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  • Scientists’ warning to humanity on insect extinctions

    Pollution and human impact on habitats mean that insects such as beetles, dragonflies and mayflies plus other macroinvertebrates such as snails are in long-term decline across the world, in the UK as much as anywhere, said Dr. Hill. Yet they make a vital contribution to the environment.

    “They provide food for other animals and they can also have a significant role in the functioning of freshwater ecosystems, forming a critical component in the diversity of life,” he added.

    There is only one way to avoid ecocide

  • Scientists discover ‘extremely unexpected’ gecko species and immediately warn it is at threat of extinction from humans

    The forest habitat in Phnom Chi remains in relatively good condition, but the scientists behind the discovery said small-scale, illegal gold extraction around its base threatens the newly discovered species.

  • Why We Have So Many Problems with Our Teeth

    Teeth gave our ancestors dominance over the organic world, yet today ours require special daily care to be maintained. The contradiction is new and is limited largely to industrial-age and contemporary populations. It is best explained by a mismatch between today’s diets and those for which our teeth and jaws evolved.

  • Trespassers fly swastika, Chinese flags from phone tower

    “We’re in 2020, I thought that stuff has been and gone, so yeah, it’s pretty … pretty upsetting to see,” Billy Brady told Nine News.

    Peter Tindale said he assumed it was “some sort of sick joke” by people who didn’t really understand the meanings of the flags.

    The point is that you refuse to understand people pointing a middle finger at your failed society, and indulge in pretense instead of even taking minimal steps to try to understand.

  • White-tailed eagles have been spotted in England for the first time in 240 years

    Last August, six eaglets were released in the Isle of Wight as part of a five-year plan to eventually introduce 60 birds to the coasts, cliffs, woodlands and estuaries around the Solent. The project tracks the young birds as they make their first big trips around the UK.

  • Syrian family in Calgary mourning loss of 9-year-old daughter who died by suicide

    “Two weeks before she moved from that school to another school, kids came to her and said, ‘Even if you move to another school they are not going to love you. The kids or the teacher. Wherever you go, you better just go and kill yourself,’” Abdulrahman said, also talking through a translator.

    People are sick of diversity. The only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence. The only 100% effective way to avoid racism is to stay on your continent of ethnic origin. The ethnic Western European won the New World, and the rest of you need to Go Back Home, for your protection as well as ours.

  • Child sex abuse in Pakistan’s religious schools is endemic

    Police say the problem of sexual abuse of children by clerics is pervasive and the scores of police reports they have received are just the tip of the iceberg. Yet despite the dozens of reports, none have resulted in the conviction of a cleric. Religious clerics are a powerful group in Pakistan and they close ranks when allegations of abuse are brought against one of them. They have been able to hide the widespread abuse by accusing victims of blasphemy or defamation of Islam.

    In comparison to most of the world, our priest pederasty here in the United States was mild and mostly limited to those of Irish or Italian descent. We should have the bigger conversation however: adults who want to be around children should be suspected, since many of them will have bad intentions. They want to control minds. Either they want to sexually abuse them, dominate their personalities, or reprogram them with propaganda. We did better when older wives took up the job once their children left home as a way of having status in the community. Instead, it become a profession, and the creeps took over worldwide, apparently.

  • Joe Biden’s ‘Return to Normalcy’ Campaign Has Echoes of 1920

    Catharine Arnold, author of “Pandemic 1918,” said the Spanish flu paled in the public imagination compared to the horrors of World War I, but the combination of the war and the pandemic may have had a similar effect to the coronavirus today.

    “For most of us, this is the most life-threatening thing that we have experienced,” Arnold said. “That’s why the pandemic stands out so much.”

    People do not understand that “Sleepy Joe Biden” forms the largest part of his appeal: the voters realize that moving forward will require conflict and risk, so they want to go backward into the Clinton years of moderate Leftism that never forgot that the economy was the bottom line. Joe Biden represents all of us going back to sleep, and following the gentle currents of Leftism as it takes our society to doom. Trump and the “populist plus” candidates to follow him represent conflict, change, and a path away from certain decay.

