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Periscope (August 31, 2018)

  • Kavanaugh’s civil rights views studied ahead of confirmation

    But as President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, his views on affirmative action, along with voting rights and discrimination, are coming under intense scrutiny by civil rights organizations as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to begin confirmation hearings Tuesday.

    The Left has given us a handy list of the pillars of their power: affirmative action, anti-discrimination, and civil rights. Starting in the 1860s, the USA rededicated itself as an ideological regime — think of the Soviets, Napoleon, or National Socialism — dedicated to enforcing equality where nature had not granted it (as nature never does). The root of this regime’s power, and the blank check it uses to justify all of its actions, is civil rights, which is primarily enforced through affirmative action, anti-discrimination law, and mandatory inclusion laws like HUD. Those are what must next fall.

  • Popular College Majors Changed Abruptly After the Financial Crisis

    Over the previous decade, disciplines like history, philosophy, English literature, and religion were either growing or holding steady as a share of all college majors. But in the decade after the financial crisis, all of these majors took a nosedive. The popularity of the history major is an illustrative example. From 1998 to 2007, the share of college students graduating with a degree in history averaged around 2%. By 2017, it had fallen closer to 1%. (All data in this article are based on reports that colleges submit to the US Department of Education.) Other humanities majors saw a similar fall. “Declines have hit almost every field in the humanities… and related social sciences,” wrote Schmidt in the The Atlantic. “[T]hey have not stabilized with the economic recovery, and they appear to reflect a new set of student priorities, which are being formed even before they see the inside of a college classroom.”

    College seemed like a gateway to wealth, so with affirmative action and loans, we sent just about everyone to college. This devalued college into a jobs program. At this point, college degrees themselves are worth less, which is why large companies are reversing their previous position and no longer require college degrees. In order to make college available to everyone, they had to dumb it down to High School 2.0 and teach mostly propaganda, and that does not qualify competent workers. College was always a four-year IQ and self-organization test, but now it no longer serves that function.

  • The Unconstrained Presidency

    The rise of partisanship is one important reason. Although foreign policy has never been fully isolated from politics, political polarization began to rise in the 1970s, and it increased sharply in the 1990s. Today, members of Congress reflexively support their own party. In periods of unified government, this means extreme deference to the president. In periods of divided government, it means congressional gridlock. Neither scenario yields much in terms of congressional oversight.

    After the Democrats adopted the Hart-Celler Act, it became clear to Republicans that demographic replacement was the agenda, and so collaborating became impossible. With the rise of the autocratic Teflon president in the 1990s, it became clear that anything but outright hostility allowed the Left to hijack everything and ruin it.

  • U.S. consumer sentiment falls to seven-month low

    U.S. consumer sentiment fell to a seven-month low in August as households worried about rising prices amid a robust economy and tensions between the United States and its main trade partners.

    Obama reduced the purchasing power of our currency through “shrinkflation,” creating an environment in which brands repackaged their products in order to sell less for the same price. I estimate that we lost 40% of our purchasing power during his regime. Now that the economy is booming again, the market is re-adjusting the value of our currency, and we are seeing the Obama losses realized.

  • Analysis: What’s lost when the president can’t show up?

    The McCain family asked him to stay away from the four-day tribute to the storied Republican lawmaker.

    “There’s a loss,” says Julian Zelizer, a political historian at Princeton University. “A lot of the stuff (Trump) does become norms. That’s the power of a presidency. Now a president can be this way.”

    The Leftist cries out as he strikes you. Part of the brilliance of the Trump presidency comes from him allowing his enemies to set the agenda, then making it a norm. This separation is essential for Americans to realize that our nation is splintered into many special interest groups, including racial, ethnic, and political factions.

  • Trump threatens to withdraw from World Trade Organization

    In a Thursday interview with Bloomberg, Trump again criticized the international trading group’s treatment of the United States.

    He told Bloomberg, “If they don’t shape up, I would withdraw from the WTO.”

    Watching the Trump Method™ in action is great fun: he threatens to pull out of something, then when the outrage hits, uses that outrage as a measure of how important participation is the other side and re-negotiates on that basis. They fall for it every time.

