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  • In Groundbreaking Find, Three Kinds of Early Humans Unearthed Living Together in South Africa

    Humanity follows a pattern: one group breaks away from the rest, does something exceptional, and then the rest absorb it, slowly boosting their own abilities. This worked to a point, because at the arc of its cycle, it stops adding capability and starts taking it away from the exceptional, which otherwise would raise up the rest by constantly shedding members who go join societies where they can be big shots because of their greater ability. As we discover that early human history is more varied than we could have imagined, we are starting to see how what once protected us now makes us weak.

  • Remains of 90 million-year-old rainforest discovered under Antarctic ice

    Long ago, Earth was much different from how it is today. As more of this ancient history comes to light, we see what a fascinating place has been given us for our dwelling. This might make us awaken to things larger than ourselves and appreciate that we are part of a massive process, and that we must honor this process by making sure that we make human life exceptional and worth praising, much like the ancient forests.

  • Book sales surge as readers seek escapism and education

    A massive interruption to the modern lifestyle might be what we need about now. Spending time at home, and more important time with family and time alone, stimulates the inner wakefulness in human beings. It helps us appreciate what life is about, instead of seeing life as a tool for material things. We need to get right in our souls in order to be alive, and appreciate the reasons for things like civilization, nature, and the importance of order, health, sanity, and complexity in our lives.

  • Engineer tried to crash train into USNS Mercy in Los Angeles: Feds

    Man in the grip of paranoia decides to send a message by crashing a train into a ship. Everyone needs their fifteen minutes of fame. Eduardo Moreno, 44, decided to wreck the train into the U.S.S. Mercy, a hospital ship, in order to “wake people up.” No one tell him that Erwache! (awaken) was an old Nazi slogan.

  • Mining the Deepest Ocean for Rare Earth Metals Could Push Worms Living in the Abyss to Extinction, Study Warns

    The relentless push of Progress continues as rare earth metals are found in deep ocean vent areas. A few sane voices point out that our method of harvesting these, which involves disturbing the sea floor in a way that would wipe out food sources. Since the species down there exist on very narrow margins, meaning that they barely have enough to eat as it is, this would likely precipitate a catastrophic extinction. Again human needs to question quality: of all the stuff we do, how much of it is necessary? Of all the people that we have, how many of these specific individuals are necessary? We seem to have an abundance of people who are oblivious to anything other than what they can extract out of a situation, but since we can sell them stuff, we send out the ships to extract materials from nature, each participant hoping to get enough wealth to buy his way out of the system.

  • Nightingales at risk due to shorter wings caused by climate crisis

    The usual smooth brains want to blame global warming for something far simpler: if there are only 7,000 pairs of nesting nightingales left in the UK, they have been driven out of their territory by humans, who have expanded with the rising population in the UK caused by immigration. The UK used to have a natural preserve of sorts formed from lands previously owned by aristocrats, but that has been cannibalized so that the cities can expand. If diversity ended tomorrow, this problem would go away, but everyone wants to cash in and sell out so that they can retire somewhere else and not have to worry about the impossible problems of democracy, equality, and diversity anymore.

  • Facebook admits error in marking videos of Hong Kong police storming MTR station as ‘false,’ reverses decision

    We have unelected bureaucrats ruling over our lives, and now we have unelected and unaccountable censors on social media — the “new public square” we are told — telling us what is true and what is not. This amounts to a mass propaganda machine, since we think we are seeing what our fellow citizens think, but in fact are seeing only what those in charge want us to think. These nerd overlords support the DNC almost exclusively and follow its agenda, and the DNC seems awfully chummy with China since receiving crucial funds from it back in the 1990s. Most people do not think twice and react to the headlines, so this has made for a brutally effective form of thought control.

  • Food Supply Anxiety Brings Back Victory Gardens

    Once private plots produced 40% of the food supply for the nation. People are rediscovering this, but the bigger story is that they are rediscovering localism. If everything that you need is produced within fifty miles of you, your environmental impact is lowest, and your autonomy the highest. The more we depend on the world, the more they will manipulate us and attempt to dominate us. When we are self-sufficient, we can write our own ticket.

  • Finland Is Told Its Welfare State Can’t Cope With Virus Fallout

    Across the first world, entitlements states are going bankrupt. They were able to offer entitlements when the USA took over their defense and there was a Baby Boom which meant more individuals were paying in than were retiring. Now, we have a huge additional expense whose actual utility has yet to be seen, plus declining populations, and immigration has not made up the slack by far and is often in negative numbers, although they try to hide that fact. Now the states cannot afford the mass unemployment that has resulted, while unemployment goes through the roof, and cities head for bankruptcy as revenue declines. All of the political solutions crafted by democracy are falling in unison.

  • Hungary seeks to end legal recognition of trans people amid Covid-19 crisis

    While most of the first world remains in the mental fog of democracy, some nations are extracting themselves from ideological and financial arrangements, and focusing on survival instead. Not surprisingly, this has caused the usual wailing to commence as the EU nags Hungary to join the death-cult of modernity. What happens when a population chooses to avoid democracy? The rest of them fear that someone might escape their mutual binding to doom. When the smoke clears after the coming crisis, those who ditched modernity — equality, democracy, socialism/entitlements, diversity, atheism, feminism, civil rights, and big government — will stand in a far better position that those who out of fear of the alternative are bound and determined to ride this system into the abyss.

