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Outliers (#1)


Yep, I’m lazily ripping off a format from a more respectable blog.

Some depth to the infamous “Jewish Question” (counterpoint). Rebuttal. Bigger question. Holocaust II (Greater threat and more likely terminus).

Diversity has failed. Even high-IQ immigrants do not assimilate and lie, cheat and steal. “Integration” is dead. Diversity follies — in Mexico.

HBD and g go mainstream; Chua, Gladwell and other blank slaters shamed. “A deeply mechanistic view of human behavior” turns out to look right, at least.

Billionaires get rich through consumerism. Super-dependency (and here). Democracy = OPM; resulting crisis is nobody’s fault. Overpopulation.

Silicon Valley is made of bullshit. Maintenance of infrastructure is more crucial than innovation. False elites fear the #altright because it is composed of cognitive elites. Progress is a myth.

Time to separate deliberate bigotry from Noticing? How Leftism destroyed your future. Actual political persecution (related). Cultural appropriation, reversed. Eurasia is not Europe.

Reality is mathematical.

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