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  • The global gag on free speech is tightening

    Speech gets tightened when speech is dangerous. When everything is going well, speech is not perceived as dangerous, even if some seductive speech can lead the weak into becoming dangerous. We got our global civilization in the 1990s when the Soviets collapsed and the US-EU-UN axis took over, but now we see that global civilization is a terrible idea. Specifically, trusting other humans to tell us what to do does not work out so well in direct proportion to how far they are from us geographically, socially, racially, ethnically, religious, culturally, and regionally. You might be able to trust that neighbor that you respect to tell you when it is time to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats, but you probably do not trust some whackjob in an apartment in cosmopolitan New York to do it. Yet, that is what democracy and globalism demand of you… no wonder they are failing. As they fail, it becomes taboo to mention that failure, and so the censorship comes out even in the democratic societies.

  • Trump administration tightens rules for immigrant work permits

    Just went the far-Right and the Left had joined hands and marched off singing into the twilight, the Trump administration reveals how it has been steadily working on a pincer strategy: making it more risky and expensive to come here, and making it less lucrative and comfortable to be here. This continues, with many hundreds of tiny changes, rather than the one big Hitlerian act that both far-Right and Left wanted together. Tell me, are we sure that the far-Right is not as thoroughly capture by the Left as the mainstream Right? They sure act like it.

  • A young Indian couple married for love. Then the bride’s father hired assassins.

    When you set up a nation, you divide your people into three groups: competent leaders, competent followers, and Everyone Else. You label the first group as your aristocrats, the second as your middle class, and the third as your labor pool, the type of people who can push a broom but must have someone watching over them or they just space out and forget that they are at work. You then breed these people within their little silos, producing as many aristocrats as you can because they need to oversee the middle classes who in turn need to keep the working classes in line. This is how hierarchy works. Fast-forward a few centuries, and this order is mostly preserved, in that the higher caste people are more mentally alert, have better depth of perception, and are more morally awake in that they are always concerned with the actual consequences of their actions and not just appearances. Naturally, when one of their young women does something foolish — as young people, knowing nothing but having to pretend that they do not anyway, are wont to do — the parents take a dim view of this caste-mixing, as they should. The far-Right with its “if it’s white, it’s right” attitude will find itself in collision with this obvious necessary dimension to human experience.

  • Dallas mayor’s task force to look for non-police solutions to combat crime

    Another minority-majority city. Another crime-wrecked town. Another brown mayor with “innovative” solutions. We see this pattern repeat again and again. We should repeat something else: diversity does not work, diversity cannot work, diversity will end us all.

  • Organ harvesting ring mooted as two SA teachers go missing in Vietnam

    Clueless South African men follow stylish American women who invite them to an all-expenses-paid vacation in Vietnam. It turns out that it ends in their organs getting harvested and their remains dumped in the bay of Saigon. And they thought that the whole world was just like their own subdivisions, full of reasonable people who would rather work toward success than engage in crime. Democracy makes people stupid.

  • Boeing SC hit with charges it fired workers due to union support

    You know that you live in a neo-Communist republic when the thought of a company acting against our sacred unions makes you enraged. How dare they! How dare they… stop the parasitism. Oh, wait. Unions are parasites. Boeing beat Airbus and the unions saw that and closed in with their greedy fingers, figuring correctly that the workers at Boeing were too stupid to realize that short-term greed destroys long-term interests. Consequently, Boeing sent all those jobs overseas, and that failed, too. Now the unions are closing in again, thinking that they have this one in the bag. Boeing would probably rather close its doors than give in to the unions, which is the most sensible viewpoint. If that happens, the world will have been deprived of its last really competent airplane manufacturer, thanks to the incessant greed of unions and the stupidity of workers (which, when you think about it, explains why they are workers and not management).

  • Trump tweets image of enormous Trump Tower on Greenland

    Our troll-in-chief is just having fun with the press. He needs to keep them distracted from the hundreds of tiny details that he is changing, so he posts ridiculous stuff for them to foam and vent over, leaving him unimpeded in his actual work. The Greenland Trump Tower is this year’s covfefe.

  • Far-right groups celebrate as Trump attacks anti-fascists after Portland rally

    Although there were no fireworks because the Leftist government of Portland wanted to keep the headlines mild and so separated the groups, Antifa still came out looking like rubes and thugs after this protest. The “far-Right” (really: slightly uncucked Libertarians) behaved themselves and so now the world is wondering what Antifa was really doing besides wasting valuable time and money. After all, they could simply let these well-behaved Right-wing protesters do their protesting without showing up in military gear to oppose them?

