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Periscope (August 24, 2018)

  • Germany halts Uighur deportations to China

    The German government has suspended deportations of Uighurs to China until further notice, according to a media report. The Muslim minority faces discrimination and persecution in the northwestern Xinjiang region.

    We feared despots, so we became suspicious of anyone who acted in self-interest alone. This made us compulsive xenophiles who view selfless action as the only right path, and that in turn makes us the world’s slave for all of its problems. Let the rest of the world solve its problems, and we can focus on our much bigger problem, which is that we are exterminating ourselves.

  • Verizon under fire for ‘throttling’ firefighters’ data in California blaze

    California firefighters’ ability to battle a huge wildfire was impeded by Verizon Wireless throttling their internet connection, in a moment advocates say demonstrates the high stakes of the battle over net neutrality.

    Leftists are making another talking point here with no relation to reality. Net neutrality states that no one host may prioritize traffic to another for financial reasons; what happened here was that Verizon throttled a subscriber for using too much data. The Left does not care because their only goal is to advance net neutrality and give government another tool to take sites off the net with spurious legal action.

  • Iowa slaying focuses attention on immigrants in agriculture

    The response from farming groups was more muted, reflecting the difficulty in hiring people for the physically demanding work at dairies, slaughterhouses and other agricultural operations.

    The day after Rivera’s arrest, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley acknowledged that some of the most intense opposition has come from his own state’s agriculture industry because of its need for workers.

    Now that we have identified the problem, let us look at solutions. Let’s see how much we can automate.

  • Why I Am Leaving the Conservative Party of Canada

    The same thing happened in reaction to my tweets on diversity and multiculturalism. This is another crucial debate for the future of our country. Do we want to emphasize our ethnic and religious differences, and exploit them to buy votes, as the Liberals are doing? Or emphasize what unites us and the values that can guarantee social cohesion?

    As in Canada, the denialists-versus-realists drama plays out. The denialists want to cuck and receive sweet bucks and adulation from the fawning herd, but the realists want to avoid a program that has been failed everywhere it has been tried which is already showing signs of tearing apart social cohesion.

  • America’s Invisible Pot Addicts

    One extreme option would be to require markets to be noncommercial: The District of Columbia, for instance, does not allow recreational sales, but does allow home cultivation and the gifting of marijuana products among adults.

    Finally a sensible option for marijuana decriminalization. In fact, we should consider deregulating all substances so that people can self-medicate or enjoy tobacco without government stealing every last cent it can get to spend on dubious social engineering programs. Remove commerce and government, and many problems are solved.

  • Kroger to phase out plastic bags at all stores

    Disney, Starbucks, Marriott and McDonald’s are getting rid of plastic straws. McDonald’s said this year that it will use only recycled or other environmentally friendly materials for its soda cups, Happy Meal boxes and other packaging by 2025. Dunkin’ Donuts is phasing out polystyrene foam cups by 2020. Ikea plans to eliminate single-use plastic products from its shelves by 2020.

    Speaking as a child of the 80s, this seems like a dream come true. Removing plastic bags, which are actually useful, less so.

  • Donald Trump’s land seizures tweet sparks anger in South Africa

    Trump’s intervention was the first time he has tweeted the word “Africa” since he became president. Instead of myriad political, economic and security issues that he could have addressed, he offered support to the tiny population of white people on the continent.

    American presidents normally do not Tweet about Africa until you start stealing land and killing people.

  • The Spectacular Implosion of the Canadian Conservative Party

    Something infinitely diverse has no core identity and ceases to exist.

    Cultural balkanisation brings distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence, as we are seeing everywhere. It’s time we reverse this trend before the situation gets worse. More diversity will not be our strength, it will destroy what has made us such a great country.

    But why should we promote ever more diversity? If anything and everything is Canadian, does being Canadian mean something? Shouldn’t we emphasize our cultural traditions, what we have built and have in common, what makes us different from other cultures and societies?

