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  • Experts warn the world wide web will break up and fragment as governments set their own rules to filter and restrict content

    Back in the 1990s, the theme was tearing down barriers. Everyone was finally equal and we were all connected, so we could see how similar everyone was… fast forward twenty or so years, and it turns out that the “information superhighway” relies on little bits of hardware that are located in physical places, and if you own those or access them, your government is going to intervene. This was why many of us were skeptical about the claims of the internet as being global in the first place. We had already seen how national laws affected BBS communities, since if the law could locate the computer that hosted them, police would seize it, and then all that “virtual space” vanished into the aether. Now as it turns out, every government was to censor something. Starting with the NZ FPS mosque massacre shooting video and 74-page manifesto, censorship has gone mainstream. Already, Leftist activities are using copyright notices and terrorist content flags to censor Right-wing content; monopolist search engine/publisher Google is blocking Right-wing content; Amazon is banning books; Facebook is censoring Right-wingers; Mozilla banned a free speech browser extension; and social media censorship of Right-wingers has become a meme in itself. They ban us because we upset the vision of everything being happy and good, and that Potemkin shopping mall is what the bourgeois middle class has always desired, because that way they can continue to pursue personal power, wealth, and prestige without having to do the hard work of maintaining civilization. It used to be that the Left were the ones criticizing the bourgeois stay-asleep-at-all-costs mentality, but now that the Left is in power, the Right are the ones demanding that we all wake up. Most on the Right always were, but the populist version of anything wins out when it goes to a vote, so you get the equivalent of a McDonald’s burger made out of an otherwise-coherent political system.

  • French Press for Tax Cuts as Macron Pressured to Deliver Change

    The “yellow vests” protests were not Rightist, but they stumbled onto a Rightist truth: the State is self-serving, and has made itself a centralized part of our economies every bit as much as the Soviet state did. People want relief from wage stagnation, which occurs when wages and buying power do not increase in parallel with growth; what we are seeing, instead, is that while society grows, life gets more expensive and wages do not keep up. How does this happen? It starts when government becomes a major industry that takes income out of the economy, redirects it to unproductive sectors, and then imposes costs in the process on businesses and professionals. These costs are passed on to the consumer; in order to fund government, the currency becomes debt-based instead of productivity-based. As a result, your consumer finds that his wages are worth what they were forty years ago, but he has more stuff that he must buy, and all of it is more expensive, mainly because everyone in business is passing on their high tax burden to the consumer. Macron laughed at the protesters and offered them more social benefits, but the yellow vests did not back down, and so now, finally, France is talking about tax cuts, which means that they are indirectly talking about cutting entitlements, which in turn means they are talking about cutting or abolishing the State, since it has proven as parasitic as any other monopolistic corporation. Imagine having Amazon or Facebook rule you and take half of everything in order to buy itself votes from the underclass… that is the metaphorical reality of modern government.

  • Georgetown Students Approve Reparations: Descendant of Enslaved People Says University Could Be National Leaders

    Mainstream dummy conservatives like to bloviate around about how reparations will never pass. In my view, they underestimate the popularity of the French Revolution narrative and how easily it applies in this case. People want revenge and safety through a society of mutual social status more than they care about a functional economy, at least until the economy becomes dysfunctional, at which point the perpetually-blind voters will scream for change. In this case, social status signaling becomes comedy:

    The referendum advocated adding a fee of $27.20 to each student’s tuition per semester, beginning in 2020. Hunter Estes, a senior at Georgetown, opposed the referendum, in part, because it didn’t specify where the money would go.

    The school will take an additional $100 from students per year in the future and throw it into a scholarship fund for African-Americans. This in itself is not a terrible thing, other than the fact that diversity does not work. However, the bigger point is that the Left has now shown the voters a case of reparations which did not wreck the world, and so the voters are more likely to pull that magic level for the good feelings they get when they think they are doing something which will be socially rewarded. When sheep act too conformist, they tell each other, “Stop acting like voters.”

  • Israel Folau’s sacking from rugby union isn’t the end. Sport must deal with conflicting human rights

    Seemingly tone-deaf rugby (this is an English sport like sodomy, except with a leather ball) league fires a third world origin player for making strong Christian statements against homosexuality. Somehow, this league missed the memo that Christianity is not pro-homosexual, and just because most Christians could be conned or browbeaten into accepting it does not mean that all Christians are, in addition to the little fact that in most of the world, homosexuality is not seen as a virtue. However, for our egalitarian regime to continue moving forward, it needs an excuse to force everyone to heel, and civil rights has been our battering ram since we used it to defeat Hitler in WW2. Therefore, he must be fired, according to the good bourgeois logical thinkers without functional brains, but as this writer points out, “problems remain.”

