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  • Trump nominates judge who argued countries are stronger if everyone is same ethnic group

    Steven Menashi, the president’s nomination for the Court of Appeals Second Circuit, wrote in an academic journal that “ethnic ties provide the groundwork for social trust” and “solidarity underlying democratic polities rests in large part on ethnic identification”.

    “Ethnic ties provide the groundwork for social trust and political solidarity and, universalist aspirations notwithstanding, continue to do so. At the same time, social scientists have found that greater ethnic heterogeneity is associated with lower social trust.

    “Ethnically heterogeneous societies exhibit less political and civic engagement, less effective governing institutions, and fewer public goods. The sociologist Robert Putnam has concluded that greater ethnic diversity weakens social solidarity, fosters social isolation, and inhibits social capital.”

    Man tells something closer to a truthful vision of reality, and the herd freaks out because it offends their pretense of being one big equal happy. More of the shift from ideology to realism that populism has brought, with Trump proving an able interpreter. He really is a far better option than any other candidate, and gives us a toehold from which we can leverage further to the Right, but for some reason the underground Right wants to call him a cuck and give up so that they can gain lots of YouTube views for saying nasty things about President Harris and Vice-President Buttigieg.

  • Workers flee Georgia poultry plant amid false rumors of ICE roundups, officials say

    Here we see the pincer strategy in action. It is now more expensive to be an illegal alien in the USA because of risk of being busted. It is also less rewarding, since employers are being more cautious, since business losses come when your whole workforce gets deported in an afternoon. This means that fewer illegals will come, which offers less camouflage for those already here both legal and illegal, so the self-deportation will begin shortly if this continues. Trump is doing good work; the wall, it appears, was always intended as a fascinator for the Leftists, who have stayed focused on this while the “virtual wall” is being built out of American law.

  • Huawei Warns Trump: ‘You Don’t Want To Make Us Fight Google’

    Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has warned the U.S. government that if his company is denied access to the “full-fat” Android operating system for its future smartphones, it will set out to break the dominance enjoyed by Google (and Apple) over the world’s smartphone ecosystem, which, he claims, will be bad news for the U.S.

    Please do this. Breaking the Google/Apple monopoly means that someone else may enter the market with smartphones that are not made in China, not to mention the fact that Big Tech has been falsely valued and is in its dying phases, so anything to allow it to radically downsize or perish slowly will be better than the inevitable crash.

  • South African government accused of xenophobia over its treatment of migrants

    Everywhere on Earth, people from poor areas are mobbing rich areas. The secret to understanding this lies in the recognition that the poor are incompetent; if they were competent, they would not be poor. Therefore, they are doing the most destructive thing possible, which is stupidly trying to leech off the wealth of someone else instead of making their own. No one wants to admit it, but we would all benefit from some natural selection here, and the first step is keeping them out of richer areas. Those rich areas, in turn, will have to give up some toxic luxuries like entitlements, sugar-based diets, and do-nothing make-work jobs. Instead, everyone will perform more highly at their own level, at least those that survive. And those that do not? No one remembers the dead from the wars, even, so we will quickly forget the perished and focus on the future. Let Darwin do his blessed work.

  • Andrew Harper death: Ten males aged 13 to 30 arrested

    Camp of gypsies kills off policeman. These “travelers” move from private land to private land, camping out, and the law demands that they be defended in doing so, while small crimes skyrocket in their presence. In polite (prole) society, the right thing to do is to laud their vivid culture and exciting foods, ignoring the fact that they have no real means of self-support except crime. In the future, this too will change, as people realize that life without parasites is better, and all we have to do to have it is to ditch the illusion of “equality.”

  • Four black teens were fundraising for their high school football team. A white woman held them at gunpoint.

    Black teens going door-to-door in white neighborhoods is a phenomenon associated with higher crime. Unless you know them personally, you might be upset. In the meantime, who still thinks it is acceptable to go door-to-door in our current world? We no longer have the kind of stable social order where this can be encouraged.

  • Stanwell Tesco stabbing: ‘Far-right’ knifeman admits attack

    “I am English, no matter what the government say kill all the non English and get them all out of our of England,” he wrote.

