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  • RNC Massively Out-Raises The DNC In July

    Democrats and Leftists worldwide win by scaring the opposition. They have nothing to offer but confiscation because they are utterly uncreative human beings. This works when they are smart enough to lie more effectively and make the threats in a subtle fashion. They are running idiots in their 2020 primary, so everyone can see how bad and evil a bottom-feeder like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse really is. By letting the worst of their worst set the conversation so far they have succeeded in scaring people. Scaring them into donating a nuclear kiloturd of money to Donald J. Trump.

    “Last month’s fundraising haul again smashed records, and we continue to directly invest this money into growing our top-notch data-driven infrastructure, recruiting and training thousands of new volunteers, and registering voters across the country,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “Our fundraising success is further evidence that the American people like the pro-growth agenda and economic record that the Trump Administration and Republicans will continue to deliver, and this puts us in a strong position to secure more Republican victories in 2020.”

    People are more frightened by what Democrats will do to them if elected than they are of what Democrats will say about them if they vote Donald Trump.

  • Justice Department says it mistakenly emailed link to white nationalist website

    The Trump administration keeps flirting with dangerous ideas, but is careful to frame them in neutral ways, which is designed to do two things: first, point out where the dissidents to our system are correct, and second, to force those objections into a more comprehensive and conservative context, getting us out of the emotional flareup culture of online activity and into the realm of policy. Congratulations to VDARE, which has earned its place among the ranks of sites that intelligent and experienced people visit in order to have a well-rounded view of the modern situation.

  • Canadians’ message ahead of the election: make life more affordable

    “Yellow vest” style thinking goes mainstream, but people still have not connected cause and effect. Life is not affordable because all taxes both are passed on to the consumer and take money out of the salary pool, which means that if you endorse a socialist-style entitlements state (retirement, healthcare, welfare, public schooling) you will soon find yourself working longer hours for less money that can buy less. Even cradle-to-grave care paradise Canada has discovered this. We are watching the collapse of liberal democracy here, which tied itself to Keynesian “pump priming” in order to achieve civil rights equality and as a result, brought socialism in through the backdoor. Not surprisingly we are now facing the same collapse that ended the Soviet Union, and afterwards, our people will be just as baffled by reality and unable to deal with as the Russians were, since we basically forced our brightest and best to stop breeding. This is typical of democracy. The more people you have making a decision, the worse it is, and when you get a group involved, the question shifts from actual leadership decisions to how to keep the restive, bickering, and narcissistic crowd from revolting against you. We need hierarchy, aristocracy, and culture-rule now.

  • Facebook bans ads from The Epoch Times after huge pro-Trump buy

    We would not want the Right to play by the same rules as the Left now, would we? The Left figured this one out long ago: all is fake. If your employee goes home, even if it is at noon, and does something privately and then you pay that employee a huge bonus, it is not technically an act of the employer. United in zombie-like unison ideology, Leftists all go off and set up their own little collaborator entities which work together because Leftism is simple as mud and therefore easy to implement. They have a few leaders at the top who give commands to the herd but do not officially do so. The Right, which is too individualistic for its own good and does not harness that individualism as greed for power as the Left does, depends on a few exceptional actors and they are targeted disproportionately.

  • Billionaire David Koch dies at age 79

    Our condolences to his friends and family. This brings about a new age for conservatism: the era of Buckley-style “fusionism” may be over, and conservatives can be something more than libertarians who love the New World Order, defense, Jesus/rapture/Israel, and big business again. Post-bugman conservatism — when we stop being Willy Loman and start being Charlemagne — will really scare the Left. They knew it was coming, which is why they used the Hart-Celler strategy, but even that appears to be backfiring as the non-white Left uses it as an excuse to seize power from the white Left. Revolution, balkanization, civil war, and collapse are inevitable at this point.

  • Trump orders elimination of student loan debt for thousands of disabled veterans

    So President Trump sends a shot across the bow of the education cartel. Any sort of a wide-spread student load jubilee would be a financial disaster for many lenders who felt assurred that the non-bankruptcy provision would protect them if they leant to risky borrowers. It would also be a bad idea. But the threat of debt forgiveness can be a useful weapon. President Trump could use it to demand that bankruptcy laws apply to student loans and that the colleges and universities that use student loans as a cash cow start eating a portion of any default.