  • Drug Tests Show Marijuana Use at 14-Year High Among Workers

    Welcome to the last days of democracy. Everyone is depressed; no one knows why, and only a few will identify that civilization is in a stage of collapse, with the rest triumphantly and creatively proclaiming that “we’ve never had it so good.” People are hamsters, truly. Everyone is exhausted and constantly reacting to things, never acting toward a goal, which if you have ever been in a cult is how they like it. Docile, tired, stumbling, low self-esteem people make the best cult members and voters… everyone is also making their way through the day with little gifts to themselves like alcohol, drugs, sex, and shopping. As a result the landfills are full of old products, the bars are full, the restaurants are full, and all of the singles have their 4,000 sex partners but no lasting commitments. Now you see the future: a world of people living in apartments, dependent on jobs, with nothing to their name in the intangibles — no culture, no heritage, no religion, no values outside of politics, economics, and law — basically bored out of their minds, strung out and inattentive, all while insisting on whatever latest slogan comes out from government and media is so true that it hurts. Drug use should be a joyful thing, but here, it is simply self-medication, as if we are all living in the movie Less Than Zero forever now.

  • S.African township squalid and neglected despite 25 years of black rule

    The problem was always diversity: without a single unifying culture and purpose, a society falls into bickering over special interest group privileges, ratcheting between bravado and pity until it wears itself out. South Africa handed control over from high average IQ independent farmers and businessmen to the sons and daughters of the workmen who served these people. It turns out that the problem of the proles was not “racism” or apartheid, but an inability to form the type of society that South African ethnic Western Europeans did, mainly because of radically different methods. Africans need a society for Africans; Western Europeans need a society for themselves. Neither group can tolerate diversity. That was obvious, but the pretense of egalitarianism made humanity desire to end the rule by the more powerful, and so we got mob rule, and now, the punchline:

    Unemployed and in her 50s, she picks her way along a stream full of sewage, dead rats and empty beer bottles to reach the cramped concrete and corrugated iron shack that she shares with her five children.

    Once the white-built homes fall down in Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Daly City, they will revert to being Puebla, Abuja, Hanoi, Abu Dhabi, or Beijing. At that point, diversity will stand revealed as something which piggybacked on a thriving society, then destroyed that society, much like all other “let’s all hold hands and be nice” initiatives (equality, diversity, pluralism, dubstep/disco). South Africa is just the first of many dominoes.

  • Frustration boils at US-Mexico border checkpoints as wait times expand

    Trump demonstrates a useful strategy in that he forces bad actors to own the consequences of their activities. Mexico refuses to stop the flood of third world Asiatics into America, so Trump has effectively sabotaged the border, which now returns the cost to Mexico as tourism and exports will consequently drop. It might even put a dent in the drug trade, which seems to be how the Mexican “government” sustains itself.

  • White House Considered Releasing Migrants in ‘Sanctuary Cities’

    The sanctuary cities cannot object without admitting that their own policies are in fact bad. For a long time, they have written the check which the rest of us have cashed, since the costs to the nation of immigration are larger than those to the sanctuary cities, and yet their industries benefit from the cheap labor. Now Trump makes them put their money where their mouths have been for years, and of course they are wailing, and will probably request federal aid funds as a result. Truly, democracy assembles an amazing carnival of human mental health issues in the people who generally succeed at it!

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be punished for embarrassing the DC establishment

    I have to differ with the herd here. If you find out that someone in your organization is doing wrong, you appeal up the chain. You do not take that information to the press, foreign nations, and other enemies of your country. You may not like your government, but these issues are best handled internally. Even more, we might need to reconsider the idea that if someone else steals information, and you “only” republish it, you are not participating in the theft. Assange did many good things in revealing lots of information that was being kept secret by nasty parties, but it is hard to say that the case could have ended any way other than how it did.

  • Far-right protesters target European Lesbian Conference in Ukraine

    The big story of the twenty-first century so far has been that the Right finally accepted its social conservative wing again after pushing it away in the wake of the two disastrous world wars. This social conservative wing opposes the idea of accepting everyone as equal, and consequently, fights back against the civil rights justification and pity targets used by the Left to force us to relinquish our civilizations. This year, the sacred cow is the LGBT+, where in the past it was African-Americans or women; next year, it will be midgets or pedophiles or something else that appalls us which we are forced to “tolerate” in order to prove our loyalty to the theory of equality. While some distasteful scenes result, it is good to see the Right pushing back against the breakdown by whatever means it can use.

