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Nihilism (#2)

Nihilism divides many people. To recap, it consists of stepping out of the illusion of universalism and the consensual hallucination of thoughts or realizations shared by all humans. It simply refuses to participate in the social illusion that we are all one. We summarize it in this handy statement:

Nihilism refers to the philosophy that declines to accept the assertion that there are universal truths, values, and communications.

In other words, not all humans can perceive, understand, prioritize, and communicate the same notions. We have different abilities and experience, different levels of intelligence based on the Bell Curve, and per the Dunning-Kruger Effect, none can understand more than their biological/genetic cognitive ability allows.

Genetic intelligence is only part of the equation. Experience tells us many things; someone who has run a company, church, military unit, or guerrilla cadre will be more cynical about human motivations and more inclined toward management philosophy than someone who has only been an employee.

Similarly those who are self-employed and work from home experience a far different reality than employees “working from home.” Technical employees know more than entry level, and executives have experiences and challenges which would baffle technical employees into suicide.

Abilities also vary on a non-linear, horizontal type of scale. Some are born talented as musicians, some have skills for fine art, and others have athletic ability. This shapes how they conceive the world and therefore, what they see and the emphasis on each of its details. Artists for example see aesthetics more than function alone.

Very few have the talent for leadership and the gumption to refine it by practice. We all benefit from having the most competent people in power; competent people aim to increase stability, health, sanity, productivity, creativity, intelligence, and wisdom because these things are inherently valuable.

We might ask in our modern time, who are the tyrants? Tyranny refers to any type of government that acts in its own self-interest, instead of as a curator of the civilization, its culture, and its ethnic substrate. Tyranny can occur in any form of government as soon as it prioritizes itself over the civilization it safeguards.

At the end of the day, the tyrants in our age are the voters because they constantly choose self-interested government by demanding free stuff and unrealistic “safety” from those above them. They reward those who want to make government into a type of babysitter with machine guns that banishes the bad guys, starting with “inequality.”

All of those symbolic good/bad targets reflect the fear of individuals, not a forward-looking desire to do good. When fear takes over, everyone becomes me-first because free money is being handed out. With equality, everyone becomes a narcissist, geared toward personal advancements with no culture, logic, or nature to guide them.

When a society adopts equality, it becomes an ugly place filled with opportunistic people for whom anything larger than themselves is an enemy. They lie, cheat, and steal until they have destroyed everything. When you have equality, the only real goal remaining is escape, and general misery makes people into little tyrants over their own lives.

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