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Osiris Akkebala And New Thought

To be created is to imply there comes into being from Nothing to become something, when in fact there is no such a presence as Nothing, the Divine Presence of the Infinite Universe which is the Perfect Night in perpetuity, no beginning. no ending, and just as the Universal Darkness, Energy Intelligence it is, and has always been by the help and/or cause by nobody or physical thing doing, so, it is with the myriads forms of physical and appear not to be physical things presence with form and Intelligence because of the presence and Divine Reality of there being a Greater Good-God without the need of an imagination which require a Mind, when in fact, God the Divine Essence of all things, is all Mind, and Mind is the Infinite Dark Energy Intelligent Universe.

Akkebala writes in a dialect designed to bring an African sensibility to English. In his cosmic view, which parallels hermeticism and New Thought as well as German idealism, reality is created of thought, and only organized thought rises naturally within it.

For this reason, disciplined and clear thought is essential, even if most human efforts go the opposite direction.

If the world is mind, it is thinking about something, and there is a point to everything. Take heart in these times of great illusion.

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