  • Bay District Schools will eliminate 600 jobs without more funding

    We are currently Bay County’s largest employer and that responsibility is not lost on us.

    This in itself is a problem. The government should never be the largest employer anywhere, and if it is, it should have the wit to stop asking for more money, since it is obviously a welfare program no matter what justification or rationalization it uses for its existence. “Do it for the children!” — no, because you just admitted that this is about employing bureaucrats, not helping the children.

  • White supremacist movement growing at Auckland uni, students say

    Students feel afraid because white people are representing their own interests again. How do they think we felt, when we were forced to accept every insane outrage from the Left and if we spoke up were crushed? No pity for you idiots; if you are offended, kill yourself. We suffered under political correctness for your pretense, and now we are bouncing back strong because we realize that your plan leads nowhere but to doom. The Left is wrong, yes, but worse, they are incompetent, and their “pets” in the form of the diversity, single women, soyboys, LGBT+, and disabled orphan transgender midgets have been used as a weapon against us to force us to stop having standards in our behavior. We built these societies; the rest of you need to Go Back Home and fix your own messes instead of trying to come here and destroy ours so that all of the world can be third world and therefore no one needs to feel bad about living in a garbage dump, surrounded by trash and dead rats, while wailing about how the white man did him wrong.

  • Ex-pope says sexual revolution led to abuse crisis, sparking debate

    The Left forced the church (among others) to accept its sexual liberation, racial mixing, and other civil/human rights tokens back in the 1960s. Now the Left wants to blame the church for allowing a cadre of what appears to be homosexual priests to molest young boys. In other words, the church had its choice of headlines: “Church persecutes homosexuals” or “A few rogue priests have been caught buttering.” Trusting in the media to be consistent, the church figured that the press would cover up the crimes of gay priests just like it covered up the crimes of Harvey Milk, but forgot that Leftism is a replacement for religion, culture, family, nature, heritage, and even your own soul; it seeks to destroy all of those things so that only the all-encompassing quest for equality-Utopia remains. The press thus took great delight in savaging the church, but now the tables are turned, at least if anyone with a 115+ IQ remains who will notice.

  • After the Supreme Court Said Unions Can’t Force Non-Members to Pay Dues, Almost All of Them Stopped

    Another Trump victory. After the new Supreme Court, realizing that it would have to get along with more than token Rightists again, decided that the state could not force people to join unions, most people simply dropped out of unions. This savages one of the major sources of Leftist power and repudiates the socialist concept of collective reward; more importantly, it shows us what we always suspected: no one needed unions. The people who “needed” unions were either doomed by being in one-employer towns, which meant that no matter what they did they were going to end up impoverished like Appalachia, or losers who wanted the rest of us to subsidize their low performance. Business has always paid more for competent labor and suffered from hiring too many dysfunctional, defective, or incompetent people. Unions made that problem worse. Like socialism, they take an imaginary problem and turn it into a controlling solution, at which point everything gets worse but the union organizers and cadre have already flown to Switzerland with the union dues in an unmarked suitcase, so there is nothing to be done.

  • Trump urges inquiry into ‘attempted coup’ against him

    In the Clinton impeachment, they found nothing, but no one suspected that Bill Clinton was clean; he and his wife simply went into every business deal from the perspective of plausible deniability, designating fall guys and finding other people to blame as they went. They are crafty people, clever but not intelligent, and hopelessly destructive. What happened with the Trump probe is different; the investigation failed to find any evidence of a theory that was entirely made up. In other words, it was an attempt to use an investigation to undo the results of an election, and Trump is correct that people should go to jail for that, including the Clintons and Obamas who were behind it, if possible.

  • Deputy sheriff’s son charged in connection with string of fires at historically black churches in Louisiana

    It turns out that it was not “racism,” after all, but some guy in a teenage black metal band trying to emulate his idols in Norway by burning churches, forgetting that the act was of great symbolic importance in Norway in the 1990s but has almost no significance now since Christianity has effectively committed suicide anyway. You cannot do worse to that religion than its leaders have done to it themselves, and not surprisingly, the Western world is fleeing it. This is probably not a bad thing in the long term, since we need religions of our own instead of foreign imports anyway.

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