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Looking Into The Future Of The West As A 56% Republic

Nu-Amerika, they tell us, will be a paradise where every group gets along with every other, and it will totally not be like the rest of history where one group gets in power and enslaves the rest. Only Utopia lies ahead because we have beaten history, logic, and even human nature itself. We alone are supreme.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to have worked out like that. The more diversity we have, the less of a functional society we have. In addition, we have people taking up positions that they cannot reliably do, leading to a degradation of quality across the board.

Up until the election of Barack Obama, most people went along with the idea that diversity was a work in progress. We still had not — still! — made things equal. When a black president appeared, and he was able to implement policies for his people, it seemed to us that the debt was paid and everything would be peachy.

However, the “post-racial” presidency showed an increase in racial incidents and enmity, in part because the racial issue was never as simple as giving third world groups a seat at the table. Different groups need different societies, and have different abilities. Ignoring that creates perpetual clashes.

We were fine with bashing Jethro Bodine and Jed Clampett as examples of the dumb white people we saw around us. Somehow, we can never turn the same cruel eye toward other groups, which means that we degrade ourselves while praising an illusion of what other groups are. This makes us hate ourselves.

Instead, it may be time to admit that there never was a debt. The people we enslaved and colonized are in fact incapable of maintaining civilizations like ours, and the idea that we can all live together with any other group is complete illusion. Everything the Left has said has been a lie.

This places us in a difficult place. Our civilization has dug itself a deep hole over the past thousand years. First we got rid of our leadership, then our social order, then our customs, and now finally, we have discarded our genetics. Any solution will involve only some of us carrying on.

That solution will be inevitable anyway. Despite Donald Trump’s singlehanded revitalization of the American economy, gloom persists: the nice place we grew up in back in the 1960s-1990s has been replaced by a virtual wasteland where no one is really “American,” just here to visit and profit, and there are no values or behaviors held in common.

For those of us who grew up in Generation X, we always saw that this was the case. Adults were idiots who always missed the obvious because it was unsociable. Society valued the obedient fools over working minds. Divorce ruined the family. We were all inhabitants of a sinking ship, realizing that while others would die before it sank, we would be the ones to have to take down the flag and watch the icy waters come over the sides.

If you wonder why the West seems so depressed, this is it. We have many obligations, but only by being diligently vapid can we pretend that there is a future. Nothing is really any fun, and very little is of quality, but they are the options that we have nonetheless, so we go through the motions.

The vast number of parasites have essentially destroyed everything of quality. Why are lightbulbs expensive? To pay for the lawyers, diversity hires, extra workers to replace the incompetents, incompetents that cannot be fired, union rules, lawsuits, regulations, perks, high taxes, and other costs that are irrelevant to profit or quality.

We can see that this will not get better under diversity. The new citizens were chosen specifically because they would not object to this decadent regime because in their view, it is better than what they had. This means that we have created a zombie society out of control, about to be inherited by those who will destroy it.

Our future path clearly branches. To the left is the path that is easy at first, which involves throwing more patches and band-aids onto democracy, equality, pluralism, and our hybrid capitalist-socialist economic system. On the right is a path that is hard at first, but will become progressively easier as we leave the insanity behind.

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