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Outbreak of honesty


Donald Trump has thrown the American media for a loop. They said that he was racist; then he crossed that taboo line by saying the USA should not admit Muslim immigrants.

The media had predicted that this would destroy him as accusations of racism have destroyed countless others, and as it was implied that Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment would destroy his campaign. Trump sailed forward to rising poll numbers and full support of most Republicans. The media lied and their failure has cost them deeply in terms of trust and prestige by the buying audience.

Across the West, an outbreak of honesty is shattering the mind control effected by media, government and social pressure over the past 226 years, but it has not gone far enough. We are living a lie and we must face this or we will collapse into third-world levels of insignificance and incompetence.

In France, Marion Le Pen leads in the polls; in the UK, Nigel Farage and UKIP are charging forward; in Germany and Finland, citizens groups patrol the streets to suppress minority violence and rape. Even in the USA, not only Trump but other voices like Ann Coulter are speaking honestly about the problems with diversity, pluralism, liberalism and — well, democracy itself.

People are realizing that the voters are self-deceivers who then scapegoat politicians for the failings of the decision-making process among the voters. Every leader is bad, and everything government does is corrupt, but in order to keep faith in The System, we must ignore this. We let them lie to us and allow the media to pull the wool over our eyes, only too grateful for an excuse to do nothing.

This is the flaw in democracy that makes it appealing to its advocates. We should not consider it as a political philosophy, but a psychological pathology: a socially-acceptable excuse to ignore reality and its consequences, and use the insanity of the group to give us each license to lie, cheat, fetishize, steal and corrupt. Democracy is the gateway to every evil in humanity because under the eyes of the crowd, the only sin is rising above the rest.

1789 brought us the archetype of democratic revolutions. First we murder those who know better, killing them off man, woman and child after seizing them in the night with bands of armed raiders. Then we all begin slacking off and doing whatever is fun and interesting instead of what is necessary. This creates failure and chaos, which demands strong tyrants to keep order. At that point, the society is effectively finished.

The real coup de grace occurs through genetics however. The tyrants import idiots from the third-world to work cheaply and keep the money boat afloat, and then realize they can use these people as permanent support for rule by the least honest. This group mixes with the existing group, leaving behind a confused population with no heritage, no particular genetic abilities and no desire to preserve anything older than five minutes ago.

This is the process ongoing in America and Western Europe right now. Your fellow citizens will do anything but face this. They will scapegoat others, wage war, even conduct purges among themselves. But they will resist to the end, kicking and screaming, any knowledge that shows that the end is approaching. At that point, it will be clear to all of us that we did this to ourselves, and we have no one to blame but our own weakness in admitting evil into our hearts and then making a political system out of it.

We can stop this failure train easily: depose democracy, deport those who are Other and those from among us who take delight in the evil, and start over from that point. It simply requires the will of the disaffected and intelligent to agree on this course of action. But as said above, most would rather die than admit the truth, and that — instead of all the other bogeymen and scapegoats — is what holds us back.

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