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Reflections On Racial Enmity

They will execute John William King soon, completing the final square of a cube of tragedies. These will not be noticed because of the fickle and short-sighted nature of people caused by their panic, mainly because they live in a world of obedience not creative productivity.

When you live to obey, you live in fear. You depend on a system, and that means that you want to believe it will work, or you will lose what you already have. You hope it will reward your allegiance. You want it to work for you.

However, reliance on the system caused this problem, ultimately. We believed in the ideology of equality and it led to us diversity, or racial and ethnic equality, and that has backfired spectacularly as we find out that different genetic strains of human need different societies.

Our cube begins with this system. That is the outer frame. Then we add the first square: an economically-depressed town. Near a big city, it gave up its most promising people to that city, and then saw local industry evaporate as bigger, more efficient interests took root.

Let us add another face for the permanent poverty gap. African-Americans, with an average IQ of 89, do not perform as well as European-Americans with an average IQ of 103. This means that whites will live in nicer homes while blacks live on the “other side of the tracks.”

Even more, it means that your boss will most likely be white, at least until affirmative action steps in. There will be constant resentment between the races, made worse by white people not understanding the black plight, and the types of crime blacks usually commit.

Put another face on that cube: you are living in occupied territory. The Southern whites fought a war to preserve a social system in which Africans were at the bottom. This, ironically, gave many Africans safer and better lives than they have had free.

Then we should add a cube for John William King. Growing up white but not rich, and without a huge number of future prospects, he struggled to find a path in life. If his actions seem like a declaration of futility, there may be a reason for this.

We should stick a face on the cube for James Byrd, Jr., who also lived a troubled life. He spent a few years in prison, seemed to drink an awful lot, and never found a career or stable home life.

Perhaps the final face on the cube should be the media itself. It could be a source of wisdom and factual accuracy, but instead it has always been sensationalist and for the last seventy years at least, a Leftist mouthpiece.

Rotate this cube, and you see much of America reflected in its faces as they spin past.

Not surprisingly, this situation ended badly, with the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr.

In the early morning hours of June 7, 1998, three white men beat Byrd after offering him a ride. They then chained the 49-year-old to the back of a truck and dragged his body for nearly 3 miles along a secluded road in the piney woods outside Jasper. Byrd was alive for at least two miles before his body was ripped to pieces. Prosecutors said he was targeted because he was black.

John William King, 44, an avowed racist who orchestrated the attack, is slated to be put to death Wednesday. He will be the second man executed in the case. Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed in 2011. The third participant, Shawn Allen Berry, was sentenced to life in prison.

Back in 1998, the city was “incredibly progressive” as it was led by an African American mayor and had other African Americans in local leadership positions, said Cassy Burleson, a researcher at Baylor University who has been studying Jasper since the dragging.

We can see how ethnic tensions were inflamed in this “incredibly progressive” city, since its economic fortunes did not improve under that leadership. Not only that, but racial favoritism was suspected, as is usually the case and more often than not correct.

Just look to Houston, one hundred forty miles to the Southwest, where a hopelessly corrupt black mayor has done nothing but hire “his people” while ignoring long-term issues like flooding, crime, corruption, and reckless expansion of the city.

That piles up resentment like timber, just awaiting a spark. The most telling part of this story however comes from the lede:

A technology company was almost ready to bring up to 300 new jobs to Jasper, Texas, but in the final stages of recent negotiations, a potential deal-breaker emerged: the community’s history as the place where three white men dragged a black man behind a pickup, killing him.

In our society, we are ruled by appearances because of the populist nature of democracy, commerce, and socializing. No one wants to be the “bad place.” Everyone wants to show off how enlightened, artistic, bohemian, progressive, and successful they are.

If we stripped back this pretense, and focused on what works, we would break up Jasper, TX, immediately. The races would go different ways; some replacement for the timber industry — long since gone to Brazil — would emerge.

Instead, we are ruled by obedience to the system. Who has the jobs? Who makes the rules? We adhere to those. This leads to insanity, since our system is based on what is popular to think instead of what is likely true.

We should remember this crime as a tragedy, because it was an horrific crime:

In the early morning of June 7, 1998, Byrd was leaving his parents’ house when he accepted a ride from three (allegedly drunk) white men: Shawn Allen Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer and John William King.

Instead of driving Byrd home, the three men drove the 49-year-old to a deserted area and beat him. Wrapping a chain around his ankles, they dragged him down an asphalt road for over three miles. Byrd managed to stay conscious while being dragged until his head and right arm were severed by a culvert. Byrd’s headless torso was dumped off alongside a road in Jasper.

Crimes like this, sort of like the pogroms in Poland or barn-burning of gypsies or shooting of Palestinians or the Holocaust, arise because people are in denial of reality. Each tribe needs its own space, and they do not mix well.

At the same time, our real target are white Leftists. If all of them died tomorrow, this country could breathe a sigh of relief; we would no longer be forced to obey the insane ideology of equality, which likes to try to prove itself by erasing tribal boundaries.

Somehow they never get dragged behind trucks. It is always the symptom that we rebel against. This is why we must view this cube as a facet of a larger structure of tragedy, and not as a political point, as our society seems to want to, so that it can deny its larger implications.

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