  • Donald Trump Accused Of Genocide For Letting Americans Die, Betraying US

    He explained that genocide doesn’t require violence, guns or mass killing. “Simply holding back necessary supplies and aid for political purposes constitutes genocide and has led to some of the most tragic moments in human history,” he added.

    We are on the doorstep of Full Socialism, which will subsequently necessitate Full Communism, since fully Socialist societies are unstable and Communism at least forces military-style mass mobilization onto the population. The Left has nowhere to go. For this reason, their campaign entirely revolves around destroying the Right, because if we went, the Left could stay in its current position forever. Or so they think. No deals with the devil end with the devil getting less than his due, and the same is true of all Leftist philosophies. They take on a life of their own and will not stop before taking over.

  • The Coronavirus Class Divide: Space and Privacy

    With the pandemic exposing and compounding inequality in matters large and small, access to private, controllable space has emerged as a new class divide — more valuable than ever to those who have it and potentially fatal to those who do not.

    Our ancestors created ghettos and tenements so that poor people had cheap places to live because the land was worthless. That has gone away, so now poor people live in even tighter quarters.

  • Tourists forced to write ‘sorry’ 500 times over India lockdown breach

    Local police officer Vinod Sharma said they were each made to write “I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry” 500 times.

    More than 700 foreign tourists from the US, Australia, Mexico and Israel staying in the area had flouted the lockdown rules, Sharma said, adding the unusual punishment was handed out to teach them a lesson.

    We let our prole brats roam the world behaving like entitled tyrants and then wonder why the world loses respect for us. We have shown them that we are weak, Karen-esque, and careless in that way that might as well involve calling them racial slurs and whipping them. End tourism, if not for the international dilemma, at least for the environmental savings. These people are not going on great journeys of discovery or creating bridges between cultures, they are spreading waste for imaginary internet points on Instagram.

  • Universities brace for huge losses as foreign students drop out

    Some universities are already expecting to lose more than £100m as foreign students cancel their studies, with warnings that the impact of coronavirus will be “like a tsunami hitting the sector”.

    In the dying West, we are trading on the past, and producing nothing. Let the education scam unravel. Only a small portion of our society needs it anyway, and most of them can afford it.

  • Vestager: EU countries should buy shares to avoid Chinese takeovers

    ” We have no objection to Member States acting as players in the financial markets if it is deemed necessary to prevent a hostile takeover,” she said in an interview with the newspaper.

    – It is very important to be aware that there is a real risk that companies that are vulnerable may be exposed to a takeover.

    ” The situation at the moment is such that we really need to work hard to counter such a development, she adds.

  • Global Brands Wary Amid Reports of Forced Labor in China’s Xinjiang

    New reports, including by the U.S. Congressional Committee on China and Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said in early March that major brands such as sportswear’s Adidas, fashion firms H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie and Fitch, and outdoor clothing company The North Face, were implicated in the alleged forced labor.

    Representatives from those companies, however, told VOA that they were working with their representatives in China to prevent sourcing from suppliers that are suspected of using forced labor.

    For the last twenty-five years, the model has been simple: design it here, make it in China, and sell it back here, keeping those extra labor costs as profit. Now the Chinese are following the first world economic model, and they can no longer afford to work for fifty cents a day, so costs are going up. China has taken a Soviet approach and conscripted prison labor, which bothered no one until someone in the State Department leaked it. Now our pretense requires quick covering up, dramatic actions to avoid the problem, and higher prices and profits of course.

  • Chinese dams held back Mekong waters during drought, study finds

    But water levels measured downstream from China along the Thai-Lao border were at times up to 3 metres (10 feet) lower than they should have been, the group said in the study.

    That suggests China is “not letting the water out during the wet season, even when the restriction of water from China has a severe impact of the drought experienced downstream”, Basist said.

    If we said that the Chinese were reviving the spirit of Genghis Khan, we would not be much far wrong if at all.

