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On The Deaths Of White Nationalism And White Diversity

In one of those rare cosmic occurrences where events balance each other with equal and opposing forces, two ideas died this week: first, white nationalism collapsed when the unstable behavior that dogged white nationalism 1.0 came out in the Alt Right era, and second, the idea that diversity can work at all expired when we saw what happened in South Africa. This means that both white nationalism and diversity, two opposites cut from the same cloth, have perished in our minds and hearts.

As mentioned here before, the Alt Right is a replacement for white nationalism, which failed to attract a wide audience for several reasons.

First, racial loyalty is less proximate to identity than ethnic, religious, and cultural loyalty. A Southern WASP feels more kinship with Southern WASPs than “huwhite people” as a generic abstraction. We think in terms of our own group and the good people within it, and do not want to be obligated to unite with others simply because they share the same race. Race is too broad of a category. In addition, most of the people we know and detest are white of some form, and what we want is for natural selection to keep making whites better. In this view, the source of white decline has been egalitarianism, or the insistence that all of us are in this together, instead of allowing the best to break away and continue evolution on their own.

Second, white nationalism is not a plan; it is a complaint. White people look around and realize that our class warfare agenda has, much as Plato noted 2400 years ago was the tendency of tyrants, imported foreigners in order to shatter our majority culture and make us politically pliable. They also notice that Other groups tend to have different ways, some of which are both baffling and destructive, like black crime. Then they notice that these groups seem to always work against white majority interests… so they complain about these groups. In reality, diversity is just a symptom of the class warfare upon which we embarked centuries ago, where bourgeois tyrants unite with angry proles to overthrow the naturally talented and replace them with bureaucrats; this means that something went wrong with our society, and we need a new structure for civilization itself, but white nationalism does not address that.

Finally, white nationalism is a Leftist-style ideological movement. Ideology consists of a notion that suggests that the way reality works is wrong, and that our human-centered ideas will do better not in practical terms but in idealistic ones, and that we can all work together to tear down the wrong and replace it with our human good. The original form of ideology is equality, or the notion that all people should be treated the same despite unequal contributions and abilities.

White nationalism follows in this model by suggesting that our problem is a lack of white equality. It seeks to blend together all whites, caste and ethnicity ignored, into a mass movement that will then remove any conditions which do not favor white people, an outlook which naturally turns more toward disposing of the Other than strengthening the complex, delicate, and intricate structures within our white populations that are necessary for them to improve.

For example, the “if it’s white, it’s right” attitude goes against natural selection. If you want strong whites, you choose the best whites; ideology says, however, to choose all whites, like a union or egalitarian socialist government. That will result in weaker whites despite having higher numbers.

In the same way, white nationalists would erase national identities and heritage and replace them with the generic “white” category, which breaks the organic bonds to history and creates what is essentially an ideological unity. Instead of having a real-world connection to heritage and customs, people are expected to develop a political connection to whiteness, and from that, re-invent the organic. This runs the risk of the worst case scenario: mass mobilization like Leftism, domination of the political arena, and then as internal instabilities in the philosophy arise, an increasingly totalitarian state which mostly acts out of fear of losing control.

That explains why white nationalists are so pathological. All that is required to be a white nationalist is to be white or whitish and to promote the ideology of white nationalism. This forces people to base their identities in this ideology, and therefore to see any deviation from it as hostile. That in turn makes them inclined to engage in repetitive behavior designed to force others to validate the ideology, but this also makes them wage war against those who agree on the basics (diversity failing, nationalism good, social conservatism important) but refuse to adopt the tenets of the ideology. In this way white nationalism has held back the development of white identities, and has produced angry obsessives who drive people away wherever they show up and insist that we behave exactly as they do in pursuit of racial Utopia.

This week we saw the consequences of the ideology of white nationalism. When you are an ideologue, you select others as means to the end of the ideology, which means you care less about them as people and more about the fact that they have the right ideas and are willing to work with you to achieve racial Utopia. Like fringe Leftist movements, for example Communism, white nationalism attracts marginal people who are basically not very stable, and then further destabilizes them by saturating them in propaganda of an emotional nature.

Ideology works best when it it produces an inverse scapegoat that explains away the failures of its members, and a regular scapegoat for who can be blamed. This is why white nationalism and national socialism are effective mental viruses but tend to fail in reality: they produce polarized people on a mission to destroy the scapegoat in order to feel that the inverse scapegoat is true, but they lack a positive vision of a society they want to create that is independent from what they complain about.

What does a white nationalist society look like? They do not know, except that it is devoid of minorities including Jews. This means that the fundamental sickness in our modern time, where we become wimpy little men who march off to jobs and obey bureaucrats in order to be “equal,” will not be addressed, and we will end up back where we are in the present day.

Our sickness is not mysterious, but most refuse to recognize it. We adopted equality in order to facilitate class revolt so we could overthrow natural leaders including but not limited to kings and aristocrats, simply because we are clever beings who are very proud of our cleverness and, with our society having beaten Round one of the challenges to any civilization, wanted to kick back and enjoy the good times instead of realizing that we had just entered Round Two.

