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  • Buttigieg making faith-based appeal to voters in 2020 bid

    It is safe to signal as a Christian and re-interpret the faith now; Christianity is in sudden decline now that it has been seized by the Left, which will promptly turn the message of Jesus — act as if your acts would become universal maxim in the context of a holy order on Earth — into the usual message of neurotics, the under-confident, and the Left: worship each human equally. This is a shame, but one wonders how long Christianity can coexist with nationalism, since Christianity is obviously foreign in origin. Even more, Christianity makes itself prone to misinterpretation through elements like the quasi-socialist Sermon on the Mount or statements about loving thine neighbor. To a historical eye, Christianity was an attempt to fuse Buddhism and the knowledge of the Greeks with the rich legacy of Jewish scripture — these people were fantastic, interesting writers — in a belief in an order pervading all of existence. Instead, we got something far too individualistic by the nature of the incoherence necessarily built in to such a fusion, even though its Buddhist soul shines through. However, the West has misinterpreted Buddhism the same way, mainly because in any culture decided by the lower and not the higher, the most simplistic (i.e. easily transmissible) interpreted prevails, and so you get Jesus the Hippie and Buddha the Pacifist, when in fact neither are true. Future Western religion will probably incorporate the Bible and related books as prophecy instead of holy texts, but for it to rise, we need the intelligent and morally elite back in power instead of the merchants, salesmen, union organizers, and marketers.

  • LA policeman who said sniper shot him ‘made it up’

    Another diversity success story. Angel Reinosa fakes a shooting for reasons unknown. It may have had to do with well-intentioned white people promoting him to a place where he was no longer able to keep up, and then with concealed schadenfreude watching him fall. White people: it is far past time to purge the weak, filter out the bad, and thin the herd.

  • Lack of funds forces UN to close down life-saving aid programmes in Yemen

    Starving the beast makes good sense. In this case, the UN wants to feed a generation of hopelessly impoverished people in a vastly disorganized land, creating the next generation of people to feed and perpetual future employment for UN bureaucrats. No one wants to let them die, but at the same time, we are going to kill more people by feeding them. With Europe being forced to attend to its own defense, Asia scrambling to save itself from the collapse of its Potemkin markets, and America focused on rebuilding its industry, hopefully the UN will simply leave the planet.

  • North Carolina police officer fired for following the ‘Billy Graham Rule,’ lawsuit says

    Do you know the term blockhead? Humans think in rigid rules, meaning not just even divisions into equal parts, but square simple corners and bright line boundaries. This makes humans feel powerful. Therefore, when you have the wrong humans get power, they defer to the utilitarian norm — what most people will say they think will make them happy, and “the customer is always right” — and this means that they like identical people. That, in the end, is what our peasant-brains want “equality” to be, lots of little grey human figurines onto which we can stamp our symbols like equality, patriotism, the Constitution, hard work, Jesus/Israel/rapture ideology, and so on. These have to be genderless little grey figures, so we are determined to force everyone to be blind to sex, despite it being a necessary part of our nature. The “Billy Graham Rule” — never be alone with a woman who is not your wife — seems extreme, but it creates 100% protection against being accused of sexual abuse.

  • Humans migrated to Mongolia much earlier than previously believed

    We have a few tiny details of our past and from it we try to abstract the whole thing. Why do we know so little? Civilizations keep collapsing, and then someone burns all the knowledge. Why do civilizations keep collapsing? We forget, because that part got burned. What should be our biggest focus? I dunno, maybe try to keep civilizations from collapsing and burning all their knowledge, historical and otherwise.

  • Arkansas, home to supremacist groups, weighs hate crimes law

    The Left wants to use recent shootings to force Arkansas to have a hate crimes law. Why? These laws always expand from covering racial crimes to being used as speech codes. If your state has a law that says you cannot frighten someone else with a public statement, and you make a racial public statement — even a neutral one like “diversity does not work and we are going to have to end it” — they can charge you with a hate crime, get your picture in the papers, have your job fire you and your wife divorce you as your friends flee your presence, and that way, warn everyone else off of having those “bad” thoughts.

  • Americans Have Shifted Dramatically on What Values Matter Most

    People are no longer patriotic, convinced that children are good, or favorable toward religion. We have finally made the end product of all Enlightenment™ thinking, the grey person who has obedience to nothing but himself. On this site we criticize the root of the failing of the West as “individualism,” or the desire for the individual to be more important than larger orders like social order, natural law, natural order, divine order, and quite simply, logic itself (cause/effect, supply/demand, detail/structure, and so on). With individualism, you get a group of angry peasant monkeys demanding that nothing come between them and a good time, but also slavishly conforming to whatever insane economic and political system allows them to afford their good time.

  • Donald Trump likely to end birthright citizenship

    You can tackle a complex problem from the top-down or bottom-up. Top-down means you go for its biggest point and destroy that, causing all of the details dependent on that to collapse. This works when you can demonstrate that the thing, as a whole, is bad. Bottom-up means that you work with laws of supply and demand to make the thing less desirable in the details, eventually leading to the collapse of the whole. The Left badly wanted Trump to strike for the core of immigration because then he would have defined a battlefield in which they could win by organizing their base and useful idiots to come fight the New Hitler. Instead, he is attacking details summarily, unraveling our immigration policy as simply dysfunctional law, and through these many details together, ending the bonanaza by which third world people come here, work sloppy jobs sloppily, and send our money back to their homelands where it is worth ten times as much. Globalism and immigration are two sides of the same coin: wealth transfer to the third world. To end that, you have to end the profit for them here, and Trump is floating this idea in order to get the outrage out of the way, then to quietly move forward with it while the Left is distracted by his latest attempts on Twitter — the red flag to the soy bull — to “buy Greenland” or secure “covfefe.”