    As the voters struggle out of their stupor, drugged on visions of a man-made Eden to rival that of God where all the colors of the rainbow exist in harmony through equality, it becomes obvious that diversity includes an internal conflict: to have diversity, we must abolish ourselves, and in doing so, we become the opposite of “diverse,” instead forming a grey mass of cultureless, raceless people.

  • Robert Mueller’s ‘win’ exposes how the media never cared about Russia ‘collusion’

    None of it has to do with “collusion” or Russia, but it’s a win for the investigation that’s supposed to be looking at … collusion and Russia.

    Collusion was a pretext. The whole point of the investigation was to target Trump. Some of it is payback for investigating Bill Clinton in the 1990s, a winnowing expedition which failed because Clinton, a sociopath, goes into any situation thinking about how he will hide accountability and maintain plausible deniability. Most of it is just the Left watching their grand plan unravel. With Clinton II, they would have accomplished their final transition into the permanent ruling party, a few enlightened whites ruling over the vast brown Leftist horde. Apparently they are oblivious to the fact that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed them that this will in fact not be their future; to a brown horde, white Leftists are just as useless as any other white people.

  • Cities hit by Harvey still struggling but finding normalcy

    Although many Texas families are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Harvey a year after it caused widespread damage and flooding along the Gulf Coast and in and around Houston, daily life has mostly returned to normal in many of the hardest-hit communities.

    Let me interrupt the lies: the flooding was caused by a release of reservoirs, not the rain itself. The city still has no plan to deal with future floods. No one has learned anything.

  • Does Michael Cohen’s Guilty Plea Justify All The Trump Impeachment Talk?

    Talk of impeaching President Trump is everywhere. But Democrats have been pining for Trump’s impeachment since before he even set foot in the White House. Michael Cohen’s guilty plea is just the latest excuse to bring it up.

    Even before Trump secured the Republican Party nomination, some Democrats were talking about impeaching him.

    In November, Democrats introduced five articles of impeachment against Trump. Rep. Al Green’s impeachment resolution charged Trump with tarnishing “the majesty and dignity of the presidency with causes rooted in white supremacy, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, white nationalism, or neo-Nazism.” Nearly a third of House Democrats voted to force a vote on that resolution.

    Their party is out of momentum. After seventy years of denying that they were socialists, they have admitted that they are socialists. After seventy years of almost uninterrupted power, they have finally implemented enough of their grand plans for us to see that the results are Venezuela/South Africa style horrors. We want out, and they want to replace us. Clinton II was their messiah, and with her failing, their plans are unraveling from the tip. They were so close to destroying everything, if it weren’t for those meddling kids…

  • Video game swastikas stir unease in Germany

    The first video game to depict Germany’s 1933-45 Nazi era uncensored, showing the swastika and Adolf Hitler, has stirred up debate over whether it’s an advance for artistic freedom or a new danger of radicalisation.

    The bigger problem is that Hitler, whatever his failings, has been proven right on the failure of diversity, the threat of Leftism, and the need for a grand, Roman-style restoration of Western Civilization. If the authorities had any brains (spoiler: no) they would instead of demonizing him, focus on his mistakes, like trying to use modern society to escape modern society, genocide, and micromanagement. Hitler has been vindicated by history on enough points that his presence among the greats of history is assured. That means it is doubly important to focus on his errors.

  • Trump slams social media firms for ‘silencing millions’

    “Social Media Giants are silencing millions of people. Can’t do this even if it means we must continue to hear Fake News like CNN, whose ratings have suffered gravely. People have to figure out what is real, and what is not, without censorship!” Trump said.

    Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter have gotten away with ideological censorship for years, basically falling back on the “it’s my service and I can do whatever I want.” Why are they now crying like babies because someone shined a light on them? What a bunch of cowards and liars.

