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  • Home Office role in ‘Woke’ Muslim social network revealed

    Government — and its lackeys in industry and its useful bourgeois idiots in the burbs — has a solution to any strong beliefs, culture, standards, values, heritage, customs, or philosophies that you have. They are going to blast you with propaganda for permissiveness, meaning that instead of having something toward which you work as a model of behavior, you work toward avoiding having any single model. Instead, you focus on the non-goal of having no goal except to avoid having a goal so that you can be tolerant, pluralistic, pacifistic, and libertine with everyone you encounter. They do the same thing to Muslims that they do to native Britons.

  • In suburban Texas, ‘it feels like there’s no place for lifelong Republicans like me’

    How to tell you are reading propaganda: purportedly, it describes the failings of its opposition — you can assume that the media is Leftist — to be tolerant and inclusive enough, and it uses a picture of some kind of ethnic hybrid to signal the usual narrative that this is about how Republicans are “intolerant.” In reality, here is the thesis of the story, buried way deep:

    The suburbs have become increasingly purple thanks to an influx of new residents.

    Big point is that Californians and New Yorkers, in addition to the constant flow of Mexicans, are moving to Texas and this is influencing some suburban Texas women to vote Democrat. The Left creates this propaganda to try to convince the remaining Republicans in Texas to give up heart, stay home, and not vote for Trump. In reality, this is a smokescreen in addition to chiding propaganda, because the majority of the conversion of Texas to purple comes from the steady flow of Hispanics, who do not vote Republican.

    Here is your proof:

    Steinkamp, 42, and her family moved to Colleyville four years ago for her husband’s financial services job.

    The story is not even about actual Texans!

    How well did the propaganda work? Let us look at some of the comments:

    • mrbadhabits: Texas Repubs are just whistling past the taqueria watching the influx of people that will end the state as they know it. All those folks creeping across the southern border have three things in common: they’re racist (la Raza), they’re incompetent here (no hablo Ingles), and they’re lawless (quanto es la mordita). Think we’ve got a deep state now, wait until latinos dominate the bureaucracy. They’ll be bulldozing the Alamo faster than you can say Robert E Lee.
    • funksoul: I live in Texas. This article is yet another attempt to sway public opinion rather than report it.
    • Anna_Phylaxis: I’m not taking the bait. There has been a concerted effort by certain entities to discourage conservatives and Trump supporters, in particular. It’s simply a rewind of other elections and never pans out. It’s patently obvious what LA Times and other media are trying to do.
    • darrelscottblack: The only ‘ real world ‘ and not ‘ FAKE NEWS ‘ explanation on how Texas might swing Left and Democratic is directly related to how many illegal immigrants will be permitted to vote.
    • dontbeliebdahype_redux: Demographics are destiny. Texas is now purple, and turning to blue because of the steady influx of hispanic voters, who as a group, tend to vote for leftists. Once Texas turns blue, there will never be another Republican POTUS. Our acceleration toward Civil War 2 will increase at breakneck speed.
    • kingpaddy: Cities have parasites. Houston voted a total nobody to be county judge, hoping she would seize private property and fence it, giving the proceeds to the parasites. Big cities vote for parasites like themselves, marxist peasant thieves. Then they live amongst their garbage, drug needles, feces, homelessness. It sucks they are so weak, ruin everything.
  • IDF moves to expand integration of transgender troops

    Leftism destroys everything it touches and leaves no group spared. We all wish defeating Leftism were as simple as eliminating one specific group, but in reality, it is a mental virus that spreads in societies without a hierarchy by leadership ability (intelligence + morality). Unfortunately, this virus is now spreading in the Israel Defense Forces, much to the delight of the Islamic militias that keep getting trounced by them. The Americans found out in Vietnam that having a racially-mixed (integrated) military caused endless problems, and adding in sexual minorities only makes that even more difficult. The rainbow armies of the first world will not be able to outfight the single-minded realists of the third world, no matter how much technology we have. The third world can take ten times the casualties that we can and shrug them off — more rice for the rest of us — while pampered suburban democracies will panic and demand immediate withdrawal or surrender at the ballot box.

