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  • Trump blames Obama, not Putin, for Russia seizing Crimea

    No one was fooled by Vladimir Putin. When your resume contains the words “former KGB colonel,” you are a warlord and can be expected to act like one. For that reason, American leaders need to send strong signals like “invade Crimea, and we send in the tanks.” This tells former KGB colonels that the risk outweighs the reward, even if they desperately want warm-water ports and a buffer zone against a potential but highly unlikely Western invasion. Obama did what Clinton did, which was to send weak signals and then moralize impotently after the fact. That not only does nothing to stop the invasion, but also creates the potential for war, where clear signaling does not. Despite the media praising him to the skies, Barack Obama was a weak and incompetent leader who was mostly focused on his own career and wealth. Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same; the weaker conservatives like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, for all of their faults, at least tried to govern in a reasonable manner. Unfortunately, that simply paves the way for more Obamas. Trump understands that the Right must fight for a sane social order and outlook toward the presidency, and while most people cannot articulate this, many of them can recognize it and the benefits that strong leadership provides over weak signaling to known warlords.

  • Anti-immigration billboards across Canada taken down after backlash

    What do you do when your population loses its mind? You recognize that you are in the end days of democracy, for starters. Any system based on voting or purchasing makes the fundamental assumption that people are equal in thinking capacity, which not only is wrong but encourages the formation of herds, or groups which defer to what they consider to be the common opinion; every year this opinion moves further Left because the assumption upon which the system is based — egalitarianism — requires constant expansion in order to stay ahead of its obvious and plentiful problems. In the West, our populations are nearly at Communist levels because when the Communists fell, that set an upper boundary for how far Left we could go. We could get right up to that line, and we have done this, because easy answers are always more popular with a crowd. When you let human socializing rule the day, you end up with an ignorant mob demanding the impossible and then, when it is lied to, rationalizing its decisions as good because it must live with them. No one likes our society, but no one will suggest fundamentally changing it, either, in public at least. As a result, we just accept that it is bad but focus on things that make us feel better, like signaling for attention based on how righteous and compassionate our opinions seem to be. Nature does not care, and keeps working its cause-effect magic which will disinterestedly eliminate us for our stupidity.

  • Wrong-way driver gets 30 years to life for killing 5 teens

    During the trial, psychiatrists said that in the days before the crash, Bourgoin thought he was on a secret mission, believed he was in danger and he thought he was getting signals from lights, radios and television static about what to do.

    Reminder that the insane are not harmless. In fact, by definition, they are harmful, since they have no way to accurately assess reality. We are awash in people with low grades of insanity who make terrible decisions that all of us then suffer.

  • African nations get brutal at borders in crackdowns on illegal immigration

    Everywhere there are haves and have-nots, the have-nots are mobbing the haves. It is sort of like the French Revolution but on a planetary scale. The result will be that the mob will overwhelm the goose that laid golden eggs and make everyone equally impoverished, instead of doing what the mob needs to do which is to change its behavior. Most of humanity is illogical; we need to place the logical in strong authority or we will drown in the masses of confused, thoughtless, and careless people. In other words, they are possessed by insanity, and we can only counter this with sanity. We can save Earth, and save humanity, but we cannot save everyone. This seems bleak until you consider that the other option, destroying everyone, is even more desolate.

  • Traffic cameras helped lead police to charge cafe owners accused of staging hate crime

    Another day, another fake hate crime. Diversity means that every group tries to get ahead of others, and whoever is perceived to be “in charge” gets blamed for everything wrong, much of it fake as other groups use guilt as a weapon. It is more intelligent to simply end diversity now before it reverts to a form of open ethnic warfare that no one will win.

  • Australia plans to block sites hosting extremist content during attacks

    Our free societies are so free that they consider censorship a good thing since otherwise we will have to face the massive failure of our policies, the divisions in our societies, the incompatibility of our special interest groups, and the grim fact that nothing gets better until we start doing something else.

  • Fires in Brazil

    As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years.

    In other words, this is media hype designed to dethrone Jair Bolsonaro. Apparently it is working. The Left operates as a hive mind, and they attack in unison with zero regard for the facts of the matter, since to them all that matters is winning because in their view, promoting equality is the one moral good.

