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Outliers (#64)

  • Be Solution Oriented

    80% of people can point out (or are part of) the problems already and while they may (or may not) mean well, it’s not solving anything.

    Solve it or accept it is what it is. Pointing it out without any solution just frustrates everyone.

    We need to be working toward something, not merely against basically everything. When we offer a more tempting vision of the future, people will come to our point of view.

  • America Is Drowning in the Left’s Lies About Donald Trump.

    It is worth recalling that after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the American media blamed the assassination on right-wing bigotry that, they said, permeated Dallas. That Kennedy was murdered by a communist quickly disappeared from media descriptions of the assassination. Today, it is all but unknown to the American people.

    Leftists are pathological and strident because for them, life is miserable except for the shining concept of equality. It is a form of hubris, or the idea that human reason is superior to nature and gods/God, and it is like the ring in Tolkien: it corrupts everyone who encounters it.

  • Advertising White Genocide

    When we talk about White genocide this is what we are talking about. One article tells us Whites to have less children and the second tells us that we need more immigration. If Whites were encouraged and supported in having their own children then we would not need immigration to create a bigger economy. And encouraging people from poor countries to come to the West increases environmental issues. But each in their own way supports our destruction, at each turn they want less Whites and more foreigners.

    Egalitarians believe that by overthrowing those who are naturally in power, they can overthrow nature and make a paradise from equality. Little do they know that the order of nature is within, and the more we try to smash it, the more powerful we make it. For them to feel good, then, they must not just overthrow but eliminate anyone who is naturally powerful. Leftism is bigotry against health, sanity, goodness, and beauty.

  • A Boom Time for the Bunker Business and Doomsday Capitalists

    Bunker clients say they are united not by ideology — liberals, conservatives and political agnostics exist side by side in this world — but by a belief that global forces have left societies increasingly vulnerable to large-scale disaster.

    Of course our governments have failed us. They were busy chasing the oasis of equality in civil rights and transgender rights. They have ignored infrastructure, genetic health, and social order. They are not watching for the Sweet Meteor of Death or trying to avoid the next natural disaster. Whatever goes wrong strengthens their power to the degree that it has gone wrong. At least, that is how it used to be; now, the more intelligent and affluent are abandoning liberal democracy in droves. They realize that it has failed, and we are simply waiting for the confirmation, whether that be invading Chinese vandals or New York turning into glowing dust when an asteroid smites it. Everyone in government is thinking only of himself, his power, and opportunities for him to seize more power, because power of this nature shows a rejection of nature and a rise of the human intellect above it, which makes the individual feel as if he has triumphed above natural selection and expressed the ultimate in social mobility.

  • What happens when only one side defines hate

    Now, however, the people driving the hysteria here have already poisoned most of the rest of the world. The American part of the populace, the national character that has not yet surrendered or been conquered, is all that is left. It is a lifeboat.

    Leftism is a toxic and addictive ideology. Those of us who are relatively untainted must conserve ourselves and rise to claim power so that we can disenfranchise and drive out the Leftists. Venezuela is nice this time of year.

  • 7 August 19

    Over the weekend we had the first spring fronts, with gales, snow flurries and road closures. It’s the end of winter. This happens every year. But the press make it appear that we are heading into a disaster. We drove to do the family tasks four hours away anyway — one trip was a challenge, with snow flurries and high winds. The other trip was a beautiful, crisp day, with dusting of snow on the road’s edge.

    But people are told to worry, and that enslaves them.

    Doubt, fear, paranoia, self-hatred/self-pity, and neurosis are the weapons of the enemy. We cannot wield them — no one can, without spreading the evil — but we can push back with an onslaught of beauty, joy, realism, wisdom, excellence, health, sanity, and strength.

  • Why the Political Left is Losing its Mind

    Unlike the walled-garden of an Internet forum — which will primarily focus on topics you’re interested in, rather than topics which upset you — Social Media throws everybody into one place, Liberals and Conservatives, men and women, cats and dogs – and then the obvious happens. People start fighting.

    Social Media is intentionally designed to create this effect, so that those who run things can ‘save the day’ by imposing arbitrary speech codes. Politics has nothing to do with it, except by accident… until you realize what sort of political orientation is most attracted to it.

    We should be glad for this confrontation, because it revealed to us that Left and Right are incompatible because we want to end up in civilizations that look nothing like each other. They want a giant city of apartment blocks and ethnic restaurants producing people of neurosis, where we want a natural countryside with isolated towns producing people of mindful creativity.