  • Trump accuses Google of election fraud citing right-wing conspiracy site, claiming victory over Clinton was ‘even bigger than thought’

    Judicial Watch points out that Google is pro-Leftist and had more influence than ten thousand Russias could ever hope to. This causes panic and denial among the Left, but by morning, Twitter had deleted thousands of accounts belonging to China and proclaimed its intent to stop allowing state-funded accounts on the site. The next stage is realizing that China, Google, and the Left are in bed with each other and they are trying to hide their tracks for just another few years until they have enough clueless people that the actions of those with a clue will not matter. Vote all you want; when you are outnumbered by the third world demographic displacement, they will decide who is president and your voice will count for nothing. You can compose the most brilliant symphony, write the most brilliant novel, or declaim the most brilliant oratory, but if the audience cannot tell the difference, they are just going to keep looking at their phones and buying the consumer products that inspired them to come here in the first place.

  • Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada

    We adopted this modern diet based more in refined flour, sugar, and non-lard cheap fats because those were what industry could use to feed people. Instead of hierarchy, we went with utilitarianism, or “whatever most people want is the best” plus of course having some enlightened leaders in a centralized structure. That meant that cheap food won the day! However, it turned out that it also rotted our teeth, so the boffins came up with a new brilliant answer. They would smash that problem by killing off the bacteria that fed on all that sugar by introducing Fluoride into the water. “But what about ancillary effects? Unintended consequences? Corollaries? Unassociated details?” asked a few nervous critics. “Nonsense,” roared the Scientists. “We are building a New Age where man does not need to depend upon the order of nature!” Not surprisingly, such retarded thinking is making us literally retarded.

  • AP Exclusive: Freeway crossing to give wildlife room to roam

    While government fixates obsessively on equality and diversity, private individuals and industry came together to fund a wildlife overpass on one of America’s busiest freeways. This will enable the California forest — a phenomenon of the hills above the desert — to retain its many species that need unbroken vast tracts of land to roam, hunt, play, fight, mate, and rear young. Animals need space the same way humans need cul-de-sacs.

  • Israeli official: Israel willing to pay for flights for emigrating Gazans

    Although this is just the beginning, reparations with repatriation is gaining steam. Next stop will be giving them a wad of cash and a plane ticket in exchange for their passports.

  • Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment

    And just like that, a myth dies. Why was the Stanford Prison Experiment so important? It allowed us to argue that people were equal. It was not that some people were more able to handle power without abusing it, but that any ordinary person, if put in the right circumstances (i.e. nurture not nature), would turn into an SS camp guard. The next step involves realizing that the SS camp guards thought they were doing the right thing, and that it probably took an aristocrat to realize that both the Jews did not belong in Europe and that genocide of Jews was wrong and therefore, to pressure the British to open up Palestine. If you want to know who really caused the Holocaust,™ look to the British, who occupied the historic land of Israel, were aware of Theodor Herzl’s writings, and still refused to allow the Nazis to ship European-citizenship Jews to Israel. We could have avoided all of this drama.

  • Trump Calls for a Big Fed Rate Cut, Again Criticizes Central Bank Chairman

    Better yet, get rid of the Fed. It is a giant market distortion created by the need of our government to borrow obscene sums of money and therefore, to regulate the value of that money so that it can find people willing to “buy” (inverse borrow) the cash from our government. However, this means that we have a bloody bureaucracy regulating how fast our market grows or contracts, which leads to an exercise in barn door slamming and opening. After the growth is over, they will fling open the door; once that leads to a crash, they will slam it just as hard. Audit the Fed? Abolish the Fed!

  • Austrian People’s party promises to ban far-right Identitarians

    The Left reveals its true colors. People forget that the Nazis were a response to the French Revolution. Hilariously, the Nazis were an attempt to compromise and be bipartisan with the new ways, even though everyone knew that life under the aristocrats in a traditional society was better. Now that Europe is awakening to the fact that its postwar order has been a swindle, from dysfunctional diversity to bankrupt entitlements states, people are defecting from liberal democracy and moving toward the idea of “parallel pluralism,” or that the notion of a cellular order to human society, where each ethnic group has its own space and we stop seeking a universal truth — human rights, democracy, morality, civil rights, law, consumerism, even markets — and instead let each group chooses it own truth and then see which one rises above the fray. This is what you would expect in the years after we reverted to a unipolar world in the 1990s, then found out that this simply caused us to embrace the bloat of liberal democracy, and now are trying to break away from the neurotic insanity of equality.

  • Nearly 60 schools in and around Houston receive failing grades in new Texas Education Agency report

    Thirty-eight Houston-area schools not located in Houston ISD received a failing grade from the TEA, according to the report. Schools in districts such as Humble ISD, Pasadena ISD, Spring ISD, Aldine ISD, Crosby ISD, Alief ISD and Spring Branch ISD all made the list of failing campuses.

    What do these have in common? It turns out that all of them are majority-minority schools. Diversity is working for no one, least of all those that it presumes to “save” like a Communist Jesus handing out capitalist bucks from the cross of equality. Liberal democracy is going, and with it, diversity goes.

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