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  • Philadelphia and VW ads banned for gender stereotyping

    The “Nanny State” combined the Leftist zeal for political correctness, the bourgeois desire for safety, and the in loco parentis attitude of democratic government into a single entity which essentially removes anything but uncontroversial, vegan, healthy, and “positive” behaviors as satirized in Brave New World, Animal Farm, and Demolition Man. They talk about compassion, and how we must be nice to each other, and other forms of pacifism; the basic idea of the Safety State is to remove all conflicts, frictions, and essentially, differences between people. Then the mob will be content and bovine, easily led, and not prone to revolution, because since the French Revolution our leaders have feared being murdered and as a result, have been willing to slowly destroy us so that they are safe from us. We can see the future Nanny State emerging in the UK, where gender stereotypes have been banned in advertising, and a committee of obese women and minorities has been appointed to determine what is safe or not. Naturally, since the Nanny State is compassionate, a preteen transgender drag queen huffing cocaine off the stiffened member of a multiracial kathoey is good, but a nuclear family where Dad works and Mom keeps the home is bad. At some point, we have to realize that government is just a self-interested corporation with a monopoly on violence, that the Revolution was a mistake, and even more, that “safety” is a statistical measurement and not a guarantee. In life, tragedies occur from necessity; people are maimed, die, and most of all, they lose. Some days you are the bug; some days you are the windshield (alternatively: “some days you are the bear, some days the rabbit” in reference to this joke). Your average person carries some amount of viral load comprised of the darkness of life, namely doubt, guilt, despair, sadness, under-confidence, twisted fantasies, rejection of the transcendent, and self-negation. Control-oriented societies like the Nanny State seek to turn up that degree of viral load, making that person dependent on the herd for social approval, at which point they are docile and easy to lead but also too wimped out to revolt. “Wimping” is not masculine or feminine. Strong men and strong women both possess an innate drive toward making something positive of life instead of simply avoiding bad things, where wimped men and women have no direction in life except to repeat the process of the past day and try to avoid bad things. Strong = there are good things; weak = there are safe things.

  • Global Economic Trouble Is Brewing, and the Trade War Is Only Part of It

    But this is about something more consequential than a 10 percent tariff on iPhones. It’s really about the widening schism between the world’s two largest economies — one that cannot be reversed with a concession on tariffs by the president or with some soybean purchases by the Chinese. This clash is increasingly becoming part of the landscape that every global business must navigate.

    Translation: globalism collapsed. The USA and China worked well when China made our cheap stuff and we shipped them our used electronics. Then China found itself modernizing as well, which meant that all of those employees making the cheap stuff wanted social mobility, public education, condominiums, Tinder accounts, pumpkin spice lattes, and refrigerators that can post to Twitter. They demanded higher salaries, and so the great boom in Chinese manufacturing died, probably about in 2009 when the world realized that most of its hard drives were made in Thailand not China. Since then, China has been attempting to take over the world before its economy tanks. Trump has addressed this problem by trying to make America as self-sufficient as possible, which includes things like his trade war; if America makes everything that it consumes, a global crash will not suck us into the black hole of “too big to fail” and “there’s safety in numbers” upon which global conformity to liberal consumerist democracy (LCD) was based. In other words, stop fearing the trade war, and start fearing the lack of one.

  • TEA recommends Houston school board be replaced

    How’s life in the most diverse part of North America? It turns out that corruption is everywhere, and now the largest school district in purple state Texas is going to be decapitated and reconstituted. It made itself huge and important by catering to illegal immigrants, leading to a school system that is 8% white, with that number itself being in doubt. That justified building lots of new schools to replace the old small schoolhouses, and that in turn sent Texas property taxes into the stratosphere. However, like all “eat the seed corn” Roman Holidays, this one appears to be ending, with the largest city in Texas leading the way.

  • Ashers ‘gay cake’ row referred to European Court

    You can have it one of two ways:

    1. We are tolerant of all views, which means that no one must bake the gay cake, but they also do not have to serve Muslims, Jews, or Blacks, can exclude longhairs, can decide who to accept into their neighborhoods, and can fly Confederate, rainbow, or Nazi flags on their porches; or
    2. We are tolerant only of the view of militant tolerance, which means that everyone must bake the gay cake, including Muslims and Jews, and that both are other cultures beyond criticism and subject to being forced to tolerate people they detest.

