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Periscope: People Who Do Things Edition

  • Orwellian WaPo Slams the ‘Far-Right’ for Saying Christians Were Under Attack in Sri Lanka

    It’s amazing the things you just have to be Alt-Right to notice these days.

    In the wake of the horrific Easter terrorist attack against churches in Sri Lanka, The Washington Post published an article slamming “far-right” political leaders for saying that Christians are under attack. The Orwellian article suggested there was something untoward about reporting on global Christian persecution — by selectively quoting far-right European and American leaders on the issue and ignoring the broader discussion. The bombings, which claimed the lives of at least 321 people and wounded more than 500 others, took place on the most important holiday for Christianity, the day Christians remember the Resurrection of Jesus.

    According to the WaPo, only Marine Le Pen and Katie Hopkins could figure out that an attack aimed at churches all over Sri Lanka was anti-Christian. The WaPo is either stupid or believes this of its readers. They have long ago exited the news business.

  • L.A. County’s homeless population is growing — but not as fast as they’re dying

    So 53K people choose to live in The Urban Great Outdoors of LA. They are now dying a lot more rapidly. We are supposed to care.

    Last year alone, 918 people died. And in the last five years, deaths have jumped 76%, outpacing the growth of the homeless population, according to an analysis of county coroner data by Kaiser Health News. So far, health officials and experts have been unable to pinpoint a single cause for the increase, but say rising substance abuse may be a major reason.

    This means that more people live on the streets with behavior problems and illnesses. This happens when you do nothing to chase them off and even go so far as to allow them to defecate in public. They quite literally befoul their own nests. People who have time preferences up to a level where they don’t even plan out how they intend to acquire physical shelter may also display a propensity towards turning their own bodies into chemistry experiments in search of the next riveting fix. These sorts of behaviors wreck havoc on any community they are tolerated in. Perhaps that’s why cities such as LA, SF, and Portland are increasingly lacking in community.

  • Whiteness as Collections

    If you look at any United States library’s collection, especially those in higher education institutions, most of the collections (books, journals, archival papers, other media, etc.) are written by white dudes writing about white ideas, white things, or ideas, people, and things they stole from POC and then claimed as white property with all of the “rights to use and enjoyment of” that Harris describes in her article. When most of our collections filled with this so-called “knowledge,” it continues to validate only white voices and perspectives and erases the voices of people of color. Collections are representations of what librarians (or faculty) deem to be authoritative knowledge and as we know, this field and educational institutions, historically, and currently, have been sites of whiteness.

    Boy, if you ever wanted a reason to burnnnn all those dirty, nasty books, then this is what it would read like. This whole thesis about libraries being honkey-holes apparantly became problematic. She tried to take it down. It was archived and lives on forever. Like in an Internet library or something. And then there is the thermonuclear stupidity of her ideas. She lives and works in a country that is majority White and has been majority White for going on 300 years. She wonders why the books, in a language invented and predominantly spoken by White People, are all about White People. They might even think #ItsOKTOBeWhite.

  • Nukemap

    This allows you to dial up your own nuclear strike. I now know that detonating a 50kt airburst over Soho would kill an estimated 427,000 within 24 hours. It would also create a 30m deep crater. I’d sure love to have that in the public domain if I felt like nuking somebody in the near future. Somehow this makes me take airport security theatre a lot less seriously.

  • The irresistible allure of Stephanie Kelton and MMT

    To understand the irresistible allure of Stephanie Kelton and Modern Monetary Theory, you need to understand where we are in the economic cycle. During the past four decades, American system-wide taxes, borrowing, and government spending have been growing faster than GDP. As any first-year economics student could tell you, it’s a classic Ponzi Scheme. Worse, professional economists in government, banking, and academia—whose chief role is to justify transfers of funds to their respective organizations—won’t breathe a word of just how dangerous things are, because their jobs are reliant on the current system.