  • US stocks rally on optimism for a US-China trade war thaw

    Trump knows how to work a room. He feeds them contradictory messages, first attacking and then relenting, always getting closer to his objective. He is winning the trade war but this upsets the international Left, who see their carefully-constructed policy of globalism — the next step toward a New World Order of Leftist government across the globe — disintegrating in the face of reality. In the meantime, Trump has all the cards; the “developing” world, including China, depends on our economy for theirs to survive. No wonder they are calling for restraint. In the meantime, Trump is forcing America to become self-reliant as he defeats what is now our oldest adversary.

  • Intelligence agencies warn of ‘unprecedented scale’ of foreign spying within Australia

    The high cost of diversity includes the dubious state of having your opposition walk among you:

    Intelligence experts say the public doesn’t fully understand the extent of the threat, or how easily migrants and refugees can be recruited as spies, often against their will.

    If you have family in the mother country, of course you will spy for it. Otherwise, your family will end up in a camp.

  • Joe Walsh announces Republican primary challenge against Trump

    The public Right cannot resist any chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They keep searching for the Great Hope that their marketers encourage, which is a Republican who is actually a Leftist, forgetting that not only will their base not turn out for that, but the moderates and Leftists will simply head to the Left instead. When you are competing with the free stuff short-term thinkers, the only solution is to go hard in the opposite direction, because otherwise you offer no alternative and therefore, no real reason for voters to vote for you.

  • Migrant workers ‘exploited’ in Japan

    Do not import the Other and they will not be exploited. If you bring in foreigners, they will be resented because their presence constitutes an invasion, even if a peaceful one, and so they will be mistreated.

  • Gang rapist claims he’s too depressed to be deported from Britain

    Ordinary people act with their emotions and their social fears, and consequently end up defending the evil in the name of equality. The UK tried to deport this fellow, but the passengers staged a revolt with every bit as much decorum as the French or Bolshevik revolutions, and now he has taken up permanent residency in the justice/welfare system, claiming that he is too depressed to be sent away despite being a gang rapist. Look how wonderful it is to be diverse and bring in random people from other parts of the world. The good people in Somalia stayed home and have tried to make Somalia more stable; the bad ones run away to wherever they think there is free money. Thanks to Leftism, we have a big fat free money system in the West which attracts the worst worldwide.

  • Far-right surge rattles guardians of Nazi era remembrance

    People are tired of war guilt. While the Nazis did some bad stuff, the narrative that glorifies their guilt often overstates its case, and seems designed to make Germans hate themselves. As all of the policies of the postwar republic fail at once, people want to break free from the guilt so that they can in turn break free from liberal democracy, Leftism, and diversity. If the Holocaust authorities had any brains, they would acknowledge the legitimate concerns and focus only on the sometimes silly claims made by some on the far-Right, but instead they are playing “us versus them” which will only make it easy to wholly discount them at some point.

  • City crows may have high cholesterol because they eat fast food

    Democratization refers to the process of making things formerly available to the natural elites — power, wealth, prestige, cultural authority — accessible to the herd. However, the herd are not distinguished by their abilities, which means that you quickly get the lowest common denominator, which in the case of fast food means combining desert and the main course so you get a salty, sugar-laden, and fatty burger with fatty fries instead of something reasonably healthy. None seem to be able to challenge this because it would mean telling someone that they could not achieve their dreams of wealth or obesity, and this threatens our ideological concept of equality. However, if the results are worse with equality, should we consider equality itself a public health threat?

  • The US says China is blocking $2.5 trillion in South China Sea oil and gas

    China is trying to seize the area south of Indochina so that it can access massive oil reserves and build up its economy — or war machine — without having to rely on the West. Maybe this will provoke the next Pearl Harbor style attack, since restricting resources tends to provoke war. Then again, the nations that China sees as being in its way may create a new battleground. We could be on the verge of the second Vietnam conflict.

  • Jurors acquitted Mateen Cleaves, prosecutors say this video proved his guilt

    American conservatives like to talk up our legal, political, and economic systems, forgetting that those systems are only interpretations and those vary with the people who are in power in any area. Minority-majority societies tend to excuse violence by their own against those of other groups, in this case some white girl who got raped by a sports star.

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