  • Deadly Olive Tree Disease in Europe Could cost Billions

    In Italy, the consequences of the spread of the disease have been devastating, with an estimated 60% decline in crop yields since the first discovery in 2013.

    Over time, resistant trees will emerge. Most will be lost however. The easy ride for Europe, cruising on the strength of its past while cannibalizing the present to pay socialist-style wealth transfer entitlements, is coming to an end.

  • NASCAR star Kyle Larson suspended for using N-word during virtual race

    The 27-year-old native of Elk Grove, California, was competing in an iRacing event Sunday night when he seemed to lose communication on his headset with his spotter.

    During an ensuing microphone check Larson said, “You can’t hear me?” Apparently believing he could not be heard, he then blurted out the N-word.

    People just want a word that is actually naughty. Thanks the political instability caused by diversity, they have one.

  • World Bank sees ‘huge willingness’ to suspend debt payments for poorest countries

    World Bank Managing Director Axel van Trotsenburg said the Group of 20 major economies and the Group of Seven (G7) had been largely supportive of a call by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for a temporary halt in debt payments. “Everybody understands that we need to help the poorest countries. There is a huge willingness – as in nobody is questioning that, absolutely nobody,” he told Reuters in an interview. “I think we are in a good place to move forward.”

    Globalism is just socialism for nations. The rich ones pay out, but that in turn keeps competition down, and makes the people who get those checks dependent on their overlords. In this way, socialism is not any different than the Asiatic warlord approach of Genghis Khan, which is to centralize authority and enforce conformity as a means of mobilizing all to do the will of the lord. In reality, however, these are false kings, since natural leaders derive no thrill from obedience, only from good results, which requires that people be weaned from domination and into a state of doing what is sane, healthy, and right in all cases. Eugenics cannot be separated from morality, nor either from the question of leadership, but the Asiatic tyrant approach of socialism and equality goes the other way.

  • Canada’s medical chief finally tells public that masks can help prevent Covid-19 spreading

    Tam’s move came three days after the US Centres for Disease Control shifted its stance on masks, recommending that the public wear face coverings to prevent the spread of the disease. It has also released instructions on how to make face masks.

    Translation: wear a mask and wash your hands, and you can go about daily life without shutting down your society. People just wanted a few months off from the grind of pointless labor to pay for taxes so we can keep our $23tn debt afloat. China just wants to take over the world. These two forces — first world people exhausted by our broken lifestyles, and desperate Chinese escaping a Communist-Capitalist hybrid in collapse — will clash in an upcoming war.

  • Virus cases about 2M worldwide; few new hot spots

    The death toll in populous states such as Florida and Pennsylvania was on par with some individual counties outside New York City. Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city and a hub for immigrant communities and business travelers in the energy industry, has been largely spared compared to other parts of the U.S.

    Houston is spread out, divided into districts, based around freeways, and shut its schools early.

  • Linguists Hear an Accent Begin

    “Accent development is the first step in language change. Fifteen hundred years ago, languages like English, Dutch and Swedish were actually all dialects of the same language. But of course, then they diversified over time.”

  • Chernobyl fire: Toxic fumes near nuclear disaster site could sweep across Europe – warning

    Authorities fear the flames could unleash radiation in the ground in the forests near the Chernobyl reactors.

    The consequences of the fires would be much more serious if flames reached the former plant, where the worse nuclear disaster in history happened in April 1986.

    Ah, yes, the thirty thousand year problem left behind by our last flirtation with state-sponsored equality.

  • Taiwan releases December email to WHO showing unheeded warning about coronavirus

    Taiwan is accusing WHO of downplaying the severity and spread of the coronavirus in an attempt to pander to China even after Taiwan sounded the alarm about at least seven cases of atypical pneumonia that they were aware of in Wuhan where the virus originated.

    China owns all international Leftist organizations. The WHO and UN are just two of them.

