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Men, when you go out into this world, you must keep an eye out for the parasites. You will find them in every form and every place (although in different degrees, perhaps: you’ll find more in ghettoes, the third world, prisons, criminal haunts and government offices).

A drone is someone who cannot defer gratification. They prefer a result right now, even if they could get one that is twice as good just a few days or hours later. They are ruled by their pursuit of pleasure and leisure, or at least so Plato tells us in his Republic.

This mentality more than anything else defines the drone. When they win a lottery, they waste it. When put in charge of something big, they wreck it. And if you marry one, she’ll do nothing but bleed you dry and then suddenly turn into a weeping victim who will use the kindness of others to steal from you.

So, what are prostitutes planning?

Usually, they have no plan, except to find a rich foreign guy willing to support them. They live day to day. They don’t make much effort to think proactively. They just follow and react to others in their environment, passive.

If they have a plan, then it is to sit at home and watch TV all day, gossip with their friends, and go shopping.

If you expect them to cook special food for you or do other considerate things — for them to put out the same level of effort for you that you put out for them — then you’re usually setting yourself up for disappointment. In fact, you will be lucky if they can even manage the maid and gain the respect of one for long. – “Good guys trying to help often get burned,” by Mark Evan Prado

He might as well have written, “so what are drones planning?”

The answer: nothing.

They have no plan, and no intention to make one. They only care about doing what they want and not doing anything else. When that doesn’t work and they end up broke, they will embark on a series of scams and possibly self-sale. Drones become prostitutes in one form or another.

If you meet a woman who has prostitute-like tendencies, including those toward casual sex or using her sexuality to manipulate others, watch out. You have found yourself a parasite-becoming-prostitute. She knows nothing except her own desires. You have now become the person to pay for those desires.

When you notice what’s going on and stop paying, her only thought is for herself. How do I make the money come back? The answer is that our society is full of sad saps who hate their miserable lives and love to “white knight” to distract themselves from their own lack of meaning.

These white knight saps will immediately rush to her aid, whether in a courtroom or elsewhere, and create a narrative — like a movie script, but told through gossip. In it, she is assumed to be the innocent victim and you, since you have the money, take the role of evil oppressor.

These well-intentioned useful idiots will promptly hand her all of your money and/or throw you in jail as their form of “moral” repair to the situation. In a sense, you deserve it. No good man will settle for a whore or something that acts like one.

If a man’s ego is so beaten he needs to feel like a hero by adopting and supporting some neo-prostitute, he is probably headed for the ripoff bin either way. Parasites outnumber honest people because societies breed parasites through that well-intentioned stuff I mentioned above.

Be careful when you meet women. If they like drugs, drink and casual sex more than studying, working, learning, and long-term romance, you’ve probably run into a drone. Once you allow her to attach, she will become a parasite-prostitute and drain you of money in addition to your fluids.

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