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  • Misery Ranking Will Show U.S. Getting Worse Versus Rest of World

    America fell 25 spots, from the No. 50 spot to No. 25, on Bloomberg’s Misery Index, which tallies inflation and unemployment outlooks for 60 economies.

    With any of these statistics, take out the insane and hopeless, and the ordinary person here does OK compared to the rest of the world. The real story is that across the first world, people have become miserable because their daily lives are stressful, ugly, and boring for no reason. Technology was supposed to liberate us from labor but we spend all of our time doing pointless stuff just so that some boss or manager approves. Remove the parasites — diversity, class warfare, big government — and life here could be quite nice. End the constant neurosis of democracy and it could be good.

  • Sciencing_Bi & BethAnn McLaughlin Twitter Accounts Suspended in Bizarre Tale

    However, what unfolded next is a complex and bizarre tale of accusations and confusion, as academics and others on social media are now accusing McLaughlin of being @Sciencing_Bi and masquerading as a fake Native American professor online, ASU is saying it can’t come up with a death of any professor from COVID-19 recently and believes the death report is a “hoax,” and Twitter has suspended both the accounts of McLaughlin and the now mysterious @Sciencing_Bi (as of the early morning hours of August 3).

    Much of what our media reports as fact is similarly concocted. Leftism is a pile of attention whores, with the most successful at top being the most viciously truth agnostic.

  • Illinois high school teacher fired for Facebook post rejecting idea of “white privilege”

    “I am about facts, truth-seeking and love,” Hedgepeth wrote in the Facebook post that led to her termination. “I will speak on any topic I choose because I live in a free country. I find the term ‘white privilege’ as racist as the ‘N’ word. You have not walked in my shoes either so do not make assumptions about me and my so called privilege. You think America is racist? Then you’ve been hoodwinked by the white liberal establishment and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Travel the world and go see that every nation has racism and some more than others but few make efforts such as we do to mitigate or eliminate it.”

    When Leftists control your school, they will fire conservatives if they can. Leftists are power abusers. Everything they accuse us of, they are in fact doing themselves.

  • Michelle Obama: Former US first lady says she has ‘low-grade depression’

    Former US First Lady Michelle Obama has said she is suffering from “low-grade depression” because of the pandemic, racial injustice and the “hypocrisy” of the Trump administration.

    She will always be suffering because she lives under diversity; in Africa, she would not have this problem. In the meantime, she reveals herself as an obvious con man who wants to shake us down with guilt. People are suffering? People are always suffering, most of them by choice. Remaining in America is a choice. Being a Leftist is a choice. Refusing to acknowledge and adapt to obvious reality is a choice. She has made poor choices and now suffers, she says, but we all know this is just more Leftist attention whoring competition.

  • Twitter temporarily banned Trump campaign from tweeting for sharing coronavirus ‘misinformation’

    On Wednesday night, the social media giant banned the Trump campaign’s account from tweeting unless it removed a post that included a clip of the president claiming children are “almost immune” to COVID-19. The social media platform said the content “is in violation of the Twitter Rules on COVID-19 misinformation.”

    We now have $8/hour life dropouts enforcing the Official Scientific Consensus at the behest of billionaire soyboys. Any pretense we had of scientific accuracy is long gone. This is about keeping the herd from realizing that it has been scammed by democracy as usual. The Left just wants COVID-19 to continue destroying our economy up until the election. Then it will go away, and we will thank Daddy for not whipping us so much this time.

  • Video shows incident before inmate Shaheen Mackey’s death

    Mackey’s family argues instead of properly addressing their loved one’s epilepsy, he was yelled at, physically restrained, tazed several times, and not properly cared for.

    Your mental health problems and criminality are somehow our problem. The future lies in saying “no” to that notion.

  • Windsor Castle opens terrace garden for first time in 40 years

    Visitors to the castle, where the queen spent the last few months during Britain’s lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic before travelling to Scotland, will be able to tour the garden, created in the 1820s, on weekends during August and September.

    Today it features 3,500 rose bushes planted around a central fountain. It boasts a colourful history having served different monarchs’ tastes through the centuries.