    If The USSA economy is a racket, then MMT is the bust-out phase. To keep a racket, all the piggies in the troth have to trust one another and willingly limit their consumption. OPEC can do some good for themselves when they all agree on a production quota aimed at centering the market at a target price. When one piggie gets greedy and breaks quota; the market peg slips and they fail.

    To borrow an analogy from “The Tragedy of The Commons,” an overgrazed village green won’t feed Farmer Giles’ livestock. This gives Giles two alternatives.

    1) He can play team ball and sell or slaughter a few heads ahead of when he had intended to in his business plan. This hurts him a little, but keeps the grass green for next year. He’s thinking long here and has some rational hope that he’ll get in a few good years to recoup his loses.

    2) If he decides there’s no rational hope, it’s bust-out time. Giles triples his herd size and tramples the verdure. He then floods the market with slaughtered meat after the grass all dies and the meat is scarce. That’s MMT. It’s the economic bust-out.

    All the spending power of the society is brought forward and disbursed as fast as possible. Nothing is left for the future accept for the unpleasant clean-up and the hangovers. The only logical reason to do this comes from a certain knowledge or belief that there isn’t going to be much of a future to clean up during. MMT has to be one of the most pessimistic theories ever sent flying over the transom.

  • Free College? Not Really…

    Elizabeth Warren has lived off university salaries for most of her career. She now wants to show her gratitude and really do the people who have taken care of her a good solid. Here’s how Senator Warren would solve the student load crisis in a way that still lines the pocket of every academic institution in the racket.

    Anyhow, Warren’s basic proposal is:

    • Forgiving up to $50,000 in student loan debt for 42 million Americans in households earning less than $100,000 a year
    • Plus, reduced forgiveness amounts for another 3 million households making less than $250,00 a year…
    • Increasing federal spending to make tuition and fees free for all students at public two- and four-year public colleges…
    • Expanding grant programs to cover additional costs like housing, food, books, and child care for lower-income and minority students…
    • Then reforming the higher education system “that created the crisis in the first place.”

    Warren’s camp says this would cost about $1.25 trillion over 10 years.

    Free college and student load forgiveness is the bust-out stage of the college racket. People will stop bothering with college after a little while for three reasons.

    1) Employers will get so many applications from idiots with credentials that they will devalue the credential.

    2) Single-Payer College (what this essentially becomes) will generate higher and higher tuition until the government is forced to either stop paying or nationalize the entire university system. Soon afterwards, the university system here will be about as ethical and efficient as say, Petrobras or the VA.

    3) When employers stop hiring the graduates, college will lose its de facto monopoly as the credential entailing social respectability. At that point, most people will stop thinking that Animal House is really all that fun anymore.

    Yet Elizabeth Warren will give that cash cow one more mother of a milking before the teats are all completely depleted. She’ll then exit the scene before it turns into an utter failure.

  • Cut the Price and They Will Come: New House Prices Drop to December 2014 Level

    It took the market long enough, but it finally seems to be figuring something out. An awful lot of people have no burning desire to own a big, flashy $400K home if the roof holds up pretty well on a smaller one priced for $250K. The overbuilt upper echelon of this market was a relic of the house-flipping days. If a $200K home automatically appreciates 20% after 3 years, you can resell for $240K. If a $400K appreciates at the same rate, over the same period, you rake $480K. Home ownership strictly for a flip mandates that the market build bigger, more costly homes to max the capital gain on the flipside.

    The return of risk to this market has caused more than a few careless buyers to be underwater on their mortgages in big, tacky homes that are a bear to keep clean. Let this truth get some traction in the general population, and people who should buy smaller, more modest homes will stop putting on nouveau riche airs and buy more intelligently to their monthly budgets.

    Homebuilders are motivated to move their speculative inventory. They’re making deals at lower prices, and they’re building homes at lower price points. And buyers responded. House sales at the lower end gained market share while houses at the higher end lost market share. Houses that were sold below $200,000 made up 16% of the mix in March, up from 11% in March 2018. Houses that were sold at prices of $400,000 or higher in March made up 29% of the mix, down from 32% in March 2018.