  • Stabbing suspect in Germany was slated for deportation: court

    A local court in Chemnitz on Friday confirmed that Yousif Ibrahim Abdullah could have been deported two years ago to Bulgaria, where he first applied for asylum, but authorities missed a six-month deadline for doing so.

    …Many Germans have recoiled at the anti-migrant violence seen after the stabbing death. A new poll for broadcaster ZDF showed 76 percent of Germans see far-right extremists as posing a danger to German democracy.

    Everyone is coming late to the realization that liberal democracy is the old order and it has failed, much like Communism and National Socialism, because it failed to realize its goals and instead created problems. The welfare state is too expensive, and these states cannot fund the aging Baby Boomer generation, so conventional “wisdom” held that migrants would fund the benefits state. As it turns out, migrants are instead erasing Europe, which is causing a backlash set off by pretexts like the Chemnitz stabbing.

  • Justice Dept. Charges Indian CEO With Massive H-1B Fraud

    “The criminal complaint describes how two companies incorporated by [CEO Pradyumna Kumar Samal] in 2010 and 2011, engaged in a scheme sometimes referred to as a ‘bench-and-switch’ scheme, to exploit foreign-national workers, compete unlawfully in the market, and defraud the U.S. government,” said the statement from the Department of Justice.

    The American worker was too dense to notice this at the polls, relying instead on media support for unions and regulations as his salvation, but industry has been dumping new, cheap labor into America for decades as a means of keeping costs low and making workers easily replaced.

  • New survey reveals 57 percent of Americans have been surprised by a medical bill

    Surprise medical bills may occur for several reasons. In some cases, particular services (e.g., certain lab tests) or products (e.g., certain prescription drugs) may not be covered by a health plan. Care received before meeting the deductible or high cost-sharing requirements may also surprise consumers. In other cases, health care providers may be out-of-network for a plan. When that occurs, charges for the services may only be partially covered or not covered at all, depending on the type of insurance and benefit design.

    Voters are the ultimate idiots, even when they are personally intelligent, because people in groups behave as groups and not thinking individuals. Fear the herd. In this case, they seem to have missed the point that insurance means you take money from the healthy and wealthy and give to the poor and sick, which creates increasing demand against a fixed number of payers. This in turn causes the creation of vast labyrinths of rules so that the system can avoid going bankrupt. That in turn means that if you have money, you will get shocking medical bills.

  • Trump, foundation seek to end New York lawsuit, call it political attack

    He also questioned why the attorney general ignored “serious and significant allegations of misconduct” involving the foundation of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary was defeated by Trump in the 2016 White House race.

    Obama showed the way with his IRS crackdown on conservatives: allow Leftists to freely target conservatives while ignoring Leftist transgressions. All they are doing is proving Trump correct about the entrenched establishment bureaucracy — the “deep state” — and its bias.

  • Where have all the men gone?

    Men these days are not narcissists; men these days have been feminised. Not all of them, but most of them.

    …Yes, raw, animal, masculine seduction is what women seek, yet all around them the men are drinking soy lattes.

    This is why the women go home to watch Vikings and Game of Thrones: programmes where the men hunt animals, skin them, wear them and then have their way with the slave girl.

    Men and women are fun as opposites that attract. They are not fun in the Leftist ideal, as two versions of the same thing. In fact, socialism kills all fun. Nature, God, the design of the universe, and the gods — we might as well admit that these are the same — are smarter than we are. The more humanity tries to “improve” nature by changing it, instead of accepting it and maximizing our adaptation for the transcendental best, the more we dig ourselves a grave. Ask Captain Ahab.

  • Tories – BNP policy only way forward

    The BNP has always been, and continues to be, a monumental influence on British politics, years ahead of our opposition and leading the way in developing popular nationalist policies.

    It’s why the politicians rely on the BNP for policies to lift.

    With influence like that, the BNP is forcing change within British politics, whether BNP policy is enacted by the BNP or opportunist career politicians is irrelevant.

    This is popular in a nutshell: a cultural wave pushes certain ideas as powerful and others as failed, then radical parties give hints to the mainstream, which adopts steadily more realized versions of those policies as the Overton Window widens.

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