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Pentti Linkola (1933-2020)

Pentti Linkola, champion of restraining human needs so that nature can endure, has passed away at the age of 87. Derided by many for his eco-fascism, he lived the life he recommended: humans in balance with nature, doing work by hand, taking only what is necessary and always respecting the woods.

According to YLE, Linkola passed away from natural causes but more details are not forthcoming owing the the desires of the family for privacy. His life and works survive him, as do the woods he protected.

Famous for short blasts of wisdom like “Humanflood,” Linkola was eventually compiled in an English compendium known as Can Life Prevail?. I was fortunate to be able to write an introduction for this book, whose translation was pioneered by members of our previous organization, CORRUPT.

He will be greatly missed. Many want environmentalism, or saving the parts of nature that humanity needs, but few took the time to love and respect nature for the genius and beauty that it is, and demand that it be saved for itself, realizing that humans would respect ourselves more if we did.

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