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  • Trump campaign’s small-dollar donations surge, marking major shift for GOP

    Populism shows that its appeal is not to moneyed interests, but regular voters. The same is probably true in Europe. Big money wants the scam to continue. Ordinary people want it to end.

  • White Supremacist Propaganda Pops up in Tulsa

    Patriot Front posts a bunch of stickers in Tulsa, and the usual hand-wringing, self-flagellation, and navel-gazing idealism begins. We will have no peace until all Leftists are safely settled in Venezuela and their passports are burned (or recycled) in great heaps.

  • Hong Kong protests spread across Australia revealing deep divisions in Chinese community

    With diversity, the conflicts of other groups are now your problem as they fight it out within your society. How could we avoid this? Among other things, having more Hongkongers back home would help them have the numbers they need to resist the PRC threat.

  • Outrage After Video Shows Staffers Taunting, Terrorizing Woman, 91, At Glenview Nursing Home

    White people think in this weird symbolic abstraction where life can boil down to economic and legal transactions. They need jobs, we think, so they will take these jobs and work to succeed at them, not do horrible things. This viewpoint assumes that all people have equal thinking capacity, which as you know is a The Enlightenment™ trope, but has nothing to do with reality, where people are vastly unequal and act in favor of their groups against other groups, who they resent for being competition.

  • Driver stops train, demands racist passenger get off

    This article reads like Soviet propaganda:

    “The Indian passenger was just minding his own business, talking to his friend in their own language.”

    “It appeared this teenage girl had an issue with him talking in his own language and she was being racist and abusive towards him.”

    The conductor said she wasn’t having any of that on her train.

    “We don’t put up with language like that, of any kind. We carry passengers to and from A to B, and we want our passengers to get there in a safe manner.”

    Look, citizens, it is the triumph of equality over unreason. We have banished the darkness and created peace. The Party is succeeding… go back to your work, your taxes, your shopping, and most of all, your inner void into which you have fallen, and do not challenge those who are acolytes of the blessed equality which will soon lead us all to Utopia. And eat your vegetables!

  • Warning to adults: Children notice everything

    Adults operate by filtering out things that are not what they seek, and can be instructed not to notice certain things. Children observe them instead. This explains why so many children despair at the approach of adulthood, and want nothing to do with that zombie-like state, which in addition to their noticing of the failure of this society makes them primed to be dropouts or school shooters. In addition, if the mother notices that her society is failing, the maternal bond to the child will be weaker, essentially creating parentless alienated children on a mission to destroy. The problems of drugs, school shootings, NEETs/hikikomori, and sadistic internet trolls probably originate in children understanding the fragility of this civilization through the compulsive need by adults to deny, euphemize, and conceal the many mundane everyday details that scream that our society is out of control.

  • What happened to Christiania’s dream of becoming Denmark’s hippie paradise?

    Yet another communal vision vanishes in flames, as they always do. Even the non-socialist ones die. When you try to treat people as equals, you give the bad guys a leg up, and soon trust dies, and after that everyone becomes selfish and acts exclusively in self-interest, producing a chaotic and unstable society. In other words, Christiania is dying of the same things that are killing the Nordic nations:

    The fact that Christiania even exists reflects that not everyone is happy with the Nordic welfare state.

    Christiania was created as a result of “the release of creative energy that occurred when people who had been patronized and subjected to tight regulation were let loose,” says Per Smidl, who moved into the enclave in 1978, aged 25, after buying a wooden wagon from a drug dealer.

  • More than 3,000 hunger strikes at immigration centres in UK since 2015

    Passive aggression and artful use of guilt seem to be what the Left and minority groups have in common. Just wait until we have museums to drowned migrants in every US city.

  • Sadiq Khan backs London slavery museum to challenge racism

    They constantly push the guilt narrative, don’t they, as if trying to obscure the fact that for whatever Western Civilization did “wrong,” it did enough right that everyone is emulating it and moving to it, sort of like Sadiq Khan.

  • German churches lose 430,000 Catholic and Protestant members in 2018

    Many in the West feel that Christianity did not do enough to resist and reverse the cultural decline happening around us, and now that the church accepts much of this decline, see no reason to attend.

  • The FBI and CDC Datasets Agree: Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates

    We are closer to realizing that mental health problems, not guns, are the cause of much of the violence in this country. Next up, we will come to understand that mental health problems cause the political problems which inspire others to shoot up various houses of worship.

  • White professor investigated for quoting James Baldwin’s use of N-word

    White student freaks out when professor asks about use of racial slur by black writer and his decision to censor himself and change the offensive term to “Negro.”

  • China ‘smoothing’ of economic data is distorting global growth and policy responses, study says

    China is faking its economic data in order to remain in control of the situation, and this is causing others to react in ways that are sure to make them lose money. We slowly see how much more of the Chinese image is fake, and that points to the type of instability that inevitably leads to war.

  • Knife crime chicken shop campaign branded ‘unfathomably stupid’ and ‘bordering on racist’

    Today in News Of The Idiotic, UK authorities decide that the best way to fight knife crime is to advertise in fried chicken shops, apparently missing the ethnic associations with this meal. It is unclear what is more idiotic, a whole nation in denial about who is committing the knife crime, or authorities that decide condescending propaganda will fix deep structural problems. Fire everybody, start again.

  • Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

    China has been collecting lethal viruses and may be using them to create biological weapons. Brain-addled Westerners, terrified of being called “racist,” simply mailed them the samples.

  • Twitter locks Mitch McConnell’s campaign account for posting video that violates violent threats policy

    Republican posts video of Democrats threatening him, and then is banned for making a violent threat. This tells you about all that you need to know about Big Tech bias.

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