  • David Horowitz: Visa, Mastercard Cut Off Payments to My Think Tank Based on SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Label

    The David Horowitz Freedom Center has had their donation processing system blocked by Visa and Mastercard allegedly following a campaign by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Visa has since contacted Breitbart News to deny involvement in the blacklisting of the Freedom Center.

    For the Left, the goal is always clear: progress toward Utopia via equality. That means that, for them, everything else is a pretext, or an excuse to take action, and then they resume marching toward their illogical but emotional goal. Ideology is brain-fill for ants.

  • White farmer who is set to become the first to have his £10m game reserve seized in South Africa’s controversial land grab policy claims it’s THEFT and government just wants to mine for minerals

    Johan Steenkamp, 67, who co-owns a £10million hunting farm in Limpopo province, has been ordered to hand over his land, following a ten-year battle to stop the government buying it for a tenth of its value.

    Mr Ramaphosa is trying to accelerate land reform to ‘undo a grave historical injustice’ against the black majority during colonialism and the apartheid era that ended in 1994.

    …South African law gives owners the right to dispute the difference and reach a fair settlement in court but in a mortifying new twist for farmers this process was ignored.

    Apparently this is news to people but: in a democracy, demographics determines destiny. When you give the votes to another group, they will vote against the interests of your group. No amount of laws, Constitutions, or financial incentives will stop them. Sort of like how the USA changed its interpretation of its Constitution in order to fight a Civil War, South Africa will merely alter how it views its laws in order to take what it wants. When you lose the majority, your group is doomed and finished. This was apparent to all of us back in the 1980s but somehow, the voters are slow to catch up… always.

  • Despite Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined

    In fact, a technical glitch prevented FBI technicians from accurately comparing the new emails with the old emails. Only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information. Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges.

    A fishing expedition comes up after Trump and finds something to pin on his lawyer and former campaign manager, and this is a great ideological victory, but when we have actual evidence, it is ignored because the person who might be prosecuted is of the “right” ideological bent. We live in a neo-Communist regime.

  • John Lennon’s killer denied parole for 10th time

    Chapman, 63, shot and killed the former Beatle outside Lennon’s Manhattan apartment on Dec. 8, 1980. He is serving 20-years-to-life in the Wende Correctional Facility in western New York.

    I hope Trump pardons this American hero.

  • Taking the land: ANC grasps South Africa’s most emotive issue

    South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) is forging ahead with its plans to change the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compensation.

    Part 1: demography is power in democracy. Every ethnic group acts in its own interests alone. You cannot stop them with laws or financial incentives.

  • Bid to close voting sites in mostly black U.S. county blocked

    A county elections board in Georgia on Friday blocked an effort to close most polling places in a largely black county ahead of the November election, where a Democrat is vying to become the first U.S. African-American female governor, a county spokesman said.

    Part 2: demography is power in democracy. Every ethnic group acts in its own interests alone. You cannot stop them with laws or financial incentives.

  • What are the links between exhaust fumes and heart disease?

    Diesel exhaust contains tiny particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs. Incomplete combustion of diesel fuel creates harmful substances that stick to the particles in the exhaust and are carried into the lungs.

    “This may suggest that cells in the blood vessel walls are very vulnerable to these substances. It strengthens our results and shows that these chemicals are a problem for blood vessel cells.”

    While the chattering herd was running around after eggs and cigars to blame for our health crisis, it turns out that it is just what we cannot criticize: the machinery running our industrial society.

  • Spanish government sends 116 migrants who jumped fence back to Morocco

    The operation is based on an agreement that Spain and Morocco signed in 1992 on the readmission of foreigners who illegally enter Spanish territory. In the document, Morocco agreed to readmit nationals from third countries who enter Spain illegally, if there is a “formal request from [Spanish] authorities.”

    Our problem is that by our current legal system, when someone makes it into your territory, he becomes your responsibility because of “human rights” laws. You then have to find another nation to take him in. We need to change this assumption in the case of people who deliberately attempt to circumvent immigration laws, so that we can simply repatriate them to the African coast.

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