live in a free society.

  • U of Phoenix agrees to cancel $141 million in student loan debt

    For a careerist to succeed in a time of mob rule, he needs to wait for something to trend, which means that the herd is raving on about it in increasing intensity. Then, he must do something to seize his fifteen minutes of fame, vaulting his institution or group into media prominence. At that point, he becomes a temporary hero, and must trade that for some kind of permanent advantage: a promotion, head of his own laboratory, a book deal, or a series of interviews leading up to his campaign for election or promotion. In this way, humanity tears itself apart, because what most people are raving about always consists of illusion, and when we promote others based on their support for illusion, we drift ever farther from anything resembling sanity (which is by definition realistic).

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