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  • ‘Obsolete scum of white Australia’ behind anti-Chinese sentiment, says NSW Labor MP

    Pro-China minority politician calls whites “obsolete,” endorsing white genocide. Mask off.

  • Take ‘charisma’ into account when managing invasive species, scientists say

    Scientists use charisma in this context to refer to the popularity of non-native species in society and in the media.

    The researchers say these species often affect the biodiversity of regions in which they appear, adding that they are the second biggest cause of recent extinctions.

    Xenophilia even extends to non-human species. Benevolent xenophobia is a saner approach.

  • Neanderthals ate sharks and dolphins

    Modern people consider the past primitive as a way of justifying what we have now as good. “Science” slowly discovers that our ancestors were more capable than we thought.

  • In a first, US slaps sanctions on Russian white supremacists

    The Russian Imperial Movement is alleged to provide paramilitary training to neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Russia and elsewhere from two camps it runs in St. Petersburg, according to U.S. officials. In 2016, it was alleged to have trained two Swedes who later carried out a series of terrorist attacks in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, including bombing a cafe and attempting to bomb a campsite housing refugees, they said.

    Sounds ineffectual. Russians are Eurasians, not Europeans. They need to focus on a Russian nationalism which emphasizes ethnic Russians in unity with Russian culture and spirit, as Dostoyevsky urged.

  • Racist asylum-seeker hostel attackers seldom convicted

    The documentary team found that of the 2,558 incidents only 18%, or 467 cases, were actually investigated or led to discovery of perpetrators. And in only 206 cases, or 8%, did fines or jail terms result on conviction.

    More likely, most of these cases resulted in no harm and many were false accusations.

  • US Forced To Look At Redrawing Medical Supply Chain

    Globalism has died. Not only open borders spreading the disease through travel and immigration, but (potentially) important drugs are manufactured abroad, and will be used there instead of here. The global open market encourages vital medical supplies to leave the country for higher prices elsewhere and donated supplies being sold back to us. Others are finding that foreign medical supplies are of inferior quality. Globalism has destabilized our national security because we have no idea who is in the country, no way to marshal our resources for use here, and dependent on foreign sources. In addition, international organizations are controlled by China and other third-world nations which want to destroy us.

  • Coronavirus: top Hong Kong microbiologist urges government to make masks mandatory, step up social-distancing enforcement

    It turns out that, as we found out in 1918, wearing masks plus a few other common sense precautions — washing your hands and avoiding crowds, since crowds are contagion — will defeat this epidemic just as they defeat other airborne infectious diseases. We can stop crashing the economy and go back to semi-regular function now.

  • Danish PM: ‘We will not return to Denmark as it was’

    “What was important before coronavirus hit us is still important,” she said. “The fact that we have a strong welfare society, that we want to focus more on education, that the fight against climate change is important. Everything that was important last year is also important today.”

    So this is what we are proud of these days. Nothing in there about being excellent (arete). Fail.

    On the other hand, Denmark wants to boot migrants who break coronapanic laws:

    However, last-minute amendments have drawn criticisms from two parties that form part of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s ruling coalition. The most controversial lets the authorities expel immigrants caught committing any crimes related to the virus. There is also confusion about how the law would impact the country’s ban on religious head gear, which is broadly perceived as targeting the country’s Muslim community.

  • EU imposes tariffs on glass fibre from China, Egypt over dumping

    Europe breaks with previous policy and seeks to stop anti-competitive measures by China. The Trump doctrine is slowly taking effect.

  • Whale sharks: Atomic tests solve age puzzle of world’s largest fish

    However, the species is now classified as endangered because of over-fishing in places like Thailand and the Philippines.

    Humans killing off yet another vital species for reasons unknown to just about everyone.

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