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Osiris Akkebala Points Out The Paradox of Diversity

Diversity means having multiple groups in a country competing for power. Naturally this backfires, and one group must always be subordinate and one superior, which continues even after racial admixture as one skin tone or culture rises above the rest.

While White and Hwite America dithers about this issue, others see more clearly. Noted Black Nationalist Osiris Akkebala threw this into the debate:

America U. S. has proven without a doubt her belief that she is the intellectual dominance over Black Afrikan people which is why you have the highest institution representing American justice sustaining the roots of racist prejudice by taking away affirmative action in a country that is as racist and prejudiced as the proof of her implementing being the potentate of expressing racist prejudice sentiments against Black Afrikans having no concours that condemn during the creation and enforcement of the evil institution Chattel Slavery, a crime committed by America that not been justifiably punished to this day, so why in hellish America you are acting disappointed at the continued practice of racism and prejudice that’s so apparent in America today against Black Afrikans victims of the racist institution with the action there from verify a debt of reparationn repatriation America refuses to pay, that act as well is a act of racist prejudice behavior against Black Afrikans enslaved by America and her surrogates and you question the presence of Racism, Discrimination and unjust prejudice still be the foot foundation of the so-called greatest country in the civilized world?

Diversity is cruel to all participants. There is one way to mend it, and that is to end it. To do that in a civilized manner, we need reparations-with-repatriation to start off non-WASPs in their home countries with the potential of a new better life.

This way, we add more functional human civilizations to the list instead of becoming a dysfunctional one ourselves through the constant see-saw of guilt and rage. Diversity does not work in any form; ask Kosovo and Northern Ireland. We achieve progress by ending diversity.

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