  • Vietnam biggest winner from first year of the US-China trade war as supply chains shift, report shows

    This seems like an American defeat, but think of it this way: the historical enemy of the Chinese who sit on the Chinese border are now stronger and more likely to challenge China, which is happening as China feels its position slipping and decides to bully its neighbors. China has wanted to recapture Indochina for centuries; they do so at their peril because then they will mix blood with groups that, while similar in some ways, are still quite foreign. In any case, the Chinese dream of world conquest has ended just like the grand chessmaster plans of Genghis Khan collapsed in only a few centuries.

  • Global appetite for beef and soy fuels Amazon fires

    Soy will not save us. We simply have too many people. Instead of doing the sane thing and reducing our numbers, we are trying to subsidize them all, which means that soon a world of twenty billion people will find itself out of water, food, and medicine. At that point, death will feast, and everyone will know that the pathological stupidity of democracy was responsible.

  • Fox News Anchor Says Media Encouraged China to Fight Back in Trump Trade War

    Just as they did during the Vietnam War, the American Left is rooting for the enemy, China. It makes us wonder if The Manchurian Candidate was fiction after all.

  • ‘Damage has been done’: Newark water crisis echoes Flint

    Third world countries lack advanced institutions and services — water, sewer, trash, police, electricity — for two reasons. First, they have bred out genius and tend to punish anyone who rises above the average; American Leftists tacitly acknowledge this, which manifests itself in a wide average IQ gap between first and third world. Second, however, they tend to be kleptocracies where everyone wants to be king and therefore, only the most brutal rise, and those tend to steal everything and then shrug when the water is poisonous, the sewage piles up, epidemics hit, or crime remains high. In the first world, wherever we have set up diverse communities, people cannot agree on a common culture, and therefore they revert to humanity-as-usual, which is the third world order of subsistence living, matriarchy, promiscuity, addiction, obesity, corruption, graft, crime, public defecation, vandalism, perversity, and zero coordination at a level larger than the individual except by force. Not surprisingly, Newark has no working public water system; the money got stolen long ago. Now the hand comes out for the people nearby who have more money, mainly by not going the third world route and aiming for productivity, balance, honesty, and function instead, to fix the problem created by diversity. Forget it: it is a black hole. Fix it today, and tomorrow the copper gets stolen and the pumps fail, and then the hand comes out again. Over and over again. It is time to let the humans who are functional be productive and thrive, and let everyone else die for not having figured out the simple riddle of being useful instead of wholly self-serving and therefore, useless to anything but an aggregate of poverty.

  • Trump accused of secretly blocking move to quell internet extremism

    Leftists understand democracy better than conservatives; they know that voters are selfish morons who understand nothing and therefore can be bribed with something in hand, either tangibles like money and free services or intangibles like jingoism or pity (pity of others is really projected self-pity). With Trump, conservatives are finally figuring out that democracy is just really, really expensive entertainment. That is, whoever taps into the emotion of the herd first wins. When a crisis happens, Trump comes out and talks about all sorts of stuff and makes the right noises but also introduces enough conflict that everyone talks about what he said instead of what anyone else is thinking. This drives the Left, who are losers in life but big shots in the world of socializing and public opinion, mad because they are now irrelevant. In the meantime, once the next paycheck period has passed and the crisis has slipped into the memory hole, Trump quietly does what makes sense. In this case, he seems to be avoiding more psychotic American law written to pander to special interest groups.

  • Activists say it’s time to do away with Le Sauvage, a Belgian festival’s traditional blackface character

    Every group defines itself both by what it is and what it is not. In the West, we have satires of other cultures — Fu Manchu, blackface, Shylock, Tonto — in order to remind ourselves that we are different and have to go our own way. That is not a problem until you import the diversity:

    Mouhad Reghif, spokesman of the Brussels Panthers, said the whole tradition of the character needs to go.

    Now they are here to tell us how to run our countries because our method worked better than theirs and they are mad about it. Instead, why not just emulate ours, or invent their own? That would make them stronger than being here, and leave us alone to continue doing useful things for humanity, if we can overcome our insane social impulse toward collectivized individualism and start being useful again.

  • Man arrested on hate-crime charges in NYC street attacks

    It appears that in the Trump era, minorities can get arrested and charged with hate crimes, too!

  • Supporters, Protestors Among Crowds At Straight Pride Event In Modesto

    Egalitarians need pitied groups in order to advance equality. They haul out the marginalized or otherwise failing group, point out that it is not yet equal, and demand that everyone else change what they are doing in order to include this group in the wealth and power chain on the theory that giving them what they failed to naturally achieve will change their status and everyone will be equal. Homosexuals and transgenders are simply the latest group that the Left has discovered to use as a symbol, and this pushback is more about people tired of being roped into the great quest to make everyone equal everywhere than it is about homosexuality per se. Most of us have no problem with homosexuals who keep their activities private and transgenders who warn us on the first date; the big point is that we want a social order based around what works, namely conservative, chaste, sober, pious, studious, productive, realistic, and creative people grouped into nuclear families under a strong culture and strong upper-level government with weak nearly anarchic local government. We want to be like nature, rewarding the good and eating up the bad. Egalitarians fear that and attempt to destroy it.

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