    The great Utopian experiment in utilitarianism — whatever most people say they think is best is chosen as best — has failed when its innate pacifism, or the “agree to disagree” implicit in its definition, reaches the point of paradox when it encounters those who deny pacifism. At that point the peace-loving hippies start acting in favor of pacifism as an ideology, and open battle results. Tolerance, peace, universal love, pluralism, diversity, and other non-standards gain in the early part of their careers because they avoid conflict, but only at the expense of abolishing all standards in favor of an inoffensive bourgeois and urban libertine culture, and then collapse when it becomes clear that anyone with standards will be destroyed by them. Our lawmakers have not yet wrapped their brains around this one.

  • Tamil Nadu crackdown on schools making students wear caste wristbands

    Caste systems make sense. All human traits exist on a bell curve, and you want people who are on the far right of both the IQ curve and the moral character curve to be in power. You do not want anyone else in power, because they will be both incompetent and self-serving. In the West, we once had several castes: aristocrats (Jarls/Brahmins), upper middle class (Karls/Kshatriya), and serfs, peasants, villeins, proles, helots, and plebeians (Thralls/Sudra, Vaisya). We should bring this back and make it part of how we know the world; you are not who you choose to be, but who you are.

  • Royal Oak police stop Black man for ‘looking suspiciously’ at white woman

    Royal Oak is part of the suburban cap to Detroit where the white people went when the city became diverse. They do not want the diversity there; it stays below Eight Mile, where a band begins that ranks whites from poorest to richest, with the richest living as far away from the city as possible; below Eight Mile, a similar banding occurs from the black middle class down to the ghetto at the heart of the rotted city. Everywhere diversity goes, it leaves divided communities; people want to live with those like them, and they tend to fend off outsiders.

  • ‘Keep the Hasidic Out’: A Small-Town Housing Showdown

    Hasidic Jews want to build a housing development in a small town. This will give them the numbers to take over this small town like the one nine miles away which seems to be impoverished and alien to its former occupants now. Naturally, both sides are now at war with each other. If we need another parable for how diversity does not work, this one shows us a natural tragedy, or one in which all sides are acting reasonably in self-interest. The Hasidic Jews want to expand their territory; those who keep that territory do not want to be conquered. Think of all the conflicts and hatreds we could avoid by avoiding diversity.

  • Quebec premier tells businesses to boost wages if they want to find workers

    Francophone politician accidentally tells the truth: immigration is driven by a need to keep wages low. What he does not say is that business want low wages because taxes are crushing business. If you abolish the socialist-style entitlements state, you do not need high taxes, and business can send that money directly on to its workers without making its products too expensive for ordinary people to afford. As usual, the root of the problem lies with government and its attempts to “help.” Cut government back to a sensible role — defense, roads, currency, emergency services — and suddenly life is functional again. The high cost of all those welfare, healthcare, retirement, and other cradle-to-grave entitlements is that your society commits suicide.

  • U.S. attorney’s aide accused of helping gang member son find snitches

    This one goes out to the “muh Constitution” conservatives who insist that immigration is good as long as they share our “values,” and by that they mean political values like the Constitution, free market, and laws. These other groups think differently because they evolved differently, and this is hard-wired into their DNA. They may keep the appearance of your Constitution and laws, but they will interpret them radically differently and bring about a social order that your laws were never intended to address. In the third world, gangs are a way of maintaining order in the community and self-defense for their members. They are not the bad thing we see here, because here only do they clash with the social order. End diversity, end this problem.