  • Trade war: China fires back, slaps tariffs on $75B of US goods

    Oh, good, a classic Asiatic war of attrition. The American Left has been signaling its willingness to crash the economy in order to get Trump out of office, and the Chinese — who are also Leftist! — have picked up on that. However, in the long term, Western Civilization won because it was more efficient because it was more organized because it had a transcendental sense of order instead of a materialistic one based on manipulation and maintaining the “balance” and “harmony” provided by a centralized authority which imposes via conformity and control a lack of conflict. China can take out our products now, but in the long term that makes us stronger, since we are going to take back our manufacturing and services from China. Then we see whose economy is efficient enough to be self-sufficient. China will as always win in the short term with its clever chessboard reasoning, but then fall apart when it turns out that a chessboard is a symbolic and hence highly inaccurate approximation of life, which is better understood through the metaphor and structural study that transcendental philosophy provides.

  • Michigan city council candidate Jean Cramer wants to keep community as white “as possible”

    The towns around Detroit have learned their lesson. You can go Arab like Hamtramck, black like downtown Detroit, or Hispanic like Pontiac. At that point, you have a minority-majority voting pattern, and white people exist only as cash cows to be squeezed in order to fund schools for minorities, government jobs with 20-year pensions for minorities, diversity programs, cultural and ethnic education programs, and other “gifts” to the minority communities which are no longer the minority. Somehow, a Jewish woman — Cramer/Kramer is a Jewish last name — mentioning this obvious fact has set off all of the armchair activists with nothing of meaning in their boring lives. Instead of accepting reality and their place within it, they go looking for reasons to be important, and that always means tearing down order and replacing it with human monkey drama. We really need white eugenics to filter out as many of these neurotics as possible, and if we are really good, we will ship them to the third world where they can spread the “good news” of Leftism to a willing audience.

  • Andrew Scheer urged to end ‘boycott’ of gay pride events after 2005 speech on same-sex marriage comes to light

    Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale released a video of the speech Thursday that shows Scheer, then 25, explaining why he opposed the Civil Marriage Act, which legalized same-sex unions in Canada.

    “How many legs would a dog have if you counted the tail as a leg? The answer is just four,” Scheer said, paraphrasing a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

    “Just because a tail is called a leg does not make it a leg. If Bill C-38 passes, governments and individual Canadians will be forced to call a tail a leg, nothing more, but that is not inconsequential, for its effect on marriage, such an integral building block of our society, would have far-reaching effects.”

    Democracy presents to us an inverted world because for us to have equality, we must tear down the naturally competent and replace them with the incompetent so that everyone is on the same level; we cannot raise up the lower, because only they can do that and they biologically/genetically lack the ability, so we must tear down the higher. So it goes. And thus, when someone says the obvious — that homosexuals are different than heterosexuals and do not merit participation in a heterosexual institution — the herd will foam, rave, bicker, bleat, rage, stunt, and whine.

  • Economic twilight zone: Bonds that charge you for lending

    The sale added to the mountain of negative-yielding bonds around the world that investors have gobbled up, suggesting that they expect global growth and inflation to remain subpar for years to come. After all, accepting a negative yield on a bond — agreeing, in effect, to lose money in exchange for parking money in a safe place — could reflect expectations that yields will sink even further into negative territory. “You’re essentially paying a warehouse fee by paying these negative rates,” said Jim Bianco of Bianco Research in Chicago.

    The last time Germany was in this bad a position someone took an iconic photo of a Russian Soldier flying the red star over Berlin. Modern Democracy didn’t even need a Stalingrad to achieve this. Effectively negative bond yields are neither new nor uncommon. Officially negative bond yields are. People who buy these things are betting the economy will lose money more rapidly than the bond. In effect, bond salesmen would be charging you a price to know that most of your stash will actually still be there when you come back.

    Another interesting twist to the negative bonds is that they give you a guaranteed capital loss every year. Depending upon how capital taxation works in Germany, this could become part of a cynically funny strategy to screw the government while it attempts to do it to you. They try to hork your stuff by charging a negative interest rate and end up fueling your tax deduction instead. Think of it as a financial practical joke aimed at Clown World.