  • Yes, the GOP Should Worry About Texas

    Another 17% of the vote was cast in the metro areas of large cities like San Antonio and Austin. Obama narrowly lost these areas to Mitt Romney in 2012, but Hillary Clinton won them with 55% of the vote. Small cities like McAllen and El Paso contributed another 4%. All told, the large metropolitan areas cast almost three-quarters of the vote in Texas, and Hillary Clinton won them with 51% support, a five-point improvement from Obama. Trump more than held his own in the rural areas of the state and in the towns, winning almost 70% of the vote (roughly the same vote share as Romney had four years earlier). But it was the Trump collapse in the urban areas that dominate the state that made it a single-digit race.

    Will no one talk about the fact that these urban areas are majority-minority?

  • Trump Didn’t Start the Fire

    In fact, there is an invasion at our border. With at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the country (and probably many more; nobody knows the number), and the proportion of foreign-born people at or near the highest percentage in our history, we have an immigration issue in America. This poses legitimate concerns about the difficulties of assimilation. Those concerns contributed, more than any other issue, to Trump’s 2016 presidential election. And yet the Trump attackers refuse to acknowledge that an issue exists, that any reasonable person could possibly think that it’s time for more restrictionist policies.

    He saw an opportunity — illegal immigration, Obama taxes, and Clinton-era regulations were strangling the country — and ran on ending these problems. So far, he is doing about as well as anyone can expect, but there is a long way to go.

  • If Mass Shootings To Provoke Political Panic Catch On, We’re In Serious Trouble

    The quick and dirty summary of accelerationism (the dumbed-down version, anyway), is that everything is going crazy, things will only keep getting crazier faster, and the only way out of it is through. So rather than fight the chaos, welcome it; increasing the level of chaos will lead to a breakthrough.

    Why do people feel like there is no other answer than to shoot up the Matrix? Why do they feel so utterly disempowered that they actually believe in a Matrix? Nobody will touch that question. They think they won’t have to once they’ve stifled all dissenting speech and rounded up all the firearms.

  • What a Heartbreaking Culture We Live Within

    The majority of modern culture is upside down. Nothing means what we are told it means. There is nothing social about social media. There is nothing about connectivity brought to us by technology that actually connects us. Our medications do more to harm than heal us. A credit score is nothing but a means to an end to spend more money on things that we do not need. Entertainment is indoctrination. An online community is nothing of the sort. A smart phone is an idiotic device. The news media has nothing of the sort to give us. Reality has been upended by the virtual, and our culture writ large has no idea what to do about it, so it does nothing at all about any of it but foment it all by giving more hard earned dollars in order to stay placated and numbed.

    What happens when you give the herd control: they turn everything upside. When good is good, someone is going to be unequal, so you have to write BAD=GOOD on everything until people think that both good and bad are shades of grey. Then everyone is equal. And everything is worthless…

  • AFL-CIO Union Comes Out in Support of Illegal Alien Workers Taking U.S. Jobs

    It is quite remarkable to see a large U.S. labor union now standing in support of illegal workers in the U.S. There was a time, throughout the history of labor unions, when some of the strongest immigration voices were against American worker displacement. Apparently that time is passed. The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union was recently impacted by a federal immigration authority raid in Mississippi; which resulted in almost 700 illegal alien workers being identified and removed…

    No. It isn’t. Mississippi’s heritage population isn’t union and hasn’t been so for over a generation. Without illegals, the UFCW wouldn’t have any shops in Mississippi. They have to go where the mob is. The mob currently consists of illegals. If the working class isn’t into threatening violent leftist political agitation, then the unions get nothing from representing the working class. They will predictably come to oppose these people.

  • Public School Is A Property Right: The Connor Betts Case

    The Cucks are aflutter because Ohio’s public schools didn’t expel Connor Betts.

    Wonder what allows a school to at least consider permanent expulsion? The student has to be convicted of:
    drug dealing
    aggravated assault
    possession of a deadly weapon
    But expulsion can be permanent if and only if he or she is over 16 or older. And of course, forget all those criteria for the disability manifestation exclusion–if the student was convicted but disability is the reason for the behavior, no action can be taken. State laws vary, but not that much. Expulsion isn’t permanent in most states.

    Instead of sensitivity, let’s try realism. A public school is going to cater to the public. The more the more the public in your neck of the woods sucks, the worse your particular jail-cum-day care facility is going to be for your little darling. Connor Betts, like it or not, is the public. Your children will meet people of a similar ilk at some point in their existence. Amerika will continue to produce more. They will have their rights. The Constitution says so. Your children need to learn how to avoid or deal with Connor Betts. He is Amerika’s future,

  • Opinion: There’s a lot more to the stock market’s slide than Trump and trade wars

    Have you seen Wall Street lately?!? We’re ALL gonna !DIE! Yes, in fact we both are going to die. None know the hour or the day. That makes planning these things out so much harder. This, even beyond the short-term pain implicit to readjusting international trade norms, is not sitting well with Dow Jones – or with most of his industrials. Ed Yardani offers us wisdom leavened with some amusing Black Pill whip on top.

