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Only One Question For the GOP Matters At This Point

When historians look over this time, they will be puzzled about two things: how most people did not understand that government is a business, and how most people do not realize that political opinions are in fact attempts at socializing.

Your average person wants to think that he has some exclusive insight into politics, and therefore, talks as if he were an expert, but in fact knows little and has difficulty with critical thinking and logical analysis. Consequently his opinions are gibberish.

Actual cognitive elites tend to view government and politics as a series of incentives. People act to achieve the maximum wealth, power, and importance or relevance in their society; the social aspects, of wanting to be recognized and significant, dwarfs the other two.

As Tom Wolfe would tell us, politics is about socially justifying a lifestyle instead of some kind of plan for the betterment of all in the future:

Even before I left graduate school I had come to the conclusion that virtually all people live by what I think of as a “fiction-absolute.” Each individual adopts a set of values which, if truly absolute in the world–so ordained by some almighty force–would make not that individual but his group . . . the best of all possible groups, the best of all inner circles.

That a wound to one’s status, not to one’s body, not to one’s bank account, not to one’s general fortunes in life, that such a wound to one’s status could have such a severe effect upon the psyche of the human beast, is no minor matter. It means that we have come upon a form of anguish that is somehow primal. Even the most trivial and the most unlikely circumstances can be colored by the beast’s constant and unrelenting concern for his own status. Which is to stay, his own standing, his own rank, in the eyes of others and in his own eyes.

Even before I had left graduate school I had begun to wonder if somewhere in the brain there might be a center that interpreted incoming data and gave the human beast the feeling he was improving its status, merely maintaining its status, or suffering the grave wound of humiliation.

The fiction-absolute justifies the self by membership in some group that explains away the failures of the individual and makes them appear more significant, clever, and relevant because of their membership in a group.

That makes it easy to manipulate them by simply not mentioning vital issues while pointing them toward symbolic issues, and all democracies are ruled that way. Word to the voters: you must find out what the real issues are and insist on those before you are buried under false-flag signaling.

So far, the voters have slept through this process.

Politicians play to your sense of the fiction-absolute. They either try to rile you up with patriotism or make you obsessed by pity for the less fortunate. In either case, you get the feeling that your life is important and relevant for participating in a mass movement.

These are not much different than rock concerts or church revivals. You show up, buy your ticket, and then feel important for being part of something really popular. Your status is your self-image and self-confidence, since you are the one who interprets how well you feel about yourself.

Expect most politicians to dodge issues. To work around this, you have to ask them pointed questions. Since the GOP has dodged a crucial issue for years, it is time to make it a single-issue vote question for all Republican politicians.

This question is:

What are you going to do to get rid of affirmative action?

Designed by JFK, himself a member of a minority group, affirmative action was the idea that employers would be forced to hire minorities in order to raise them out of poverty. Government got someone else to implement its agenda, and the cost was passed on to White consumers.

At first this was not a big deal, but in many offices now up to half of the staff are affirmative action hires who do little if they even show up. They know they cannot be fired. Many get paid six-figure salaries just for being the token faces of diversity.

Affirmative action works as a wealth transfer program from White America to Minority America so that government can achieve its goal of abolishing majority culture and replacing it with a South American style chaotic society that will always lean Left.

Enabled by the Hart-Celler Act, which was promoted by Teddy Kennedy, affirmative action created the triumph of near-Whites from Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean European populations as they gained the upper hand in deposing the Hajnal Line WASPs who founded the country.

If the entitlements — benefits paid directly to citizens, including affirmative action — were to go tomorrow, America’s diversity problem would mostly leave as well. The only reason for non-WASPs to hang out in a WASP society is its prosperity.

Politicians will not touch affirmative action because it is a hot button issue. They will gladly wave flags, Bibles, forever wars at you in perpetuity so long as they can fool you. If you force them to look at affirmative action, they will have to actually work for a living.

On the other hand, if we got rid of it, many useless jobs would go away. Costs would fall. Jobs would be less dumbed-down and granularized. And finally, diversity itself would start to diminish as the benefit to being here fell off for the non-WASP.

In the long term, the big sleight-of-hand game people play in this society is pretending that our problems are insoluble. If we end the free stuff, diversity goes away along with socialism; without that, government will also shrink, and Leftists will have to find real jobs.

That is why this is the one question you must ask any GOP politician, especially one who wants to talk about Making America Great Again: when are you getting rid of affirmative action and, ideally, all those entitlements?

They will blanche and try to sidestep, but if you hold their feet to the fire, they will have to state an opinion. Make it clear that you will only vote for politicians who want to get rid of affirmative action and entitlements. At that point, the path to power on the Right will be clear, and they will obey.

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