  • YouTube: LGBT video-makers sue claiming discrimination

    LGBT podcasters find themselves shocked to discover that advertisers are not clamoring to be featured on their videos, so YouTube is not surprisingly restricting advertising on their videos. People are slowly discovering that Big Tech, although run by woke SJW zombie-robots, is focused on the bottom line, and that is bourgeois: avoid the controversial. Companies that go woke, go broke, but companies that simply remove anything more extreme than “life is great, go to work, buy more stuff, pity the poor” are doing fine. They will use that as an excuse to remove Right-wing commentary because our basic message is that all of us must work to nurture and recreate civilization, and that fails to sell more iPhones and Yeti cups.

  • Earth Stopped Getting Greener 20 Years Ago

    They believe that our air is holding less moisture, therefore the world is getting browner. Funny how no one mentions that dirt, which absorbs water and slowly releases it, and plants, which emit moisture throughout the day and night, might be a better option than concrete, and that dramatically increased urbanization might be responsible.

  • Why Some Doctors Purposely Misdiagnose Patients

    It turns out that doctors prescribe tests and medications because they get kickbacks from the firms providing them.

    At Awaad’s trial, Martinez’s lawyers painted a portrait of a man on a quest to conduct as many EEGs as possible, and of a hospital that looked the other way as red flags flew up around him. The lawyers accused Awaad of being hired by Oakwood Healthcare on a contract that compensated him for each EEG he performed. In his time at the hospital, from 1999 to 2007, his salary rose from $185,000 to $300,000, and he qualified for bonuses up to $220,000 if he met certain billing targets.

    Glad to see we have brought in people who view us as a cash cow for them to squeeze. Of course, socializing healthcare — “single-payer” in the pidgin of the voters — will make this problem worse, not better, since mountains of regulations will make it easier for doctors, big pharma, insurers, and service providers to hide what they are doing.

  • Portland braces for dueling protests: What we know

    We are just prototyping civil war at this point. The Right wins when the Left is seen to be the aggressor who burns down trash cans. The Right loses when we instigate violence. Good luck to everyone.

  • Crying on the job? You’re not alone, with 8 in 10 workers shedding tears

    Conservatives idealize hard work, which is a mistake because what occurs in American offices is barely work, not hard, and most concerns whether or not you can signal obedience to the fifteen layers of managers above you. Everyone is a careerist because we have no culture uniting us, and so everyone merely wants to look good long enough to get promoted, and then to take that new title to a new job and get more money. No one really cares about quality of work output. It is, in an odd way, the same path that the Soviets took once they allowed bureaucracy to run every aspect of their lives. Bureaucracy is how centralized control systems assert themselves, and we have made a centralized control system by adopting socialist-style entitlements policies, heavy regulation, court interference, lawsuits, legal protection for unions, and diversity including affirmative action. This has bloated the workplace with people who are there only because our ideological laws demand that they be, and this has detached work from any sense of what needs to be done, so it has become a contest of appearances. This really kicked into gear in the 1980s when women in the workforce, affirmative action, and the newish regulatory state joined hands to make the workplace into a horror. Raw capitalism is better than the socialism-capitalist hybrid that we have now which is taking us down the same path that ushered the Soviet Union into ruin.