  • ‘It is raining plastic’: USGS finds microplastics in 90 percent of Colorado rainwater samples

    They laughed at us back in the 1950s-1980s when we said that making everything out of plastic, and having most of it be disposable, was a bad idea. After all, an economy had risen around the entitlements state we created in the 1930s, and now our businesses were dependent on all those permanent underclass people spending their money on iPhones, Tide boxes, and entertainment products. If they stopped going to the nail salons, big box stores, and movie theaters, the whole economy might kiss pavement. In order for us to address these equal citizens, however, we had to cheapen everything so that they could afford the inferior version, and those gradually drove out or at least marginalized the alternatives. You can get a refillable lighter, but the vast majority of the market goes to disposable lighters. Now all those disposable lighters, along with a ton of fast-food packaging and water bottles, have made it into the environment through sociopathic careless littering, illegal dumping, unsecured garbage, and methed-out truckers tossing urine bottles by the side of the freeway. Those in turn have broken down to pieces so small that they can get picked up by evaporation and taken into the clouds, and those are now raining back on us worldwide and we are absorbing them in everything that we eat and drink. The modern era ends as we slowly, sadly acknowledge how much ordinary evil was permitted in the name of the convenience, autonomy, and power of those equal individuals out there in the mob. It’s time we have a conversation about utilitarianism, which is the basis of modernity and its Hydra heads democracy, consumerism, and social popularity.

  • CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978

    What happened in 1978? If you follow politics and history, you know that what happened in 1978 mostly reflected decisions of the past twenty years, including civil rights, third world immigration, women in the workforce, sexual liberalization, rise of the administrative state, the Great Society, and many other Leftist programs. If we looked at CEO compensation, it has been steadily rising. This tells us that we have a shortage of competent leaders, but lots of people who need to be told exactly what to do or they screw it up. This in turn tells us that what conservatives said about modernity was to come to pass in chilling intensity: if you replace natural selection with equality, you penalize the competent to reward the incompetent, which means that you end up with lots of incompetents and a few competents who just want to escape the disaster that civilization has become.

  • Germany: Far-right offenses rise in 2019

    After WW2, it was clear that the liberalized West had an Achilles Heel. If they proved Hitler right about anything, the whole order would collapse. They censored, suppressed, and persecuted the conservatives who pointed out that diversity did not work, and third world immigration was a disaster, and while the methods of the Nazis were unstable and bad, the ideas of the Nazis were not. Jews belong in Israel, said these conservatives, and only ethnic Germans belong in Germany. No Turks, Muslims, Africans, Mexicans, or Irish people, they said. But Democracy Incorporated wanted nothing to do with this viewpoint, so it set about proving them wrong by enacting the very policies that Hitler would have liked least. It turns out that these policies result in a total lack of social trust, widespread crime, fraud, violence, and rape. Now people are turning back to Nazism, which is unfortunate but predictable. How did we get leaders this incompetent? Oh, right, we allowed the crowd — where incompetents numerically predominate and therefore always win the vote — to select them.

  • ‘Significant and clear’ threat: What Canada’s spy chief says about China behind closed doors

    China, like Russia, finds itself in a bad position as a flailing nation, or one that is slowly failing and cannot address that problem because to do so would introduce structural paradox. Consequently, it intends to take over the world before it goes down in flames; after all, a few hundred million to American and Canadian politicians and business leaders is a bargain in international politics. As this is being discovered, people are realizing that after the Soviet Union fell, its old ally China took its place, and will have to be not just managed, but defeated and deposed.

  • Rome court says migrant ship can enter Italy’s waters, overriding Salvini

    Laws are written around the idea of defending property rights, which are assigned to individuals or entities which act like them such as corporations. This means that things held in common — like culture, nature, heritage, or even social trust, social capital, and social order — are sacrificed any time an individual comes up against them. This makes the law into an engine for the erosion of order. Much as courts in the USA lean far-Left, in Italy they do the same, and have now commanded that an invasion be tolerated because, when we drill down through the rhetoric, individuals are involved. Maybe we can give nations corporate personhood, too, and claim that immigration is an assault on the person of Italy itself?

  • Canadian PM Trudeau calls for action as gun violence spikes in Toronto

    Toronto’s gun violence has been blamed on illegal guns and gang violence.

    Become diverse and get American-style gang-related violence. If you remove the diversity from the statistics, America is safer than Europe; if you did the same to Canada, you would see that heritage Canadians are not committing this violence. However, government in its infinite wisdom will want to take guns away from them, leaving the only armed parties as the segments of The Diversity which are involved in gangs and crime. Can we admit that liberal democracy has failed, yet?

  • ‘I take responsibility,’ Trudeau says in wake of damning report on SNC-Lavalin ethics violation

    Canada’s Obama caught in yet another ethics violation. Will the voters wake up? You would do better betting on a three-legged horse at the races.

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