  • Top EU court says eastern states broke law by refusing to host refugees

    Leftists everywhere sense that their prey is escaping. Populist revolts across Europe and the Americas are threatening the inexorable path of Leftism after WW2 which will ultimately end in a soft totalitarian system where minority votes keep the Left in power until they can become fully autocratic. These Leftists are kamikazes to civilization, because they tend to destroy any civilization they encounter, with each Leftist sure that he will profit but most being destroyed before the end, along with many good things which are sacrificed to the endless fires and guillotines of equality. Some states are backing out of the idea of resettling immigrants, having seen that this is simply an attempt to overthrow the majority vote by changing demographics.

  • Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules, in echo of the Stasi past

    Panic leads to bad decisions. In the case of this panic epidemic, we have given too much authority to government because, since our societies lack strong national culture and social trust and therefore people behave chaotically and selflishly, our governments are cracking down on chaotic behavior by first helping themselves to a whole raft of new powers. These will soon become normal in emergencies, and then a state of emergency will become the new normal, at which point people will wonder how these societies dedicated to freedom, etc., have once again become repressive self-serving regimes. History repeats itself; humans never listen.

  • Anti-German mood in Italy: “Still mercilessly arrogant”

    As stress tests the European Union, unity fragments, mainly because different European groups see life very differently and have different abilities and interests. Just as diversity and globalism are fracturing, the ideological empires — of which the EU and USSR are two examples — are falling apart. The years of modernity are finally ending.

  • Woman who said she drank fish-tank cleaner because of president’s advice is not a Trump supporter

    Woman sees Trump suggesting a drug on television, and notices that her fish tank cleaner has a similar-sounding ingredient, so she and her husband have a heaping tablespoon each and immediately fall ill. He dies. The mainstream media blames Trump for the death, but now the full truth comes out. For comedy, read read one of the less hysterical stories which left out lots of important details, but buried the basics far enough that the social media crowd never saw them. The headline is all that matters, when “news” means stuff scrolling across your screen.

  • The Coronavirus Doesn’t Discriminate, But U.S. Health Care Showing Familiar Biases

    African-Americans receive fewer tests and less treatment. You can never trust another race or ethnic group to have your interests at heart, even if they mean well, because when times get tough, everyone saves themselves and those like them. In actuality, what we are seeing with these statistics is most likely that people in the wealthy white suburbs have non-Obamacare plans and can request or pay out of pocket for COHIVID-19 tests.

  • Putin seeking to create new world order with ‘rogue states’ amid coronavirus crisis, report claims

    The modern order — liberal democracy, or democracy with civil rights, plus market socialism, or wealth redistribution entitlements funded by taxes on a free market — has begun to crumble and collapse. This means that everyone is now jockeying for power, and Putin and his allies in China have led the crusade, mainly because their own economies have been unstable for some time now. Just as happened with the French Revolution, Leftist states end in warfare in order to keep their societies mobilized, because everyone else has stopped caring. The apathy overwhelms when we are all treadmill hamsters to keep the system and its minority underclass voters afloat. For Putin, a big part of his strategy involves a oil price war designed to savage the West at a time when it must pay trillions to keep its bloated, government-based economies from imploding.

  • The Italian COVID-19 hospital where no medics have been infected

    Another nail in the coffin of globalism and the “global village” of 1990s lore:

    There are many young patients being treated here and interestingly they are finding that the middle classes are being infected the most.

    I asked why? The answer is obvious really — they travel.

    If it were only our citizens involved, and they were not flitting all over the world to find unique locations to post on Instagram, this epidemic would still be a problem in China only.

  • As media layoffs grow, industry pleads for urgent relief

    The media fanned the flames of this crisis to send the population into a panic and crash many economies so that the socialists could finally achieve their glorious Utopia. Let natural selection do its work here. We do not need 500 stories a day on the coronavirus, in varying degrees of hysteria and panic; we need sober, thoughtful, and factual needs that the dumber people cannot understand, so only those with sense and experience are making decisions. The baristas of the world need to worry about the quality of foam, not how to achieve the glorious socialist revolution.

  • Michigan reverses course on Trump-touted coronavirus drugs

    People act to make a name for themselves and get their fifteen minutes of fame, so when a large audience hates Trump (just like they hated Reagan, and called him the same nasty names) the Leftists out there will do their best to cultivate an audience of the neurotic by doing their best to oppose, thwart, impede, and slander Trump. Then when things get serious, they reverse course, because they have already achieved their brief notoriety for having stood up to the powerful person and called him nasty names.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Watch

  • NHS has £13,400,000,000 debt written off to help coronavirus battle

    Remember how some of us have been saying that the Left is using this crisis as an opportunity to advance socialism? They just made the ailing and failing UK healthcare system solvent, and next year they will be talking about how great it would be if the US had socialized medicine too because, look, the UK system is solvent. Everyone clap as the waters close over our heads.

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