  • Google employees call for pledge not to work with ICE

    California companies, like California itself, exist on two levels. They say one thing to the public and another in private; this came about because California abandoned culture first in favor of a libertarian Leftism that loathes the rich because it wants to replace them with the 1960s style freedom and low standards culture. Consequently, everything becomes that speech at Woodstock where you tell the crowd what they want to hear, they cheer, and you become rich and famous. The private goal is to become rich and famous, and the public method is to tell people comforting lies and to dress them up as iconoclasm, innovation, and “disruption.” The bosses at Google are aware of this, and they extend their manipulation to their employees, who they seduce with lots of talk of “social justice” (egalitarianism) which is for public consumption but not taken seriously. In the same way, rich people love taxes, because it gives them an excuse to avoid caring about every and any social problem, since they already “gave at the office.” Google employees have taken the advertising and public relations materials at face value, and their bosses are tolerating this while quietly hoping it will blow over so that they can get back to making more money. Censoring conservatives, on the other hand, does not hurt their bottom line because conservatives are not huge media consumers anyway.

  • JP Morgan says new US tariffs will test China’s ability to prop up its economy

    China uses a command economy, or one where the State decides what “should” be and then everyone else has to meet those targets and prices. This naturally has a tendency to collapse since central authorities know relatively little about their own fringes, but China combined the socialist system with a partially free market economy, resulting in a more resilient form of socialism that nonetheless does not require the same authorities that brought you Tiananmen Square to relinquish power. Both China and the US are playing the trade war game, which means using the power of government to absorb the damage of disturbances in the market, but China was already experiencing economic shrinkage while the Americans are coming out of it. In an ideal situation, China will agree to fair trade, but this would leave them vulnerable to the same problems that the trade war is creating except in the long term; in addition, if America rolls back its protection for unions and insane layers of regulations, it could easily out-compete China.

  • Hidden in plain sight: California illegal pot market booming

    We legalize it and tax it, and then people go underground because taxes are actually a bigger burden than people think. If you can get weed that a guy you know, or maybe his friend of a friend, grows in the hills around the city, why the heck would you go to a dispensary and pay your extra 30-40% so that the State has more money to waste? And then think: if taxes are damaging the weed market this much, what are they doing to every other market? We tax businesses, then their employees, and then their suppliers. It is legalized corruption that like the mordida, takes a third of the profits at every level and thus ensures that everything will be low-quality in order to make it cheap enough that people can afford it. If we were to get rid of our entitlements state, none of this would be a problem.

    (My weed plan: decriminalize growing for personal use and personal consumption, but keep transportation and transfer illegal. If you find someone in their home smoking weed they grew on their balcony, all is good, but someone leaving the same house with a bag would go directly to jail.)

  • Police seek to question man in NYC rice cooker bomb scare

    America demonstrates the comedic level of instability that it has achieved. We are so diverse that no one agrees on what behaviors are acceptable, and since our different groups are at war with each other and the majority, we expect that terrorist events will be “part and parcel” of our daily experience. You could shut down this whole country with two dozen pressure cookers even if there were no explosives in them.

  • State Department suspends employee with white nationalist links

    We never cracked down on Communists this hard, which tells you which ideology really won the world wars. We do not admit that we are halfway to Communism, but when you think about it, egalitarianism is a spectrum between anarchy and Communism, and when we started banning speech and enforcing civil rights (“equality”) at gunpoint in our schools, we found ourselves closer to Communism than any other system.

  • More Trees Mean Better Health Outcomes, According to New Research

    People feel better in places with trees and green spaces. Instead of worrying about whether healthcare is a human right, we should worry about what kind of environment people thrive in and eliminate anything but that as much as possible.

  • Dismantling of gothic bridge met with protest and dismay in Belgium

    Government destroys landmark. By its nature, government exists to avoid risks and defer to precedent, which sounds conservative until you realize that precedent is set all the time, so there is no preservation of consistency, only a series of panicked decisions by the voters aggregated into a mass of rules that all cost time, money, and tedium as they make life more boring and ugly.

  • Brain drain claimed 1.7 million youths. So this country is scrapping its income tax

    Think of how much happier we would be if we reduced or scrapped our income taxes. We would have to cut the socialist-style entitlements state, of course, but most sane and normal people never rely on that anyway. We are bleeding ourselves to fund a permanent underclass in the name of equality.

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