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Periscope (August 22, 2018)

  • DNA shows girl had one Neanderthal, one Denisovan parent

    Because we now have several Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes, we have some sense of how they consistently differ from each other and from the genomes of modern humans.

    Never trust modern science because its profit model is to make broad statements and later dial them back. More likely, much of what we understand of these ancient groups has been colored by our modern interpretation of them.

  • Apple and Google Face Growing Revolt Over App Store ‘Tax’

    Apple and Google launched their app stores in 2008, and they soon grew into powerful marketplaces that matched the creations of millions of independent developers with billions of smartphone users. In exchange, the companies take up to 30 percent of the money consumers pay developers.

    In the internet age, where nothing is worth any real money, the only viable business plan is to be a monopoly. This is not the Golden Age again, but people cleaning up before our transition to being Brazil 2.0, where nothing is worth anything and everything is on its way to being a favela.

  • Man charged in Tibbetts’ death worked at Iowa farm linked to prominent Republican

    Dane Lang is related to Craig Lang, the former president of both the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the Iowa Board of Regents and a 2018 Republican candidate for state secretary of agriculture.

    Non-story. His brother was one of several investors in the farm. Like many memes however, this one has metaphorical truth: the GOP has supported illegal immigration, which will eventually replace all GOP voters with third world descended permanent Leftist voters, because moneyed interests wanted it to. This is not a failure of conservatism, but the GOP, and more broadly, of democracy itself. If it is a vote, it is for sale.

  • Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home

    Peter Brimelow attended the gathering, a birthday bash for Kudlow, one day after a White House speechwriter was dismissed in the wake of revelations that he had spoken alongside Brimelow on a 2016 panel.

    In a time of prole insanity, the sane are demonized. Brimelow has correctly charted the disaster that is third world immigration into the West for more than thirty years. The Washington Post worries that democracy might be dying, so its solution is to exclude non-Leftist thought, which accomplishes exactly the closure of opinion that it fears. We are surrounded by idiots and they rule us thanks to the vote.

  • Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human

    Linguistic analysis takes a different approach, analyzing quantifiable attributes like grammatical structure, word choice, punctuation and complexity. It works faster than humans and it can be used with a variety of different news types.

    Linguistic analysis rewards complex texts and punishes shoddy ones, which is why neither the MSM nor the dot-coms are fond of this method. Older search engines, like AltaVista, worked on this method as well, and turned out to be better than the nutty Google popularity measurement, which centralizes the internet to a few big sites.

  • Cohen’s claim about Trump may spark calls for impeachment but is unlikely to lead to charges

    Such an explosive assertion against anyone but the president would suggest that a criminal case could be in the offing, but under long-standing legal interpretations by the Justice Department, the president cannot be charged with a crime.

    Cool your jets. Trump is not getting impeached. First for the reasons above, and second for the reasons that they are hiding: we still have a lack of information proving collusion or violation of campaign finance law.

  • Cohen’s plea deal is prosecutor’s attempt to set up Trump

    Money paid to people who come out of the woodwork and shake down people under threat of revealing bad sexual stories are not legitimate campaign expenditures. They are personal expenditures. That is true for both candidates we like and candidates we do not.

    They are just on a fishing expedition, which is why the presumed crimes change names weekly. Was it Russian collusion, buying off a prostitute, or suggesting that people spend the night at his hotel? The Left does not know, nor do they care; as usual, they just want to seize power and take the money.

  • Mollie Tibbetts search: An undocumented immigrant has been charged with first-degree murder

    Tibbetts was reported missing July 19, according to a criminal complaint. Shortly after her disappearance, investigators collected video footage from the east side of Brooklyn from the evening of July 18.

    The video showed Tibbetts running around Boundary and Middle streets outside of Brooklyn when a black Chevy Malibu drove in the area around 7:45 p.m. July 18.

    And so it comes out: they were simply hiding the obvious when they investigated her boyfriend, friends, a local pig farmer, and other obvious non-candidates. They were hiding the obvious, which was that one of the low-paid low-IQ imported farm workers nearby had done something much like what happens in third world countries all the time. For some reason, he had a freakout and attacked Asian-looking half-Amerind Mollie Tibbets, killing her and hiding the body near where she was abducted.

  • Socialism’s Here Today, In Venezuela And South Africa — Is U.S. Next?

    Both Venezuela and South Africa, each in its own way, are in socialism’s inevitable death throes. Both chose socialism, and now both are committing ritual economic suicide by adopting policies that will bring misery, hunger, social despair, economic chaos, hyperinflation, collapsing standards of living and, finally and tragically, mass death.

    Do you get it yet? This is what Leftism does: it destroys nations. It does that so that greedy people can seize whatever is still of value and run off with it. They do that instead of the obvious task of simply stopping the decay, at which point everyone could have a reasonably prosperous life. This is why social unity is important: once it fragments, the grifters take over and no one will unite to stop them.

  • The President in a Vise

    This is part of an effort by the Democrats and their collaborators to overturn a presidential election that they thought they would win.

    We need to stop expecting Leftists to be honest. They are people who take over by complaining. They use social guilt to do so. Having seized power they cannot rightfully wield, they always destroy civilizations and then flee, like parasites seeking a new host or rats abandoning a sinking ship.

  • Social media companies are the real ‘enemies of the people’

    But private companies can become a public menace. It is becoming clearer that these social media platforms are having a corrosive effect on public debate and expression generally. Paradoxically, greater access to information has not led to more informed public discourse.

    Methods of communication do not magically make that communication valuable; it depends on what is being said. By democratizing speech, we got more incoherence and emotion and less actual communication. Now the social media companies are trying to defend that state of affairs in order to keep their shareholders and employees happy.

  • Trump Says Cohen Payments Were Not A Campaign Finance Violation

    Trump told Fox News he knew about the payments to Cohen “later on,” adding that the funds to him “did not come out of the campaign.” He then admitted, “They came from me.”

    Trump has people like Michael Cohen around to dispense payments to blackmailers and grifters and generally keep him clean of scandal. He does this because in our new Leftist world, scandal is one of the few ways for people to get their fifteen minutes of fame, so everyone famous is surrounded by parasites.

  • You Spend More Than 5 Hours Each Week Checking Your Email

    According to the report, email is most popular among people between the ages of 25 and 34 — today’s Millennial generation, roughly. That group spends an average of 6.4 hours in their Inboxes each day, compared to 5.8 hours for those between the ages of 18 and 24.

    Communication by itself is not valuable; only if what is being communicated is relevant does it matter. Right now, most people spend most of their time “playing office.” The machines and Chinese serfs do the hard work, and we shuffle around papers and BS each other into buying stuff. We go through the motions obsessively because we secretly suspect that nothing we do is necessary.

  • Take on more magistrates with criminal records to help improve diversity, law chief suggests

    John Bache said that a more representative set of magistrates was needed in order to make those accused of crimes feel less alienated by the justice system.

    “We all make mistakes, we all do things we shouldn’t have done. But we want to increase diversity, and if we did say anyone who’s done anything wrong ever isn’t going to be appointed, that’s no way at all to increase diversity,” he told the Telegraph.

    In upside-down world, appointing criminals to the bench so that diverse defendants can feel more confident is seen as good by the prole-herd, but noticing that diversity always fails is a taboo that can never be mentioned in public. Is anyone else ready for the end of prole-rule? They have trashed everything, just as we said they would.

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