  • ‘Longest animal ever’ discovered in deep-sea canyon off Australian coast

    Every individual siphonophore is made up of many little “zooids,” which each live lives that are more similar to animals we’re used to talking about, albeit always connected to the larger colony. Zooids are born axsexually, and each one performs a function for the siphonophore’s larger body, according to a research article published in the journal Developmental Dynamics in 2005. Linked together in long chains, the colonies were already known to reach lengths of up to 130 feet (40 m) according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium — though each siphonophore is only about as thick as a broomstick.

    Well now we have a metaphor for Leftists. Er, “zooids.” Makes the Zooid Occupation Government (ZOG) sound quite sinister.

  • MPs summon China-owned firm execs over security concerns

    There are concerns that the Chinese owner of Imagination Technologies has renewed efforts to transfer ownership of sensitive security software to companies controlled by China.

    Of course they are: they are preparing for war, while democracy slumbers (as usual).

  • Rights Groups: Hungary’s Coronavirus Law Creates Indefinite ‘Dictatorship’

    Governments around the world have introduced emergency laws to help them tackle the coronavirus outbreak. In the first segment in a series of VOA reports examining how the pandemic is affecting global democracies, Henry Ridgwell looks at Hungary’s sweeping new legislation — which critics say gives the government of that country unprecedented powers to bypass democracy and silence critics.

    Democracy failed because it accepted Chinese propaganda as fact, and then revealed that the internal disorganization and special interest group fighting of “free” societies made cooperation on a simple task — if you have been exposed, stay away from others — impossible. Now history moves on. The arc of history bends toward strong leadership, nationalism, a caste system, an end to socialism and unions, and a strong emphasis on culture including faith.

  • Mexico’s economy to shrink 7.6% this year: UBS

    The Swiss bank’s revised forecast, from a 3.5% decline predicted earlier for Latin America’s No. 2 economy, would mark a bigger annual nosedive for Mexico than anything seen during the 1980s debt crisis, the so-called Tequila crisis in 1995, or the 2007-2009 global financial crisis.

    In a note to clients, UBS also said U.S. economic growth would fall 6% in 2020, putting a damper on Mexico’s key manufacturing export sector.

    Americans cannot get outside to buy drugs, so the economy of Mexico collapses.

  • States Move to Coordinate on Reopening Plans

    Confirmed cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, rose above 572,000 on Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The country hit a peak of 35,100 new cases Friday, capping a seven-day stretch in which new cases averaged more than 31,500 a day—the heaviest weekly rate yet. Since then, new cases have declined, dropping below 29,000 on Sunday for the first time since April 5.

    Just like Leftism, the coronavirus failed to deliver. We were promised an apocalypse and instead got a nasty disease the kills the sick, weak, and old. Consequently, its arc has ended, and people are moving on to daily life while wearing facemasks and furiously washing hands for awhile.

  • 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Built Environment Considerations To Reduce Transmission

    Previous research has found that, at typical indoor temperatures, relative humidity (RH) above 40% is detrimental to the survival of many viruses, including CoVs in general (63, 66, 67), and higher indoor RH has been shown to reduce infectious influenza virus in simulated coughs (67). Based upon studies of other viruses, including CoVs, higher RH also decreases airborne dispersal by maintaining larger droplets that contain viral particles, thus causing them to deposit onto room surfaces more quickly (63, 68, 69).

    Delivering outside air directly through the envelope into an adjacent spatial volume has been shown to increase the phylogenetic diversity of indoor bacterial and fungal communities and create communities that are more similar to outdoor-associated microbes than air delivered through a centralized HVAC system (76). In some buildings, a similar approach can be accomplished through distributed HVAC units, such as packaged terminal air-conditioners (PTAC) frequently found in hotels, motels, senior housing facilities, condominium units, and apartments or through perimeter passive ventilation strategies such as perimeter dampered vents (77, 78). However, for most buildings, the easiest way to deliver outside air directly across the building envelope is to open a window.

    Open a window, pull up a blind, wear a mask, and wash your hands.

  • Charlotte woman hasn’t left her house in three weeks but tested positive for COVID-19

    He gets the groceries, but up until recently, she did not wipe down the groceries, which she now regrets. They are temporarily living in separate rooms and have been for some time.

    Wipe ur groceries.

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