    You will probably have to remove your English Leftists first.

  • Satellites are becoming real-time spies in the sky

    Unstable society + high technology = surveillance state. If America were 100% ethnic Western European, this would not be an issue, except to watch our borders for intruders. Then again, intruders would stand out very clearly, if we were all of one regional-ethnic group like ethnic Western European.

  • Neuroscientists decode brain speech signals into written text

    Soon, you will only have to think ALEXA PLAY SKREWDRIVER for the music to start and the police to sweep in and arrest you.

  • Data confirms growing dead zone in Chesapeake Bay

    If the theme of the twentieth century was fear of starvation, the twenty-first century offers a new trope which is that too much wealth causes overgrowth and that in turn suffocates everyone equally.

    University of Maryland environmental scientists say heavy rains washed wastewater and agricultural runoff into the bay and produced oxygen-stealing algae.

    This is the same phenomenon as red tide, namely that wealth flows in and enables the lowest to reproduce wantonly, at which point they overwhelm the resources available and die out, in turn killing everything else nearby with the weight of their bodies.

  • Memo reveals a House Republican strategy on shootings: downplay white nationalism, blame left

    But it also included this question: “Do you believe white nationalism is driving more mass shootings recently?” The suggested response is to steer the conversation away from white nationalism to an argument that implies both sides are to blame.

    Realism versus symbolism rears its head in this discussion. The Left wants to blame a symbolic enemy, or whose whites who deny diversity-Utopia, so that it can avoid looking at structural problems brought on by decades of Leftist policies. The Right wants to point out that our civilization is coming apart and no bashing of scapegoats will help.

  • Tlaib will not visit West Bank under Israel’s ‘oppressive conditions’

    This was always a publicity stunt. Her grandmother has the sniffles, and so Tlaib decided to use that to passive-aggressively bully Israel and the United States — under threat of race- and class-guilt — to let her strut around preaching for their demise. Now that they have pulled the populist-era trick of denying her, but then admitting her in a lesser capacity as someone to be pitied, she has been denied her victory either in being able to tweak the noses of her enemies, or to play the victim on national television. Israel chose the middle path and denied her official visit, then gave her a “friends and families of terrorists” exception which did not serve her goals. Thus always we should treat Leftists and various troublesome ethnic, religious, racial, and cultural minorities bent on destroying the majority.

  • 15 studies retracted due to fears they used Chinese prisoners’ organs

    This is silly. They were going to execute the prisoners anyway, so some good might as well come from this. In the same way, people are shocked that we still use Nazi medical research simply because when you are a concentration camp scientist, you can do the experiments that medical ethics normally prevent. While obviously this is sad, all of humanity benefits from the data obtained.

  • Mexico finds dozens of lost, starving migrants from South Asia

    Can we admit that lax US border enforcement is enticing people worldwide to make a dangerous border crossing in the hopes of attaining free stuff? Our currency is worth ten times what theirs are, so if they spend a few years here doing the same stuff they do back home, they will have a nice nest egg for themselves. It is like your average American worker going to Dubai to get paid a half-million a year so that they can bulk up the retirement fund.

  • ‘Bees, not refugees’: the environmentalist roots of anti-immigrant bigotry

    If you want nature to be healthy, you keep the population low and make sure that those people care for the woods around them enough to keep littering, toxic waste dumping, and unnecessary fires to a minimum. If you want to destroy nature, bring in people for whom this is a big hotel where they earn money and go home, and keep in mind that they will resent the majority for being different, and therefore will trash the place. Illegal immigrant work camps here leave behind great heaps of garbage and often toxic waste.

  • Strength of British military falls for ninth year

    Looks like no one wants to join the rainbow army to fight wars for global equality. Imagine that.

  • Teen ran out with a $2 beer. Memphis store clerk followed him and shot him dead

    People do not understand that the deciding factor here is the principle of the thing. It is not that the beer cost $2, but that people are stealing with impunity and the cops shrug because it is a $2 beer. Eventually that adds up to a lot of beer and frustration for the employees, which is why this guy asserted the principle “thou shalt not steal” and we, being idiots in the grips of symbolic addiction, threw him in jail.

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