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  • Trump threatens to send armed troops to Mexican border

    Why not? We clearly have a border crisis that would justify him building a wall, sending the military, closing the border, busting employers of illegals, and ending remittances to Mexico. He has his blank check. Things are getting out of control. Knowing Trump, he will wait for them to get to full disaster stages before acting, as that way he is blameless, and he knows how the herd of chattering neurotics loves to crucify those who avoid problems before they occur. We have armed enemies at our border, militia groups resisting and being arrested, Mexican soldiers invading the US and disarming our soldiers, and even Mexico has started arresting migrants who have been encouraged to head north by Leftist NGOs and activists. Sensibly, Trump has addressed a typical Leftist talking point and has begun cracking down on visa overstayers so that he can argue that he is confronting all aspects of illegal immigration, even though we all know that the surge coming across the border is massive, uncounted, and the actual threat. He has the option to make Mexico pay for the wall because they are experiencing economic pain as a result of the border delays he has imposed; these may hurt the US as well, but the smaller Mexican economy will hurt much more. The American people will not bear much more, and are ready for war. This feels a lot like 1860. In the meantime, the Left opposes Trump because they intend to import the third world as voters and welfare dependents to finally shatter Anglo-Saxon America, which supported Leftist ideals but never their wacky methods, and Trump is plagued with self-sabotaging public conservatives who like to oppose him because it gives them an identity as those who bear the difficult but “morally correct” truth, even though this is just posturing for social popularity points. In the end, whichever first world nations close their borders first and send the foreigners back home will survive, while those which do not will become third world nations.

  • A rasher of bacon ‘ups cancer risk’

    This minor statistical variation has been hyped into a gigantic panic because the Left wants us all to stop eating meat so that we can fit another ten billion people on Earth, at which point we will see ecocide in all of its slow, lugubrious, and ugly glory. In reality, if you eat bacon, have healthy genetics, and get moderate exercise, you will do just fine. If your genes have a weakness which lets cancer in, or you get exposed to too much air pollution, you will end up with cancer at the end of your life. As usual, the Left takes an item of truth and hypes it into a theory which is as false as any lie.

  • Hate-crime attack on café staged, Winnipeg police say, after owners charged with mischief

    Another day, another fake hate crime. People do it just for the power, sort of like women making false rape accusations. When you give the perceived victim absolute power simply for saying that something happened, you create a massive opportunity for abuse. Yet another reason diversity will never work.

  • More than 12,000 Boy Scout members were victims of sexual abuse, expert says

    They did the same thing to the Boy Scouts that they did to the Catholic church. “You can’t refuse to hire homosexuals,” they said. Now that we see the results of that little stupidity, the people who caused the actual problem are slinking away while the Boy Scouts take the blame (and pay out the hundreds of millions required to legally solve this mess). We would have none of these problems if we maintained freedom of association; no one has to hire you for any reason. You might end up with zero black scoutmasters or zero gay scoutmasters, but you will avoid a situation where someone must be hired just in case they sue.

  • Dem Win Would End 60-Vote Rule, Secure Majority for Generations

    It is the Hart-Celler election. If Democrats win, they rule in perpetuity, and the rest of us cannot do anything about it. This has always been their plan — so clever! — and the Right has done nothing to fight it, believing in various rationalizations and personal adornments like principle, bipartisanship, compromise, and the good of the nation. The party that plays to win takes everything, and the other party vanishes when people realize that there is no point funding them.

  • Californians benefit the least from Trump’s 2017 tax cuts, new report finds

    Trump cut taxes for all of America, but did so in part by limiting deductions that people in high-tax Democrat-controlled states could make. Now they are seeing the high price of all the free stuff they voted for, and the rest of us are no longer subsidizing their poor choices.

  • ‘CBS Has a White Problem’: Executive Blasts Toxic Culture at Network in Explosive Letter

    Leftists do not realize that by unleashing the civil rights monster, they have given a green light to dispossess whites in all roles. The new minority coalition will strike Leftist whites first so that the Left can come together in unison. Then, they will remove any conservative whites, and we will be ruled by a minority-majority coalition as in South Africa. They will certainly be Leftist, and that was the goal all along for symbol-addled American Leftists: to win.