    Aristocrats created beautiful places, orderly integration with nature, and social balance that people enjoyed for centuries. Democracy simply consumes things and leaves behind semi-pornographic “art” with a hip-hop soundtrack.

  • Man says he was attacked over his support for Black Lives Matter movement

    Peters has expressed frustration with Seattle Police and believes reform is necessary. However, this attack changed her perspective on current efforts to defund the department.

    “It’s just not right. They are there for us. They’re in our community to serve us.”

    This is how votards “think.”

  • Man accused of threatening to burn down Black church in Virginia pleads guilty

    A church member told police that on the morning of June 7, a person, later identified as Bareswill, called and “stated words to the effect of ‘you [racial slur] need to shut up’ and threatened to set fire to the church,” an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit filed in the case.

    Oh no, a phone call!

  • Racial Incidents at Braum’s and Whataburger Spark Protests in Fort Worth

    An employee, Makiya Congious, 19, said she was fired Tuesday for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask at work.

    She recorded the conversation with her manager.

    “Whataburger doesn’t want to get into anything political because we’re just hamburgers and fries, right?” the manager said.

    You must join with the herd contagion or you are a badthinker, citizen. The other incident involves a manager apparently getting tired of people leaving trash around and dropping a few racial slurs. Ending diversity would end this problem forever.

  • ‘Pervasive and systemic’ racism at Canadian Museum for Human Rights, report says

    Subsequent stories reported exclusively by CBC News also exposed the museum’s censorship of LGBTQ content at the request of religious school groups, VIPs and donors, as recently as 2017, and raised questions about sexual harassment complaints that were not taken seriously.

    Not everyone wants Desmond is Amazing and Drag Queen Story Hour.

  • Bank of England: Coronavirus downturn less severe than feared

    The faster easing of lockdown measures and a “more rapid” pick-up in consumer spending meant the economy rebounded earlier than it had assumed in May.

    Spending on clothing and household goods were back to pre-Covid levels.

    However, the Bank warned of a “material” rise in unemployment this year as it held interest rates at 0.1%.

    Bank of England snaps out of post-COVID-19 stupor first and points out that if we send everyone back to work, consequences will be minimal and the economy will reboot, albeit a bit slowly at first. In other words, things are not as bad as they seem, if we drop the panic and move forward.

  • Minneapolis Charter Commission delays vote on removing police department, keeping it off November ballot

    Commissioners decided Wednesday afternoon to take another 90-days to consider a proposal from the city council to alter the charter.

    Under the proposal, language requiring the city council to fund a police department would be removed, along with the entire structure of the department, and be replaced with a separate department for community safety.

    Now that the narrative has collapsed and the riot/protest drama is over, there is not much point going through with the radical “reforms” planned, since those were just social status signaling anyway. Everything is symbolism and nothing is reality in democracy, which is why democracies tend to collide with reality hard and lose.

  • After 400 years, beavers allowed back in the wild in England for good

    The five-year trial found that other creatures such as fish, insects, birds and water voles had benefitted from the presence of the beavers, who enhance wetland habitats. Their dams had also reduced the risk of flooding to some human homes.

    It turns out that nature knows a few things that humans should heed. Instead of equality, it makes more sense to have a hierarchy with different niches at every level. Then, what we do can benefit others as well as ourselves. Individualist modernity reduces this to the question of what benefits the individual alone, in isolation, in the dead symbolic space of a laboratory or theory paper.

  • Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for making drugs

    The Canadian, identified as Xu Weihong, was sentenced after a trial in the southern city of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court said in a notice on its website.

    “Canadian.” This incident comes from a string of tit-for-tat between the Soviets and Canada, who being good humanists always bow and bob whenever someone threatens someone with Canadian citizenship. Democracy makes us weak; an absence of democratic thinking makes China strong.

  • Germany to ban certain lights at night to save insects

    Light traps for insects are to be banned outdoors, while searchlights and sky spotlights would be outlawed from dusk to dawn for ten months of the year.

    The draft also demands that any new streetlights and other outdoor lights be installed in such a way as to minimise the effect on plants, insects and other animals.

    Some sanity intrudes: instead of forcing our imprint on nature, we attempt to coexist with it by respecting what it does and its need for space free of human manipulation in order to do so.