  • Never forget the eager role of the conservative anvil.

    This is where conservatives come in. The conservative anvil is every bit the willing tool of the feminist blacksmith as her man-smashing hammer. Conservatives have responded to the sexual revolution and the destruction of marriage by adopting a highly selective sense of moral outrage. When women delayed marriage to focus on sexual freedom and career, conservatives cheered them on (while ignoring/denying the whoring). Thus the 700 Club touts a book by a 50 something never married career woman advising young Christian women to follow her lead and never settle. Likewise pastors regularly lecture young Christian men that they have a duty to marry single mothers, because: Single Christian moms are as pure as the sinless Son of God, which is more than you deserve in a wife.

    Wow! She’s more than I deserve in a wife. That sounds good to me. I’m glad I married elsewhere. Most regular, humble guys just couldn’t handle all the pressure of living up to that! Super-Winner guys can have her. The smart man should just stay humble and not aspire to this particular Princess Elsa. He doesn’t assume a duty to live for anyone. He sure didn’t marry without the idea of about 50% of the benefits going to himself. Your typical man probably grew up with this naïve and crazy idea that he and his future bride would both get something out of the bargain.

    This sort of a thing is always where The Cuckservatives come in. Not only are they too wimpy to withstand liberal social pressures, they also want to make darn sure that you are as well. They don’t like being shown up. They also want to socialize the cost of their capitulation to others who haven’t yet capitulated. Besides, the more gazelles you pack in the herd, the less likely Leo The Lion is to eat any kth Gazelle. Cuckservatives are just socialists who believe in equally sharing the suck.

  • Melbourne vegan café that charged men 18 percent surcharge to reflect the pay gap closes down

    Somehow related to the Dalrock post above. Here’s what happens when Gnon makes you too holy to charge half of your potential customers a fair price.

    A “woke” vegan café in Melbourne’s trendy suburb of Brunswick says it will be closing down. Handsome Her, a café advertised as a safe space for women and lesbians, made headlines in 2017 when owner Alexandra O’Brien announced a controversial business plan. One week every month, Handsome Her charged men 18 percent more than women. The excess charge was donated to women’s charity. The café also prioritised seating women before men during this week.

    When a bidness gets all woke, the economy tells it to go the fvck back to sleep.

  • University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity

    Here are the upcoming dates and information:
    –For faculty/staff who identify as faculty/staff of color: Monday, April 22 at 4:00 pm in ZSR Room 476 (we will be joined by Associate Dean Erica Still)
    –For faculty/staff who identify as faculty/staff of color: Thursday, May 2 at 11:00 am in ZSR 476 (we will be joined by Associate Dean Erica Still)
    –For staff who identify as staff of color ONLY: Monday, May 6 at 4:00 pm in ZSR Room 477
    Please know that I have requested that all department chairs provide staff release time to be able to attend a listening session.

    Who would want to be included? This is the #SJW answer to The He-Man Woman Haters Club. I wasn’t invited to the 22 April meeting. But someone smuggled me the tape. Here it is. Watch and Listen closely…

  • It’s Not Your Job to Unpack Her Desires

    I observed for a man that the leftist-media paints as a misogynist, his book was the most pro-female book ever written. The reason why I concluded this is that though his book is intended to help men get laid, the hurdles, chores, responsibilities, and requirements he demands of men to meet girls is incredibly high. Men must work out, strategize, forecast, study, major in the right thing, work hard, and predict women’s every want and desire. They must dote on every possible whim of women from here on into eternity. And if you looked at what was being asked of men in order to “get women” it was incredibly dedicating, committing, even sacrificial on the part of men. No book written by women even came close to asking of women what “Game” asked of men.

    Warning: I’m about to commit some Dissident Right heresy here. RooshV may not be all that particularly bright.

