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The happiest, most intelligent and most interesting men in America are not plugged into the machine. They saw where it leads a man and threw the red bullsh!t flag. They found an exit and sprinted. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame is a prime example. Here’s what he had to say for a future at a big law firm.

I left a big law firm, and I was neither old, nor a woman. But I looked at the partners and their lives and thought, “this is what it looks like when you win?” But one thing I noticed about a lot of the partners was that they worked hard and pushed for more compensation because they were married to women who spent a lot of money…

So these pillars of major firms, these big old schwingin’ dicks, these kings of the upper echelon legal profession are really in a prison. As are the “key players” in most corporate organizations. They have it all and enjoy so much of nothing. They remind me of the great white shark in the movie Annie Hall. They appear so powerful and so frightening from afar; but in reality, they are forced to devour all biomass in their path to maintain their burn rates. They are mighty. They are never free. They are merely the most lethal and powerful slave in the gladiator pits. As they perform their dick-dance, are you not entertained?

And look at what these warriors had to achieve in order to even get there. All the years of study and competition. The degrees form Harvard and Yale. The social maneuvering to get into the right frat and the proper legal societies. All of this absorbed these people’s time and energies. It locked them into the “Power Track” the way Conan the Barbarian was made to turn the wheel as a kid.

Why? Why goddammit? I ask why? Easy. So that they can support a parasite load. And when they do it, does anyone, you know, thank them for it? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA! This is what they are told instead.

But something else is clear: There is a workaholic mania among educated wealth-seeking American men, who seem uniquely devoted to working any number of hours to get rich. Remember the lesson of the Stanford study: Sometimes, the winners of a tournament are the ones who choose not to enter it.

So let’s say the typical young man decides to check out. Suppose he tells Principal I.P. Freeley that he’s number one with the wrong finger. Here’s what the highbrows at The Atlantic have to say for them.

There is a rising generation of less-educated men, cut off from steady employment, but, for the moment, diverted by entertainment. They are, as far as Hurst can tell, not miserable now; and yet, there is little precedent for a large and highly satisfied group of non-married, middle-aged men living in poverty in an advanced economy. “This problem, if that is the right word for it, will not be easily solved,” Cowen wrote on his blog.

So you are damned if you do; worthless if you don’t. In describing my perspective on the world that I bring to the blog, here’s what I said.

JPW works as an Operations Research Analyst. This line of work has trained him to view the world in a systemic fashion. In solving the System Identification Problem of modern society, he discovered that the system was not truly designed to make us happier or more successful.

No, like the ridiculous machine from The Matrix, “the system” is designed to turn you into a power source. It was Aaron Clarey, in his book Enjoy The Decline who advised us not to even try until we hit 40. Trying just gets you sucked in. Trying just forces you to put your shoulder to Conan’s sadistic wheel. Trying just makes everything you do produce sustenance for a vile load of writhing parasites. Trying makes the enemy stronger at your expense. As Jethro Tull put it – you become part of the machine….

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