    Many overseas economies seem to have lost their dynamism in recent years. One possible explanation is that demographic profiles have turned increasingly geriatric around the world, led by Europe, Japan, and China (See Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, and Fig. 4). As I’ve discussed on numerous occasions, fertility rates have fallen below population replacement rates around the world, particularly in these three important regional and national economies (See Fig. 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 7, and Fig. 8). China’s government exacerbated the situation with its one-child policy from 1979 through 2015. Furthermore, almost everywhere, people are living longer. That is also making demographic profiles more geriatric around the world, which is putting pressure on governments to borrow more and accumulate more debt to provide retirement support programs for their rapidly increasing cohort of senior citizens. Such government borrowing and mounting government debt are weighing on economic growth.

    It really is almost counterproductive to continue excerpting. Read the whole thing. It may not be Chicken Soup to the soul getting margin calls from a pissed off brokerage house, but it least helps you grok why this butthole keeps pinging on your caller ID. I’ll close with his description of MMT. It’s worth reading the whole column. It’s like a prize at the bottom of The Cracker-Jack Box. Wait for it….

    By the way, in our world, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) isn’t a theory. It is a description of the monetary and fiscal policies that governments increasingly have adopted to manage the voluntary self-extinction of the human race. MMT amounts to large government deficits enabled by a combination of near-zero interest rates and debt monetization provided by the central banks.

  • Go woke, go broke

    It has emerged that the company has taken an $8 billion non-cash write-down for the period since the launch of the campaign in January. According to Reuter ‘P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion…. for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash write-down of Gillette. For the same period last year, P&G’s net income (i.e profit) was $1.89 billion.’ Now I know that it’s not possible to attribute all of this catastrophic change to the ad campaign but the company offered no other explanation admitting ‘it was a mistake to call our customers rapists’. (All right, I made up that last bit).

    It’s not only OK to stop buying from corporations that hate White People. It is also good business. Make them want us. They need us way more than we need them.

  • Why free speech makes it difficult to prosecute white supremacy in America

    Federal authorities have used RICO many times to prosecute white prison gangs, but what got the members of organizations such as the Aryan Brotherhood locked up under the statute was not the racism they believed but the acts they committed: crimes including drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping and money laundering.

    But if they wanted to use RICO to hold accountable the collective ideology that radicalized the shooter, they would need to prove that there was an organized enterprise involved with that ideology, that there was a traceable criminal conspiracy to commit violence and that there was a leader or leaders who instructed others to cause harm.

    Back in the 1990s, as soon as a nationalist organization formed, the Feds wormed their way in. Whichever agent got a Confidential Informant on the inside got promoted, so they worked these cases like nothing else. They had a simple goal: find the membership list. Then you watch those people, and when they get busted, you make them a “deal.” They keep you informed on what is going on with the organization, and you hand them money and keep them out of jail for their usual antisocial behavior (drugs, fighting, alcoholism, domestic violence).

    Now the Feds badly want you to start a nationalist organization for another reason. If one of your members does something illegal, all of you can go to jail, and potentially, any others you associate with. Think this is far-fetched? Ask Matt Hale.

  • A New Low For Democrats?

    Castro’s claim about a “campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders’” is of course a lie. But what possible motive can he have for publishing this list to his Twitter followers other than to encourage harassment of, and perhaps violence against, Trump supporters? No doubt he would be happy if violent Democrats gathered on these people’s lawns, as Democrats did at Mitch McConnell’s house in Kentucky. I don’t think it is possible for a party as distorted by rage and hate as today’s Democratic Party to command the support of a majority of Americans. I guess we will find out soon enough whether that optimistic assessment is correct.

    All right. School time for cuckservative, drainbamaged morons. The Democrats always sink to “new lows.” It’s called tactics. If they keep using the same tactic, it’s because it works like hell. Lefties are like the dumb-a$$ high school ball coach with green teeth. He runs a certain trap or sweep until the opposing defense tackles the runner very soon after the ball is snapped. The more it works, the more Coach Fester dials that sucker up.

    As for his optimism…that’s full of faeces as well. Not even Huey The Kingfish Biden is dumb enough to think you win in democracy by being nice to people. You win by identifying the enemy and doing every rotten and nasty thing you can to them without personally going to jail. You intimidate them until they are afraid to argue. Then nobody is left to oppose Lefty’s intellectual brilliance. It’s only a new low if you have the guts to stop them. Those Red Flag Laws weren’t just going to jump up and spontaneously write themselves.

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