  • D.C. Mayor Blocks Proposed Shelter For Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

    It turns out that despite a lot of social status signaling about how great open borders are, the inhabitants of Washington, D.C., do not want the immigrants to be located among them. This tells us everything about the ruling classes that you need to know: they want immigration to grind up in the wheels of industry, making more money by making more junk bought by people subsidized by the government, so that government and business get fat and wealthy together off of the poor stupid voters who keep approving of this nonsense because apparently they all experienced brain injuries simultaneously.

  • Nazi salute video stirs reminders of dark history in increasingly diverse Orange County

    Not surprisingly, people do not want to give up their community to the grey cultureless race produced by multiculturalism (or as we should call it, anti-culture). White students have figured out that modern society intends to replace them, and that other groups can defend themselves against this, but white people cannot, simply for the sin of having been more successful (and less brutal) than other groups. They are tired of the inversion perpetrated by democracy and equality, which always seeks to elevate the weak, incompetent, sick, impoverished, and immoral over the strong, healthy, sane, stable, normal, competent, and thriving. We are in the end days of liberal democracy.

  • Python wars: the snake epidemic eating away at Florida

    It’s estimated that there are tens of thousands of pythons now living in the Florida wild. A 2012 study in the Everglades suggested that a disturbing number of mammals have been swallowed by the invasive species: a spike in python sightings since 2000 coincided with a more than 90% reduction in raccoons, opossums and rabbits.

    Who would have thought that non-human immigration by invasive species would go sideways? It’s no worse than using some cute Japanese vine called kudzu as a ground cover… or having an open border to the south.

  • Myanmar troops’ sexual violence against Rohingya shows ‘genocidal intent’: U.N. report

    Two groups cannot exist in the same place. When a foreign group shows up, it is tolerated at first, but then the foreign group realizes that it needs power, too, and demands it, causing pushback and eventually genocide. All diversity goes this way, no matter how nice the groups involved are. Historical conflicts often involves two sides, neither of whom are fully wrong, fighting over something that simply needs an intelligent and moral person who is not beholden to public opinion — which is based on visual appearances, social emotions, and short-term profit — to step in and relocate the foreign group to its homeland. The same thing happened in Germany, which is why the British are the real architects of the Holocaust,™ since they could have easily transferred European-citizenship Jews to Israel and avoided the horrors that followed when that path was not pursued. In the same way, Mexican incursions into America provoked the Mexican-American war, and we are about to repeat that process. People never learn, with the exception of a rare few who are able to stop agitating for more wealth, power, and status long enough to study the issues in depth.

  • How Amazon and Silicon Valley Seduced the Pentagon

    The real story behind the military-industrial complex involves the tendency of government to distort markets. When you have a large customer, everyone bows to that customer, which then causes the customer to select a few winners, at which point the customer becomes dependent on those winners because no one else will enter the market. In this way, regulatory capture sneaks into the picture when government becomes intermeshed with its suppliers. Leftists refuse to recognize that this same problem occurs in the three-quarters of our budget that is not the military. The only way to get around this is to have enlightened owners, like aristocrats, who guide industry instead of “regulating” it with more expensive and ineffective laws, policies, and procedures.

  • Warren Farrell, on ‘The Boy Crisis’

    A man and a woman duly wed constitute a family. This constitutes the only consistently successful arrangement which raises children into decent adults. Mess with this formula and you get a mess.

    “Ninety-three percent of our prisoners are male, but of those 93 percent males, more than 90 percent of them are dad-deprived males,” Warren Farrell, an American educator and a prolific author on men’s and women’s issues, said in an interview with The Epoch Times for the “American Thought Leaders” program.

    And that 90% figure just keeps replicating.

    “Since Columbine, about 90 percent of the mass shooters are not just boys, but they’re dad-deprived boys.” And the same is true with ISIS recruiting: “More than 90 percent of the ISIS recruits are dad-deprived. Both the males and the much smaller percentage of females who are ISIS recruits are dad-deprived,” Farrell said.

    Let’s see Gillette do a shaving cream commercial about that one.

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