    Sure, he has a lot of drive and ambition, but he’s getting beaten by Judo moves here. He does all the work and makes this other person happy. He gets about ten minutes on The Rollercoaster of Love and maybe, if he’s lucky, a happy ending. All of Roosh’s drive and tenacity are getting used to basically wring value out of him for pathetically little in return. Yet he agreed to this deal for well over a decade.

    This could explain Japanese Herbivore Men and some of the non-pathetic MGTOWs.

  • 57% See Artificial Intelligence As Threat to Human Race

    Cue the calls for The Butlerian Jihad. Because if Skynet wins, we all lose. Or we could just buy everyone off with $1,000 per month. Then they could just go the eff back to sleep and ignore their Dhimmitude.

  • The Scruton tapes: an anatomy of a modern hit job

    Sometimes a scandal is not just a scandal, but a biopsy of a society. So it is with the assault on Sir Roger Scruton, who in recent weeks has been smeared in the media, fired by the government and had his life’s work assailed. Scruton is the latest, though far from the first victim of the modern outrage mob.

    First a liberal journalist misrepresents Scruton’s positions on several hot-button issues. This triggers the Cucks, who then dog-pile Roger Scruton.

    In response, the Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat issued a condemnation of racism — which, as he must have known would happen, was reported as a call for Scruton’s firing. His fellow Conservative MP (and fellow former soldier) Johnny Mercer declared that sacking Scruton was now a ‘no brainer’ — adding, slightly too revealingly: ‘Let’s not take our time on this.’ Thus did two Conservative leadership wannabes thoughtlessly throw one of Britain’s only conservative thinkers before the mob.

    Now that we know the journalist spread the bull, Her Majesty’s Government will gladly reinstate Scruton and apologize forthwith for his unjust treatment. Yep. Exactly. But no. The cucks who did in Scruton envied the man. He thought beyond their level. He addressed what they lacked the guts to address. He made them look positively excremental. They hated him for that and therefore greatly appreciated the opportunity to join the mob and hang Roger Scruton. This is how Romans turn into Italians. Demotism is how thermodynaics brings about the heat death of functional societies.

  • Half Of Marijuana Users In The US Think They’re Fine To Drive Stoned

    The survey found that 48% of current cannabis users in the United State think it’s safe to drive on cannabis — 17% of current users said it’s “very safe” and 31% said it is “somewhat safe” to drive high. A slightly smaller number of users, 46%, disagreed. Six percent of users said they didn’t know.

    So this is where Dunning and Kruger meet Cheech and Chong. Of course they’re good to go on driving. Are you high or something? The real truth is with the 6% above. Everyone’s body acts differently under THC intoxication. Some of the stoners are fine. But even they don’t know until they wind up in the ditch. Life is one long IQ test. THC is another opportunity to flunk early and avoid all the strain.

  • Sri Lanka Suicide Bombers Identified As Sons Of Wealthy Spice Merchant

    When Muhammad Atta led his nineteen people who did some things, it was after he’d received his degree in Engineering. It’s not just poor diversity that seeks to destroy anything not like them. It’s what diversity does. It kills the existing order. Thus it comes as no big shocker that we learn the following about The Easter Bombers in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lankan police have determined that two of the eight suicide bombers who carried out the Easter Sunday bombings, one of the deadliest terror attacks in recent memory, were the sons of one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country – a spice trader whose family lived in what the New York Times described as a “beautiful white villa” just outside of the capital, Colombo. The spice trader, Mohammad Yusuf Ibrahim, built his fortune on black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla. He was even celebrated by Sri Lanka’s former president for his “outstanding service to the nation.” But that didn’t stop two of his sons from joining a jihadist group and pledging their allegiance to ISIS.

    Taking diversity and training it up does not make it less detrimental. Arminius spent a long time learning about Rome and Romans. This enabled him to be a person who did things back in 9 AD at The Battle of Tuetoburg Forest. Smarter people who hate you are just better able to violently express their inner feelings by doing things. It’s something to keep in mind when we talk about how wonderful smart diversity is.

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