  • If white men aren’t the answer for Democrats in 2020, this organizer has a plan

    Aimee Allison has one wish for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential pairing: “We cannot have an all-white ticket.”

    Not when the Democratic Party’s most loyal voters are women of color, said Allison, an Oakland resident and founder of She the People. The group works to advance women of color in politics, and will host the first presidential forum focused on their issues April 24 in Houston.

    To win in 2020, Democrats must turn out the same coalition of people of color, young voters and white progressives that helped elect Barack Obama twice, Allison said. And women of color, she said, “are the cornerstone.”

  • Sri Lanka social media shutdown part of global discontent with Silicon Valley

    We have two issues here: (1) a new type of media that behaves like both a publisher and a common carrier, which means that it is a hybrid between private industry and a utility; and (2) that some ideas appear to be infectious, or that when people are exposed to these ideas, they tend to be converted simply by the exposure. They do not need to be “radicalized”; they are already alienated based on what they see in the failing Leftist Establishment. When they encounter something that explains why the grand plans of the Left are failing, and suggests what to do instead, they somehow just switch over like electrons swapping position to form chemical bonds. This means that governments fear the internet, private industry will manipulate the internet, and ultimately, those who embrace the open internet will win, even though the majority will shy away from this. Then again, this makes sense given the nature of the internet: any protocol you run over it has to obey the same rules, which seems to be that it is open to connections from anywhere, or must be private and therefore, have much more limited reach.

  • New Zealand and France want to ban terrorists from social media

    They use the term “terrorist” to make you think of guys in headscarves allahu ackbaring their way through a mass murder, but in reality they mean that they intend to censor all Right-wing content so that the ruling Establishment parties, which are Leftist, can regain control.

  • British gun activist loses firearms licences after saying French should have been able to defend themselves with handguns following Bataclan massacre

    This is your future. Have a Right-wing opinion, get marked down as mentally or emotionally unstable, and lose the ability to do anything that might allow you to defend yourself against them. Even if it is just social media posts. In fact, especially if you are demonstrating the rational tendency to talk things through. They want two groups: murderous radicals to show on the news, and neutered sheep to applaud when the former get arrested.

  • Hong Kong’s leading Umbrella Movement activists handed jail sentences

    It might seem strange that Western governments are imitating the totalitarians in China. Not really, since all Leftists behave the same way, but those in the east are bolder because their citizens are more individualistic and thus, less likely to care about what happens to a few troublemakers.

  • Japan sterilisation law victims get compensation and apology

    With most people, you find yourself wanting to check to see where the headwound is because clearly most of the brain has been destroyed. These rules make utter sense. Sterilizing the insane, defective, criminal, and perverted is a good way to ensure that future generations suffer less — and suffer fewer losses — from these antisocial personality types.

  • Wisconsin woman taught bomb-making online for Islamic State: prosecutors

    What is radicalizing Islamic people? Diversity means that you either conquer every other group in a nation or serve as their slaves because they have the political power. Once that happens, your radicals — Black Lives Matter, ISIS, white nationalists, al-Qaeda, La Raza — start to make lots of sense to moderates.

  • Canada, international allies butt heads over focus on white supremacism

    Canada is resisting global calls to ban “white supremacy” and “Islamophobia” because these will amount to bans on any pro-European content or criticism of Islam. They have learned from laws banning anti-LGBT and anti-Semitic content that broad laws make for instant censorship, but Europe does not care. It just wants to sweep notice of the problem under the rug.

  • Sanders: ‘Israel now run by a right wing — dare I say — racist government’

    The Left uses civil rights to kick open every door, and if you do not stand for diversity and equality, they will call you Nazis and destroy you. Israel has thwarted them by deciding to be a state for the Jewish people, even if that inconveniences some brown people, and this has set the Left into a rage, since they need to include brown people in order to prove that diversity works in order to prove that equality works.

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