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  • El Paso massacre suspect wrote an anti-immigrant ‘manifesto’ before the attack, authorities say

    You can read the Patrick Wood Crusius manifesto, the Brenton Tarrant manifesto, the Anders Breivik manifesto and the Ted Kaczynski manifesto. All tell versions of the same idea: modern society has gone nuts in its pursuit of the utilitarian, which arises from individualism in groups, and manifests in diversity, entitlements, nanny state, ecocide, and other crises.

    Crusius in particular noted the invasion of illegal aliens as a flash point for an American crisis:

    He later told investigators he wanted to shoot as many Mexicans as possible, two law enforcement officials told ABC News.

    In the meantime, this illegal alien who killed 19 people seems to have slipped into the memory hole.

    The eternal question remains: why aren’t people simply shooting Leftists? The lugubrious answer is that, caught in the mental illusion of egalitarianism, they assume that we want white Leftists because we need to keep our numbers up. In reality, we badly need a quality filter for European-descended people. You do not get Leftists unless deleterious mutations, neurosis, and mass culture rise, and that does not happy among happy and healthy populations. We need to purge the unhealthy, insane, weak, stupid, incompetent, retarded, schizoid, neurotic, sociopathic, psychopathic, parasitic, and passive-aggressive from our ranks by sending them all to Venezuela and burning their passports in giant heaps.

  • Ex-owner of meatpacking plant targeted in mass ICE raid sentenced to 18 months in prison

    In April of 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained 97 people in a massive work place enforcement raid. At the time it was the biggest work side raid since a 2008 raid in Postville, Iowa, where nearly 400 immigrants were detained at a slaughterhouse. Since the Tennessee raid, the Trump administration has escalated its use of mass worksite raids.

    When people start going to jail for hiring illegals, the practice becomes less convenient, but the real elephant in the room is legal protection for unions. Until we are freed from the unions, people are going to want the ability to hire outside the legal workforce. Of course, automation will do a lot of this, and by liberating us from unions, liberate us from socialism. We will all still work, just for fewer hours, at least until we allow the Leftist politicians to come up with a new group that needs our tax dollars, at which point it is back to the salt mines to labor ineffectually for nothing that produces anything good.

  • Threat prompts Tennessee school to remove Trump painting

    This was an anti-Trump painting. People have realized that this is a tribal conflict, and therefore “principles” are simply ways to lose. You want to decrease the presence of your enemies and competition however you can, by any means necessary.

  • Timeline: 21 mass shootings in the United States in 2019

    To balance the Leftwoo coming out about how there are thousands of mass shootings in the US and all are committed by the ALt-Right, here are some solid numbers showing that most of the mass shootings are workplace violence or gang conflicts.

  • 51% in new poll say Trump is racist

    91% of Republicans and 50% of whites say no. In the meantime, we are divided between thinking that he is not “racist” for pointing out that the third world and its people are here to conquer and replace our successful ways with their unsuccessful ones, and that maybe, “racism” is not so bad if he is “racist.” A bigger picture view simply says that “racist” or not, diversity is destructive and we need to end it before it ends us.

  • Tommy Robinson: Tense standoff with police as supporters demand release of jailed activist

    We must feel really glad that we fought all those wars for “muh freedom” which have now ended in the exact opposite. You do what the herd wants, or you will be destroyed. Once Leftists got into The System, they found ways to weaponize it against any dissent, and so from WW1 onward we have been steadily going down the rabbit hole of ideology as reality recedes behind us.

  • Mexican Wealth Takes Flight to Escape AMLO’s ‘Transformation’

    Another election, another Leftist wins, and another exodus of people with abilities from the country toward anywhere else, guaranteeing that as it goes further into oblivion, there will be no one competent to save it from itself. At what point do we just ban egalitarianism?

  • ‘Comfort woman’ statue pulled from Japan exhibit after threats

    People are tired of the guilt. We do not have to like what the Axis powers did, but we can admit that the Allies did lots of bad stuff too, and that the Axis has been vindicated by the failure of diversity. Nationalism won WW2 by losing, because now that the world has adopted internationalism (globalism/diversity) and seen it fail, we are retreating from that ideological view more toward practical and realistic ones.

  • Russian ‘super quiet’ submarines feared to be in British waters

    Will democracy awaken from its stupor and excess in time to address external threats? Will its rainbow military be able to compete with people who are not so deluded? The answer is probably not, so at first, the West will do nothing but lose against these more aggressive newcomers. Then, as we did the Mongols, we will slowly stir ourselves to consciousness and fight back, ultimately driving them off at the cost of great loss of life among our least useless people. Difficulty: the following generation will be more useless as a result. At some point, we are going to need permanent solutions to the other ethnic groups which keep attacking us. One good starting point would be to starve them of our business and to watch them fail back into third world status as a result. The real enemy, and the hand manipulating the Russian puppet, is China.

  • A Georgia elementary school was criticized for a poster dictating hairstyles for black students

    Black school wants less distracting haircuts, but someone sees that only Black kids are on the poster, and objects to the “racism.” Round and round we go, everyone looking for fifteen minutes of fame and a payoff for being a victim. There will be no peace, health, sanity, stability, or growth while we insist on keeping the diversity policy around.

  • Māori land rights leader calls on Jacinda Ardern to recognise Indigenous ‘crisis’

    Everywhere we go, the have-nots are demanding things from the haves, with diversity making the crisis even worse. This simply cannibalizes the best of our societies in order to fund the struggling, which makes everyone struggle equally. “Misery loves company!”

  • Chinese students are two years ahead of their white British peers by age 16, report finds

    Chinese have faith in the system since it is working in their favor, and are selected for those who have the money to migrate, so of course they do better across the board. White British kids, who are targets of all of the ire of the Left, realize that their own society is not for them and drop out or self-destruct. Diversity cannot work, even with nice and high-IQ groups. The policy of diversity itself forces society to become hostile to its founding group.

  • Jewish council slams Nazi-like campaign poster decision

    From “Jews Are Our Misfortune” to “Israel Is Our Misfortune.” My suggestion is to let Hitler lie. We are looking toward the future, not revenge for the past. If the Right gains power in Europe and the USA, we can end diversity peacefully, fix our societies, and move forward. We cannot fetishize or obsess over the past, because it will simply make us overlook what we need for the future.

  • Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA

    Suddenly, eugenics is back in the news. While this particular item arose from the media feeding frenzy over former darling Jeffrey Epstein, because with his fall others will fall and this will allow members of the ravening herd to rise, the fact that we are now discussing this provides fodder for the future. What, after all, should be seeding the human race? Do we want to be ruled by bureaucrats and commercial merchants, third world underclasses, or the type of hardy ethnic Western European pioneers (HEWPs) who made America great in the first place? In other news, we now know why Epstein walked free on his first trial, namely that he was an FBI informant like so many of the far-Right people who later committed acts of terror.

  • Binge drinking among older Americans is on the rise, new study finds

    We live in a society of people in the grips of existential misery. Some shoot up Walmarts, and others just drink themselves to death.

  • Americans divided over threats from climate change, Russia and Iran

    The headline buries the lede: Americans are more likely to see China as a threat, with 54% reporting concerns about China’s power and influence.

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