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Sexualizing children means they never grow up

What on earth is wrong with the world? Since when did we think it was sensible to encourage our little girls to regard themselves as sexual objects – desperate to be slim and with faces slathered in make-up?

So I was shocked but, sadly, not surprised to read that a recent survey had found that as many as one third of ten-year-old girls are worried about their body image. By the time they reach the age of 14, that figure rises to almost half.

I am convinced that we are forcing our children – particularly our girls – to grow up far too quickly. And the effects could be catastrophic.

Rather than enjoying their childhood, we are encouraging our daughters to become sexualised far too early.

Daily Mail

When people grow up before their time, they never complete the process, because they got the signal that growing up happened before the actual growing up did.

So you will have semi-infantile sexual behavior into their 40s because they never quite figured it out.

Here’s a great example:

I also realise I would be heartbroken if my husband slept with someone else, and yet I am being unfaithful to him. Nothing about having an affair is rational. What shocks me most about all this is that I’m usually a sensible, rational person. Friends come to me for advice when their love lives are in a mess, not the other way around.

I’ve started having nightmares about Steve finding out about my affair…But I know there isn’t anything I could ever say that would make it all right again. Nothing would ever be the same between us, I know. But then it isn’t already.

Recently Steve has started to notice how preoccupied I am and has been asking if there’s anything wrong at work. I said there wasn’t. But I am getting increasingly jumpy and nervy around the house.

My daughter, too, has been asking ‘What’s wrong, Mummy?’ making me feel more guilty than I do already.

Daily Mail

How totally neurotic.

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