In Round Two, the real challenge is finding a way to keep society together and focused on improving itself instead of lazily turning its energies toward making people feel good about themselves while ignoring the necessity of constant refinement and improvement in order to avoid stagnation and consequent acceleration of entropy. We got to this crisis point because we won the last level, but we have not yet figured out that level two is much harder.

If we are to survive Round Two, it will be by denying equality — including diversity and globalism — and focusing instead on making the best among us, by both moral and intellectual measurements, rise above the rest so that we can all benefit from their competence. The other option as we have seen is to allow the rest to rule over the best, at which point society drowns in incompetence, with diversity being only one of its many bad choices.

Although the touchstone event, or the highly visible happening that triggered a smouldering problem, may have been the “white trash” brawl, the bigger point has been made over the past few months: the Alt Right is winning wherever it emphasizes a futurist traditional view of civilization, and loses wherever it goes back to the bad old days of white nationalism 1.0.

It does not make sense to belabor the sad news coming from the demise of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. Matt Parrott and I have written back and forth for years, read each other’s material, and generally had a lively dialogue, and I am saddened at the personal and professional tragedy that has befallen him. I never knew Matt Heimbach in depth, but never had cause to doubt him. Sometimes people just make mistakes. The reason that this event sticks with all of us is that it shows the fragility of the model of White Nationalism 1.0, with formal organizations leading protests and depending on bringing in enough true believers to make the news. That model is fundamentally unstable and may put too much pressure on people, as is seen by the steady stream of scandals, arrests, violence, corruption, and other mistakes from white nationalism 1.0 organizations.

A better future might be found instead in rejecting the modern model entirely. We are conservatives, or people who agree on a few basic ideas, the most important of which is that there is an eternal order for Western Civilization that produces the best results, and that this order includes the genetic group of Western Europeans who are biologically inclined toward this order and therefore can rebirth it. That might be the big point of the Alt Right: we cannot shape people into an order by using external force, but if we nurture their internal tendency toward what is intuitive for them, civilization can be reborn, even from the ashes in which we now live.

That idea throws out the whole notion of organizations marching in the streets and instead takes us into conservatism. We are not uniformed members, but ordinary citizens with opinions based in fact, and our goal is to find a way to represent those opinions even though they offend some people and are inherently unpopular because they invoke notions like hierarchy, duty, sacrifice, self-discipline, and looking at a world where the individual is not the largest unit possible. We need to be this kind of responsible and informal, yet natural, entity for people to come to us.

And be not fooled: they are coming.

This week we also say the diversity endgame in South Africa. Having legalized the appropriation of land, neglected to enforce the law against home invasions and land invasions as well as constant crime, the South African state — in which the more numerous black population owns the vote — increased its persecution of the white settlers who made South Africa into a thriving place instead of the mostly-abandoned land it was when they arrived. People vote for their interests based on who they are, not some ideology, and so the idea of “civic nationalism” has died alongside diversity in South Africa. The original supposition was that by ending apartheid, the settlers showed fairness to the black population and that both black and white could see the value in rule of law, a constitution, stability, and working institutions. As it turns out, the detractors were right; the civic nationalism system in South Africa has fallen apart with persecution of whites so extreme that even relatively pinkish Australia wants to take them in.

Diversity died in America with the Obama years, but people are slowly catching on. Genetics determines the vote. Demographics determines destiny. No two tribes can coexist in the same space. These ideas require time to understand, mostly because they require rejecting our founding myth of external control, which states that all people are equal and therefore, if we have the right rules, we can create a great Republic with citizens of random backgrounds. As it turns out, people act as one might expect given their backgrounds, and work toward slowly recreating their homelands here, even if they do not intend to. With that, civic nationalism began its long and ugly death.

This means that there is a void of future plans in the West. We are seeing the cracks form in the old system and realizing that, like other Leftist systems, it has changed us into meek and directionless people while taking our strength for itself. We have seen our system go from anarchistic to totalitarian, even if hidden behind soft words, and we do not like this new Soviet direction.

For us to step into this void, we must offer plans that are both visionary and beneficial. A good example can be found in the tax cuts enacted by Donald Trump when he got into office: the vision is of a world where nanny state government does not exist, and the benefit comes from the restored economy and better future prospects we see. Conservatives who tie their ideals to practical benefits, even if those require upending and replacing the status quo, win where those who offer ideology alone will fail.

Alt Right ideas surged forward because this new system of thought took the form of a cultural wave that aimed at changing attitudes by pointing out what was not working in our current system. It combined the concerns of nationalists with the idea of cultural change from the New Right, the concepts of Evola/Guenon traditionalism as popularized by Bill White around the turn of the millennium, a new scientific outlook on race and class brought on by DNA science, and the notion of renovating civilization itself to avoid its destructive behaviors offered by the deep ecology movement. The Alt Right brought something new, and if it can add the practical benefit to its ideas as Trump has, it will zip right into that vacuum and give people a future they can look forward to.

As it is, however, nothing is cast in stone. When we drift back to white nationalism, we deprive people of an alternative to the system that is failing around us. For this reason, while the Alt Right got a huge boost this week from watching diversity reach its final stage in South Africa, it is also on notice: white nationalism is dead, and we need to move on, or join diversity in the dustbin of history.

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