  • Iowa governor signs order restoring felon voting rights

    Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed an executive order Wednesday granting convicted felons the right to vote after they complete their sentences, ending Iowa’s place as the only remaining state to broadly deny voting rights to felons.

    More Democrat voters.

  • Hiroshima bomb: Japan marks 75 years since nuclear attack

    On 6 August 1945, a US bomber dropped the uranium bomb above the city, killing around 140,000 people.

    We allied with Communists to defeat National Socialism so that we could become neo-Communist. No one won the world wars; they were more democracy wars, destroying our civilization for symbolic victories. Votards still think they were great patriotic wars however.

  • Google pulls 2,500 China-linked YouTube channels over disinformation

    Disinformation seeded by foreign actors has emerged as a burning concern for American politicians and technologists alike since the 2016 presidential election, when Russian government-linked actors pumped hundreds of thousands of deceptive messages into the social media ecosystem.

    It turns out that an open society ruled by proles has no concept of what reality is, and therefore blows this way and that in the winds of influence, never really sure what it should be doing or what is right because it has no basis except “me first” individuals gathered in a group dedicated to legalized selfishness.

    Both former Cold War partners are now manipulating the herd, which offends us because only we should manipulate our own herd of credulous, greedy votards:

    The department detailed a Russian-backed misinformation cycle that spreads false information online through state officials and state-funded media reports, by infiltrating U.S. social media conversation, and leveraging a deceptive internet framework of websites. The Kremlin’s efforts have most recently focused on conspiracy theories around the pandemic, the report found.

    How dare they interfere in our mass control madness. Only we have the right to manipulate, confuse, terrify, and incite our own citizens. We paid for them… with their money… after all.

  • China says it has no intention of ‘becoming another United States’

    In an interview with state media Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said “today’s China is not the former Soviet Union.” He added that his country has “no intention of becoming another United States.”

    “We have no intention of becoming another United States. China does not export ideology, and never interferes in other countries’ internal affairs,” he said.

    Leftists know how well this lie works because American public schools have assiduously avoided teaching anything about Communism or China. Most people do not know that we fought a war against them in Korea and a proxy war against them in Vietnam, where they equipped and trained the enemy. Few know how many states Communism spread to through the agencies and influencers of China. Even fewer care. They just want free stuff and screw the rich. That is the thinking of the usual prole.

  • Three arrested and charged over putting LGBT flags on Warsaw statues

    Polish police charged them with desecrating monuments and offending religious feelings.

    Activists protesting against the anti-LGBT policies of President Andrzej Duda hung the flags off statues of Jesus Christ, the astronomer Copernicus and the Warsaw mermaid.

    Leftists freak out because not everyone agrees with them that LGBT is a blessing. Hard conservatives see it as aberrant behavior. The traditional conservative view, which is to not mention it and leave it along as long as it keeps itself quiet, requires too much nuance, depth, and time-awareness for the votards.

  • New Zealand man appeals guilt in British backpacker slaying

    A jury had earlier determined that tourist Grace Millane was strangled to death on her 22nd birthday in December 2018 by a man she had met through the dating app Tinder.

    In my book, if your weird kink ends in a shallow grave, you get a Darwin Award and nothing else.

  • MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary slams network as ‘cancer’ after quitting job

    Ariana Pekary, who worked on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” shared the letter on her personal site Monday, accusing the network of letting ratings dictate content.

    “This cancer risks human lives, even in the middle of a pandemic,” she wrote.

    “The longer I was at MSNBC, the more I saw such choices — it’s practically baked in to the editorial process – and those decisions affect news content every day,” she continued. “Likewise, it’s taboo to discuss how the ratings scheme distorts content, or it’s simply taken for granted, because everyone in the commercial broadcast news industry is doing the exact same thing.”

    Ratings reflect the number of people viewing something. Most people are morons. Therefore, if you let them use this utilitarian index, you will end up with moronic content.

  • Streatham Hill stabbing: Mark Brazant admits attempted murder

    The original trial heard that Brazant, who has paranoid schizophrenia, had a history of attacking lone women for no reason and on 26 November carried out four assaults in one day.

    And yet they keep letting him out. Traditional societies exiled such people or drowned them in swamps. They are broken and nothing can fix them. Equality is gibberish.


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